The Deviants of Dorchester – Episode 5: Pics or it Didn’t Happen

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Wandering through the ornate lobby of the Dorchester Hotel shortly after nightfall, Amanda Bayliss was a bit overwhelmed by the opulent furniture, furnishings, and artwork all around her. It was quite excessive in her opinion, much like the museums through which her parents had dragged her earlier in the day. When she had learned that they would be spending a few days in London, a quick vacation tacked on to her father’s business trip, she had thought of double-decker buses, tall fuzzy hats on palace guards, and “mind the gap” announcements. Following prim and proper uniformed guides past endless roped-off artifacts didn’t really meet her expectations; even so, she had to admit that she was impressed. The historical, architectural, and artistic significances were lost on her, but the lavish décor of the earlier tours was a sight to behold, and the hotel measured up to anything she had encountered since their arrival.Tonight, her dad was gone to a business function till after midnight, and her mom was wiped out from jet lag and their activities, probably asleep by now in their posh suite. She had convinced her mom to let her walk around a bit, but had to promise to stay in the hotel. The freedom to explore on her own terms was an acceptable way to entertain herself for a while.Opening the alternative app she and her friends had installed outside of their phones’ default messaging apps, she tapped on the latest from three hours ago. Kara had tried to convince her things were better at home, lounging in the Georgia sun at a friend’s pool.Mandy: yea, it’s raining here, i think it always doesThe reply immediately came back.Kara: wtf, are you up? Isnt it like 3 in the morning?Mandy: not even 10pm. dumbass, its only 5 hours differentKara: oh yea, thought it was more. You at the hotel, or out clubbing? lolMandy: drinking age here is 18, wont be there till November, thx for reminding meKara: drinking age here is ‘whatev’. Kevin scored beer and tequilaKara: Steph had a few. Adam undid her bikini string, perv. Maybe she liked it, jiggled her tits for a sec b4 putting them away. lmaoMandy: pics, or it didn’t happen!Kara: wish you were with ur classy friends tonite? :)Mandy: miss u xxx. this hotel is bougie af thoKara: yea? Send some picsAmanda snapped a few pics of the lobby, including the front desk. The cute Spanish-looking guy with the vest and cap, grabbing luggage, made it into a picture, although a bit blurry. She sent the pics to Kara.Mandy: they have a pillow menu too. Pick how squishy you want your pillow like ur ordering a steakKara: that ur new bf with the bags?Kara: maybe he can help with pillows, lolAs Amanda walked down a long hallway toward meeting rooms and ballrooms, the artwork became less Ankara bayan escort painting and more sculpture, the kind with ladies’ bare boobs. And a bit further, a muscular man’s sculpted privates were, well, not so private. She sent his pic to Kara.Mandy: nah, this is my new bfKara: dont worry, it gets bigger when it gets hardMandy covered her mouth to stifle her laugh.Mandy: hes always hard! lolShe sent a selfie of her touching the statue’s penis. Fuck, now she was thinking about hard dicks. Truth be told, she had been thinking of hard dicks before she left her room, which is why she had left her panties up there. She felt super-naughty as she twisted her hips, feeling cool air swishing inside her skirt.Another selfie followed, one of her with her mouth open and tongue out, with the statue’s penis right in line behind it.Kara: ha, you wishMandy loved her friend, the two having known each other since middle school. But Kara was sometimes an arrogant bitch about sex stuff, proudly relating a few times she’d gotten laid but even refusing to believe Mandy’s accounts. The pool comments from earlier brought to mind their topless sunbathing experiences together, which should have clued Kara in that Mandy wasn’t a prude. Whom they fucked, and how often, shouldn’t be a contest, but Kara treated it that way too often.Mandy pushed on a few ballroom doors, and one swung open a few inches. Wandering into the middle of the cavernous room, dim lights and eerie silence assured her that no one else was around. She crept up a set of polished wooden steps, parting the curtain, and found herself on kind of a stage set up as a seating area with two large puffy antique-looking sofas each flanked by two matching large stuffed high-backed chairs.Amanda had masturbated in the shower that morning, but hadn’t had enough time to make herself cum, so it had been before the family left home since she’d had her last orgasm. No wonder she was feeling horny, and images of the front desk guy and the statue’s naked dick were adding to her arousal.When she had taken trips in the car with her parents in the past, she had hidden her little purple dildo in the lining of her suitcase, but for this trip, there was no way she was going to risk the baggage scanners showing her sex toy to a crowd at the airport. So, here she was inside of the perfect naughty self-pleasure space, plenty horny enough to get herself off, but without anything to insert into her vagina.A muscular hunk like Naked Statue Man would be ideal, and Front Desk Guy wouldn’t be bad either. Images in her mind wouldn’t do; she wanted some real, live inspiration, and wasn’t going to get it by creeping around in empty rooms. She had Escort bayan Ankara heard of women masturbating in public while everyone around them was