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Tech Support 3 by loyalsockHe reached out and touched her back, rubbing it casually before letting his hand slip down to her soft butt cheeks, caressing them both gently. He never would dare to put his hands between her cheeks; that was left to fantasy. But tonight he was emboldened. Tonight his sweet, young wife was giving him head, and he was going to feel her up while she did it. An electric charge shot through Sarah’s body as she felt Aaron’s fingers nonchalantly slip into her crack, brushing the soft, sparse hair inside and almost imperceptibly grazing her anus. His hand wandered back out onto her fleshy hips, as though it had never happened. God, she hoped he would do it again! Aaron couldn’t resist the dark thrill he got from feeling his wife’s ass. He casually slipped his fingers in again, as though it were no big deal, this time getting a full feel of her anus on his fingertips. Sarah moaned her approval as she continued sucking him. Aaron slipped his hand into her crevice further, feeling her swollen pussy with his fingers while at the same time rubbing her butthole with his thumb. It was a guilty thrill that could have carried him into the next month, but he wasn’t done. His libido was ramped to the max. His wife had her mouth full of his dick; and he was going to taste her pussy. Gently tugging on her thigh, Aaron coaxed Sarah to scoot herself closer to him.That tug was the sweetest gesture Sarah had ever felt in her life! He was into it. It was the green light to go ahead and mount him in the most sinister, dirty and slutty way possible. She anticipated the feeling of his tongue slipping inside her, like a marathon runner anticipates a drink of water. To be sure it was what Aaron wanted, she tentatively flipped one leg over his chest, but went no further. Aaron eyed her spread pussy and felt the inside of her thigh, warm and moist. Pulling on her thigh one more time, he coaxed Sarah the rest of the way onto his chest. Her ass was spread wide, her pussy splayed out on his bare chest. Without speaking, he gently coaxed her backward, helping her step backwards on her knees until her cute little butthole was visible between her spread cheeks. Sarah hunched over her husband, hungrily gulping down the head of his dick, savoring the pre-cum that was now steadily seeping from him. In her wildly bent over position, her ass was just an inch away from Aaron’s face—a very strange sensation for her indeed. The moment of truth was upon her: Would Aaron acquiesce to this lascivious act, or would he have an aversion to having her ass so close to his face, like she always assumed he would? Aaron answered that question by bringing his lips to her tender folds and kissing her labia majora. It’s warm aroma wrapped itself around his heart, quivering inside his chest while the dark iron gate of his inhibitions ratcheted open with each caress of his wife’s tender mouth on his cock. His tongue ventured in, seemingly on its own, and he quickly opened his whole mouth to her vagina, pulling on her hips to bring her even closer to him. His first taste of Sarah’s sweet womanhood lit a fire inside him he’d never known, guiding him to lap up the thick juice that had accumulated just inside, savoring its salty goodness as it trickled down his throat. He felt like he was in an erotic dream, licking the pussy of his wife’s alter ego, the evil twin that did naughty things with him. This couldn’t be his Sarah! Sooner or later he was going to have to acknowledge that it wasn’t just her sweet pussy that was near his face. He had tried to be decent about it—or at least as decent as one could be while performing cunnilingus—but he could ignore it no longer. Her pink anus was just an inch from his nose, beckoning him to know it better. If Sarah was going to think ill of him for what he was about to do, so be it. He had to do this. Sarah’s eyes suddenly opened wide at the sensation of Aaron’s nose pressing into her butt, the sound of deep breathing filling the room. Aaron made no attempt to hide the fact that he was ambitiously inhaling her feminine essence. Even though Sarah was just out of the shower, the faint, sweaty, barely lingering trace of her ass combined with the femininity oozing from her vagina to form a perfect amalgam of erotic spice. Aaron lost the last of his inhibitions and buried his face into her, nosing into her vagina, rocking his face up and down her slippery valley, coating himself in her luscious honey, tasting, smelling, moaning, sucking, experiencing her dark side as deep as he could go. He’d never been so turned on in his life! Ben had kept quiet, listening to the sounds of Sarah’s lips on a hard dick, waiting for a sign that they were progressing down their prescribed path. A moan from Sarah, followed by a high-pitched squeal told him that her vagina was once again being stimulated. Her voice was like velvet caressing his ear. He closed his