The Bi-Surprise Part One


When I first met my partner Leo, I was infatuated by him. Standing at over six feet tall, with dark brown hair and blue eyes, I was immediately drawn to him. I had never met someone who could make me feel weak at the knees in love, but dripping wet at the same time. We had been in a sex-filled relationship for two years, when he was offered his dream job in a small town three hours away from the city. I knew that he had always dreamed of being a chef, and I was not going to stand in his way. I immediately quit my job, and we made the move to Klendton. We had been able to rent a small house from one of the other chefs at his work. It had one bedroom and a loft. It was quickly decided that the loft would be set up with one thing in mind, sex. It was moving day, and I had stupidly forgotten to leave Escort izmir out appropriate clothing for lifting boxes. We had been out for dinner the night before, resulting in my moving clothes, consisting of a short, white, tight dress. I felt embarrassed, although Leo attempted to reassure me that I looked good. Arriving at the house, I was introduced to Henry. He stood at six feet tall, was muscular and sported two tattoo sleeves. He smelt of body odour and tobacco. He apologised for his appearance and stated that we had “interrupted” him. For some reason when he said this, my eyes were drawn to his crutch. Seeing his semi-erect cock, I tried not to giggle. I did not think anything more about Henry that day, other than how helpful he was. He helped me lift anything izmir escort and everything, however, I just put this down to being polite. After a week of Leo leaving for work at seven am and returning at midnight, I became lonely. I had resigned from my job in an office, to follow my passion of writing. I thought that this would make me happy, not bored and lonely. At around sixpm one night, I opened my closet and saw my favourite dress. It was a cute dress that was made from lace. It showed off my curves, and had resulted in a lot of attention from both sexes. I put on my skimpy black g-string and a dash of red lip stick. I had opened a bottle of wine, and was singing and dancing, until I heard a knock at the door. Slipping into my dress, I opened the door, izmir escort bayan and Henry was standing there. I don’t know why, but seeing him standing there at my door, dressed in his chef’s pants and singlet, made me see him in a new light. Looking at his arms, I saw that they were defined yet not too big. Trying not to be too noticeable, I looked him up and down, and saw his cock was fully erect in his pants. Blushing, he told me that he had left a bag in the laundry and asked if he could look for it. I agreed and he came into the house looking sheepish. He entered the laundry and took a medium sized bag from under the sink. He then asked me if I had plans. I admitted that I did not have plans, as I had found it difficult to make friends in such a small town. Before I knew what I was saying, I asked him to stay for a drink. He agreed and we settled down on the couch, with a glass of wine each. We got talking, and spoke about everything. The topics ranged from stupid Youtube videos to politics. After a few wines, I started to ask him questions about what was in the bag.

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