The Helpful Roommate Ch. 04


I looked down at the stunning beauty kneeling meekly before me, struggling for just a moment to reconcile my perception of Samantha from just a few weeks ago with the sight before me now.

“Can I make it up to you?” She asked again, adding, “Sir.”

My initial shock was gone, and I made a quick decision to lean into the scene. “That was very naughty, a punishment may be necessary later. For now, I have a more immediate concern.”

The water at this point was cold, yet she had sat there in the near icy spray without attempting to move waiting for my response. I took a step closer, reached behind her and shut the water off. This placed my almost painfully erect cock practically directly over her head. Reaching down, I hooked a finger under her chin and gently directed her face, her body rising slightly with her, until her lips were resting so close to the head of my dick that I could feel the heat of each of her breaths. I looked deep in her eyes for any hint of regret, or fear, and I saw nothing but longing and desire. My fear about possibly falling in love with this woman was only slightly outweighed by the desperate sexual need I felt at that moment.

“Suck, now.”

She didn’t hesitate even a fraction of a moment, and I watched my hard member disappear between her perfect lips. I held eye contact with her as she slowly, but steadily slid her head forward, all the way down my shaft. There was a slight glimmer in her eyes as she saw the reaction in mine when I felt myself entering her throat. Finally breaking contact only when she turned her face down slightly to stretch her neck and push my cock so far back that her nose was buried in my neatly trimmed pubic hair. She held me there in her throat for several seconds, only pulling back to take a breath.

“Yes sir.” She breathed heavily, then immediately went back to work. Still kneeling, with her hands on her knees. She alternated between sucking me into the back of her throat, then pulling back to only the head in her mouth, working her tongue in gentle, but firm circles over the whole of it. I felt my knees buckle a little, which Sammy responded to by placing both of her hands on my thighs, steadying me and herself. This allowed her to apply her ministrations to my cock with even more vigor. Bobbing her head back and forward, in deep strokes, pausing occasionally to administer more of the astonishing tongue action to the head.

I’d held out as long as I could, not wanting the best blow job I’d ever had to end. However, I knew I was approaching the point of no return. I looked down into her eyes, placing my hand on hers on my thigh. My other hand gently stroked her cheek with the back of my fingers. Moving aside the hair clinging to her face and tucking it behind her ear.

“I’m going to cum.” I said in a hoarse whisper, while removing my hand from her face to make sure she knew she could back away if she wanted.

I saw, and felt, her smile, teeth barely grazing my sensitive head before returning full concentration to sucking my cock. She stayed focused on the head, gripping my thighs tightly until I erupted in her mouth. Knees almost giving out completely, I reached both arms out to steady myself against the wall and the door of the shower. After a few hard, strong pulses, she pushed her head back against me and held herself there. I felt my orgasm still twitching, and pumping in the back of her throat long after my balls were surely dry. She only pulled back and allowed my now drained, but still hard dick to bounce up out of her mouth’s grip after the last twitch had subsided. As I brought myself back fully upright, releasing my death grip on the sides of the shower, Sammy stood as well, holding my gaze.

With a playful smile, she said “Mmmm.” opened her mouth just enough for me to see that it was still full of my cum. As she closed her mouth again, a drop spilled out, forming a thin line from the corner of her mouth down toward her chin. She made a show of swallowing deeply, “Ahh!” she exclaimed like someone who’d just taken a long, cold drink on a hot day.

“Missed a bit there.” I pointed to her chin.

“Oh?” She made a little show of pointing to different parts of her face with a questioning look.

I used the finger I’d been pointing with to scoop the dribble of my jizz threatening to drip off her chin upwards and into her waiting mouth. Then, before she could swallow, I pulled her to me into a hard, passionate kiss. Our tongues twisted around each other as I tasted the remnants of the load she’d brilliantly sucked from me. We stood there in our embrace, still dripping from the shower, until I felt her begin to shiver.

I reluctantly released her from my arms and opened the shower door. Seeing the towel she’d brought from her bathroom on the bar next to mine, I grabbed it and handed it to her. Then I grabbed my own and stepped out onto the plush mat to dry myself. After drying my head, I turned back to watch her, still in the shower, drying herself off. Again, I marveled at her physical beauty. Her skin was tight İzmit Escort and covered in tiny goosebumps from the cold water. I took in every detail, not wanting to give up this view for even a moment.

