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Subject: THE BOY IN THE CORNER BOOTH CHAPTER 4 Adult/Youth THE BOY IN THE CORNER BOOTH CHAPTER 4 RECAP OF CHARACTERS JON Customer in a restaurant that follows a boy and his brother into the men’s room and finds Jason to be quite interested in sexual activity. Jon has been a boy lover ever since he was a boy himself. JASON 11 years old with light brown hair and brown eyes. Jason is 4 foot 7 inches and weighs 80 pounds.. His penis almost 4 inches long while soft and he is circumcised. His testicles are a little larger than most boys his age. When erect, he is almost 5 inches long. Jason has just begun to grow several pubic hairs on both sides of his penis He has had pubic hair for less than a month. TYLER 5 year old brother of Jason. He has thick blond hair that is overdue for a haircut. He also has dark blue eyes. Tyler is 4 feet 2 inches and weighs 45 pounds. Like his brother, his penis is larger than normal for a 5 year old boy. His penis is close to 3 inches soft and Tyler is also circumcised. His testicles are years away from descending and they are tight against his body. KYLE Almost 12 years old and the best friend of Jason Kyle and Jason became friends in the 3rd grade. When Kyle and Jason spend the night together, they have sex with each other. Like Jason , Kyle has light brown hair and brown eyes and has a deep tan. His penis is about 3 inches soft but slightly over 4 inches hard. Kyle is not circumcised. Kyle has started puberty already and can produce semen when he masturbates. Like his friend Jason, Kyle has just started growing pubic hair. He has less than a dozen pubic hairs around his penis. Ever since he was a little boy, he has had the habit of pulling his foreskin back on his penis at least an inch while he takes a pee. Kyle weighs about 75 pounds and is an inch shorter than Jason , his height is only 4 feet 6 inches. LANCE 5 year old brother of Kyle. Kyle, like his brother, has light brown hair and very dark brown eyes. He is about 4 feet 2 and 45 pounds. Like Tyler, his penis is a little larger than normal. It extends out to 3 inches soft and Lance is not circumcised. Like his brother Kyle, Lance pulls the skin back at least an inch on his penis while he takes a pee. The story continues….. I drove to Adams St and started looking at the numbers on the homes. When I got to the 2300 block, I slowed down and looked at every house on the left side of the street. Since Jason’s house number ended in 32, I knew it had to be on the left. Finally I saw şişli escort his home 2332. The porch light was not on, just as Jason told me to expect. I could see a light on in the living room and there was at least one boy standing up. He appeared to be looking out the window towards the street. Jason knew I lived close by and he was expecting me, he was probably watching for a car to slowly pass by and then park a few houses down. I drove almost to the end of the block and parked my car on the right side of the street. It was dark and there were only a couple of street lights on. Nobody would be able to see me as I walked back towards Jason’s house. He lived in a two story house with several pine trees in his front yard. His parents obviously had money as it was an expensive neighborhood and the home appeared to be a beautiful home. As I approached the home, I turned around to be sure nobody was watching me as I walked towards the door. I was in the clear. I walked up the 4 steps that led to the door and slightly tapped on the door. Within seconds, the door opened and Jason stuck his head out the door, I was not able to see his body.. Jason looked left and then right to be sure nobody was watching us. He looked me in the eyes and gave me a beautiful boy smile. ” Hey Jon, come on in” I walked into the home and as soon as I walked in I saw Kyle sitting on the couch. Next to him was Tyler and Lance. They had the TV set on and were watching some cartoons. Kyle waved at me and I smiled and waved back at him. Tyler and Lance did not hear me come in as they were so involved in watching the cartoons, their eyes stayed on the TV set as I entered the living room. Jason was only wearing a pair of red/white/and blue Funky Trunks underwear. The Funky Trunks fit him perfectly. They clung tightly to his body and I observed a nice bulge. His skin had a beautiful dark tan and because he was wearing his underwear, I could see his tan line. As I looked at Jason in his tight fitting underwear, I felt my penis beginning to stiffen. Jason walked to the couch were the other boys were seated and motioned for me to sit down next to Kyle. Kyle was wearing a pair of Fruit of the Looms jockey shorts. Like Jason, he had a very nice tan . He was leaning back on the couch with his legs spread out. I could see the outline of his penis inside his tight FOL’s. Kyle noticed that I was looking at his FOL’s and he spread his legs wider and placed his right hand directly on top of his bulge. sivas escort I could tell that his penis was pointed upwards inside of his undies. Tyler and Lance were also sitting in just their undies. They