The Girl Who Was…

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The Girl Who Was To Be My Sister-In-Law

Alicia was like a sister to me. I had dated her sister for five years and we were engaged to be married. A week after announcing the engagement her sister decided to dump me and start sleeping around. I never really thought that I would be in touch with anyone in that family again.

A couple of weeks later the phone rang and it was Alicia. She was so upset that her sister kicked me to the curb. We talked on the phone for hours. After that we talked occasionally. She often telling me of her family problems, school, but most of all how she missed having a big brother. She hated her sister’s new boyfriend, and just wanted me to kick his ass and take her sister back.

Shortly after her 18th birthday, I called to wish her a happy birthday because I had been working late and not had the chance to call. I also wanted to share with her the good news: I was engaged to be married. She didn’t take it well. In fact she hung up on me. I was so pissed that I didn’t even call her back.

A week later I decided I wanted to go out to my families vacation home in Colorado for a couple of weeks. Because of my fiancé’s job she couldn’t get away, so I had to go by myself. One night after some serious bar hopping, I came home and decided to call my house and check my messages. Alicia had called. She was upset and very sorry that she hung up on me. I decided to call her and see what was up. She wanted to tell me that she was sorry, and that she was truly happy about my engagement, and that she was glad that I was happy. She was starting to get upset that we would no longer speak to or see each other. I told her that wasn’t so, but she was getting more and more upset. That is when I invited her out to Colorado. I told her my fiancé wouldn’t mind (I was hoping that she wouldn’t). She agreed and got off the phone so she could get a flight. An hour later she called back and was able to get a flight the next morning and I said I would be there to pick her up.

Her flight landed shortly after noon. As she came out of the escort ilanları gate my dick got instantly hard. In front of me was not the young girl I knew, but a beautiful woman. I never in my wildest dreams was expecting this. She ran up to me and hugged me. I held her close feeling those beautiful firm breasts against my chest. I was starting to feel guilty because I always pictured her as my sister, since I had none. This woman was the same girl I teased and picked on, helped with her homework, took to school, and defended from young boys in her grade. After we unlocked our embrace she asked if we could go back to the house and drop off her stuff, give her a chance to freshen up and then head out on the town. I grabbed her luggage and took her to the car.

We drove up to the house and I carried her bags to her room. She went into her bathroom and freshened up. I took this opportunity to go to mine. I had to satisfy my hard on. I locked the door and proceeded to jerk myself to orgasm while I thought of all the things I wanted to do to her and have her do to me. I finished just as Alicia was heading to my room. She was dressed in the sexiest outfit I had ever seen. I grabbed the keys, and we headed out for some fun.

As we drove around I showed her the places that I got into much trouble at while my family was on vacation. We went to a nice Italian restaurant, and then headed out dancing. Man could she gyrate those hips! Some lewd thoughts continued to enter my brain. My cock was hard all night long. After dancing we headed back to my place and I made us a few drinks. While I was doing that she ran upstairs and changed. You could imagine my disappointment when she returned in a baggy sweatshirt and a pair of boxers. We sat around a drank and talked for about an hour, when she noticed the pool and hot tub in the back, and asked if I wanted to swim. With the chance to see her in a bikini, I quickly agreed. I was by no means disappointed. Her breasts weren’t big, about a B cup, but they were firm and beautiful. gaziantep escort ilanları It was a shame that they were hidden from me. I also noticed how well shaved her bikini area was. She was more beautiful than her older sister.

I brought out a bottle of wine and some glasses, and put them on the side of the pool. We swam and drank wine, and just had a load of fun. I has touching and groping her every chance I got trying to make it look like an accident. After a little while I went to the hot tub while she decided to swim laps.

I’ll never forget what happened next. I looked up, and there was Alicia, standing there in all her naked glory. I couldn’t believe it, this was all I wanted since she arrived, but I couldn’t help feeling guilty. She said that she hoped that I didn’t mind that she had taken her suit off. I told her it was fine with me, and she climbed into the hottub. Once she sat down and got comfortable, she playfully hinted that I should take my trunks off too. I declined because I was afraid she would see my hard on. Just as I thought she was done trying to goad me into it, she reached under the water, pulled my trunks off, and threw them as far as she could. She giggled, then got out and went to get a new bottle of wine. She had an amazing ass! She returned with the wine, and got back into the hot tub. As we sat and drank, she started to get sad again because I was getting married. When she started to cry, I moved and sat next to her. That’s when she noticed my hard on. I blushed, and looked around for my shorts. They where nowhere to be found. Alicia reached down and grabbed my cock. I was in ecstasy. I wanted her so badly, but it was Alicia, I couldn’t. I told her I was sorry, got out of the hottub, and went back into the house.

Alicia was footsteps behind me as I entered my bedroom. I sat on the bed, and she asked me why. I told her, she was always like my little sister, and I couldn’t do it, besides I was engaged. She told me that she always had a crush on me, gaziantep escort bayan ilanları and often snuck into he bathroom when I was showering, when I stayed at her parent’s house while dating her sister. I was in shock. Then she bent down on her knees and grabbed my hand and asked if I found her attractive. I told her I sure did and told her of my hard on when she got off the plane, and jerking off when we got to the house. It was the only invitation she needed. Without looking up, she swallowed my cock in her mouth. This was awesome. I watched my shaft disappear in and out of her sweet mouth. After a while I flipped her into a sixty-nine position to return the favor. Her cunt tasted so sweet. I lapped at her folds and her clit. I could tell she was enjoying from the movements and muffled moans coming from my crotch. I soon had her orgasming, but as her body bucked she continued with her magical movement on my cock. Soon I was erupting in her mouth. She swallowed it all. We lay back and I told her how good it was. She said that she sucked cock before, but never had sex and wanted me to be the first, a task I was more than willing to volunteer for. I regained my hard on, laid her on her back, and took a nipple in my mouth. I loved sucking on tits, and she loved my technique. Soon I had the head of my dick at the entrance to her pussy. I asked if she were ready.

She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her, she let out a yelp, but responded by moving her hips on my rod. Being inside that pussy was great. It was soft and warm, like silk. I fucked her like I had never fucked anyone before in my life. It was heaven. That night I fucked her in every position we could think of. Enjoying this beautiful woman in ways no one had before. I loved feeling myself inside of her and listening to her moans of ecstasy. I just couldn’t believe what a weekend this was turning out to be. Both of us reached many orgasms that night, me shooting my load into her pussy and ass and her mouth. We finally passed out from exhaustion. We awoke the next morning and went at it again. I was more than eager every time I saw that beautiful body. We only left the house to eat, but we were right back at each other every time we were alone and in every room of that house. We had sex many, many times that weekend. As I took her to the airport, I promised we would stay in touch. I can’t wait to touch her again. Maybe I can get my fiancé to feel the same way.

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