Taylor and Me


Story about 2 boys
Taylor was a slightly tanned average height, skinny blonde with blue eyes, he was 14 with an average 5inch cock with a slight patch of blonde pubic hair but no  underarm hair.
I was a brown 15 year old with black hair average build and a lot of pubic hair but i trimmed it down for Taylor’s happyness, with a thick 7 inch cock with a fully retractable foreskin

Taylor and me had had a slight gay relationship in the sense of jacking off together, kissing, holding hands & checking out each others bodies at the swimming pool showers

It was the easter holidays and Taylor’s dad was away on business for the week so he invited me round to come stay with him for a couple of days, he told me to come on monday morning.
So I did, but when I knocked on the door there came no answer so I look around for a spare key and noticed he had a door mat so I thought that I would check underneath. And there it was a key for the door, so I entered but noticed he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. So I guessed that he was still sleeping

I crept slowly up the stairs and slowly opened his bedroom door. I watched him sleep for about a minute when I realised not only that there was a duvet covering only Taylor’s waist downwards with his lower legs sticking out fully unclothed so I assumed that he slept with only his boxers on, but then I noticed a pair of green boxers on the floor, I quickly picked them up and sniffed them, they were from the day before and had a small thin skid mark where his Escort anus would be. This immediately got me aroused so as an impulse I quickly stripped down to my naked self with a thick semi hard penis sticking out slightly.
I crawled in to Taylor’s bed from the bottom and licked my way up his leg and stopped just before his penis and sharply inhale the sweet sexy smell of his penis. I then skipped his dick and carried on licking up his stomach when a slight moan escaped his mouth, a suddenly stop but then carried on until his nipple which I started to; firstly play with, with the tip of my tongue. I then start to lick all around his nipple. Another moan escaped, u then suck on it hard and his cock and mind woke up to see me pnaked on top off him licking his nipples. He quickly moved to my lips and kissed me. His lips forced my lips apart in order to slip his tongue in to my mouth, I then returned the favour.

He suddenly broke the kiss and slithered down the bed and grasped my hard penis with his petite hand and I suddenly felt and warm wet feeling, he was giving me a blowjob, he varied the pace as I moaned loudly continuously fighting the urge to cum. However he kept rolling my testes in his hand and I ultimately gave up and shot my warm salty sweet built up load into Taylor’s mouth as he struggled to swallow he came up and I immediately began to kiss him again swirling my cum in my mouth and his. Next it was my turn to return the favour, I crawled down the bed and started to lick the head of his Escort Bayan penis. He was instantly rock hard and as threatening to cum before I even got started however he fought that urge and allowed me to continue. I slowly edged inch by inch his cock in my mouth removing it on occasion to tease him. I then began to thrust my head up and down deep onto Taylor’s cock.
As he was about to cum he quickly pulled out and covered my face in his hot sticky sweet and creamy spunk.
I felt like I need to have a shower so I told Taylor, so we both got up out of Taylor’s bow duvet less bed as well as a few wet marks from cum and sweat. He lead me into a huge bathroom with a shower in the corner big enough to house 3 people. I asked him for a towel but he replied I’ll dry you off with my tongue. Quickly we charged into the shower and turned it on. Taylor hugged me chest to chest with our penises touching each other oozing precum. We then began to grind on each other whilst snogging. Taylor suddenly shot his second load all over my stomach so I decided to punish him. I told him to get on all fours, briskly he did, and I gave his tight buttock an almighty wallop leaving his smooth bum sore but it left Taylor harder than ever.
He then finished washing himself whilst I exited the shower and dried off. I then went downstairs to make some lunch because I realised that it was 1 o’clock. I then returned upstairs with my fresh ham sandwich. Only to find a naked Taylor waiting for more, he lay on the bed fully Bayan Escort naked caressing his anus with his fingers. But I told him that I was hungry and wanted to eat my sandwich first so he quickly snatched my sandwich off my plate and placed it between his arse cheeks and told me to eat it ‘out’ of him. So I slowly edged my mouth towards his anus and took a bite out of the sandwich as I caught a whiff of his now clean but sweaty anus. I then took another few bites leaving the last bite that was inside his tight anus. I then leapt into his arse eating sandwich and then licking out Taylor’s horny anus. He was now rock hard and oozing precum.
Now Taylor’s anus was lubricated. We start to tal about love and anal and showing our feelings for each other more. We then decided to have anal. We were ready.
I slowly lined my dick up to Taylor’s arsehole and poke him to tease him. I then edged in to the tight hole, inch by inch it disappeared. Taylor moaned loudly and continuously turning me on even more. I then began to thrust in and out of Taylor making him scream my name in both pain and pleasure. I was ready to ejaculate but Taylor wanted to go longer so I slowed now and we slowly fucked for 45 mins until I could wait no longer unleashing my load into his arse. I then pulled my cock out of his now slightly expanded hole, and it leaked and leaking my full load. Because I was still a bit horny I decided to lick it all out of his anus and spit it into Taylor’s mouth. We kept swirling the cum in each others mouths and spitting it into the others mouth.
The next day we did it all again only more frequently and more confidently. I will never forget my first…

To Be Continued

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