The Delivery Driver- Part 2- The Divorced Brunette


It was the summer of 2015, I graduated college nearly two years ago. My student loan debts were about to finally kick in and I was in need of an extra 600 dollars a month. I had a good-paying career in the banking world, but still nowhere good enough to handle an extra expense like this.In July I started searching some internet job boards for a side job that I could do occasionally to help pay my debt. I came across an ad for a national food delivery service that had just gone live in my smaller quiet community in Vermont. They were looking for people to deliver food orders from local and chain restaurants and promoted being able to make twenty dollars per hour. I figured I would give it a shot, so I filled out all the online documents and submitted my ID for a background check.Within two days I was cleared to start doing deliveries and my “payment” card for deliveries would be arriving in a few days. By Monday my card had arrived and I was able to start my venture into this delivery world.The first two weeks were slow as the service went live in June. I lived in a community of about 90,000, so we were tiny and maybe a little slow on new technologies. I went out about ten hours each week and made around 200 dollars, so it seemed worth the effort.A few weeks after I started doing this gig I was watching some porn when I came across scenes simulating women fucking delivery guys. I will say this had come across my mind from time to time when out delivering. Wondering if there were women who would suck some cock or give some pussy for a tip. I felt the chances were slim to none given the size of my town and the fact it was littered with families with multiple kids.This kocaeli escort town was not built for twenty-three-year-old bachelors. I struggled to find dates and I feel I am a pretty good-looking guy. I’m 6’4, 210 pounds, with long dirty blonde hair that I almost always wear in a messy bun or ponytail. I have a well-kept beard as well. I work out four days a week and have a toned, slender frame. Plus, I have a nice fat seven-inch cock, which I never have received a complaint about. But, in my town, the dating field is heavy-set women, newly single moms, and the occasional cute mid-twenties woman who end up being batshit crazy.But, back to the story at hand. After doing this for several weeks, I was not getting the vibe of some random woman blowing me for a tip. Most of my deliveries were to businesses for lunch or dinner or delivering a large meal to a multi-kid family. Half the time I delivered, I never even saw the customer as I was directed in the app to leave it on the porch or front steps.However, my luck began to change one chilly evening in late September. I had been doing this for over two months now and even had upped my hours to about fifteen per week as the money was improving quickly. On this night around 7:45 pm, I received a batch to go to a local Chinese restaurant. The payout wasn’t great, six dollars, but it was only a three-mile delivery into a very affluent neighborhood. Since I couldn’t see the size of the tip before accepting the order, I figured maybe a tip increase or cash tip could be possible given the neighborhood.I accepted the order and was on my way to the restaurant. When I arrived in the parking lot, I checked the notes and kocaeli escort bayan my assumption was confirmed as the customer left a note about a cash tip. I went into the store and grabbed the order as it was waiting for me on the counter.As I pulled into the gated community, I was shocked by the size of these homes. They surely had to be north of 500,000 dollars as they were massive, with large lawns, long driveways, and expensive cars visible from the street. I knew this was a nice neighborhood, but this gated community was stunning.I pulled down the customer’s street and started to read the numbers on the mailboxes. 1200 Millbury appeared on the box ahead of me, that was my destination. As I pulled in, I looked up to see a massive dark red brick home with a fucking Greek-style fountain in the middle of the yard. The driveway was long as hell and did a small zig-zag near the end. While driving down, I did not see any cars. Suddenly I received a message in the app from my customer.”Garage doors are open. Please come in and I will meet you.”Easy enough I figured as I pulled around the curve in the driveway that made the garage visible. I could see one of the two doors was open and a black Mercedes SUV was in the garage. I pulled up to the door behind the Mercedes and got out with the food. I proceeded into the garage where there was no other car. At the back of the garage in the right corner was a door that was partially cracked open. I figured this is where, Shelley, my customer would meet me.I walked closer to the door when it opened and out stepped a gorgeous blonde woman. She had her hair up in a ponytail, had very light makeup on, and was wearing izmit escort a short silk pink robe that barely went to her mid-thigh. She had a great pair of tanned long legs and well-manicured toes. I was absolutely stunned to see such a beauty awaiting me. If I had to find a celebrity she looked like, I would say she had features similar to Brooklyn Decker.”Hey there, hope this place wasn’t too hard to find. Some drivers have some issues for some reason,” Shelley said as I approached the door.”Nope, had no issues at all. You have a gorgeous home by the way. The whole neighborhood is stunning,” I said as I handed her the small bag of food.She grabbed the bag and flashed me a beautiful smile.”Let me go grab my handbag from the counter and get your tip,” she said as she turned around and walked down a short hallway.I watched her as she place the bag on a counter, the kitchen was partially visible from the doorway. I could see she picked up her clutch or small handbag and started riffling through it.”Shit,” I heard her loudly shout from the kitchen.Shelley began walking back down the hallway toward me with a look of frustration on her face.”I am so sorry, I thought I had cash in my wallet, but just looked and I have nothing. And this damn app doesn’t allow you to add a tip after delivery,” she said.”It’s fine Shelley, no worries,” I replied as I gave her a wave and started to turn around to depart the garage.I took about five steps before I heard Shelley’s voice again.”Wait, I think I may have something you’d like,” she called out.I stopped and turned around the see that Shelley had undone the strap around her robe, it had parted open exposing her fully naked body. I was frozen as I looked her up and down, admiring the great shape she was in. She had large, perky breasts, I would guess a D cup. A flat smooth stomach and from what I could see a nice brown patch of fur above her pussy.

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