One has a split, two make a hole.
Or Hole-sum family fun for mom, dad, and me.

Done for a quickie cum
by Oediplex 8==3~

Dad with golf, got a hole in one;
Mom fucking, had a hole for two.
They let me watch while they had sex,
And that’s when I got my first screw!

My father was teaching me the game of golf. I was eighteen and green when it came to the links. I was not as innocent when it came to puttering around with the girls. But I still hadn’t sunk my club up to the balls in a lady’s hole, to skew a image of screwing. My dad got a hole in one, and I, by some miracle, had made par, after several months of playing with him on the local greens. He won the game, but with my handicap, I had actually tied him.

He said I was a natural, like some guy Palmer. I quipped, that it was because I was a ‘palmer’, that my shaft was still a woodie, as I hadn’t wedged it in a gal’s divot yet. I have a way of mangling meanings, yet conveying my message. That gave my father a good laugh. But, he got my point, and said my time would come soon enough, to score in that game. In the meanwhile, mom would be waiting at the clubhouse, we would eat at the restaurant there.

Dinner was a sumptuous meal, fancy dishes, with cocktails, lots of wine, and brandy afterwards, which made all of us quite mellow, as we drove the short distance home. Upon arrival back at the house I saw looks exchanged between my folks, which signaled that they were in mutual agreement, to have a romantic night. In other words, they planned to make love. I was old enough now, to know the signals they were going to screw. Indeed, their noise level had increased, now that I was older, making it sometimes impossible to not overhear them balling.

I even on occasion listened at their door and masturbated. It was quite hot. Mom was very vocal when she climaxed. Dad had a naughty vocabulary, that seemed to turn mom on even more, when he talked dirty during foreplay, and in the midst of passion as they were cumming. Their fantasies were not tame, either. I was getting a real adult education, in grown-up frolicking. It was a game I would have loved to join in. I usually came when I heard my mother peak, that was the thing that really made me pop my cork.

Tonight, they made rather unsubtle remarks, that indicated that they not only knew of my ease dropping, but even expected it. That was quite interesting, and I was wondering if I could parlay that openness, into an open door policy. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I got my dad aside, just before he went into their bedroom, and asked him if they got a little titillated by my surreptitious audience participation. He grinned, and said that mom was the one with the exhibitionist streak.

He didn’t mind, and figured I was old enough not just to understand about the ‘facts of life’, but to hear them too. He knew I had x-rated video tapes, and DVDs, and was horny just like any kid my age, with hormones running wild. I asked if perhaps then, considering what he just shared, that possibly they might leave the door open a crack, to let me peak. If it got them a buzz to be watched, that is. He said he would suggest it to mom. “Stand by, and see what develops!” were his words as he went into the master-chamber.

After a little time passed, with whispers I could hardly hear, they began to seriously mess around. I was able to discern their shenanigans, as mom clearly said “lower – lowwerr – yes! right there!” Dad made muffled mumbles but ‘taste good’ was audible enough. So I got that he was going down on mom. Her sighs became louder, and were gaining in pitch, when I heard dad say something, but it was too indistinct to make out. Then mom answered as softly. A brief conversation ensued, but was unsure about what, my request, possibly? Then mom laughed, and their tones became more animated, but still I had trouble following anything being spoken.

There was a break in their talking, moments passed, then the door opened and dad motioned me to come in. “Sit on the edge, and just be quiet. This is not something that will be happening regularly, but you can watch tonight, okay?” I nodded, too excited to trust my tongue not to sputter. Dad continued, “Your mother thought it would be interesting, to see you jack-off, while we are banging, but no touching!” My eyes widened, and I shook my head that I understood. I dropped my boxers. Both parents were naked already. WOW!

My father commenced once more to munching on mom’s muff. She spread her thighs, her knees bent akimbo and heals digging into the mattress. Her delta of pubic fuzz was a mass of damp curls from sweat, saliva, and lubrication. The heat from her loins wafted the aroma of her arousal. Dad’s dick was a ready rod of man meat, with veins and a ruddy head. My own penis was a smooth stretch of muscle, nearly as long as dad’s, the tip a red knob with pre-cum seeping out. Mother’s eyes were focused on my prick, I turned so she had the best view as I fisted the shaft.

Mom’s smiled and spoke, “That’s a real nice hunk, Honey, have you ever put in a woman’s pussy?”

“No, I’m a virgin still, mom. I’ve been a good boy and not done anything dumb, like get a girl pregnant, or risk getting VD, or AIDS. I’ve had lot of fun, but no fucking.”