were both had cartoon characters on their undies. Tyler had the Batman character on his undies.. They were black with a yellow bat over his fly opening. Lance was wearing Spiderman undies that were red and blue with a picture of Spiderman climbing over his fly. It appeared to me that Spiderman’s hand was touching where I expected Lance’s penis to be. The cartoon on the TV ended as I made my way to the couch and Tyler and Lance looked at me as I sat down. “I told Tyler and Lance that you were coming over and that we were going to play a game” Jason said. Kyle looked at me and grinned when Jason mentioned playing a game. ” YEAH” both Tyler and Lance said at the same time. I had no idea what the game was but it appeared the boys knew and they were excited to be included in the game. ” Hey guys, this is Jon. He is a friend of Kyle and myself and he is cool with the game we play. Remember, it’s OUR game and we don’t tell our parents about OUR game, OK?” Jason said. Tyler and Lance looked at each other and giggled as they clapped their hands in excitement. They looked so cute in their cartoon undies that I wanted to just reach over and hug them together at the same time, as I pulled their undies down. ” I’ll get the cards” Kyle said as he got up and walked to a table and opened a drawer. As he walked, he stuck his hand inside of his FOL’s and rearranged his penis. He pulled out a deck of cards and walked back to the couch. “We better go in my room so nobody can see us” Jason suggested Jason motioned for us to follow him.. We walked up the stairs and Jason led us to his bedroom, one of three bedrooms in the home. He left his bedroom door open so that he could hear if anyone was coming in the front door. ” Just in case my parents come home early, there is a tree right outside my window. It’s really easy to get onto and you can climb down using the branches” Jason told me. He had this evening planned out right to he T. I was all in. I looked outside the window and there was a tree branch very close to the window. It would have been very easy for me to maneuver onto the branch and shimmy down the tree. Lance and Tyler sat on the carpet next to Jason’s bed and Kyle sat next to them. I looked around Jason’s room and enjoyed seeing what an 11 year old boy’s bedroom looked like. He had a dark blue sıhhiye escort comforter on his bed that had the NASA logo on it. There was also a picture of an astronaut as well as several planets. On his dresser there were several trophies that he had won in sports. He had baseball, football and basketball trophies. Hanging on one of his baseball trophies was a medallion with a red, white and blue ribbon. It had LEAGUE CHAMPIONS written on the ribbon Jason was quite the athlete. On the wall was a poster of Mike Trout from the Angels baseball team and he had an Angels pennant attached to the wall. Next to his trophies, there were several baseballs that had many signatures on them, including a date Jason saw me looking at them. ” Those are my home run balls” he told me His eyes lit up with pride as he handed me one of the balls to look at. Under the bed, I noticed three pairs of tennis shoes, all with the Nike logo on them. He also had a soft rag under his bed. I remembered how as a boy, I kept a rag under my bed for when I jacked off at night. I assumed that Jason kept a rag for the same purpose. Jason sat next to Kyle and pounded on the carpet, indicating where I should sit. ” Are you going to strip down to your undies?” Lance asked me ” Yeah, you got to do it to” Tyler yelled out. The eyes of all the boys were on me wondering what I was going to say or do. I pulled my shirt off and tossed it on Jason’s bed. I pulled my zipper down and slipped out of my cargo shorts and placed them next to my shirt. I took my tennis shoes and socks off and put them next to Jason’s “rag”. I thought about stuffing the rag into one of my shoes and take it home with me. I was standing in front of 4 beautiful young boys in just my boxer shorts. ” How is that?” I asked Lance and Tyler clapped and they both giggled as they watched me standing in front of them in just my boxer shorts. I looked at Tyler and I could see that his little penis was at full staff inside of his undies. Batman had suddenly grown. Tyler reached down and squeezed his penis several times. As he was squeezing his penis, Lance looked over at what Tyler was doing. “You have a boner” Lance yelled out, pointing to Tyler’s obvious erection. Tyler looked down at his hand while squeezing his penis. He opened the top of his underwear and pulled the top down, exposing his erect penis for all to see. Tyler’s penis was rock hard and appeared to be almost 4 inches long. With one hand, he held his underwear down and with the other hand he touched his circumcised head. He began to move his penis downwards, pointing it towards me. ” Not now Tyler, we have to play the game first” Jason yelled out Whatever the game was, I was ready for it. Comments are always appreciated . Suggestions for what you would like to see transpire are also considered:)

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