The Coin pt. 2


Please Read pt. 1 or you may be confused in the story. Thanks SSA…. One other thing you will read about is a car that is Murdered out, what that means is everything is blacked out. I took a shower and put on some extremely baggy shorts and a shirt you could use as a tent, luckily we had the same shoe size so they fit perfectly. Couldn’t wear any boxers Because they were too big. We walked outside and I saw the piece of shit car I drove for the first time and laughed at myself and mumbled ‘man I was a loser’. We headed to the mall and went crazy buying everything we ever wanted, I got brands of clothes and shoes I could never Fit or afford. The last shop we went into was Victoria Secret she loves this store. She was looking around pulling everything off the racks that she was going to buy, it felt like all the ladies in the store we’re watching my every move. “Babe, I’ll wait for you outside,” I said trying not to bring attention to myself “OK, I won’t take long.” “Take your time baby we got all day.” I walked outside still holding up my shorts so they wouldn’t fall off, I deiced to go to the restrooms and change into something that fit. I threw the baggy clothes in the trash and put on some black with gray line dickie shorts and a So Cal black shirt with a skull on the right side of the stomach, still no boxers I needed to go to one more store for them. I was still carrying the crazy amount of bags that we accumulated but I felt way better in my new clothes. I walked up to the store door just as she was walking out. “DAMN BABY!!! you look hot in those new clothes,” she said loud enough for everybody to hear. I started to blush as everybody around us turned and looked me up and down. I just gave a shy smile and we started for the car. We were parked by the back of the movie theater so we took a short cut through the food court. By the door there was a pizza place which smelt delicious, But I could never have any because of my lactose intolerance. We stopped and she stared at it like she wanted to make long passionate love to a piece, then she looked at me with her puppy eyes. “Baby can we have some?” she said sticking her bottom lip out. “Sure I’ll find something else to eat.” She had a confused look on her face as she asked, “What are you talking about?” “You know I can’t have cheese.” “Huh, is this a joke?” she stared at me like I was going to start laughing at any moment. “No, you know I have an allergy to cheese.” “OK, this is the first I’ve heard of this, we eat pizza all the time.” I stopped and thought ‘could that be true’ I do have a different body so I just went with it hoping I was going to be good. I handed her a wad of bills and took the bags to the car. When I got back she was just placing the order, so I walked up and stood next to her. She wrapped her arm around my waist and kissed me. “You wanted sausage and olives right baby?” she asked me. “Yeah.” We got our drinks and were told they would call out our number when it was ready. So we turned and headed for a seat. I let her go ahead of me so I could carry the drinks for us and this asshole walked in between us hitting her with his bags. I almost lost my head as I turned and yelled “EXCUSE ME!” The guy turned giving me a laugh and a smile. Andie turned and grabbed my arm pulling me to the seat. “It’s OK baby, he didn’t hurt me.” I was still fuming and just wanted to go outside and kick his ass but she looked scared, so I just took a couple of deep breathes and sat there. Our number was called. I went up and grabbed the tray and went back to the table. We sat there talking and eating the best pizza I’ve every had. I was in heaven got a kick ass girl, money, a new look and I can finally eat pizza. When we left I opened the car door for her and we took off for the last store of the night. We walked around it grabbing escort beylikdüzü hygiene products, toiletries and I grabbed some boxer briefs. We headed home and it took a couple of trips to unload everything from the car but It wasn’t that bad. I walked into the kitchen with the last of the bags I saw her bent over picking some bags off the floor placing them on the table the way she wiggled her ass set my loins on fire. I placed the bags next to the wall and walked up to her wrapping my left arm around her waist I slide my right hand up her inner thighs cupping her mound. I slowly rubbed back and forth as she started to grind on my hand. I picked up the pace and she let out moans of pleasure. My cock was throbbing in my shorts. I let go of her, standing up and undoing my shorts letting them fall to the floor. I reached around her doing the same to her capri pants pulling them down with one hard tug. She stepped out of the spreading her legs wide I stepped closer to her, spitting on my hand rubbing it on my throbbing cock, then on her already wet mound. I placed my head into her opening spreading her lips, she slowly moved her hips back and forth sliding inch by inch in her tight tunnel. She was on fire as her tunnel gripped my cock tightly. I could feel all of her wet muscles gripping my hard throbbing shaft. I started to thrust into her as she grabbed the