Mom replied, “That’s my smart boy! Maybe we can reward you, for your caution somehow.” Escort Dad’s face was buried in her crotch, so the words he muttered couldn’t be understood, but they seemed to be a positive kind of murmur. Mom crooked and waggled a finger at me, to indicate she wished me to be closer. “Can mommy help you, with doing that, dear?” She reached for my boner and replaced my fingers with her own digits. Since the no touching guideline seemed to be put aside, as mom plied my proud six inches of stiff stalk, I extended my arm and cupped her breast. When there was no objection on her part, I boldly played with the pink berry of her nipple, then switched to the other.

Mom grinned and nodded her approval of my manipulations of her swell teats. Dad looked up and with a growl of lust, hauled his torso higher and plunged his raging hard-on right into mom’s cunt. This stopped her handling of my wooden dowel. She wrapped her arms around her husband, and hunched her hips to take him deep. I went back to rubbing myself, watching this live porno show, in my own home. My two parents, rutting like animals, rocking as they reared and bucked, fucking their brains out. They were totally unmindful of my presence, in their rush of passion. I damn near came right then.

If they had continued like that, the dance of the two-backed beast, I would have. But mom somehow raised herself to toward dad, and like wrestlers they rolled, quickly she was riding on top of my father, who stretched out on his back. I became engrossed in viewing her pussy slide up and down dad’s dick. A beautiful sight, I shall never forget that awesome scene. His hands went to clutch her swaying boobs. Mom turned to me, and in a breathy, hoarse voice gave me an order, “Kiss, kiss me, Honey!” I did, and found her Frenching me, as our mouths met.

I was really into the whole thing by now, no longer thinking, just becoming involved in the salacious setting, a part of the erotic action. I reach down to her abdomen and my fingers sought her sex. I found mom’s clitoris and began to diddle her. This made her throw back her head and gasp in joyous thankfulness for my manipulation. Her pelvis swayed with even more abandon, the pistoning of the pair picked up pace. My palm and fingers now strummed my mother’s pudenda, brushing folds and clit and labia, like I was plucking a bass fiddle. However, mom’s sound was high pitched, as her chords sang a wail from her throat, the clarion call of of her climax.

Her full entire body undulated, with her going over the top, as she was taken with her tremendous cum. Then like the passing of a ship’s wake in the water, the waves of contractions rippled, to become placid once more. She lay down on my father’s chest, and heaved to catch her breathe. I rubbed her back. She was facing me, and grinning, her eyes were sparkling with the afterglow of that bronco busting boffing, on dad’s saddle horn. I was happy that she had been so satisfied with the stimulation of having two guys cater to her carnal needs. But I was also aware that dad hadn’t cum yet. Neither had I for that matter. Mom was cognizant of that fact, too.

Our most merry and madcap mistress-of-the-mattress, was not going to let her two lovers linger in libido limbo. Her husband and son would not languish in her bed, with limp pricks, longing to rejoin the fun, for any longer than need be. Within minutes, she was giving father fellatio. As she feasted on his meat, she made my tool her toy, and let me play with her two ta-tas. Those twin globes of spongy flesh, were fascinating to me. Fuller than any girl’s, who had allowed me to make-out with them, mom’s mams were nice and firm, and did not sag much at all. They swung, but surprisingly never sacrificing their refined feminine form as they moved.

Then my father took charge of his spouse, and gently guided her, so that she assumed the classic ‘doggie’ style position, for entry to her craven haven from behind. With a gesture of his hand to me, and a suggestion to mom that she suck her boy, my lollipop was in mom’s mouth, and her sweet lips made her Honey-sonny very happy. For several marvelous moments, this menage was a contented trio. She who had given me milk, was milking my cream nozzle. Father was being the stud bull, to mother’s ‘udder’ delight. The slaps of their fucking, and the slurp of mom’s sucking, and our ragged panting, were the only sounds heard right then.

Soon, though, my father’s grunts began to signal his impending spill into mom’s womb. He had the foresight of thought to say, “Get back here, and watch me blow a load, in the hottest cunt you’ll ever see!” Though I was reluctant to abandon my post in mom’s oral orifice, I certainly didn’t want to miss that event. I scootched around, to get a ring-side seat for the slam dunk. The sight of my father, socking it to my mother’s piece of ass, was enormously exciting. I just had to grip my johnson, as I prepared to join in the festivities, when the fireworks began. It wouldn’t be long now.

In fact, it was too short. Dad popped his stopper, early; in fact, as he was just about to squirt, he inadvertently lost his connection. As he hammered, the old man’s tool slipped out and as his nervous system was overloaded, his wad was wasted on mom’s thighs. The thick goo spurted in an arc, and landed on her upper leg. This was disappointing to mother who exclaimed, “Oh! dear . . . ahh damn!” Dad is good a thinking on his Escort Bayan feet, abet, he was on his knees at the time. He had a alternative solution in mind, that is to say another successor of a sort, to be a sordid substitute for his solid mass of masculine muscle, namely mine, could solve the problem.

