The Erotic Tales Of Dana Jones – Landing The Contract


Thursday afternoon, 2:00 pm  “Come on, Mark, fuck me… get on with it… yes… yes… oooh… that’s it, Mark, let me feel it deep in me,” Dana moaned as Mark’s searing hot flesh pierced her pink wetness. Her ragged breathing filled the office as his huge, thick cock jack-hammered into her silky hot tunnel. “Ooh, you fucking bastards,” she groaned, head hanging down in a gesture of submission. Dana Jones, a tall, lithe, attractive 32-year-old, stood in front of her desk, her skirt and panties discarded on the lush carpet. She spread her stocking-clad legs to give Mark easier access to her exposed sex. Robert Cranton-Smith sat on top of Dana’s desk, his giant curved erection pointing toward her hungry mouth like a rocket ready for blast off. Her succulent lips were inches above the saliva-covered cock, linked by a long tendril of saliva. She moved a hand up and down the thick fleshy staff in a skilled twisting motion, one guaranteed to make men cum. She bent forward and felt her breasts, free from the confines of her bra, pressing against his muscular thighs, her erect nipples trying to pierce his skin.Waves of pleasure coursed through her body and Dana couldn’t understand why she’d denied herself for so long. Mark’s balls slammed into the back of her thighs, and she returned her attention to his huge prick. Robert watched with smug satisfaction as she encircled his engorged helmet with her cherry red lips. Dana felt him shudder with delight when she pushed her tongue into his little piss hole but misunderstood why.He was triumphant because, from the moment he’d laid eyes on Dana, months before, he knew she was a hot-blooded woman. Despite her best efforts to disguise herself behind the facade of an efficient corporate lawyer, he recognized the signs and now she was proving him right. He grabbed hold of her head and pushed it down, forcing more of his cock into her throat, knowing she wanted this as much as he did. Dana opened her mouth wider to accommodate the intrusion and used Robert’s strength to support herself whilst pushing her arse backwards to meet Mark’s vigorous thrusts. Mark Waterhouse had sweat running down his handsome face. Not surprising considering what he was doing. He looked down at the half-naked woman bent over in front of him, his thick veiny manhood gliding with ease between her swollen pussy lips. His Savile Row suit was unrecognizable now. He’d flung the jacket across the office and the trousers, bunched around his ankles, would definitely need dry cleaning, not that he cared. The only thing that mattered was his selfish pleasure. He pounded into Dana, his lust fuelled by the sight of his prick disappearing between her gorgeous buttocks and watching her give his colleague a sloppy blowjob. Dana felt Mark’s manhood massaging her G-spot every time he thrust into her and a long-forgotten sensation built up inside her. She recognized the signs, knew these first ripples were just the beginning. They would grow into waves, each one bigger and more powerful than the previous, each one triggering the next in the ultimate chain reaction that would lead to a mind shattering orgasm.She was moaning as this sexual onslaught teased and tormented her body. Even though the cock filling her mouth muffled her groans, no-one could mistake her wanton joy. As another wave of lust coursed through her, Dana shrugged off the feelings of guilt she was experiencing about her husband, Christopher.When she least expected it, his kind, friendly face kept popping into her consciousness. It confronted her with her savage adultery, demanding her to stop. She almost caved, but before remorse brought her back to her senses, the two young men assaulting her body, helped Dana remember why she was here.Resentment penetrated the mists of guilt, just like the cocks penetrated her body, banishing all thoughts of Chris into the darkest recesses of her mind. He no longer satisfied her, hadn’t done so for a long time, but these two studs were more than capable of giving her what she craved.Ironically, Chris could do nothing to change how she felt. He just wasn’t equipped for the job. Compared to Robert and Mark, Christopher was out-gunned, to coin a phrase. That was all there was to it. Until this morning, she hadn’t planned on being unfaithful. But, now that she’d crossed the line, giving herself to not one, but two men, she had no regrets. Dana could no longer pretend nothing was wrong. She couldn’t carry on living the lie her life Tunalı escort had become. For years she tried to ignore the thought gnawing away at her subconscious but today she admitted the truth. She couldn’t and wouldn’t carry on the charade: a farce so convincing nobody knew that, sexually, Dana was a deprived wreck. After years as a hostage in a prison of sexual banality, she needed liberating, and destiny had presented her with a golden opportunity. Like a drowning sailor reaching for a lifebuoy, she grabbed it with both hands. Having come to terms with her needs, Dana concentrated on the task at hand. She accepted what she was, what she needed to feel alive, and she was being true to herself. Discounting the financial rewards this assignment promised, Dana was taking advantage of the sexual benefits it was reaping, unsure which of the two was more important. She smiled to herself. Couldn’t she enjoy both?Her craving was rudely awakened the previous evening, but she hadn’t expected it to become a reality. And how? Having expected one man to attend the meeting, she felt butterflies in her stomach when two well-dressed, handsome men entered her office. And when her fantasy exploded into life, Dana couldn’t believe how eager they were to join in. Dormant sexual appetites needed quenching, and all three of them embarked on an afternoon of debauchery. She felt their hard bodies pressing against her willing flesh and didn’t want this to end… ever! Unaware of how much time they had before possible discovery, Dana would not stop