She caught me looking, smirked and said sarcastically “Why don’t you take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

“Hmm, pictures, eh? I hadn’t thought about filming any of this yet, but it’s not a bad idea.”

Her tone got a little more serious and she said “Well, I don’t know about that.”

I chuckled to let her know I had been, at least mostly, joking, reaching out a hand to help her step over the track of the shower’s door. “I’m not much of a cinematographer anyway, it’d probably be terrible.”

She looked at me with her deep brown eyes in a way that seemed to say thank you without words. Then smiled brightly, said, “I’m going to make some breakfast!” then practically bounced out of the bathroom while wrapping her towel around herself.

Still stunned, I just stared at the empty doorway for far too long. Finally I shook my head in an attempt to break myself free of her spell and finished drying myself. Tossing the towel over the shower door, I turned to look at my ass in the mirror again. Marveling at the dark bruising from the spanking I’d received just last night from the same woman who’d been submissively sucking my cock a moment ago. I leaned on the faux marble vanity top, and looked into my eyes in the mirror, moving my face close. “Don’t do it.” I told myself sternly “Don’t fall in love with her.” My reflection looked back at me with eyes that said it was probably too late.

The smell of bacon cooking snapped me out of my stupor, and I suddenly realized I was starving. I hurriedly tossed on some sweatpants, and a T-shirt, barely pulling it down over my chest as I walked through the bedroom doorway.

“Smells amazing!” I called out, “you making enough for two?”

“I’ve probably made enough for five.” she laughed, “I should never cook when I’m hungry, I always make too much.”

As I reached the kitchen, I saw what she meant. She’d made a full package of bacon, at least half a dozen eggs had been scrambled, hash browns were sizzling on one skillet, while she was pouring pancake batter on another. A stack of eight or so already cooked hotcakes were stacked on a plate next to the stove.

“What, no sausage?”

She looked up at me with bright eyes, but her mouth frowned in fake anger. Then she broke into a big grin, winked, and said, “I already had a big serving of sausage this morning.”

I laughed loudly as she went back to work on the pancakes. Then I walked around the counter to her side, eying her still only towel wrapped body. I leaned in and kissed her gently on the cheek, “I’ll set the table.” And turned to the cabinets and refrigerator to get everything this feast would require.

We sat, in a wonderfully unawkward quiet, and ate way more than either of us should have. Finally having satiated our hunger we both sat back in the dining chairs and looked at each other. I searched her face for any hint of regret, and found none. In fact, though it felt boastful to think, she looked to be happier than I had ever seen her.

Breaking the silence finally, I said “You cooked, I’ll clean up.” With that I stood and started to clear the table.

When I reached for her plate, she gently placed her hand on mine for a moment, looked up and said, very softly, “Thank you.” Then, releasing my hand, she added in a normal voice, “I should put some clothes on.”

I smiled and took our plates to the sink, while she rose and headed toward her room. Returning a few minutes later wearing a light pink pair of drawstring shorts and a Star Wars T-shirt that had to be older than she and at least 3 sizes too big. Even then, with no makeup, still damp hair, and wearing these rags Samantha was absolutely radiant. I smiled warmly at her as she came into the kitchen. Walking right up beside me, she stood up on her toes to give me a kiss on the cheek as I had done while she was cooking, before setting herself to work helping me clean up.

When the kitchen was picked up and the sound of the dishwasher churning was the only noise left, I finally said, “So, we should probably talk about…” I paused awkwardly, “Stuff.”

“Yeah, I suppose we can’t put it off any longer, can we?”

Hanging the dish towel on the oven door, I moved toward the living room, and sat down on the couch.

Sammy followed closely behind me, sat down right next to me, then swung her lean, smooth legs over my lap. Turning her body slightly to face me she said, “Alright, let’s talk.” Flustered, I opened my mouth to speak several times, the words simply not forming themselves. She kept her eyes on me, wearing a slight smile that grew a little larger with each of my aborted attempts to start the conversation. Finally, she ended my nightmare, by leaning in and whispering, “It’s okay, I’ll start.”

“Thank you.” I said in an exhale of breath I hadn’t even realized I’d been holding.

“You’re İzmit Escort Bayan wondering how last night and this morning are going to change our relationship with each other, yeah?”


“Well, the way I see it, we have a few options.” She started ticking off fingers between our faces. “One, we call it here, and go back to business as usual.” She paused to gauge my reaction.

