The Homecoming


The previous part of my true story dealt with my introduction to a Rampant Rabbit while my husband was working away from home for a month. This part describes what ensued when he came home and the following intimacies between us.

The middle narrative, I think, is essential to the story and I was not leaving it out as it means so much.



I had driven to the airport to pick up Doug after his trip and was standing at the arrivals exit along with all of the other relatives, friends, chauffeurs etc who were waiting to meet and greet their loved ones and associates.

Is it just me or does it happen to everyone? I get filled with excitement and a little bit nervous waiting for my husband coming home and it is only when I see him come through the exit doors does the nervousness disappear and I flood with relief that he is back home.

More and more people were coming out of the exit and looking around to see where their families and friends were. I was on tip toes trying to see over the crowd and looking for Doug’s familiar stroll but I could not see my husband at all. The crowd thinned out as more and more passengers departed but there still was no sign of my husband, I was getting a little worried.

I was standing there with about twenty other people and looking around when I saw the doors open and Doug came through them looking around for me. My heart lifted as I got to the end of the barrier and Doug saw me. His smile made me feel so happy and I threw myself into his arms. He dropped his case and wrapped his arms around me hugging me tightly as he kissed me.

‘Oh God!’, it was so wonderful to feel his arms around me, his lips against mine, his warmth, his smell, everything I had missed for the last month with him being away. I buried my face in his neck so he would not see the tears of joy that were building up in my eyes.

“I’ve missed you so much, my love”, I snuffled into his neck, “I am so glad you are home now.”

“I’ve missed you too, Liz, and with luck I will not be away for a while now.”

He peeled me off of him and looked at me as he held my hands.

“Let’s get home and then we can make up for my absence but first I need something to eat and it is not airport food either!”

He picked up his case in one hand and put the other over my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around his waist as we walked out of the airport together. I was just happy and glad he was back safe with me again.

I drove us out of the airport and we stopped at a nearby restaurant to eat where we just had a chicken and ham salad before continuing on to the freeway and an hour later, exited it. I babbled to Doug about everything and nothing that happened while he was away, he knew most of it because we talked everyday over the phone even if it was just for a couple of minutes but it was just the relief of having him home again.

Coming off the freeway it is only another forty minutes to our house and we pulled up to our drive amid warm early afternoon sunshine. We entered the door and Doug dropped his case at the foot of the stairs, threw his jacket over the newel post and took me in his arms. I melted into him and felt his body against mine, there is no feeling that can beat the embrace of your loving partner and I was enjoying it immensely.

Doug’s tongue sought mine as we kissed and he pulled me tighter against his body with his hands on my ass. I could feel his cock harden slightly against my stomach and it was all I could do not to tear his clothes of him there and then to satisfy the hunger that my body felt from our separation but we had all day and tomorrow to make up for lost time.

Doug broke the kiss and looked down at me and said,” So I have been replaced by a piece of plastic and some batteries, have I?”

“There is no way that any piece of plastic is going to replace you, my love. No toy can make me feel the way you do. All it does is to keep me from going out and raping some young stud until you get home from these damned trips!”

Doug’s laugh made me warm and secure and he kissed the tip of my nose and said, “I don’t think I can compete with eleven orgasms in a day but I’ll do my best! “

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him on my tiptoes and said,

“Come on lover, get in the shower and get changed before I rape you right here!”

I could feel my pussy warming up and getting moist just with Doug’s embrace and the feel of his cock against me. I wanted that cock in me but was going to let Doug have his shower first so I broke off and pushed him towards the stairs.

“Go now!”

Doug took his case upstairs with him and I busied myself making a couple of drinks and took them up with me, to our room. I could hear the shower as the ensuite door was ajar and I could see Doug’s body under the water through the screen.

‘Fuck waiting!’ I thought and stripped off my blouse and the pants I had been wearing. I snuck into the bathroom without Doug noticing me and peeled off my bra and panties, I could smell my musky scent drifting up and I felt between my legs to find a wet pussy that was not going to take no for an answer just now!

Doug turned as I came behind the shower screen, with the foam from the shower gel sliding down his body and dripping from the end of his semi-erect cock.

