The Cockworm


This story is a part of the ‘God Complex’ universe


George had tried almost everything, he had gone to the gym, he had taken supplements, drank protein shakes, he had even tried steroids… Nothing had helped. He wished more than anything in his life to gain muscle, he wanted to look like the jocks on the football team. Big and muscly. But nothing helped, I mean he got fit, but he only had tracings of a six pack and his muscles weren’t anything to be amazed by. Until one day when he was looking at his computer…

George was surfing the internet for new supplements to try and help him, when he fell over it. The Cockworm, the website showed promise, apart from the weird name, reading reviews of the product it seemed legit, and it really seemed like it helped, the before and after pictures were incredible! To be sure he went to trustpilot to check how trustworthy this website was and it had 5 starts, and loads of positive reviews… So he ordered one, he still didn’t know exactly what the product was, but it seemed like you only needed one.

A few days later the package arrived. He rushed in and put it on his desk, he ripped off the packaging and saw what was inside…:

A glass box. Inside the glass box was what looked to be a live worm, except… instead of a normal head, was the tip of a cock… “What the hell” he muttered Ankara escort to himself, looking at the worm slithering around inside its box. Then he opened the letter which followed.

“Congratulations on your Cockworm™? purchase! The God Complex (the company from which he ordered it) hopes you will find pleasure and strength with your new product! Please follow the instructions for safe use:

1. Strip naked.

2. Open the box and grab the worm just behind the head.

3. Place the head of the worm over your anal entrance.

4. Let the worm do its job.

5. Enjoy the product.”

Those were some really weird instructions, but since the reviews were so good and George was so desperate he decided to follow the instructions. He stripped naked and picked up the glass box and walked to his bed. Better to be on a soft surface. He climbed up on the bed and placed down the box, then he laid down on all fours and opened the glass box, reaching down he grabbed the worm just behind the tip of the cock. The worm was warm and slick. It moved a little in his hand, but not enough for it to escape his grasp, it produced a white fluid, almost like cum, in a slow steady stream out of the tip when he touched it. He reached behind, and held the tip of it just above his ass.

Then it started squirming, and suddenly it jumped from his hand towards his hole. It was Ankara escort bayan able to enter him in one fluid motion because of its slick surface. He moaned, feeling it crawl in further, until it reached his prostate, he arched his back, spread his legs and moaned loudly as it massaged his prostate. After a few seconds he came, without even touching his own cock. It was the best orgasm he had ever had, and after cumming for a long time he eventually blacked out.

When he awoke again he was still in his bed, he was laying on his back, it felt like there was a pillow under his ass, he reached down to remove it, but found that it was in fact his own ass, which had grown to bubble butt sized proportions. In amazement he looked down his body, he almost cried. He now had massive pecs and 8 hard abs and legs to die for. He stood up to look in the mirror, but in the same instant he did he felt the worm awake, it started massaging his prostate. Not as violently as before, but enough for him to let out a moan and get aroused. He let out a gasp as he walked to the mirror, he had become what he had always wanted. He had perfect body proportions and a body to die for!

At the same time he was getting more and more aroused by the worm. Suddenly he felt an itch in his ass, at first he tried to just scratch it, but he found out it was inside his ass! He slowly moved one finger over Escort Ankara the entrance, slowly he pushed in, it actually went pretty easily because the worm inside of him was producing lube making his ass slick and smooth, soon two more fingers followed, it just felt so good… He moaned as he almost fell onto the bed. He arched his back as he came again.


He pretty soon found out that wearing jockstraps made it much easier to gain access, it also meant that just by sitting in his office chair when he was at work helped with at least some of the itch. Then he started being buttplugs to try and sat the itch, and it did help, but it was still there. And after a few weeks it felt like his fingers, and not even the toys he had bought could sate his needs when he came home from work. So pretty quickly he signed up for Grindr, and had men coming over in masses. Somedays he could have 2 men after work and then one in the evening who would sleep with him and ram him down the morning after…

After a few months of this work became too much, he was fired after an incident where he had pulled down his pants during an important meeting and had started fingering himself. The first week he was just lying at home getting rammed almost 24/7 until one day a pink letter was pushed under the door. It was from the God Complex, they told him that he would get a great salary and living quarters if he chose to come to their studio and live out his life as a male pornstar. He instantly accepted and signed the contract without even reading it, he just had to sate the cockworms needs!

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