“Hmm.” Is all I said, while my brain was screaming NO NO NO to that idea.

“Two,” she continued, raising another finger. “We do a ‘Friends With Benefits’ thing.” Paused briefly again, “Or,” and with this she lowered her hands and placed them on me, “we just, BE together.” Letting that hang in the air while she looked into my eyes.

That was the moment I knew for sure. So I told her, “I’m falling in love with you. I desperately want to be with you, but I’m scared.” It had been so long since I’d really let myself really feel anything, that my eyes were already watering as I continued shakily, “I’m scared you don’t feel the same, I’m scared that I’m taking advantage of you in a vulnerable time, I’m scared that I’ve ruined our friendship, I’m just… scared.”

“Mister, for such a smart guy, you can be really dumb sometimes.” She brushed a tear off my cheek with her thumb and continued. “I’ve been in love with you for over a year.”

“W… wha… what?” I stammered

“Do you remember that night, about two weeks after I moved in, I came home from work crying?”

I thought back, “Yeah, I think so.”

“Well I remember very well. I came in the door crying, you were sitting here on the couch.” She glanced around, “only, it was over there at the time.” pointing to where the couch had been before we had made the time to rearrange things and incorporate some of her furniture into the common areas. “I went straight to my room, we didn’t speak, not a word between us. Yet when I came out of my room to get something to eat, you had set out a plate of what you’d had for dinner, my favorite flavor of hard seltzer, and a note saying ‘I remember you saying you liked this last time I made it, so I made some extra. If you need to talk, let me know.'”

“Oh yeah, I remember that. I didn’t think much of it afterward, you seemed okay the next day.”

“I was okay the next day, because you gave me the space I needed and showed a level of care, respect, and attention that I was severely lacking the night before.” She stopped for a second, her own eyes starting to glaze with tears. “What I never told you, was that day had been my and Todd’s anniversary. He had completely forgotten. I gave him the gift I’d agonized over picking out, and he just glanced at it and said ‘I already have one of these’ or something like that. Then he had the nerve to offer sex as a ‘present’ from him.”

“Yikes.” I pulled a face. “That’s some grade A douchebaggery right there.”

“Yes it was, so when I came home and saw you were out here watching TV, I figured I was going to have to hide out in my room to avoid you all night. I didn’t want to see a dude’s face, or have to think about men at all. However, I was also starving, so I had to at least grab a bite, and when I saw all that, well. Let’s just say that night it wasn’t Todd’s face in my imagination when I gave myself the ‘O’ he hadn’t.” She smirked at me “I fell pretty hard that night, and I’ve been falling ever since. I guess it just took me hitting rock bottom with ‘him’ to truly realize it.”

I took her face in my hands and pulled her into a firm, deep kiss. Eyes closed against the wave of tears the release of so much tension brought. When we eventually came up for air, we both looked like sobbing messes. Which made us both laugh.

“Well, you did a damn good job of ‘hitting bottom’ last night.” As I made a show of rubbing my ass.

“You asked for it!” She said earnestly.

“Indeed I did, but speaking of ‘asking’ for things… What about this morning?”

She let out a little laugh, “I really enjoy ‘playing’ the submissive part. It’s been a long time since I was with someone I could trust not to go too far. You were perfect, by the way.”

“I’ve never found the right balance myself. Obviously, I like to be spanked, but I don’t want to be dominated. I don’t need lectures, or scolding, or bondage, or any of that. However, when I’m the one giving the spankings, I prefer to do it with the roleplay. I want to play the dom, give the scolding, etcetera.” I shrugged. “I can’t explain it, that’s just how I prefer it.”

Smiling sweetly at me, she said, “Well I guess I’m just going to have to be a brat sometimes to let you know when it’s time to take control.” She paused for a second, then continued a little more seriously, “but, I don’t think I can take it as hard as you did. I’d like to have a safe word, just in case.”

“Oh, of course!” I said. “If we didn’t have one, I’d be constantly asking ‘is this okay’ throughout our whole scenes.”

“See, that, right there? That’s why I can trust you. I know in my heart that if I say the safe Escort İzmit word, you will stop.”

“I may not be big into The Scene, so to speak, but I understand the rules.” Pulling her back into a kiss for a moment, then releasing her. “So, what’s your safe word?”