“Hello you.” He smiled and I replied, “Hello you too! I have missed you so much and I am not going to miss you any longer now you are home. I hope that you have not been playing with yourself and have ruined a good hard on!”

It was as if Doug’s cock heard what I said as it started to engorge more and raise its’ head to look at me. I wanted it so bad!

“Turn the shower for me please, honey.”

Doug had the power head facing down for his shower and he reached up to turn the head to the ten inch flat rose which let the water fall like rain in the shower. I preferred it this way as it was more relaxing and you did not get half drowned if you had sex in the shower!

I pushed my body against Doug’s and felt his hard cock jut into my belly. The water flowed over the top of us and streamed down between my breasts and Doug’s chest to disappear between us. Doug bent his head down and kissed me tenderly with the water running over our faces. My nipples were pressed against his chest and that familiar feeling started to rise in my pussy. I reached for his cock and I felt its hard heat in my hand. I peeled myself off him and I slowly drew his foreskin back and took some shower gel in my hand and started to wash it for him. I let the water rinse it off and said, “Now you are clean enough to eat.”

Without letting go of his cock I sank to my knees with water streaming over my head and I took the head of his cock into my mouth. Doug gave a little groan as I slowly circled the head of his cock with my tongue while gently playing with his ball sack. I bobbed my head up and down his shaft taking as much of him as I could into my mouth. While I had his balls in the palm of my right hand I let my fingers tickle his anus. This brought another groan of pleasure from Doug’s lips and I pressed harder against his hole and then the area between it and his balls.

“You are going to make me come Liz! You want me to come just now?

My answer to Doug was to suck his cock more vigorously and grab his ass cheeks in my hands. Doug spread his legs open a bit more and put his hands against the shower walls as I wetly sucked and slurped on his cock. I love to suck him off in the shower, there is something nice and clean about it but my sucking of my husband’s cock is not restricted to just that!

“I’m going to come, Liz! I’m going to come!” Doug gasped.

I sucked him hard and then his hips bucked as his cocked jerked and Doug let go a huge shot of come into my mouth and I nearly gagged on the amount but I swallowed it down. His cocked jerked and jerked in my mouth and each time his come got less and less until he gently stopped me sucking on him as the head of his cock had become highly sensitive after his orgasm. I swallowed the last of his semen and let his softening cock fall from my mouth. I lifted it up and gave the head of it a little kiss and got up off my knees with Doug’s helping arms.

“Horny wife? Doug smiled his question at me.

“Horny? What else would I be without you for a month? A vibrator might take away the urgency but the desire to have your cock in me can only be filled by your cock in me and I want it Doug, I want you to make love to me, fuck me, eat my cunt and make me come!”

“Well, I can sort out number three just now but you will have to wait a moment for the other two!”

He turned off the shower and grabbed one of the big towels off the rack and wrapped me in it and then got his own. We stepped out of the shower and dried each other off. My nipples were hard from my arousal and Doug’s towelling of my breasts and I could feel my cunt get wet again after being dried, I needed to come so badly.

We let the towels fall to the bathroom floor and Doug scooped me up in his arms and carried me to our bed. He laid me down gently on the bed and lay next to me. I was still in his arms and we kissed deeply, searching each others mouth with our tongues as we did so. I was wet as hell. I did not need to touch myself as I could feel it seeping slowly between my ass cheeks. My nipples were as hard as ever and dying for Doug’s mouth on them. He softly kissed all over my face and when he started to kiss behind my ears and nibble their lobes I could feel my heat building between my thighs to a greater level.

When Doug starts kissing my neck I am in heaven. I go weak at the knees if I am standing and when he gets to the back of my neck and shoulders then I am just putty in his hands. I get goose pimples all over me, my nipples harden almost painfully and my pussy goes moist!

