The Beauty of Broken Things: Part Two


Chapter Six: The Girl that was not Quite TessaThe snow had begun to fall in earnest long before Tessa reached the first streetside motel she could find, somewhere down Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard. Though not a large dog, the weight of Pickles on one shoulder and the pack on the other, combined with the whipping of the freezing wind had her trudging along tiredly. The new jacket was dusted with a light covering of snow and the boots had already proven their worth, keeping her feet warm and dry, in bitter contrast to her hands and face.The motel was a typical drive-in affair, a single-story sprawl of small, cheap rooms that was sorely in need of paint and a patched parking lot. Tessa had no complaint. Anywhere, she knew from past experience, was better than spending the night in a New York snowstorm. She approached the man at the desk, who watched a battered old TV, half-dozing, with his feet on the desk.”Help you?” he asked, without getting up.”I’d like a room,” Tessa said.The man eyed her over and then shook his head.”We don’t allow pets,” he said.”Please,” Tessa pleaded, “I don’t have anywhere. I’ll pay extra. Just one night.”He pointed to a sign that stated, “No Pets Allowed,” and shook his head again.Tessa looked around the empty lobby.”Maybe I can do… I can do something else for you?” she asked.The man considered her, looking her up and down again.”Undo that coat,” he said gruffly.Tessa set Pickles on the floor and unzipped the jacket, opening it. The man stared at her breasts under the thin, worn shirt.”It’ll be $300,” he said, “and I’ll stop by the room after my shift in an hour.””The sign says $89,” Tessa protested.”The other sign says no pets,” he reminded her.Tessa nodded and rooted in the backpack, coming up with the cash. The man eased himself out of his chair and typed at an old computer.”I’ll need an ID,” he said.”I don’t have one,” Tessa said, despairingly.”How old are you?” he asked, his brows furrowing.”Nineteen,” she replied.He grunted and said, “I have to have an ID.””Please,” she begged again, “I’ll do whatever you want. Just… I can’t take my dog back out there. Not tonight.””$400,” the man stated.Tessa reached back into the bag and gave him the money. He handed her a key.”See you in an hour,” he said, grinning.***The room was clean, if old, with a large, framed photo of the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River. Two mismatched table lamps sat on either of the side tables, next to the bed, which was covered by a horrendous bedspread in some sort of paisley pattern. Tessa set Pickles down next to the bed and retrieved a small metal bowl from the pack, filling it in the bathroom sink and offering it to the dog. He lapped at it tiredly.She broke off a quarter of one of the sandwiches, left him with it, and then showered. Wrapped in a towel, she broke open the package of new cotton tees and put one on. Otherwise nude, she laid on the bed to wait for the arrival of the man. She dozed, mentally putting Tessa away in that dark, but safe place where she belonged when it was time to do what she’d been trained for.In the dim light of the lamps, she touched herself, caressing the smoothness of her pussy mound, waiting, getting hotter as her mind turned toward providing pleasure. She played the words in her head, the words from the dark that were always there, deep, masculine, commanding. Slut. Fuck toy. Whore. The words brought the memories of sensation, a mixture of pain doled out along with pleasure.The memories had images, faces, but those weren’t important. The faces belonged to Tessa, and right now Tessa was safely locked away, where she didn’t have to fuck. But Tessa remembered the faces, while the girl that fucked remembered only the sensations, the words, the pleasure and the pain. A whip cracked, searing flesh, drawing blood, then bursa sınırsız escort a spike of insane pleasure accompanied it a second later, just a memory, but a vivid one that brought forth the wetness, the arousal.A light knock on the door brought her to her feet and she opened it to find the man, as expected. She held the door open for him. Wordlessly, he shut it, locked it, and began to remove his clothes. He was fitter than she’d imagined him to be, solid and muscular.”You clean up pretty good,” he said, his eyes appraising her body, wandering from the stray lock of dark hair over one eye, down past her breasts, and settling between her legs.The girl that was not quite Tessa sank to her knees in front of him, palms flattening against his thighs, caressing them lovingly, the amber of her eyes nearly black in the dim light.”Is this what you like, Sir?” she asked.The man blinked, surprised, but he nodded, taking his half-hard cock in his hand and putting the tip to her lips. Tessa opened her mouth and let him push the head of his cock into it, then trembled as his big hand rested firmly on her head, fingers snaking through her curls. Her pussy gushed wetly when the grip tightened, and he eased the length of his prick into her mouth with a deep growl of satisfaction.Tessa submitted to his