eyes and stroked sakarya rus escort his tool, keeping to himself, allowing the two lovers to progress naturally for awhile. Sarah moaned into her headset as Aaron’s tongue rapidly slipped in and out of her pussy. She sat back onto his face even further, smothering him with her weight, reveling in the sinister feeling of pushing her ass onto his nose. “You two are so hot, Sarah! I love to listen to you while he makes love to you with his tongue. You know sex will never be the same for you now. Aaron has discovered the dirty side of his cute little bride, and he’s going to need more.” Sarah moaned louder for both men, all inhibitions thrown out the window. She was in the throes of the most erotic moment of her life. All options were on the table; she would do anything to satisfy Aaron at that point. “Do you like that baby?” she asked. “Mm hmm” came Aaron’s muffled response. “Do you like how I taste?” Aaron moaned loud into her pussy, signaling his delight. Dirty sex, now augmented with dirty talking was perfection. He couldn’t get enough of her! He didn’t know how this encounter became so unbelievably erotic, but he was thankful Sarah had led him down this path. His sweet and unassuming wife had become freakishly sexy right before his eyes. “How do I taste?” she asked eagerly. “Like an angel,” he said, pulling his mouth from her pussy long enough to answer. The raw sex had been going on for so long that they both were feeling a need for some loving. Sarah pulled away from him and turned around. Aaron got up to his knees to meet her. They kissed gently, tasting each other and themselves. “I love you,” she said to him before slipping her tongue deep into his mouth. She kissed him, rubbing her face on the wetness that had accumulated on his, tasting her own essence, furthering her desire beyond what she had thought were the limits. It was as though they were just beginning the lovemaking. They kissed feverishly, their loving thirst for each other finding its most heavenly peak with the naughty taste of their uninhibited lust in their mouths. But the kissing only reminded Sarah that they had stalled their real lovemaking. She needed him inside her, right now. Sarah abruptly turned around and bent her upper body down onto the bed, forcing her round ass in the air in front of Aaron, her swollen carnal flower beckoning him for re-entry. Aaron quickly got behind her and slipped his dripping cock into her saliva-coated pussy, immediately fucking her rapidly. The squishing sound from an abundance of natural lube filled the room. Sarah’s bouncing moans from getting hammered by her husband tipped off Ben that they had abandoned giving head and were fucking again. He stroked himself as he listened to the beautiful sex sounds. “Sarah, what position are you in? Are you doing mish?” There was no answer, only her continued staccato moaning. “Did you get on top again?” Still he heard no response. Ben desperately hoped for an affirmative answer to his next question. He took a quivering breath and asked, “Is he behind you?” “Mmm hmmm” Ben moaned softly into the phone. They had moved on without his assistance. He listened to Sarah’s heavy breathing with renewed interest, picturing her on her knees, tits mashed into the mattress, her pretty ass high in the air, Aaron smoothly stroking into her musky depths. Sarah was much more audible now than she had been when they first started, clearly free of inhibitions. She had come such a long way in a short time! It was obvious these two had it in them; they just needed a little coaxing to allow their deep wanton desires to find the surface. But, there was one act they had yet to commit. It was dirty beyond what either of them had experienced thus far. He doubted the likelihood they would go through with it, even in their heightened arousal. But he had to try. There was no better time than right this second. “Sarah, I have one more suggestion for you. You have to be in the right mood, so if you don’t want to, I won’t pressure you. Do you know what the final erotic frontier for your husband is? Do you know what his deepest, most secret and guilty desire is? It might be the same as yours. It’s to bury his cock in your sweet little ass. He’s secretly fantasized about it many times. You know he’s never tried it with you because he would never want to harm his fragile bride. But he’ll do it at a moment’s notice if you give him the green light. Do you want to try?” He prepared to wait on the inevitable silence that would signify a negative answer. “Mmm hmmm,” Sarah stealthily declared. Ben couldn’t believe his ears. “Oh, Sarah! You’re going to make two men very happy!” Sarah wasn’t sure about what she was getting into. She hoped she could do it, and she hoped Aaron could too. She was really wet and responsive back there and felt like she could take it. sakarya rus escort bayan She wanted it. She wanted to feel Aaron’s cock stretch her ass to get inside, to feel his tool probe into