He clasped the round halves of mom’s behind, and spread them to expose the whole of her crotch, and the hole of her vagina. I could see a dark space in the center of mom’s sex. It was still reddened, from the drubbing by dad’s dick. The gorgeous gully even yet gaped open, and unbarred to my eyes, which took a mental snapshot to treasure, for the rest of my days on earth. For there was heaven laid bare, paradise beckoning to be occupied. Her pink anus was a star of an asterisk, but that held no attraction. The labia major and minor, the nubbin of her clit were as textbook illustrations, only this was a live observation of the female anatomy.

My father still had a lesson for his son’s sex education. He began by saying to mom, “Do you want to reward our boy for his good behavior, for his keeping his peter in his pants?”

“I think we should, do you have something to suggest?”

“What if we let him see what it feels like to put his penis in a woman’s vagina, just once, would you be willing?”

“Just once, alright? Since I am available, at the moment.”

I didn’t say a word, for fear of skewing the direction I hoped things were heading. My brain was pounding with anticipation, and my hard-on was a nine-iron.

“Then he can put it in you, right now?”

“Yes, but then he has to take it out again.”

“What goes up, must come down. What goes in, has to come out.”

“Uh . . huh!” Mom was still poised in the supplicant position, on hands and knees, her hind-end high, her hinny held spread, her hole still somewhat open. I was looking at where I had come from, the very point of my origin. I was eager to return.

“Okay, son, get behind your mother.” I did, and placed my cock at the entrance of her cunt. Dad was directing the action, as if we were on a porno set. “Now put it in, all the way, and then withdraw.”

I did as I was told, as if I had no control of myself. I wasn’t altogether sure I did. But as I put my pole deep in the hole, I could feel mom’s pussy clutch at my dick. It wanted my member to stay, so it seemed, to my way of interpreting that involuntary spasm. Indeed, my boner was all for that! But the deal was, I had to take it out, so . . reluctantly I did.

“Are you a naughty girl, to let your son put his prick in your pussy?”

“Yes, I must be!”

“Yes, you are. You’re so nasty a dame, you want him to do it again don’t you?” Dad was sweet talking mom with his raunchy words, his dirty talk, to get her to broiling with lust. ‘GO DAD!’ I cheered silently in my head.

“Yes, I want it again please!”

“Okay, one more time then. But that is all you get, you bad, bad, wanton woman.”

I did as the scenario called for and returned to my mother’s cavity of depravity. That first time, I had hardly had the chance to focus on the sensations that engulfed my penis, as it made the silken passage within my mom’s body. This time I vowed I would record everything as if it were etched in my soul. Too soon, I knew that I would be out, of where I was so happy to be in.

“Does that meet with your approval? Is he big enough, is he hard enough, is he thick enough, is he hot enough?”

“OH! Yes! and he’s deep enough, and I bet he would last long enough to make me cum.”

“You need another cum, do you?”

“Yes, Please, I do. And I want it with him.”

“You want to have your own son, make you cum?”

All these several moments, I had stayed socked to the stones, in mom’s juicy hollow. I was beginning to realize, that I was going to be given the privilege of fucking her.

“But if he does that, he will have to cum too. He hasn’t cum all night, it wouldn’t be right to deny him his due.”

“No that wouldn’t be fair. Okay he can cum in me, if you don’t object.”

“I think it would only be fitting. I’m teaching him to golf with the guys, you should teach him screw with the gals.”

“I need it now! Fuck me NOW! Baby!”

I was already in motion even as she begged. Every nerve was alive with the electric arousal of that moment of ecstatic triumph. At last I was in mom. I was pleasuring her. I had the delicious erotically tactile tissue of her body, surrounding my manhood, touching every square millimeter. I swear I could feel everyone of them. I was determined to beat, or at least match my old man at this game too. But for more mom’s sake, to provide that second orgasm, and I intended it to be an even bigger cum than the one earlier, on dad’s dick.

So I swung away at my mom’s hole, my club up to both balls, in her cup. My stroke was better that par, it was a perfect hole in one. Mother and I were one, whole again as once we were. Dad had faded from my consciousness, it was just mom and me, making love. Granting each other the sharing we had known somehow, was meant to be. As I had stood outside the door, and cum in since with her, she had perceived me, and she had been willing to let it be so. Then, with dad’s offer, to open their bedroom door she acquiesced to that. As well, she opened her mouth, opened her pussy and opened her heart to her son. I could tell that her Bayan Escort opening was about to climax, as was my rocket ready to blast off as well.

