The 3 of us


The 3 of usEric snored softly in contrast to the frantic and vocal man he had been only moments before. Lora lay beside him, her left arm d****d over his thigh, her right hand playing idly between her legs. She drifted foggy, finishing what he had started. Some of his honey coated her fingers as she tensed, drew in a sharp breath and shuddered. He didn’t move as she slipped out of the bed and out of the room. Her nightgown, worn and faded, hung from her shoulders by two weary spaghetti straps. It caught at her hips and ended in a tier of lace, half way between waist and knees. A pair of gold anklets adorned her left leg. She walked into the kitchen, her bare feet padding across the floor,, and gasped as she saw Edward, already at the table having his morning coffee. Ed had worked with her husband for several years and often stayed with them. Lora had wondered about him, a lot. He had always been a perfect gentleman with her. Still she was a bit embarrassed for him to see her in a skimpy night thing, and so soon after being with Eric, that his honey was still in, and on her.Ed shifted his newspaper to cover his very visible reaction to what he saw. “Morning, pull up a chair.””Soon as I get my cup,” Lora sang in a soft sweet soprano voice. And she brushed past him so close that even through his tee shirt, he felt the heat from her body. He put the paper down, no longer concealing the tent in his sweat pants. It had been months since he had been with a woman, and even though this was just Eric’s overweight, türbanlı kütahya escort old-lady, wife, he was going to openly admire the view.Lora brought her coffee to the table, and sat down next to him, instead of across. Her nighty was almost revealing her, but she did not smooth it down.Ed swallowed hard and kept his composure, but he could swear he smelled more than coffee and her perfume. They began chatting and she lightly touched his arm, as women often do. It can mean nothing, but the sparks went straight to his groin.Ed looked up, uncomfortably. “I better go for a walk.” he stammered, and started to push from the table.”But why?” Lora asked plaintively. “It’s still dark out.””Just…” He didn’t have to say it. The outline of his sweat pants gave him away.She hesitated, then grasped his arm. “Please, sit down, that’s my fault. I should have put on jeans.”Ed settled back in the chair, but before he could move or speak, her hand moved from his arm to his belly, then downward. For a moment she covered him, feeling the warmth and twitching through the fabric. He didn’t protest.She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and slipped her hand under the waist band. He swallowed hard as her nails glided over his length and clutched his base. Then her hand was around him, stretching, pulling, urging him on. He gave himself over to her ministrations, and put his head down on his arms. He tried not to make any noise, lest it be heard down the hall.”He’s türbanlı kütahya escort bayan still asleep.” Her whispered words danced in his ears and his manhood wept in her hand. And it began to distantly dawn on him that he was not in control of anything. Lora turned her hand so his tip was in her palm and her fingers pulled at the soft ridge of skin around the head. She did not want him worried about wetting his clothes visibly. He began to tense and his butt rose in the chair. Lora leaned close to his ear and whispered with moist breath.Ed’s arm muffled his groan. Her hand felt the pulses and she almost lost hold of him as he raised up, rocked and settled. And warm man-gel spurted into her hand. Then erupted as the pent up need and built up frustration boiled over. The sounds he made were not in English. Lora’s hand was a gooey mess and she thought he would never stop, but eventually the spasms had more time between them. And she suddenly knew she was very weak herself. His total immersion in her gift had gotten to her. A new wetness mingled with her husband’s from earlier.She wiped her hand on Ed’s thighs and bush to remove most of his honey, then carefully removed her hand from his sweatpants. With her left hand she pulled her nighty up, then opened her legs and touched her right hand to her garden, then pressed in. Ed sat there, dazed and disbelieving as he watched the woman he thought he knew mingle the essence of 2 men.Her fingers moved türbanlı escort kütahya to her pearl and she began making tiny circles. Her breathing was shallow, his almost stopped.Lora had quite nearly forgotten Ed and her hubby as visions of being taken by their neighbor, the dark-skinned man with flashing eyes, filled her mind. Ed stared as her nipples stretched against the nearly sheer fabric and her mouth opened slightly. She breathed in sharply and became motionless. A tremor seemed to start at her ankles and spread upward through her. It was a long moment but finally Lora took a breath, sighed and looked over at ED, who by now had himself in his hands.”Oh my.” She put both hands over her face for a moment, then reached down to make herself modest. “We better try to look normal,” she said in a very low voice, and she got up and walked over to the sink. Ed put it away and shuffled the newspaper. He began to more or less read the sports.Lora was washing dishes when Eric walked in and took his chair. He acknowledged the coffee she set down for him and for Ed. And he offered the serving tray to Ed. “Cream in your coffee? Sugar?””Almost.” Ed muttered. Lora, still at the sink, nearly fainted. Then, “No thanks, like my women, I take it hot and black.” Both men laughed and the moment passed. Lora poured her coffee and walked demurely to the table. She sat between them.Eric glanced over. “Damn! You could have put some clothes on.” He had noticed how thin her nighty was, and how short when she sat down. Lora faux-pouted, “You used to like it when I wore cute things.” She caught Ed’s eye for an instant, then turned to Eric. “You seemed to like it earlier this morning.” Her lashes fluttered. “If you insist…””Never mind. You’re more creative when you are half naked and we have a celebrity dance-event to plan.” Lora turned bight red. It was Ed’s turn to nearly faint away.

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