His hands gently roamed all over my body without touching my breasts or cunt making me even wetter! The touch of his tongue on my nipple nearly tipped me over the edge. I wanted him to eat me now so I gently pushed his head down my body and opened my legs. Doug kept me teetering on the edge of coming by kissing across my belly, hips and the tops of my thighs. I could feel my outer lips being parted by his fingers and then he covered my whole pussy with his mouth. I gave a little squeak of delight as his tongue centred on my clitoris. I pushed my fingers into his hair and pressed his head harder against my cunt wanting more of his tongue on me. Doug flicked his tongue up and down my cunt and then back to my clitoris, circling it before stabbing the tip of his tongue into my wet cunt.

That was it! That was all I needed to come! The heat rushed through me and I was in heaven! I shook uncontrollably as my orgasm ripped through my body. I closed my thighs on Doug’s head holding it to my now sopping wet hole. I let out a short, sharp Escort scream of pure ecstasy as my body rode the wave of my orgasm.

Poor Doug! I had his head trapped between my thighs and he was probably suffocating on my cunt. I let them fall open as I was completely spent from my orgasm and he lifted his head to look at me.

“For fuck sake Liz! You wouldn’t have been getting parts one and two if you had not let me go.” He grinned and moved up beside me.

“Oh Doug, that was incredible! You have no idea how much I was wanting you to eat me. I have missed that so much this last month with you being away.”

I pulled his head to mine and I licked his lips and chin before mashing my lips against his and sought out his tongue again. My pussy juices on his mouth tasted horny and must have had restorative powers on his cock as it was sticking up from his belly with its head partially exposed. A drop of his pre-come sat at the opening and I teased it over the exposed parts of the head making it glisten.

“Make love to me Doug, I want to feel you inside of me. I want your cock inside me now!”

Doug moved over me and supported himself on his hands as I reached between us and guided his hot, hard cock into my cunt. Keeping his body off mine so that our only point of contact was his cock and my cunt, he slowly slid into me. I could feel myself parting as his cock got deeper inside of me. I looked between our bodies to see the last inch or so disappear into my wetness and our pubic bones pressed against each other. There is no feeling on earth like that of being completely filled by my husband’s cock, it cannot be replaced by anything else. It is hard, hot and throbbing as it fills me.
Doug slowly drew his hips back and I saw my juices on the shaft his cock making it glisten wetly as more of it pulled out of me. (Now that is horny!)

Doug started a slow rhythm with his cock sliding in and out of my sodden cunt. I was so wet that I could only feel me opening and closing on his cock but it was doing what I love most, fucking me.

“I want to feel your balls, Doug, I want to feel them against me. I want to feel them smack into my ass!”

Keeping his cock deep inside of me, he gently lifted my legs with his hands behind my calves and put my ankles on his shoulders. The effect of this makes his cock fill me even more and Doug started to thrust hard into me. I was so wet that his balls made sticky, wet, slapping noises against my ass every time his cock rammed into me. The pleasure inside of me was getting to a new height and I knew that I would come again and just as hard as before, when Doug ate me out, very soon.

The head of his cock was now pushing against my g spot when it ploughed into me and I there was no way on earth that I could hold back my building orgasm. My cunt started to flutter with my orgasm and I wanted Doug’s cock to finish what he started so I let my legs drop from his shoulders and I locked my ankles behind his back to pull him into me.

My orgasm took over and I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his head down so I could bury mine against his neck as it broke. I was clamped onto Doug like a limpet and my whole body shuddered and shook as I came hard. My cunt exploded and I gushed come against us both as it ripped through me. Every nerve was on fire. My nipples strained against his chest, tingling more than ever. I was still orgasming when I heard Doug cry out and his hot come spurted inside of me to join mine. His groin ground against mine as he came and thrust deep into me, filling me completely.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh Doug! I love you! Oh god! That was unreal! Fucking unreal!”

I was crying with pure joy and ecstasy from our lovemaking. My heart pounded against my ribs and I could feel Doug’s do the same as we both gasped for breath.
I let my arms and legs fall from his body as I lay there still trembling. Doug’s cock was now shrinking inside of me and I could feel our combined juices flow out of me and soak our groins even more.

“Oh Doug! I have missed you so much and now you are home where you belong with me.” I panted against his neck.

Doug eased himself shakily off my body and cuddled me into him.

“I’ve missed you just as much, my love, and I’m glad to be back too.”