thrusts, the heat growing inside of her as the man pumped his rigid stalk between her lips. Her fingers played between her legs, and she moaned, looking up at him, lips stretched about his girth. He looked back down on her, towering dominantly, dark eyes uncaring. He pushed his cock to the base, nestling her lips against his crotch and grunting with approval when she didn’t so much as gag. Repeating the motion, he gripped her hair and pulled her head back, only to slide his full length back into her roughly.This time she glurked, but still didn’t choke. Well-trained, she never broke eye contact, letting him watch the haze of arousal at this treatment gloss over her eyes. This was where she belonged, the training told her, this was her place, where she was useful and where she should feel pleasure. She felt it, but also a stab of misery from Tessa in her dark place. It was fleeting, though, and when the man hauled her to her feet and pushed her back onto the bed, the surge of pleasure returned.His fingers found her pussy, warm and wet, coated in her nectar and ready for him. A slut should always be ready, she remembered. The man pushed two of his fingers into her, pumped them roughly, and then put them to his mouth.”You’re a wet little thing,” he said.”A good slut is always wet,” she hissed.The man chuckled again and spread her legs wider, settled himself on his knees, then pushed the throbbing head of his cock into her. His crown parted her wet lips easily, making her body jerk as she gasped. One of his hands grasped her leg, just behind the knee, while the other lay flat against her belly, pushing her shirt up to her breasts. The length of his jerking shaft burrowed more deeply, inch after inch of it sliding into her warmth. The grip of her pussy walls made his cock jerk and his body shudder as his breathing quickened.Tessa slowly worked her hips, humping his cock as her mouth opened in a low, throaty moan. His hand on her belly slid the shirt over her breasts, latched onto one of them and squeezed it. Tessa’s hand came up and held onto his arm as she continued to moan for him and hump his cock, showing her eagerness to please, to be good for him.”Fuck me,” she breathed.The man obliged, meeting her thrusts with his own, losing himself in the serpentine motion of her body and the excited gleam in her eyes. She was panting now, breath coming in small huffs as he took her, issuing hard, sharp thrusts and equally bursa escort bayan sharp grunts. His hand moved from her breast to grip the back of her neck, and she flinched as his fingers brushed the scar there, a memory of a sound, the click of a lock, the feel of cold leather on her skin, coming unbidden at the feeling of his touch.The memory faded, swallowed up in the dark place where Tessa waited, as the approach of a building orgasm worked up her body. The pace of the man’s thrusting increased, became rapid, hammering into her hard now, making her breasts jiggle as the wet slap of flesh against flesh made her eyes roll back. Her body shook, the grip on his arm tightening, her breath drawing in. She felt a bead of sweat drip onto her naked tummy and the man giving a groan, and then she hit her peak.”Huh!” she cried, once, shivered, then was overtaken with the bright flash of sensation.The man grunted and pulled his cock free of her, splashing her mound, her belly, with a hot spray of cum that was quickly followed by a second, then a weak third. Her body continued to tremble as he held her a moment longer. Gradually, he released his hold and climbed off of the bed, pulling on his clothes, his face flushed.”Thanks,” he said, and then let himself out.She rose from the bed and wiped the remains of his ejaculation from her belly, her pussy mound, then showered again. As the spray pelted her body, washing away the cold bit of cum and her own arousal, the girl swapped places and was Tessa once more. Cleaned, now, Tessa returned to the bed. Pickles looked up, wagging his tail. She pulled back the covers, picked up the dog, and put him into the bed, covering both of them with the blanket. Pickles gave a contented sigh and was soon asleep. Tessa’s slumber did not come as quickly.Chapter Seven: The Unexpected Visit”Who is she?” Aaron asked, looking over the spread photos on his desk.”Honestly,” said Kelso, “I wish I could tell you.”Aaron whistled, picking up a photo of a smiling Tessa on the Seaglass Carousel. The girl’s smile choked him up just looking at it. A dark curl dangled cutely over one eye, and the little wave in the camera’s direction was utterly adorable. The photo encapsulated the joy of New York on an autumn afternoon, as though the girl had not a worry in her life.”How much do you want for them?” Aaron asked.Kelso shook his head, saying, “Not these. I just… I needed someone else to see them, to tell me I’m not crazy for thinking they’re special. I do that, you know, get lost in the moments.”Aaron nodded, answering, “No, you aren’t crazy. This girl’s got a look about her. And this one,” he picked up the first photo Kelso had taken, showing Tessa and Pickles by the bridge, “Jesus. The look. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen something that sad.”Kelso nodded agreement, saying, “I just wanted to put her in your head. I’ve got an idea forming about these, but I’m really hoping I can get more.””I hope you do. I can think of a dozen spots I’d use her in right now,” Aaron said.”Thanks,” Kelso said, gathering the photos, “I’ll be in touch again.”They shook hands and Kelso left the office.***The light dusting of snow covered the cityscape as Kelso trudged through the bitter wind, his thoughts on Tessa. Despite being tired from the previous day’s excursion, he’d found it difficult to sleep. One day with the street girl, otherwise a total stranger, and his head was a jumble of worry over her. Why? Tessa was rude, mistrustful and flighty. He supposed, though, that she had every reason to be.He ran through the photos in his head as he walked, going over the range of emotions he’d seen, pairing them with the few words he’d been able to pry out of her. Then, there were the scars. There was a story there, he nilüfer escort knew, and it wasn’t a happy one. Blessed by his talent and work, Kelso had been to many places and met all kinds of people. He’d spent days in impoverished countries and attended lavish, upper-crust galas. He’d taken photos of people in nearly every conceivable state of being, from athletic competition to doing menial, everyday tasks, and even stints into erotic photography.Kelso had shot for fashion shows, magazines, newspapers and interviews. His transient nature left him little in the way of solid, personal relationships, though he had colleagues and some few of those he considered friends. None of these people, though, did he ever feel worry over. They were little cogs, like him, performing their function and playing their role. The street girl, though, was something else entirely.Never having been married and with no children of his own, Kelso didn’t know from first-hand experience what it was like to fret over a child. That was how he felt now, though. Ever since the incident in the park, the girl hadn’t left his thoughts. Where was she? Was she safe? How did she fare in the sudden snowstorm?The answer came as he arrived at the doorstep to his apartment building, where he found Tessa with Pickles in her lap, sitting on the steps. She sat up at the sight of him and he saw a flicker of… hope, maybe, pass quickly over her face.”Good morning,” Kelso said, raising a gloved hand, “You okay?”Tessa looked embarrassed as she said, “They… they closed off the place… where I stay. I had to spend some of the money on a motel, but Pickles is really cold and I… I didn’t know where else to go.””Do you want to come in?” he asked, indicating the building.”Maybe just to warm up? You can have the rest of the money back.”He shook his head, “That’s yours. You earned it.”Kelso nodded and punched a code into the door. It clicked and he held it open for her. In the lobby, he waved to a man at the desk, who nodded his way. Kelso pushed the button on the elevator, and they waited in silence. More silence followed as they rode up to his floor. Finally, he let them into his apartment.Tessa stood in the entryway, unwilling to come any further. She did set the dog down, though, and Pickles began to sniff about the place curiously.”Come on in,” Kelso said, “Can I take your coat?”Tessa shook her head and took a tentative step inside, looking around at the numerous photos on the walls.”Can I get you something? Tea? Coffee? Cocoa?””What’s a cocoa?” she asked.Kelso blinked. What teenage girl didn’t know what cocoa was?”Hot chocolate,” he said, “You’re telling me you’ve never had hot chocolate?”She shook her head and began to walk about the main room, looking at the photos.”Well, then I consider it my duty to introduce you,” he said, and set about heating some cocoa in the kitchenette, watching Tessa take in the photos.”Where is this?” Tessa asked, pointing to a photo.Kelso walked over to look at the photo. He didn’t need to, as he knew every one of them, but he felt like he should be part of the moment.”That’s in West Africa,” he said, “I did a safari shoot for some rich guy. Paid well and it was fun. That’s the guy,” he said, pointing out a man in a safari hat, on the back of an elephant.”You go to a lot of places,” she remarked, continuing her perusal.”I get around,” Kelso agreed, “One of the perks of doing a good job, I guess.”He returned to the kitchenette and poured two mugs of hot chocolate, returned, and handed one to Tessa.”What about this one?” she asked, pointing to another photo.”Las Vegas,” he said, “Some big casino opening. I covered it for a website and then did a little gambling. Not really my thing. I didn’t win much.”She sipped at the cocoa, her eyes widening, sipped again.”Good?” he asked.She nodded and continued making the circuit of the small room. Kelso watched her curiously as she approached one of his latest additions.”That one is me,” she said, “and Pickles.”It was the first photo he’d taken, printed off and framed on the coffee table, where he’d looked at it many times already. He nodded.

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