other side of the table and started thrust her hips with me. I picked up the pace of my thrust as I grabbed her waist, I watched her ass bouncing beautifully as I thrust hard into her. I could hear our flesh slapping together, it was music to my ears. Her tunnel went tight around my shaft and she let out a loud growl, I thrust hard one last time as her body tensed up and went into spasms. I was deep in her as her quivering tunnel gripped my throbbing shaft harder. I started to do small thrust as she moaned with every thrust, I started to pull out almost all the way just leaving my engorged head in then thrusting hard and deep into her. She let out a gasp and a moan as I picked up my pace. She moved her right hand down and started to rub her clit in circles. My cock swelled up hard, as I continued to fuck her hard and fast. I was on the edge of exploding as she started to moan louder then before she had a powerful orgasm, weakening her knees. I stopped moving as she cupped my heavy hot balls holding me there. I could feel every muscle in her hot tunnel quivering around my shaft. When she started to relax she slowly started to thrust her ass towards me fucking herself. I then grabbed her hip with my left hand guiding her hard on my cock with my right. I grabbed her right breast and started to twist and pull on her hard nipple. She placed her right leg on the table which made it easier to slide deep in her but also made her tighter, which made me lose my mind. I thrust harder into her as I threw my head back letting out the most deep animalistic growl I could. “Mmmmm, Yeah that’s it baby,” she moaned. “Fuck that pussy.” I thrust with such force that the table was now hitting the wall. I felt out bodies slapping together and her pussy juices running off my balls and down my thighs. I bit my bottom lips as my cock swelled up in her. “Oh baby cum in me. I want to feel you explode deep in me.” I loved when she begged for it but I had something else in mind. I felt my balls tense up I knew it was about to happen. So I gave one last hard thrust as I pulled my throbbing cock out of her. She looked over her shoulder with lust in her eyes as I grabbed my shaft and started to stroke it violently. She tried to stand up but with my free hand I held her there as I pointed my ready to explode cock at her ass. I felt the load running up my hard shaft as I unloaded rope after rope on her ass, some hit her inner thigh escort akbatı then a huge spurt hit her dark red labia. My knees started to buckle. I placed my spent semi hard cock on the crack of her spread ass cheeks. Standing there for a couple of minutes I saw her scooping some of my cum off of her ass cheeks and licking her fingers clean. “Damn baby you were on fire,” she said as she started to stand up. “I just saw you bending over and had to get some,” I said as I gave her a wink. She bite her lip and stated to walk to the bathroom with my glaze coating her sexy jiggling ass. I just watched until she was out of sight then pulled my shorts up and finished emptying the bags. When she got out of the shower, I got in washing my now spent body clean then headed for bed. We laid there with her head on my chest and arm over my waist as we fell asleep. I woke up about 5am to relieve myself when I came out of the bathroom I heard a noise in the living room. As I came around the corner of the hall I say a shadow move on the wall, flipping on the lights and he stood up with a look of panic on his face. I ran up to him as fast as I could grabbing his shirt collar I pinned him against the door. “Who are you and what the fuck are you doing in my house?” “Um…Um Look man I’m just some bum looking for some food or money.” “Oh yeah empty your pockets,” I yelled thinking what if he found the coin. I watched all kinds of crap fall on the floor as he emptied his pockets but I didn’t see it. So I grabbed his collar tighter as we headed to the kitchen. I opened the cupboard and slowly reached up trying not to rub the coin, it was still there. I felt relieved so I grabbed the knife that I placed next to it and put it to his throat. As we walked through the house talking. “OK here,” I reached into a box by the kitchen door and pulled out a roll of hundreds. I placed it into his hands and told him, “If I every see you in this neighborhood again. I won’t be so kind.” He looked at me and I pushed him out the door, he had a confused and relieved look on his face at the same time. I pointed at him with the knife and he started to run down the street. I then placed the knife back into the cupboard and went back to bed. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I deiced to go for a run, grabbing shorts that I wear to work out. I grabbed my keys an wallet as I headed out the door. I took off for the local collage where there is a nice track. Gone for about three hours, I felt great after the nice long quiet run to clear my head. I got home headed for the shower. Andie was still in bed laying on her stomach and her tan voluptuous ass uncovered. I grabbed some clothes and took my shower. Thinking about home security as I did, the only thing I could think of was we needed to get out of this neighborhood. So my first thought was ‘I could wish for a new place’ but I needed to get more then just a new house out of the wish. I was shaving and decided to ask her what she would wish for. So I came out of the bathroom but she was already up sitting in the living room. I sat next to her on the couch, she placed her head on my shoulder and I looked deep into her beautiful green eyes. She smiled at me giving a light kiss on the mouth. “What’s wrong baby?” she asked knowing that something was bugging me. “I got a question for you, but you may think it’s weird.” “Go on.” “OK, If you could wish for anything your heart desired what would it be?” She stared into my eyes not blinking, “Well I have everything I’ve ever wanted!” “So….,” I said giving her a little smile. “So… I’m satisfied with my life. As long as I spend it with you baby.” I kissed her with such passion, so happy to hear her say that I couldn’t hold on to the surprise I had for her. So I got on my knee and reached for my pocket pulling out a small escort beylikdüzü black with red design box. I looked at her and opened it, in it was a white gold band with ten rose cut diamonds her favorite stone. “Oh My God, BABY it’s beautiful,” she said covering her mouth and tears forming in her eyes. “I know you don’t want to rush into anything so what this is, is a promise that we will spend the rest of our life’s together,” I said placing it on her finger. She pulled me to her, kissing me with such passion and pulling my shirt off. She helped me stand up and started to work on my shorts getting them undone she let them fall to the floor. I was standing there in my black boxer briefs as she kissed and licked my body. Stopping at my nipple biting and sucking on them made me hornier. My member started to get hard in my underwear as she worked down my body she grabbed my shaft through the martial she placed a kiss on the head as she stroked it to full attention. I reached down and pulled her shirt off watching as I got it over her beautiful breast how they just fell naturally leaving her in a pink thong. She grabbed the waistband of my boxer briefs and pulled them down, my now throbbing member popped out almost staring her straight in the eyes. She grabbed my shaft and licked around the engorged crown the was her tongue, the way it felt around my head sent shivers up my spine. I couldn’t believe how great it felt as she wrapped her lips tightly around it. Then slowly started to bob her head back and forth taking as much of me as she could. I slowly started to move with her pace as she started to massage my heavy balls. I grabbed her head and started to pick up the pace as I felt my head hit the back of her throat. She was moaning sending vibration down the length of my shaft then up my spine again. I was in heaven wanting to make this last for a bit so I slowed down. She grabbed her thong and pulled it off, handing it to me I could see she was already dripping wet. I inhaled a deep breath as I placed her panties up to my nose. That made the animal come out of me, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and picked her up. I carrying her to the bedroom slowly placed her on the bed. I opened her legs wide and knelt in front of her kissing and licking up her legs then her thighs. I licked her whole mound with one long pass stopping at her pubic area. I licked around her hard clit, I could taste her sweet juices as I flicked my tongue over the top of it. Sucking her clit into my mouth I ran my right hand up her inner thigh she arched her back as I sucked her clit hard. I slowly slide a finger into her wet opening slowly sliding it in then out as she arched her back higher. She started to let moans and hisses as I fingered her faster, she placed a hand on my head pushing my face harder into her slit as I sucked and flicked my tongue around her hard throbbing clit. I wrapped my left arm around her thigh as I slide another finger deep into her, she gasped and started to thrust her hip harder into my hand almost riding it herself. I gripped her clit in my teeth as I flicked my tongue wildly over it. I felt her body tensing up as I picked up my pace. “Mmmm, baby your going to make me cum fast,” She panted out. I went back to sucking her whole labia as I thrust my finger faster and deeper into her. I looked up and saw her back arched off the bed as she started to twist and pull her now harder nipple as she cried out in ecstasy. I continued my assault on her wet slit and hard clit as she began to moan and cry out in pleasure. She reached down trying to stop me from sucking on her hot labia as she started to convulsive hard under me. I stopped sucking her clit as her tunnel gripped my fingers hard. I slowed down my thrust as she grabbed her labia and pulled it hard thrusting her hips high in the air. She slowly started to relax as I pulled out my nectar covered fingers and clean them with my tongue. “Oh wow baby, that was the best orgasm I’ve had in a long time,” she said with a huge smile on her face. I kissed and licked up her body, sucking on her nipples then up her neck.

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