TattooJan was home alone with her step dad as her mom was out of town for a few days. She went in and sat next to him and asked him “Would you take me to get a tattoo?” He replied “Where do you want it?” She smiled and told him “Across the top of my left tit. I want a rose on it.” He looked at her tits which were a nice big size like her moms. He grabbed her arm and told her “If you fuck me I will take you.” Jan immediately stripped naked without even batting and eye and began kissing him and tonguing his mouth. He could not get enough of her big tits and also her wet pussy. His hands went back and forth as she spread her legs for him. She then undid his pants and pulled out his cock which was hard and throbbing as he played with the young body. As she stroked his cock he sucked a nipple and licked a tit as he pushed two fingers into her wet cunt. He hadn’t fucked for two days and he needed his cock in a wet hole and he then pushed Jan back onto her back and he spread her legs and he finger fucked her hole as he watched his fingers go in deep and come out wet. She was so wet and warm and he knew he needed to fuck her and fuck her deep and hard. He then pushed his cock to her cunt hole and began to enter her wet canal. She was so tight and he loved feeling her around his hard cock. He pushed in deep and told her “Wrap your legs around me.” As she wrapped her legs around him he began to plunge in deeper and fuck her faster and harder. She felt so good. She was wet and warm and tight. As he ravaged her fuck hole his hand grabbed her tits and he pulled and twisted on the hard nipples and then bent his head and sucked them. She was a perfect fuck toy. It did not take him long kilis rus escort to fill her with cum. He then pulled his cock out and said “You are so sexy. I want more of you. Put your clothes on and lets go get that tit with a rose on it. I can’t wait to see how good it will look.”As they rode to the tattoo parlor she rubbed his cock inside his pants and kept him hard. They pulled into the parking lot and her pulled his cock out and said “You have me hard so you have to get rid of it before we go inside.” He pulled her face to his cock and shoved it in her mouth and told her to “Suck me baby. Make me cum and I want to see you swallow every drop.” As she sucked he pushed on the back of her head and got her to suck him deep and she was doing a good job as he filled her with cum and she did swallow every drop. He then pulled her to him and tongue kissed her mouth and tasted his cum on her tongue. They went in the shop and a man sat her in a chair and she explained how she wanted the rose across her tit and down the side. He had her take off her top and told her she was big enough to have a nice size rose with a long stem. He began tattooing as the step dad watched the tit get covered with the bright red rose and green leaves. Then the man said “How about another rose on the other tit and I join them and it will make a great tattoo for you.” Jan agreed and he went to work on the other tit and then connected the two roses with the stems entwined. He then told her “Keep your jugs naked for 24 hours. That means no bra or shirt.” He thought the dad was a lucky man to ride home with her topless. She had great tits. Before she left he told kilis rus escort bayan her “I do great work just above the pussy and also on the ass cheeks if you want to come back.” She smiled and told him “That sounds great. I will be back.” He hoped next time the dad did not come so he could give her body a good feel as he tattooed her.She walked topless to the car and two people stared but Jan did not care. She knew she had great tits and loved the tattoo across them. In the car her step dad told her “You might as well get naked and have some fun on the way home. Take your clothes off and lay on the seat with your legs spread and let me finger fuck you.” As she got naked he pulled his cock out and then he drove out of the parking lot and shoved two fingers in her cunt and began fucking her hard. Then he moved his fingers to her asshole and finger fucked her there as he drove and she moaned loving it. He played with her all the way home and sometimes grabbing a big tit. She was so sexy and seemed to love his touch.At home they walked in the house and he shed his clothes and grabbed her and ravaged her tits, cunt and ass before he bent her over the arm of the chair and spread her ass cheeks far apart. He two fingered her hole and then when he had her stretched some what he began to poke his big hard cock into her ass and fuck her. He pushed till he was deep in her hole and then began fucking her as he two fingered her cunt and now as really pounding and hard fucking both holes. Every time he rammed his cock into her ass her feet lifted off the ground and he kept pounding and pushing loving the feel of his cock in that tight rus kilis escort sexy ass. He fucked her hard till he filled her with cum then he pulled his cock out and stood her up and began sucking and biting on her tits. He was careful not to harm the fresh tattoos but he loved her huge jugs. He then kissed down to her pussy and began sucking on her pussy lips and then her clit. He ran his tongue over her wet fuck hole and tasted her sweet cum. He pushed his tongue in and then went back and forth between the cunt and the clit till he had her screaming for more. She was loving every thing he did to her body. He ate pussy and licked her snatch for over an hour as she screamed and cum ran out her hole. Then he licked down to her asshole and spread her cheeks wide and first finger fucked her then he licked her round bud and rammed his tongue and tongue fucked her as she moaned and pushed her ass tight to his face. He tongue fucked her ass then her cunt and went back and forth till she was moaning and twisting wanting him to never stop. He tongue fucked her for over an hour and when he didn’t have his tongue in her he had his fingers. She was so wet and so was his face and fingers. Then he sucked on her clit and as he sucked it he used his tongue to brush across it and she let out a loud yell and came so hard. He kept her cumming till she was almost ready to pass out. Then to finish her he finger fucked her cunt and ass as he sucked and licked her clit. It was the most she had ever cum and for the longest. She had soaked everything with cum and especially his face.When he finally let her up he kept her naked and he fucked her twice more later and in bed she sucked his cock. Her mom was gone for two more days and they fucked non stop the whole time. Even after the mom was home the found ways to fuck and he loved shoving his cock in any of her sweet holes or eating any hole. She got to be the greatest sock sucker and he loved pulling his cock out as she got on her knees and sucked him dry.

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