He kissed me gently as I lay in his arms and all was well with the world again. I had my husband home and had just had him fuck me silly.

We lay there caressing each others bodies, without getting aroused, savouring each other in the afterglow as if it was the first time we had made love.
It’s true. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

We must have lain there for about half an hour when we were suddenly startled out of our reveries by the doorbell.

‘Who the fuck is that?’, I thought.

“Who the fuck is that?” Doug said and got up to answer the door pulling on a pair of shorts.

I lay there totally in bliss with the slightest hint of fuzziness in my body from that unbelievable orgasm I had had. It was incredible that we could take each other to such heights still when we had the urge to or the lack of opportunity for a month. Yes, I love being loved and made love to by that man I married.

Doug came back up stairs a few minutes later.

“It was a delivery for Marianne, you know anything about it?”

‘Oh shit!’, I thought, I had completely forgotten that our neighbour Marianne had asked me to take in a delivery for her this afternoon and I explained it to Doug.

“Just as well they came now instead of earlier or Marianne would have to had arranged another day for the delivery!” I said.

Doug laughed and leaned over me on the bed. “Are you going to get your horny ass up and we can shower and eat?”

He tickled my feet and I jerked them away from his hand as I get the giggles when he does that too much.

“Shower seems good, food seems even better!”

I got up a bit unsteadily and Doug took off his shorts and we both went back into the shower to rinse off the residues of our lovemaking. Doug washed me down gently with the sponge and I did the same for him before we came out and dried ourselves off.

I pulled on a tee-shirt and jeans with no bra or panties and Doug dressed in shorts and his tatty Levi top that he had had for more years than I can remember. I would have thrown it out years ago as it was holed and had a couple of paint marks on it but it was his absolute favourite piece of clothing. Men!

I made us sandwiches and as we sat and ate them, Doug went through his accumulated mail which after a month was quite a lot. I’ll open anything addressed to me or us but I leave all of Doug’s personal mail for him to open.

“Crap, crap, crap, bill, bill, crap, crap. Is that all they send out these days? Bills and advertising crap?”

Doug’s favourite hate was junk mail.

“What’s this?”

He held up an envelope addressed to me.

“You must have missed this one, Liz” and he handed it to me.

It was from the company I had bought the Rampant Rabbit from and was an anonymous survey for the makers of the thing asking if their product had satisfied and how often was it used.

I must have blushed a little bit as Doug asked if it was bad news.

“No, Honey, it is just a survey from the folk that made the vibrator asking if their product satisfies.”

“I think that you can write a glowing testimonial for them after what you told me about it! Their sales would double if they knew you wore it out!” Doug grinned.

“I didn’t wear it out! It was the batteries that wore out! If you had been here I would not have done it! I was horny for you.”

“Then it would be me then that would be worn out then!”

“That’s different, you don’t have batteries! Besides if you did they would be rechargeable!”

“Give me a kiss, sex maniac!”

I came round to Doug’s side of the table and sat in his lap with my arms around his neck and slowly kissed his lips. I could feel his cock harden against my ass and I jumped up saying, “Later, Tiger, later! I have things to do first!”

Doug gave my ass a gentle smack and got up too.

“I have a report to send in so I will get that done now and we can enjoy my days off without interruption from the office.”

Any extended trip Doug made was partially compensated by his company giving him an extra day off for every week he was away and this was a boon for us as we could plan vacations a lot more easily with the extra days. He did not have to take them all when he got back, he could bank them.

It must have been about eight when we had gotten clear of everything and I started on making some supper for us as Doug cleared away his work documents and E-mailed his report to his office.

“Do you want to smoke?” Doug asked me later as we sat on the sofa with a couple of long tequilas, soda, Ice and lime wedges.

I looked at Doug, “A smoke? A cigarette? I thought you didn’t want me to smoke again?”

“No dopey! I meant a joint! I got a little bit from Amos before I left and kept it here. No more cigarettes for you, not even the sly ones you have with Elayne! I know about the ones you have when you are with her.”

“What? I don’t smoke them all, just a little bit. I have stopped, Doug, I have honey.”