oblivious. Could she do such a thing? She had to try, so she headed toward the lobby.Seating herself in one of the armchairs in the carpeted lounge area, she had a good view of the buzz of activity around the nearby restaurant and bar while she pretended to mess with her phone. Right away, that view featured a handsome man sitting alone at one of the high-top bar tables, sipping a drink, glancing up at the pretty sportscaster on the television. He was maybe close to her parents’ age, with a neatly trimmed light beard, nice-fitting slacks, and a tailored burgundy shirt, the perfect sight to masturbate to.Amanda’s hand was inside her skirt, but the way her legs were set sideways, she could hide her movements. As long as her shoulder and elbow stayed still, she could use just her wrist and fingers to caress her labia, trace up and down her slit, and push a finger inside.Just as she wasn’t really attentive to her screen, the man wasn’t really engaged with his, either. As their gaze met each other’s periodically, Mandy was probing her juicy vagina, beginning to feel the stiffness of her swelling clit on her up-strokes.By now, Amanda wasn’t content just to masturbate while watching someone. She wanted to get fucked.  If her little purple friend wasn’t available to fill her needy pussy right now, maybe a real cock was. She wasn’t the prude Kara thought she was. Before she could tell herself not to, she shifted in her seat so that she faced directly toward the man. The next time he looked her way, she drew in a nervous breath, and opened her legs.If there was any doubt that the man could see right up her skirt between her legs, his facial expression removed that doubt. Half smiling, half gasping, his eyes widened. Glancing down, she could see the slit of her pussy peeking out from the fuzz of light-colored pubic hair. There was nothing hidden in the shadows – it was kind of shocking for her to see her womanhood displayed plainly in the light, and more than kind of exciting.The whole initial display only lasted five seconds, but felt like five minutes to her. When he had composed himself after her legs closed, he raised his glass to her, smiled, and knocked back the rest of his drink.She gave a little laugh, half-embarrassed but fully aroused. At this point, she was so ready for some dick that she knew the only way was forward. Opening her legs for another five seconds, this time she glided a finger up and down her slit, dipping inside while he stared.She didn’t stop when he got up and walked into the bar, because she Bayan escort Ankara could still see his burgundy shirt. She only stopped when he approached her with two fresh drinks.“Good evening, young lady,” he greeted her, setting the drinks on the table beside her. His accent was not British, maybe German, she had no idea. After sitting in a chair he pulled up close and said something appreciative about the wonderful view she had just afforded him, he pushed the clear, fizzy cocktail toward her. “I had to buy a lovely lady a drink. You did something nice for me, so I do something nice for you.”“Thank you.” She replied, determined to keep her voice from squeaking with excitement. “What am I drinking?”“Gin and tonic. Bombay Sapphire suits you.” He smiled as she took her first sip, which was stronger and more bitter than she expected. “A double.”“Mmm, lovely.” She took another sip. It was almost like drinking liquid flowers and lemon with a hint of sweetness. She wanted to like it, and did enjoy the tingle. She imagined herself getting used to gin and tonics, and couldn’t help but smugly judge her friends’ piss-colored beer back home against her classy cocktail.The conversation was awkward, unsurprisingly. He was a European in at least his late thirties, and she was an American teenager, so they had nothing in common outside of their desire to hurry with their drinks and get on to the proposition of anonymous sex. They avoided each other’s questions while they attempted to make small talk, either lying or redirecting when asked about what they were doing in London, with whom. She was not about to reveal that she was under drinking age on vacation with her parents, but the fact that he was there with his wife was unavoidable when the subject of going to his room surfaced. Somewhere along the way, he confirmed that she wasn’t a prostitute. Or do they call them “escorts” in five-star hotels?He stood, taking her hand. “I’m sure we can find somewhere quick.”“But not too quick. I’m not doing it without a condom.” At least she had the sense not to risk a stranger in a hotel getting her pregnant or giving her some STD.“Well, miss, I don’t seem to have one,” he said, reaching into his pockets.“I’m sure you can get one.” Her smile was more than teasing, almost bitchy. “Quick.”“How about a blowjob? And I get you off with my magic fingers.”Amanda had sucked each of her previous two boyfriends’ dicks, a little, but after she had gotten to know them and after they had washed. Besides, she wanted her pussy filled. She could finger herself. No deal.He agreed that he’d ask the front desk where he could get “personal items” that he’d forgotten to pack, and rather than settle for a storage closet or the parking garage, she invited him to her spot behind the curtain in the ballroom. “Last one on the right. See you there soon.”It took a few minutes after Amanda got settled on her couch, but eventually, she heard the creak of the ballroom door and subsequent footsteps, and then his handsome bearded face poked through the curtains.

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