the beginning of my sexual adventures


It was a beautiful day in our quaint little beach town. I left after breakfast with the family that summer day to go to the beach alone and spent the early morning surfing with some friends and just hanging out checking out the hotties in there sexy bikinis. I was feeling aroused from seeing the awesome girls on the beach and headed home. My family was supposed to be gone, doing their daily routines. It was a short walk from the beach and I was thinking of those tight beach honeys. I was very horny when I got home. I went to the kitchen and got a bite to eat then headed upstairs to shower. As I topped the staircase I heard some strange noises. I thought to myself, ‘Wow everyone was supposed to be gone for the day…’ It sounded like a TV was left on as I got closer to my big brother’s room. It got louder and it sounded like two guys wrestling. The door to my brother’s room was opened slightly and I peeked in to see on the TV screen that two guys were naked and sucking each others cocks. I was shocked. I had never seen anything like that before. I had sex with girls several times but never imagined two guys going at it. I was mesmerized at şişli eskort the sight and couldn’t take my eyes off of lt I turned and looked towards my brothers bed and there he was laid on his back stroking his cock as I watched the screen and could see my brother with his rather large dick in his hand masturbating it slowly up and down I had seen his cock before but never was it hard and thick as it was now needless to say as a result of seeing the two guys sucking each other and my brother jacking his cock in plain sight wow it made me very hard and also knowing that he didn’t know I was watching him was very erotic I slowly slid my trunks off and rubbed my cock just like brother was doing I didn’t think ever that I would be so aroused by man on man sex but I couldn’t stop looking at the video and him brothers cock was huge in comparison to mine and in my excitement I guess I bumped the door my brother was startled and turned to see me standing there cock in hand staring at him he was angry and shocked but he said to me hey its OK kid come in here so I got on the bed with him he told me that I couldn’t tell nobody and this şişli escort would be our secret he asked what I thought of the video I looked at the screen and the 2 men were now in different positions one on his back legs spread and the other between them licking his ass I was more interested in my bros big meat I wanted to touch it he said to me that I had a nice cock mmm and he had been thinking about playing with me for a long time he laid me down on my back and said that he had been doing this kind of thing with a few of the guys from his work for awhile now he told me they met a couple times a week and watched porn films and got naked together I was very turned on when he told me that the guys had been telling him they wanted me to join them he took my cock in his hand and leaned over and sucked on it wow it felt good as he sucked me his cock was dangling hard and swollen in front of my face I took his big dick in my hands and put my mouth around the head it was very different but also hot mmmm it felt so good as my brother sucked my dick he started playing with my ass with a finger too and that sent me over the edge I mecidiyeköy escort came in his mouth and he moaned drinking it down like hot cream when I was done he rolled me over onto my stomach and then began to eat my ass pinning me down with his weight making my asshole wet with his mouth I liked the feeling he did it for what seemed to be the longest time and all of a sudden he climbed up on me and held me down to the bed and began sliding his big cock up and down the crack of my ass I was scared but it felt so good as the head of his big dick pushed against my tight hole I felt myself pushing back up to his thrusts he whispered in my ear and said he was going to fuck my little ass and to relax he pushed gently into me it felt as if he was ripping me open with his big head but it slipped in and I could feel the round head of his dick enter me slowly I was whimpering in pain and pleasure as he went deeper and deeper into me stretching me around him I was moaning in pleasure it seemed so long that he was soon fucking me faster and deeper I felt him tense up his whole body shuddered and a warm sensation filled me he came in me hard and laid on top of me then we heard my sister laughing from the door way and both looked to see her naked and watching us but that is the beginning to another story soon to come this is all truth and I hope that you find pleasure in reading thanks dustycolt

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