“I believe you, Liz. Pass me a magazine please.”

I passed him one from my side of the sofa and he rolled a medium sized joint of pure grass and lit it, drawing the smoke into his lungs and holding it as he passed the joint to me. I sucked on it the same way as I do a cigarette and almost choked on the pungent, sweet smoke as it hit my lungs.

“Take it easy, Liz. It is really strong stuff, you don’t want to smoke it like a cigarette!”

I passed it back to Doug and spluttered out the smoke. Once I got my chest under control I could feel the strange tingle that smoking weed gives me. Elayne and I used to smoke weed occasionally when we were at university and we used to end up in fits of uncontrollable fits of laughter but now I get a lot more out of it and it starts from my finger tips and toes, working its way to my core.

I get horny when I smoke it and the first time I smoked grass and got laid I was in heaven as my whole body was transported somewhere else during my orgasm. It was a hell of an experience!

I got myself comfortable against Doug on the sofa and he put his free arm around me. He passed the joint to me again and this time I took it a bit easier but still had a good lungful of it! Now I was starting to feel good, I was warm and secure in my husband’s arms and starting to feel horny again!

I let my hand rest on Doug’s naked knee and stroked the outside of his thigh up to the edge of his shorts and back again as we lay there. The effects of the grass were now more intense and I could feel every part of my body alert and tingling. I took one more hit off the joint and gave it back to Doug who finished it off and extinguished Escort Bayan it.

I lay there wondering if our kids new we smoked grass, I new that our two did as I found cigarette papers one time in their rooms. I could hardly make a scene about it as I smoked myself and just hoped that they would not be stupid about it and get arrested.

Coming back to the present lying in Doug’s arms I slid my hand under of the leg of his shorts to the soft inside of his thighs and let it rest there. Doug’s hand covered my breast and he gently squeezed my soft flesh before tracing his finger tips over my erect covered nipple.

Tequila, grass, post coital glow and the comfort of my husband’s body all were having the desired effect. I was getting wet again! I am not some sex depraved whore as you might think from my tale, I am just a woman who loves her husband and loves being made love to by him. Yes, I use some crude words to describe our lovemaking in these stories but they don’t mar the intimacy of what we have between us. Christ! I was even in the PTA when the kids were at school!

“Make another one please, Doug, and we will take it upstairs with us to bed.”

I shifted to let Doug make the joint and when it was made we took it, ourselves and fresh drinks to the bedroom.

I put our drinks on my side of the bed and opened the window wider and closed the drapes. I got the candles from the bathroom and put them around the room and switched off the main light. It looked nice and romantic now and ideal for what I had in mind for Doug.

“Get naked, husband” I said as I pulled off my tee-shirt and unbuttoned my jeans, “and light that up!”

Doug needed no second invitation and pulled off his shorts them lay down on the bed with the joint between his lips as he reached for a lighter and the ashtray he had brought up with him. I laid myself down next to him and draped my leg over his as he put his arm under my neck. We smoked the joint as we lay there and sipped our drinks slowly.

My whole body was tingling and I had fuzziness about my brain that seemed to extend time for me. Doug’s cock was semi-hard and I was getting moister between my legs from the effects of the grass. I took his cock in my hand and he hardened immediately, his foreskin peeling back a bit from the head. He put out the joint and started to caress my nipples as I played with his cock. I watched as its head emerged as I pulled his foreskin down his shaft and it tipped downwards as I pulled the foreskin fully back.

Why is a foreskin attached to the underside of the head of a cock? Why doesn’t it pull right back from the head and leave it proud? Bad design department you have there God!

I kissed Doug and said, ”Wait there lover, I have something for you!”

I let go his hard cock and got off the bed and headed to the bathroom. I opened the towel closet and pulled out a box.
I opened it as this was what I was going to be wearing. Doug had no knowledge of it and had never seen it before but he was going to now and had better appreciate the lengths that I had gone to, to get it.

When browsing the internet one day, I had come across a link for an English lingerie company and expecting to see lingerie in the style of Victoria’s Secret I was stunned by the beauty, style and fabrics of the range of lingerie on offer. I had clicked on every thumbnail on the site and developed a sudden case of L.A.S.

