The Cat And Mouse Game


The Cat And Mouse GamedeleteddeleteddeletedMy girl she is exotic. She is a mixed race Indian. Very pretty gal who is quite open minded and a filthy lil cow in bed. My girl loves to talk dirty when we make love and has often been egged on by my words of wanting her snatch been lip locked by another woman.I spend time at my gals sometimes. When I take long leaves I end up staying with her and her mum. Her mum a widow for the past 5 years is of Indian origin. She is a bit voluptuous with a 38D tits and a matching ass that sways when she walks. She knows she is pretty. Big piercing eyes like her daughter’s and full lips that look sweet and wet waiting to be kissed.Initally I had no feelings for her and just used to call her Ma. She is not the huggy kissy type of woman and she always covers herself up and one would rarely get to see the cleavage.She watches all the English dramas and is quite western but follows all cultural and religious rituals. Going temple and what not. So one can only imagine if anything would happen between us.One day I was staying over the week in their house. My gal had woken up early and gone shopping with her friends leaving her mum and me in the house. I was asleep in the guest room when I heard footsteps. Yh sailaja (gal mum) was getting up and I could hear her moving towards the bathroom.I wanted to piss so badly but she had beaten me to it. I got up and knocked the bathroom door. She must have been doing her morning business and said give me 10 mins. I was like Ma I can’t hold it its going to burst. I could hear a silence then she said I won’t be long.I went back into my room and few mins later I heard the door unlatch. I got up half naked. Ie. Just in my shorts and walked out simultaneously she opened the door and out she stepped with a skimpy little towel tied around her voluptuousness. Her hair was wet and dripping. She was initially in shock but our eyes met. I could see a lil sparkling twinkle in her eyes. At this moment the feeling of taking a piss had been overtaken by a huge Raving boner. My thickness was just pushing out like a tent.Involuntarily I scanned her from top to bottom and believe it or not she did exactly the same. Avrupayakası Escort She kept looking at my dam hairy but athletic manly chest for the first time and her eyes went down south noticed my boner. All of a sudden I saw the shock in her eyes and she darted into her room and shut the door with a loud bang.This got me a bit worried thinking oh crap she is going to tell on me. Either way I threw caution to the wind and had a well deserved wanking ceremony in the showers fantasising over Sailaja for the first time. I felt so naughty but at the same time it felt so right. I cummed a lil bit extra probably because of al the excitement of fantasising over a mature woman who looked way too sexy for her age.After I had cummed I felt so guilty that whole day I somewhat avoided any kind of eye contact or conversation with Ma except for a good night.As weeks passed by I made it a point to stay at my girls house atleast twice a week. Even though the puny human mind is a treacherous one I was able to hold on to my moral ground and fight any kind of sexual urges toward her.Then one day my gal graduated and we had a lil party for her. That was the first time I Hugted sailaja and from there onwards I became a bit more hands on on her. Whenever I get the chance I hug her plant kisses on her cheek and head.She does not say anything. Then whenever we are alone in the house I make it a point to sit next to her. Then slowly I move my hands around her waist and slowly start rubbing and lightly squeezing her hips as if I’m deeply fixed to the television.Little did she know that I was actually man handling her hips. Then at times I give her a tight squeeze on her hips and plant a naked kiss on the shoulders where the dress has parted a bit.Then little by little I had started to make it a bit obvious. When she is talking to me I tend to look into her eyes for a bit make her note that I’m looking at her and then slowly move my gaze to her luscious lips. She had caught me more than twice me looking st her lips and then me slowly licking my lips.There have been an incident where I sat next to her put her arm around her arm and then by chance one day Avrupayakası Escort Bayan my thumb got in contact with one of her m*****able tits. I stroked it once but it was purely accident. I felt a shriek of excitement in my heart brain and pants. The latter taking over in the form of an erection where my penis had started growing sideways due to the trousers I was wearing.I don’t know when she noticed or if she did at all. I took up courage and stroked my thumb again. Felt the underwire of her bra and i slowly kept on stroking it. Little by little sailaja’ breathing became heavier by the minute. She then burst out talking unrelated issues like what the weather is going to be tomorrow. Or how my work is going. But one thing I noticed was the urgency in her voice. She was speeding up her words and in the meantime I was stroking my thumb on her boob.As this was happening she suddenly got up saying she needs to put the food in the oven. Okkk was shed long uncomfortable or was it all too Much for her or was she dripping cunt juice over my antiques.Well she came back and sat again at the sofa and without hesitation I put my arms around her arm Locked it and made sure my thumb was free to caress her left boob.I was at it again only for her to get up and take her phone and she sat immediately next to me same spot and started watching social media whilst I was up to no good with her tit. Her breathing said it all. I could feel her heat. She put the phone down and started staring at the tele.I took my other hand and Locked fingers with her other hand. She was too warm and then I slowly started stroking her fingers and palm when I heard the door open. I took my hands off in a rush and she got up and walked to the door.My girl walked in tired as ever. We kissed and then the whole of that day I made love to My woman and then the conversation about her mum took place. I asked her ur Mum looks so Young. Why does she not want to get married again.She goes she hasn’t found the right one. She dated a while but she fell for idiots and for the past two years she been alone and single taking her frustration on my gal.The next day I told my Escort Avrupayakası gal I was gonna spend some time with Ma and went to her room and we ended up watching an Indian film. The film was a bit slow but my heart was on a roll. I slowly moved up the bed and sat next to her. I wrapped my arms around her arms and laid my shoulders on her shoulder.Meanwhile I had close the roomDoor but she got up and won’t outside to the toilet came back again and left he door wide open. I got out of bed and shut the door picking up my courage. I said it’s a bi chilly and jumped back in bed and said Ma warm me up.That night it was a heavy rubbing session of hands palms fingers and hips. Her breathing went from normal to high throughout the whole film and the. Later I hit my room because it was running really late.That week I snooped into sailajas room and opened one of her cupboard. I saw her dirty panties put to one side. I picked one of them and sniffed it and boy the musky aroma had my cock twitching with excitement. I wanked my naked cock into her worn panties and cummed a bucket load into them. I carefully folded it and arranged the dirty panties on purpose so when she opens the cupboard she knows someone had been in there and someone had left their penis juice on their panties.This wanking into the panties have been happening for some time and every time I sneak into her room I make sure her panty and bra section are always disturbed in a noticeable way.She had begun to notice that I’m very hands on her during the absence of her daughter. She also noticed the wet panties in her drawer and she also felt my constant nudging of her hips and tits.At times I feel like I will succeed with her but then there is also the guilt factor that stops me from going any further. She realises what I’m doing because last night i went into her room took my cock out and was wanking only a few steps away from Her. She woke up suddenly and our eyes met even in that darkness. I made my quick exit out of her room and was dreading that she was going to tell on me.The next day it was like normal. She acted like nothing happened and everything was fine. And once again that evening my hands were all over her voluptuous body slowly m*****ing her whilst she breathed heavily and kept moving her legs about under the quilt.I hope to bed this beauty one day but then again I’m torn between my moral code in wetting my dick inside my girls mum snatch or just hold on to my wiener and have morbid wanks over her.

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