Testing Daddy’s self control

Big Indian

It was already two months since mom had passed away and I did not think that Daddy was his usual self yet.   During the week, he stayed busy with his law practice and we would try to have dinner together as often as possible.   At home, most of the time I was by myself and mom was not around to tell me what to do or how to dress.   Mom would always say, “Amie, you know Daddy always likes to see you dress up like an angel.”   I would always give in to that since I wanted my Daddy to think I was the best.   Daddy never objected to what I wore at home and went along with what ever I wanted to do at home.   Increasingly, I was wearing more and more revealing clothes when I was at home.   I do have a curvy figure with full breasts and large nipples. At night, I went from wearing regular pajamas to a short tank top with no bra and shorts.        One night, I was alone in the house and in my room talking to my boy friend Ryan on the phone. I was wearing only a short tank top and thongs.   While I was on the phone, I was walking around the room and suddenly Daddy walked straight into my room and said, “Hi Honey, I thought you would be in bed by now.”   He kissed me on my cheek and went away to his bedroom to change.   I realized that Daddy did not mind me exposing myself and slowly I started esat escort bayan to take advantage of it.   Every night I started to wear my short tank top and thongs and sometimes I would even slip into bed with Daddy.   Daddy would be sleeping with only his boxers and sometimes I would put my leg over him and gently rub my crotch against him.   I would also rub my knee right over his cock and I would be able to feel his cock getting hard.     There were times when in the middle of the night I would manage to get on top of him and start kissing his face.   Daddy would be half asleep and would start to squeeze my ass as long as I lay on top of him. Daddy never stopped me from doing such things and I just kept getting more and more creative.     Ryan always liked to compare me to other girls and lately he had been hinting that I needed to loose some weight.   Every evening before my shower I would get on the treadmill in our basement for 30 minutes.   One evening I was on the treadmill and I started to wonder how I could get Daddy to see me naked.   I was wearing a sports bra with front zipper for girls with large breasts and shorts.   As I walked upstairs, I had partially unzipped my bra and I saw him standing by the bed in his boxers and flipping through the television Escort etimesgut channels.   I walked into Daddy’s bedroom and said, “Daddy, I need to ask you something but I don’t want you to get mad at me.”   Daddy said, “Amie, you can ask me anything you want and you know I never get mad at you.”   I said, “Daddy, you may not think so but Ryan thinks my breasts are too big.” Daddy paused as he looked down at my tits and I unzipped my sports bra completely and exposed my breasts.   I asked again, “Daddy, are these too big?”   Daddy sat down at the edge of the bed and pulled me closer and I sat in his lap.   Daddy put his left arm around my waist, and said, “Amie, don’t worry too much about your body and Ryan needs to accept you for who you are.”   I picked up Daddy’s hand and said, “Daddy, feel them…they are really big…don’t you see?”   I put Daddy’s right hand on my breast and Daddy started to move his hand over my breast and squeezed it a few times.   My nipples were really hard and Daddy started to kiss me on my fore head.   “Amie, your breasts are beautiful and I bet most girls would love to have such large breasts”   He moved his hand over both of my breasts and squeezed them harder each time.   I was extremely horny and didn’t want Daddy to stop. etlik escort   The phone started to ring and I got up so Daddy could answer the phone.   I could see Daddy’s errection and he was trying to adjust his cock to hide his errection under his boxers.   It was our neighbor Stanley; they wanted to take Dad and me for dinner to celebrate Daddy’s birthday.   Stanley was going to be traveling on Saturday and was calling to finalize the dinner plans for tomorrow.     I went for my shower and all along I could not stop thinking about Daddy squeezing my tits.   I needed a distraction to get my mind off of all the thoughts running through my head. After my shower, I wore my tank top and thongs and called Ryan.   Daddy had just bought me Bluetooth headset for my cell phone and I really loved it.   While talking to Ryan with my headset on, I started walking to Daddy’s bedroom.   Daddy was sitting up in his bead and reading a book.   I put my cell phone on the night stand by his bed and lied down on his bed.   Daddy was not paying much attention to me or my conversation with Ryan.   Daddy had a king size bed and that gave me lot of space to roll around.   I wanted to get Daddy’s attention and I started to roll around on his bed. Ryan was telling me about something that had happened at work and at times I would giggle. I would also put both of my hands in my thongs and grab my pussy as I lifted my hips up in the air.   Daddy saw me do that couple of times and he would just smile at me.   I rolled over on to my belly with legs wide apart and with my toes started touching Daddy.

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