until she’d received every drop of creamy spunk from the two well-hung studs. Both men felt the subtle change as she responded to their exertions with renewed vigour.’Am I a slut?’ she wondered. Both men had called her one, but their impartiality was doubtful. However, watching her being spit roasted on two huge cocks and enjoying it, could easily influence one’s opinion. Dana knew the answer. It had been her secret for years, but the dick between her lips and the cock stretching her, was obvious confirmation.She felt like a slut, she acted like a slut, therefore she must be a… Dana might have kidded herself that she was doing this to further her career at Brady, Cooper in fact, every quality up-and-coming lawyers need to for success. However, for looks, charm or charisma, neither could compete with Davidson. His handsome features, made more impressive by his dark ebony skin, emphasized his proud noble ancestry. A shade over six feet, the only fat on his frame came from the hamburgers he enjoyed now and again. Otherwise, it was all muscle. Developed and kept in condition by years of football training, John treated his body as a temple, a temple dedicated to his two loves — football and women. Everywhere he went, beautiful ladies surrounded him, vying to become Mrs Davidson, but John wasn’t interested in marriage. He was in it for the sex.Instead of being threatened by John’s presence, other men flocked around him, all hoping that some of his charisma would rub off on them. Brady and Cooper were no exceptions. However, what many failed to see until it was too late, was a cold, hard ruthlessness and a will to succeed in lying beneath the charm. As long as what he did was within the law, John left no stone unturned, no line uncrossed, and considered nothing sacrosanct when searching for the tiniest detail that could lead him to victory.His reputation for tenacity and relentlessness became legendary among the law fraternity and, hearing John was the opposing lawyer, many an adversary advised their clients to settle expediently and with little fuss. Despite this fearsome prominence, he enjoyed the respect and friendship of almost everybody he met. His partners watched in fascination as John exploited every opportunity that came his way. Business or personal, it didn’t matter, he took every advantage offered to him, and nobody seemed to mind. Whether he raided a bank balance or a bed, when they were empty, he moved onto the next project, as he called them. The company grew, and John proved to be an invaluable asset. That was twenty years. Now, they had a staff of eleven senior partners, fifteen juniors, and a constant stream of associates all trying to keep up with the punishing workload that never seemed to diminish. Maybe he had grown older, wiser, and more respectable since university, but he was still a bachelor, albeit a popular one. Paparazzi photographs ulus escort bayan of him enjoying the glitz and the glamour that LA offered, more often than not in the company of one of the many models or actresses that inhabit Tinsel Town, appeared with regularity in the gossip columns.Dana couldn’t believe what was happening. Senior partners never came to the lower echelons. Her panic grew when she realized he was walking towards her. “Jesus, he’s still got it,” she muttered as he drew closer. Even now, his easy, casual gait, like that of a giant predatory cat, caused her to catch her breath. Her gaze moved to his abdomen and she wondered if the stories were true. Immersed in her secret fantasy, it took Dana a few seconds to realize he was calling her by name. A wave of panic surged through her. Why was one of the founding partners seeking her out? Her brain raced at lightning speed. She tried to remember everything she had done in the last month but came up blank. She almost jumped when one of John’s huge hands rested on her shoulder and felt a shiver of apprehension run down her spine.”Ah, Mrs Jones. I was just in your office but Suzie told me you were here.”Dana didn’t flinch from his touch but she could feel her temperature rising. His hand seemed to generate a warmth that radiated throughout her body and his expensive cologne filled her nose. She averted her gaze from his face to gain control of herself, but try as she might, she couldn’t relax in his presence. She felt her nipples stiffening and hoped this encounter would end before her body betrayed her. “I’m sorry, sir, I was checking details for the White Foundation case and because it will take longer…” Dana realized that she was babbling, “than we thought, Susie and I need to work late.”Davidson was looking at her, smiling in his self-assured manner, which only made things worse. She felt he was enjoying her discomfort at trying to defend her actions, even if he was a busy man. “So, while Suzie ordered the pizzas, I came here to get our drinks,” she continued. John raised his other hand to staunch Dana’s monologue, his eyes laughing at her unease. “Excellent, Mrs, Jones, excellent but I need your help on another matter,” he said. She blinked. “My help, sir?” she interrupted him, her mind in turmoil before remembering her manners. “Yes, sir. Anything, I’ll do anything you want me to… I mean… there’s nothing I’m not prepared… please, anything…” She stopped in mid-sentence. She realized that he could interpret her words the wrong way. “What I mean, sir is…” she realized she was prattling and shut up. Davidson gazed at her before continuing, unperturbed by her embarrassment. “Now, Mrs Jones… sorry, Dana isn’t it?” She nodded. “I’ve got something for you.” He gestured to the legal brief in his hand. “This is something unusual for our company because we do not let our clients choose who we assign dossiers to.” He paused, letting his words sink in. “But considering who he is and what he means to our office, we bent the rules a little. He’s one of our most prestigious clients and a well-known personality in Los Angeles.” Not understanding anything that had happened in the last