Mother began with her high squeals that signaled the advent of orgasm. My whining groans echoed with her, as we raced to the finish. In furious fucking, I stabbed at her hair-fringed target, even as she pushed her hips back at me. Then she cried, “Now! Baby, Oh honey, you feel so good in mommy, let me have all your cream, cum with me! cum in me! cum NOWW!!”

I let it go, the full flood that had been dammed up the entire night, and the emotions that had piled up in the last year, as I had listened, and yearned for this very instant. I never would have believed that this paroxysm of mine, in mom, was possible. But here it was, and I released both my semen, and my spirit, into her body and soul. “I’m with you mom! Here it is. I’m shooting in you right NOW, take it, I love you, oh God! MOMMY, I LOOVVE YOUU!!!”

“OH! Yes, I feel it! I can tell you’re spraying inside me, I feel the throbbing, baby. I love you too! Yes, Honey, I love you, mommy loves her sweet baby boy.” With that we both collapsed, exhausted, spent and completely satiated. The last thing I remember, as we twisted and entwined to cuddle, was dad covering us with the blanket.

In the morning I awoke late, I could tell by the bright sunlight, streaming in through the crack, in the middle of the drapes. Dad must be long gone to work by now. I knew I was still in my parents bed. I was very happily surprised, that mom still shared it with me. I got the impression that my father had slept elsewhere. The bed would have been more crowded otherwise. I realized that there had been plenty of room to spoon, and other cozy arrangements of limbs and positions, that would have been awkward, if dad had not bowed out of sharing the bed.

I looked over at my mother. We were still nude, and her lovely form stirred me to a quick woodie. I decided that I would suckle on her beautiful breast to rouse her, and hopefully arouse her too. Her nipples responded, even before she opened her eyes. They grew stiff and erect, and my sucking made them even rosier. She smiled, as she opened her lids, then she frowned. She took a moment to recall last night, and the family recreation, which had led to our sleeping together. She expression became first startled, then wry, the a grin dawned.

“Well,” she said, You’re no longer a shy virgin!”

:No,” I replied, “ not a virgin, and I was never that awfully shy.” I put a hand down, to hold her pud in my palm.

“I don’t know that we should continue this incest, at least not without your father’s knowledge and permission.”

“Mom,” I wiggled a finger in her split, “I think dad knows that we slept together, and if he didn’t want me here when you woke up, he would have gotten me up earlier, and had me move to my own bedroom.”

“Maybe . . .”

“Did you like being naughty with your son last night?”

“Oh! Yes that was an awesome screw we had, but that’s not something you should expect to happen often. Just sometimes, when your father and I are in the mood.”

“I understand. But you were a very bad girl last night. Don’t you think you should pay a penalty?”

“And what would that be, are you man enough to mete that out?”

“I have the man-meat to do it, if you need it.” I could feel her getting wet at her cunny. I began to dip into that well of love lube, and oil her labia.

“I know you have the muscle, to make a poor girl like me take whatever you judge I should bear, for my naughtiness.”

“Well, you’re already bare, maybe I should go easy on you.” I drew the moisture up to her little nub of pleasure, and worked the tender tissue back and forth delicately.

“You want to get on me? – I guess whatever you say, but be gentle.” That was a definite invitation to do the horizontal tango!!

I rolled up between her legs, her thighs opened. My rigid root plowed the furrow of her sex. She tilted her pelvis, and it slid in like a round peg in a soft hole. This time it was not sloppy-seconds, and she was tighter. Like an elastic sheath, that provided no barrier. The penetration was accompanied by the firm embracing of her vaginal walls. I moved to get leverage, and began the thrusting I had dreamed about, to rut in my mother’s special spot. She was humping back at me, with her torso tilting, and her arms clasped around my waist, her hands on my buttocks pulling me into her.

We said nothing more, but just fucked and fucked, missionary madness. Kisses were continual, Frenching, and I put my lips every place on her face, like an over eager puppy. She made her bosom swell, so the pillows of her tender tits cushioned my weight. But I was light, so that my hips could be rabbit-rapid doing the in/out of copulation. My tail was a hunching blur, of white buns. It didn’t take long, for our flurry of physical fun, to finish. There is just something so thrilling, about morning nookie. Or perhaps, and this is where I am sure most of our excitement manifested out of, the intimacy, and intrinsic spicy flavor, of incestuous sex. The forbidden fruit, that tastes the juicier and sweeter, for it secret sinfulness.

And so I once more scored, with a spume of my lusting jism, in my mother’s womb. She was racked by cataclysmic contractions, as she washed my penis with the cum from her vagina. I knew that I was her lover now too. Dad and I had this linking us now as well, I was no longer a ‘palmer’, and with mom, I would always be a ‘tiger’. Our home was now our ‘club’-house too.

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