Lingerie Acquisition Syndrome! If Doug could have G.A.S. (guitar acquisition syndrome) I could have L.A.S!

A pure silk chemise with a matching jacket caught my eyes, it also caught my breath when I looked at the price! It was over 200 dollars for the chemise and about the same for the jacket. One, I could get away with but buying them both was stretching my fun fund a little bit too far. Fuck it, it was my fun fund and I had already bought Doug a second hand guitar from it for his last birthday and I deserved a treat for me!
I ordered the chemise called ‘Katrina’ in gold, it wasn’t quite gold but more antique ivory looking instead. I completed in my measurements very carefully as these garments are hand made to order and on every step you are advised to check everything before completion. I knew mine well and they had been confirmed more than once by Elayne so I was confident I would get it right.
It had taken four weeks to come from England and the day the package arrived, I was so excited to see it for real.
The courier company dropped my package off mid-morning of that day and my level of excitement went up as soon as they put it in my hands! I laid the box on our bed and removed the shipping wrappings. My nipples tingled and I could feel wet heat between my thighs.
I had not even opened the box and here I was, getting hot for the first time that day and it was still morning!
I gently broke the seal, trying not to damage it, on the beautiful box and lifted the lid to find a little bouquet of dried flowers, that gave off a really nice fragrance, sitting on top of an embossed in gold tissue package that has a gold seal closing it.
Again I carefully opened the seal but as I came to the last little bit holding the tissue closed, it tore away and little gold filaments hung from the adhesive side.
‘Shit!’ I thought and then I opened up the four interleaved layers of the plain tissue underneath and there it was!

It glimmered in the daylight and I could see why they called it gold as I looked at it but as I moved around to block the sunlight it changed to antique ivory. Real neat, I thought, two colours for the price of one if I time it right.
I looked at the chemise lying in its tissue nest, neatly folded so that the plunge of lace at the bust was pillared by the lace inserts of the hem. I wanted to pick it up and hold it against my self in the mirror just like any other woman would want to do at this moment but I held back my rising desire and horniness to do so and just stroked the beautiful silk with my finger tips.
The right time and the right moment would be the first time I would let that incredible silk slide over my body.

Stop it right now, I scolded myself. I was getting hornier again just thinking about that moment and I was going to let nothing was going to spoil the moment of the wearing!

I was about to close the lid of the box and noticed that there was a high quality parchment envelop held to it by two bowed ribbons that matched the colour of my chemise. It was my name in elegant handwriting that I saw when I slid it out from under the complex bows.
So this is what nearly two hundred dollars plus freight get you? The most exquisite lingerie, tastefully packaged, a personally written card and rising horniness!
Wow! Even the envelop had a seal on it instead of being stuck down with adhesive or scotch tape.
This seal was different from the ones on the tissue papers, this was a genuine wax seal! It just gets better all of the time! I eased my nails under the seal and it parted in one piece from the envelop and I took out the folded sheet of matching paper and looked to see what it said.

“Dear Elizabeth,

We take great pleasure in forwarding to you, your completed order of our exquisite lingerie that you have chosen from our range.

We hope that your chosen lingerie will provide you with pleasure each time you wear it and we are readily at your service should you require to purchase any other garments from our lingerie collection.

Yours faithfully,

D***** (for D***)

This was written in the same hand that wrote my name on the outside of the envelop and I was amused at the “Englishness” of the note. Who ever it was that finalised their packaging, they really knew how to present the contents to the best of their ability and it made such a difference. I had bought lingerie by mail order before and it had come in a courier envelop, sealed inside a polythene bag with a computer printed invoice. US lingerie makers, take note!

This was the moment, this was the wearing of the lingerie, and this was now going to be ground zero!

