The Café Girl


I was in a strange part of town, I had a late morning meeting, the meeting was dull and a waste of time, which was pretty much what I was expecting. I walked out of the office building and was feeling a little hungry, it wasn’t even 12h00 yet, but I thought I’d find a coffee and a little something. It was a nice spring day, the streets were quiet and I really didn’t know where to look for a café. I walked for a few minutes and found a little place on a corner; it was a regular dingy little London café, but had kind of a Middle Eastern flair, a couple of older men sat a table outside smoking hookahs and inside there was no one, just a big wide screen tele playing music videos with the sound down. I walked up to the counter, there was no one there so I looked through the chiller-cabinet for something that might be appetising, there was a big glass and metal fridge with drinks to the right of the counter that was hiding the bursa escort food preparation area. Finally from behind the fridge popped a head.“Hello.” She said. “Sorry, can I help you?” She was stunning; about twenty years-old, slim with long dark hair pulled back, a perfect face with lovely green eyes. She wore a tight black top and even tighter dark blue jean with an apron tied around her waist. “Just an espresso please and a toasted cheese sandwich.”“Which bread?”“Brown please.”“Please sit and I will bring it.”I sat at the table closest to the counter so I could keep looking at this girl. She had a strong accent, Eastern European of some kind. She went back behind the fridge and I really couldn’t see her, but got a little peak now and them. Her jeans were so tight and hugged her bottom in such a way I was starting to get hard. Eventually she walked around the counter to bring me my coffee.“I’m so sorry, I’m on my own today.”“That’s bursa escort bayan fine.” I said, “I am not in a hurry.”“It’s my first day today and the owner showed me the things this morning and left me.”“You’re doing just fine, I can tell.” She had large firm breasts and such a stunning figure, I thought if I had hired this girl I would have never left her side.A few people came and went, builders ordering cups of tea to take-away. Finally she brought over my sandwich, I could not stop staring at this girls tits, they were absolutely perfect – she was absolutely perfect. She had no business working in this dumpy little place. I ate slowly and continued to watch her behind the counter. I was undressing her with my eyes, trying to imagine exactly what she had under those clothes. I finished my sandwich, got my things together and walked up to the counter and pulled some cash out of my pocket. I paid and waited escort bursa for my change.“Thank you.” She said and handed me my change and smiled. I smiled back. I just stood there, not wanting to leave. I put the money in my pocket and made like I was checking myself to make sure I had everything. My hand still in my pocket I pulled out the all the cash I had in my pocket, I counted it quickly there was £50. I held the notes in my hand and she turned to go back to her area as I leaned over the counter. I was shaking, my face was flushed, butterflies in my stomach – I was tingling all over. She turned back towards me.“Yes?” she asked.I was there, I had my chance to speak, but the words did not come, I looked down at the money in my hand and said without looking at her, “Can I give you this £50.”“For what?” she asked in a terrified tone and stepped back. I picked up my head and looked her in the eyes trying to speak.“To show me your tits?” I said meekly. I could see her face fill with colour and she looked down at the floor.“No, no, no.” she said, “I won’t do that, sorry.” Her face was bright red, it seemed off that she was apologising to me.

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