Teach My Boyfriend To Fuck Me, Daddy!


I was sitting in the living room reading my paper and enjoying my first evening cocktail when my daughter, Rose, walks in hand-in-hand with her boyfriend Connor.“Hi, Baby…hello Connor. Where are you kids going this evening?”“Can we talk to you please, Daddy. Connor and I need to talk with you about something important.”“Of course you can, Baby. You know that you can talk to me about ANYTHING. What’s the problem?”Rose and Connor nervously sit down on the couch across from me and fidget with each other’s fingers. Rose is obviously trying to calm Connor’s nerves as he sits there with his eyes focused on the floor.“Well, Daddy…Connor and I have a problem. We’ve been going together for over a year now and we have never had sex. We’ve never done anything more than kiss and a little bit of touching. But we’ve never gone all the way.”“WHAT…you’re 18 years old, Baby and Connor, you’re 19. WHAT’S WRONG? When I was your age, I was fucking my brains out. Connor, haven’t you ever fucked a girl before?”Connor sheepishly raises his head but refuses to make eye contact with me.“No sir, Mr. Mac. istanbul travesti I haven’t. I’ve only dated a few girls before I met Rose and I never even got to first base with them. I’m afraid that I’ll do it all wrong. Rose has told me that you have fucked her many times and that you might be willing to show me how to do it right. I’m sorry, Mr. Mac.”Connor again lowers his head in shame and embarrassment.“Connor, my boy, fucking should come naturally to a man. You shouldn’t need a girl’s father to show how to pleasure his daughter. Didn’t your mother teach you how you how to fuck?”“No sir, Mr. Mac…Mom never fucked me nor did she even ever suck me off. I guess I just didn’t have enough of the right parenting as a young boy.”I put my paper down and walk over to the couch. I sit between Rose and Connor and put my arms around them both.“You don’t know how happy you two have just made me. It makes me proud and honored that you feel comfortable enough to come to me with this problem. I’ll do my best to help you over this little relationship bump in the istanbul travestileri road. Connor, does my baby girl turn you on? Do you WANT to fuck her?”“Absolutely, Mr. Mac…I think I’m in love with Rose. But I just don’t want to have the first time go wrong. I want it to be good for her. And since she talks all the time about how she loves to have you fuck her pussy and her ass…well, I figured that you were the best person to guide me.”“Thanks, Connor. I appreciate the fact that you want to treat my baby right. She has such a tight pussy and her asshole…oh my gawd, her asshole is SO TIGHT. But, yes, you have to do this right. Now watch carefully…”I stand up and coax my daughter to stand in front of me.“Baby, pull your t-shirt off for Daddy.”Rose doesn’t have on a bra…she seldom does wear one. Her perky 36 D’s jump up and down just a jiggle. Her nipples are hard as little pebbles.“Watch me as I suck on Rose’s nipples, Connor. This is how you get her ready to be fucked. Watch her eyes close and listen to the little noises she makes as her Daddy travesti sucks and licks her nipples.”Connor’s eyes get as big as teacups as he watches me treat my daughter’s nipples. He begins to rub his crotch.“That’s good, Connor…play with yourself to get your cock hard. We have to get you ready as well as Rose”.I unbutton and unzip my own shorts to expose my hard cock. I’m not wearing any underwear.“Rosie…what do you want to do with Daddy’s cock?”“I want to suck your cock, Daddy”Rose immediately goes to her knees between my legs and begins to lick my manhood while carefully fondling my balls.“Have you done this to Connor, Baby?”Rose nods her head as she sucks the head of my cock. Connor has his shorts open by this time and is stroking his own cock. I can see part of the problem. Connor is not very well hung. He only has about 6” and the girth is not remarkable. But cock is cock. All cocks need to fuck. All men need pussy. And my daughter has a sweet pussy that simply needs cock. A LOT of cock. I can only fuck her so often. I need to find another man who she finds attractive who can help satisfy her need for cock. But Connor’s little thing is perfect for Rose’s tight little hole. I think it’s time for a little double penetration.“Stand up please, Baby…we need to get that short skirt off of you.”Rose stands, unbuttons and unzips her mini and lets it drop to the floor.

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