The Garden Shed


When I was younger I used to stay at my aunt and uncle’s house, along with my cousin George who was sixteen, the same age as me. They all lived in a large house out in the English countryside. One warm afternoon, I was reading on their veranda and I saw my cousin kicking a football up their long garden. I took no notice really, I was enjoying reading a Stephen King book and being out the sunshine. I was subconsciously aware of the kicking sound that my cousin was making. My cousin continued his way up the lawn and around a right-hand dog-leg, and out of sight. Even out of sight, I could hear him kicking the football along the way. After a few minutes, I noticed the ball kicking sound had ceased. I looked up the garden but couldn’t see my cousin.I became curious and put down my book. I went to see where he was; I thought I might offer to play football too. I strolled up the garden enjoying the taksim escort fresh air, the warmth of the sun. When I turned the corner at the top of the lawn all I could see was the ball just sitting still on the lawn with no sign of my cousin George. I stood still looking all around, then my eyes were drawn to my uncle’s garden shed, it looked a bit old but in pretty good shape.I noticed that the door was closed as I approached, and for no good reason, I began to sneak closer, barely breathing as I edged nearer. Then I became aware of a muffled sound coming from inside the shed. I crept nearer still until I could hear a rhythmic sound coming from inside the wooden building.There was a dirty window to the left of the door and I moved very quietly and gently up to it. I gingerly took a peep inside, took a glance and stealthily stepped back again. I stood still my heart thudding loudly in my beşiktaş escort chest, what had I seen in that brief look… my cousin George with his back to me… standing with his white smooth bottom on show!I had to remember to breathe! I just had to look again, I couldn’t help myself. All the time a soughing rhythmic sound became prominent. I peeked again, this time holding my nerve to look for longer, absorbing more detail. Yes, there stood my slim cousin, wearing just his vest, and his white plump curvy buttocks on show, and he was stood right against the rear wall of the shed.His hands were in front of him and I assumed he was masturbating, as I studied him further I noticed that his hips and bottom were gyrating in and out and back and forth, and he seemed to be standing very close to the wooden wall of the shed. I stepped away, my heart beating so fast and with an excitement which had quickly spread to my own now engorged cock. I was feeling rather flushed. Still, I could hear the same noise, never missing a beat. I then inadvertently leant against the wooden panelled side wall of the shed and could feel a faint vibration. Now I was really inquisitive with excitement. I followed the sound and sneaked quietly along and toward the rear of the shed. Although there were shrubs, tree branches and bushes I was able to ease myself around and took position behind the wooden wall.My eyes were immediately drawn to something large and fleshlike moving in and out of a hole in the shed wall. I gasped audibly almost giving myself away. I swooned at the intimate view and had to steady myself from what I was witnessing. I eased closer, holding my breath. There was no window on this side of the shed, just wood, which meant that I was nicely concealed from my cousin and the house. My George’s erect uncut penis was sliding fairly tightly in and out of a smooth, rounded hole and it looked so amazing, and dare I admit it, sexy as hell! 

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