her, knowing it would be the tightest fuck he ever had! “Here’s how you get started. Take it slow. Reach back and finger your ass. Tease yourself a little and let him watch you.” Sarah’s ass was sticking out in full view of Aaron, who hadn’t taken his eyes off it since they began their current position. Her anus was pretty and dark pink, well-exposed in her current position, slightly opening from the stress of sticking so far out. Aaron watched Sarah’s hand reach around to her back side and, to his delight, begin rubbing her little pucker. She let all her fingertips come in contact with it, spreading her cheeks still wider, as though she were trying to turn it inside out. “Oh, Sarah!” Aaron exclaimed so loudly that Ben could clearly hear him. Aaron had been concentrating on holding off his orgasm while fucking Sarah in that blessed position, and was succeeding until she started touching her butt. He had to stop thrusting to keep from coming. Staying inside her, he watched her tease her tight hole with her middle finger, rubbing it in a circle and pushing gently, slightly spreading the sphincter to get the pad of her fingertip in. She reached down and sc****d some liquid magic off his tool, still buried in her wet vagina, and spread it across her anus, slickening it up immediately and inviting her finger to push in. Into the first knuckle she went and stroked gently. She rolled up some more girl honey on the side of her finger and slipped it in again, this time to the second knuckle. She moaned lightly at the new sensation. She was already feeling more confident in her ability to take Aaron’s dick. But she wasn’t ready yet, and Ben knew it. “Aaron stopped to watch you finger yourself didn’t he? There’s just no bigger turn on than watching a pretty girl do that to herself! On to the next phase, Sarah. You need to get two fingers in there. It might hurt a little at first, so lube it up good.” Sarah gently pushed Aaron out of her, fisting his cock as it withdrew and taking as much slippery wetness as she could gather into her palm. Smearing it all between her cheeks, she immediately dipped her middle and ring fingers into her anus, almost to the second knuckle. Sarah sighed loudly. It did hurt a little. She pressed on, wiggling her fingers slowly in and out several times, getting used to the sensation, and gradually opening up her tight hole. The stretching pain stopped her fingers half way before she pulled them out and thrust them in again. Over and over she fucked her ass, her fingers slowly gaining further entrance with each push. Soon her two fingers were all the way in. Aaron tried to comprehend what could possibly be driving Sarah to do something so provocative as fingering her ass right in front of him, but he didn’t need to understand. All he really wanted to know was what her ass felt like from the inside. He dipped two fingers into her vagina and scooped the wetness up to her butthole. Sarah removed her fingers and Aaron immediately replaced them with his own. He went slowly, since his fingers were bigger than Sarah’s. Her rectum was silky smooth and wet as an aroused vagina. “Oh god, baby!” she exclaimed. “Finger my ass good, okay?” “Good boy, Aaron,” said Ben. “I think he’s onboard, Sarah! Talk him up, baby; be his dirty little slut. This is the hottest thing that’s ever happened to him.” “You like fingering my ass, don’t you, baby?” she asked her husband. “Uh huh,” he grunted. “Push your fingers all the way in. Yeah, easy, baby, all the way. Do you like how it feels inside?” “Uh huh.” Aaron was so turned on he could barely express himself. “Is there anything else you’d like to put in there?” she asked sweetly, her voice very high. “Uh huh.” Aaron attempted to push two fingers in all the way to the last knuckle. Sarah breathed in and moaned uncomfortably. He withdrew and attempted again, slower. He was reading her, letting her guide him. Their nonverbal communication was at an all-time exciting level, and Aaron was starting to feel what she felt. He felt like a skilled lover! He continued fucking her with his fingers, watching her little sphincter gradually loosen up. He spread his fingers slightly, eliciting a moan from Sarah—a moan of pleasure, not of pain. Aaron let a drop of spit fall from his lips into her ass, mixing with the juices already inside, continuing the wet stroking. He couldn’t believe what they were about to do! “I’m ready for you, baby. Are you ready to fuck my ass?” “Oh god, baby! I can’t believe we’re going to do this!” Aaron exclaimed. “I love you so much!” “I love you too, baby! Go easy on me, okay?” Ben was feverishly stroking himself, listening to their exchange. “Oh my god, you rus sakarya escort k**s are adorable!” He stopped stroking to get serious for a moment. “Now listen, Sarah. The key for you is to relax. Let every muscle in your body go limp, inside and out. Allow yourself to be taken over completely. Tell him again to go easy, and relax!” Aaron bent his