“Tomato.” She said bluntly, pronouncing it tuh-mah-toe. “But only when I say it like that. Not normally like toe-may-toe.”

“Interesting choice.” I nodded slightly. “May I ask why that?”

“The day I moved in, you cooked dinner for us. Just a simple pasta with meat sauce, but you were making the sauce sort of walking me through what you were doing as if you were making a cooking video or something. Everytime you mention tomato paste, you say ‘tah-mah-toe paste’ and that has stuck with me ever since.”

“Oh my God, I do say that, don’t I? I have no idea why.”

“Well, whatever the reason, when I hear it now it just makes me think of you taking care of me. So I think it’s perfect.” She leaned back in to start another long kiss.

Pausing at every topic change to make out, each time taking longer and longer to separate our lips. We talked for hours about anything and everything. Past bad relationships, favorite vacation spots, what kind of tires are best for rain, literally everything. Of course, we also talked about sex, what we like, what we don’t, what we’ve done, what we’ve never done. I’d never had such a comprehensive discussion of sexual preferences with a partner in my life. We were still sitting there on the couch in each other’s embrace as the sun went down.

When Sammy noticed the dimming light, she shifted her features back into what I now call her brat face. Head tilted downward, eyes strained upward to mine, and biting half her bottom lip. “Sir.” She said meekly. “Are you still going to punish me?”

I immediately got into character. “You made the choice to misbehave, you have to pay the price. You know the rules.”

“Yes, sir.” She got up off the couch and stood with her chin almost against her chest. Placing her arms behind her against the small of her back. “Shall I go get ready for my punishment?”

“Yes, go prepare. I’ll be behind you shortly.”

“Yes, sir.” Slowly walking away into her room.

During our conversation, we’d talked about our individual fantasies, so I knew exactly what she might be expecting. I went to my room to change, pulling out a suit from the back of the closet that I hadn’t worn in ages. I paired the navy pinstripe suit, with a white dress shirt, and a black tie patterned with small sky blue diamonds. I quickly put the ensemble on, not being particularly careful about presentation, since with any luck, I wouldn’t be wearing this very long. I didn’t bother with socks or shoes walking out of my room wearing suit and tie in bare feet.

Sammy’s bedroom door was cracked open a couple inches, so I didn’t knock before opening the door all the way and stepping in. I took in the sight before me, and my breath caught in my throat. She had brushed her hair back into a loose ponytail, wearing a white button up blouse with short sleeves, and a very short, pleated skirt. If she was going for a naughty schoolgirl look, she’d nailed it. She stood at the side of her bed, face down, arms behind her back. On the bed behind her was a riding crop, and a double tongued leather tawse.

Getting myself fully into character, I said “OK young lady, you know that you misbehaved, are you ready for your punishment?”

“Yes, sir.” she replied in a whisper toward the ground.

“I can’t hear you, please speak up. Are you ready?”

Lifting her head just slightly, and speaking still softly, but loud enough to hear well she said “Yes, sir.”

“Very well.” I stepped over to the bed and stood beside her, looking down at the implements she’d laid out. That’s when I noticed a third item I hadn’t before; a small bottle of lube. My cock twitched in my slacks as I figured out what she had in mind.

I took off my suit coat, laid it on the bed near the foot, and sat down, positioning myself to make sure there was plenty of lap space for her to lay across. Reaching up, I took her arm and pulled gently, leading her to my side.

“Over my knee, miss. Right now.”

She didn’t hesitate, carefully laying herself over my knees with her beautiful ass pointed perfectly at my right hand. Her short skirt rode up displaying more than half of the smooth curves of her cheeks, split by the thin fabric of a pair of red satiny thong panites. I flipped the skirt up over her back to bare her ass more completely and stroked the smooth skin with my fingertips. I felt my hardening member straining against both my pants and her supple body. I pulled my hand back and brought it down on her butt in a sharp smack, repeating the motion quickly on the other cheek.

Sammy squirmed just a little and quickly inhaled a gasp, held it for a second, then exhaled with a satisfied sounding “Mmmmmm.”

I watched for a moment as the shape of my hand emerged in pink on her pale skin. Then I started spanking her in earnest, bringing my hand down on her lovely backside in a steady rhythm, but keeping the force of the swats as even as I could. After a couple minutes I paused to run the back of my hand lightly over her cheeks to feel the warmth I’d brought to the surface.

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