few minutes, Dana stared shell-shocked at him. “He’s asked for you by name,” John informed her, his neutral tone conveying neither admiration nor rancour. Dana pointed at herself and gave her employer a disbelieving look. John grinned and nodded. “Yes, you Dana. Because of the sensitive nature of the problem, and your experience in such matters, I’m inclined to agree with him.”Dana stared impassively, unable to think of anything sensible to say. To break the awkward silence, John handed her the file. “Robert Cranton-Smith, he’s…” Dana’s blank expression surprised John. “You’ve never heard of Rob —“ Then he realized. “Why would you have, you’re not from LA are you?” She shook her head while he checked his Rolex. “Okay, I’ve got time, might as well outline the case for you. “Robert Cranton-Smith is the CEO and whiz kid of Sunset Holdings, the financial money-maker for the rich and famous. He started out as a hacker but after getting caught when he was nineteen, he got smart. He used his brain to make money. First for himself, then as his reputation grew, he helped lots of Hollywood’s younger stars get richer. “Young and attractive, they identified with him, saw him as one of their own. Unlike the big financial institutions appointed to them Escort yenimahalle by their accountants, he was different. He’d bucked the system, stuck it to the man where it counted. In fact, his conviction just boosted his street cred, if the young and hip give a shit. To them, he’s the man. It’s not perfect, but that’s how it works here in LA. Since helping him at his trial, we’ve continued to represent him.”Dana looked impressed. John’s smile faded.”I know, I know, it all sounds like one big happy family but there are storm clouds on the horizon. Robert is being accused of assault.” With a look of resignation, knowing what was coming, Dana gazed at her employer. “The charge is total nonsense. At least, that’s what he tells me and since he’s not only a client but also a friend, I believe him.”Dana felt the cage being closed around her. “Anyway, Robert Cranton-Smith has asked for you and I will let you run with it.” She felt trapped. “It’s been a long time since I’ve practised criminal law, but if you need any help, just ask.” Once more he gave her his megawatt smile. Dana knew she should feel flattered but all she saw was the Sword of Damocles hanging over her head.  “We’ve been re-negotiating with Cranton-Smith for almost a year,” John continued, “to keep his account and now this ridiculous accusation is threatening to blow the whole deal out of the water.” Dana heard the frustration in his voice. “If he’s incarcerated, we’ll lose the contract, which is why we want you to sort out this nasty little business. We’ve heard good things about your defence work at Jensen she was his lawyer and a damn good one. Although the righteousness feeling improved her mood, she knew part of it was her fault. She shouldn’t have allowed him to bait her so well. The smooth, teasing voice interrupted her again.“Hey, stay cool, Mrs Jones.” His amusement was audible. “We’re all just having some innocent fun here, no need for the heavy attitude.” He waited for her a reply but the other end of the line stayed silent. “Mrs Jones?”Dana sat with her head in her hands. Having pulled up his file from the server, she’d read his personal details and knew she had handled this all wrong. It was all there, including his name and address — or, to be more specific, addresses, because he owned various pieces of expensive real estate, including one in Aspen Colorado. His marital status was single. That explained an awful lot, she thought, as did the next detail. Age – twenty-two years old. She reeled at the information. ‘You silly bitch,’ she thought. ‘He’s barely out of school. No wonder the conversation was something out of a bad adolescent dream.’ Staring dismally at the screen, Dana knew nothing that would help her out of this embarrassing situation. ‘Fine, bloody hindsight. A fat lot of good it’s doing me now,’ her conscience raged. ‘Okay, he pushed your buttons with some things he said, but that doesn’t excuse your behaviour. He’d been flirting with you and you went off at the deep end.’“Mrs Jones?” He sounded unsure now.Dana groaned at her bad luck.She gathered her wits and acted as if nothing was the matter. “Sorry, Mr, Cranton-Smith, I was busy with something,” she lied. “We need to meet as soon as possible to discuss your case details. I recommend you come here to my office on Thursday morning and we can hear your side of the story. I must confess, I haven’t read all the details yet, but it’s the next thing on my agenda.” She sounded in control. “So, I will see you Thursday morning,” she added confidently. “Mrs Jones, Thursday morning is out of the question for me. I’m busy.” She almost believed she could hear him purr on the other end of the line. “However, I could come after lunch, say about one o’clock,” he replied. Knowing he had played her, added to Dana’s humiliation. “Does that suit you, Mrs Jones?” he added as if caring what she wanted.”I look forward to seeing you then,” she again lied, knowing she’d lost this battle. Then she heard the chuckle and bristled. “I know you do, Dana Jones, I know you will.” She heard a click, and the line went dead.o0oWednesday evening, 9:30 pm Exhausted, Dana flopped onto the couch, dressed in bikini panties and a large red T-shirt. Her long hair was still damp from a steaming hot shower and she massaged the back of her neck to relieve the tension that built during what turned out to be negotiations from hell. All day, arguments flew back and forth across the conference room until, at eight o’clock, both parties agreed on the settlement.On the coffee table in front of her was another file. John Davidson had personally delivered it, although his timing could have been better. The White Foundation negotiations had stalled, and the chaos was rampant when he appeared in front of her.

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