erection down to her waiting hole, now wet and bright pink and slightly open from being worked over by their fingers. He touched the tip to her anus. “Take it slow,” she reiterated. Sarah lay her head on her side and let her body go limp, concentrating on the feeling of Aaron’s fleshy tool touching her butt. She felt the pressure of Aaron’s first attempt at insertion, the head only starting to nudge in. She immediately tensed up at the sensation. She could still hear Ben’s advice echoing in her head, and did her best to allow her body to go flaccid. She had complete trust that Aaron wouldn’t hurt her; she just needed to convince her lower half of that. Aaron watched her sphincter tighten up as he attempted insertion, and then watched it relax again. He put a hand on her back and rubbed gently to comfort her while he positioned himself for another attempt. This time Sarah maintained her loose and relaxed state, allowing Aaron to get half his head in and out several times, using the extreme slipperiness to their advantage, not getting in any hurry. Seeing he wasn’t hurting her, he ventured further, now getting nearly all the head of his penis inside. Sarah concentrated on letting Aaron into her, giving all the control to him. Her mouth was involuntarily open, her voice making high pitched squeaks at feeling the fine line between discomfort and extreme pleasure. “You’re doing so well, Sarah! Pretty soon you’ll have all of his love inside you. Can you take it all?” “Mmm hmm,” she answered Ben, which Aaron took as the green light to go further. As he watched the ridge of his glans finally disappear inside, Sarah took in a loud breath, startling both men. “Oh!” she said. His cock felt much bigger than two fingers! Aaron slid in slightly further. “Oh!” she repeated. The sensation was like nothing she’d ever felt before, crossing the threshold from pain to pleasure—a threshold she never knew existed. She was ready to take it all. She leaned back into him, pushing herself onto his cock and burying it to the hilt. She wailed in a high-pitched moan that almost sounded tearful. But there were no tears, only ecstasy. Aaron partially withdrew and gently thrust all the way in again, disbelieving that he was finally inside. When he had woken up that morning he barely knew what his wife looked like back in her dark crevice, let alone how she tasted or what she felt like inside. Now he was fucking her sexy ass like an experienced lover. He went slow and easy at first, waiting on Sarah to adjust to the strange new sensations she was experiencing. Sarah remained with her head on the bed, whimpering quietly as Aaron stroked her slowly. She was waiting for him to increase his speed, but he wasn’t. “You can do it faster, baby,” she finally said. Aaron stroked into her harder, not quite bumping into her yet, but enjoying rapid stimulation. It was the tightest fuck he’d ever had! Her hole was smooth and slippery inside, the view was absolute sexy perfection, Sarah’s shapely ass spread wide to take him in. She was perfect. He loved his Sarah before, but now there was another side to her he never knew existed—a side that completed her as the most wonderful lover any man could ever hope to have—a person with whom he could gratify his darkest desires, and gladly reciprocate hers. He was free to be himself, uninhibited. He loved her sexy perfection! Sarah was ready to get pounded and got up on all fours so she could rock against her husband, beginning the sweet symphony of body slapping. She pushed back in cadence with his thrusting, forcing him deep into her—deeper than he would have thought okay—so that the wide base of his penis stretched her ass just a little more with every hard insertion. Aaron fixated on the gentle and slick sound of Sarah’s condensing vaginal-saliva lube mixture slowly getting used up. He was starting to feel some friction and followed his instinct to rectify that. He pulled out of her and momentarily gazed at his wife’s beautiful ass, once pure and untouched, now wet and quivering, waiting on him to satisfy his deepest desires with it. He anxiously bent down to meet her backside with his mouth, dragging his tongue between her labia and shoveling as much thick moisture he could find up to her anus. Flattening his tongue against her ass, he delivered the precious cargo, now mixed with his own saliva, prepping her for another insertion. As he positioned himself behind her, gazing down at her shiny-wet pink hole between her cheeks, ready to once again take him in, he realized with absolute certainty that he was the luckiest man on earth. The side of his sweet Sarah that he’d u*********sly hoped for was finally revealing itself to both of them. She was the very definition of a wonderful lover. He bent his steeled tool back down to her little back door and let it effortlessly slip back inside, resuming their loving rhythm like they’d never stopped.

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