I lifted the chemise from its box and let it hang by its straps as I looked at it yet again. I was wet when I came to get this and now I was feeling that there was now a flood in my pussy! I carefully laid it on the vanity unit and slid my arms through the body of the chemise and through the straps and raised it over my head.
The feel of that silk sliding over my arms and then over my shoulders and breasts was sensational! My nipples hardened instantly as the silk slid over them, the hem slid over my belly and stopped about a quarter way down my thighs suspended from my shoulders by the spaghetti straps. The feel of the silk was incredible as it moved against me when I turned to look in the mirror. My straining nipples had tented the silk below the detailed lace and embroidery making it jut out from my breasts.
I slowly smoothed my hands over my silk covered torso revelling in the sensation as the silk slid across my skin.

I was enjoying this so much that I nearly forgot that Doug was on the bed with a hard on waiting for me!

I had bought a pair of ivory, lace topped stockings that I hoped would be a perfect match to the chemise but they were slightly paler but should be alright. I took the stockings from their pack and sat down to put them on one at a time and revelled in the feeling as they slid up my legs to my thighs. I was sorely tempted to let my hands cross from the top of my stockings to my wet pussy but I resisted. Once they were on my legs I looked in the mirror again, the whole look was sensational! My nipples poked up the silk, there was a band of bare flesh between the tops of my stockings and the hem of the chemise. I gave my hair a quick brush out and dabbed some white musk between my breasts and on my pulse points. I was ready for what was going to happen!

I came back into our bedroom and stood at the bottom of the bed in front of Doug with a really provocative pose that showed off the combination in the candle light and his eyes devoured me from the top of my head to my stocking covered toes and back up again

“Is it my birthday or something?

“It’s something alright, my love, and something you are going to enjoy so much if you can keep your hands to yourself!”

I climbed onto the bed and straddled Doug’s thighs with my stocking clad ones as I sat on his knees. I reached over to my bedside unit and pulled the drawer open, there lay my Rampant Rabbit with new batteries just for the occasion. I lifted it out and a little something else that I would need for what I had in mind.

Doug’s cock was sticking up in front of me and its head was glistening with his pre-come. I brought the vibrator in front of me and Doug’s eyes widened when he saw it.

“Don’t move or touch me, Doug. I want you to watch me first and then you can do what you want to me.”

“That’s not fair!” he said, “here I am just home Bayan Escort and you look like every mans’ horniest fantasy!”

“Sssshhhh! Just watch and don’t do anything to yourself either!”

I switched on the rabbit and I tucked the hem of my chemise up so it would not get in the way. It buzzed gently in my hand and I brought it to my wet pussy lips. As soon as it touched me I moaned with pleasure, I was so aroused that my outer lips had opened up to reveal my wet cunt. I looked straight into Doug’s eyes and slowly slid it up and down my pussy wetting it with my juices that were dripping out of me now.
Doug’s gaze was directed to my pussy and he watched as I slid it up and down again then back onto my clitoris. I pressed its head against my clitoris and I felt the vibrations spread through my cunt. It was incredible, I was masturbating myself over his body with a rabbit vibrator.

I shifted my gaze to Doug’s hard cock and it was twitching as it stood up from his balls. I could see Doug was aroused just as much as I as a large pearl of his pre-come oozed out of the opening of his cock and hung attached to it like a pendant.

I switched on the rotation of the rabbit and Doug’s eyes widened even more as he saw it revolve and the white beads go round inside it. I let it slip to the opening of my cunt and I slowly pushed it into me until the ears were against my clitoris pleasuring me so intensely that I arched back and ground it hard against me.

“Liz, I want to fuck you now! I want to be inside of you!” Doug’s words snapped me back to reality a bit and I opened my eyes to see him grasp his cock and start to masturbate himself.

“If you don’t leave that alone you won’t get any surprise!” I said huskily to him.

Doug let go of his cock and it let out even more of his pre-come as it poised above his belly.

“You want me to lie here and do nothing while you make yourself come over me? That’s torture Liz, torture.”

“Now there is an idea! Lie back Doug and enjoy the show, you are not going to get tortured but going to get a present from me instead.”

Poor Doug! He must be on the point of boiling over watching me but I was not going to let him come or touch me until I was ready.

The rabbit was still churning away inside of me and the ears were driving my clitoris crazy with their vibrations. I was dripping juice from my cunt onto Doug’s thighs. I was so wet now and feeling the tide rise inside of me that would make me orgasm again. I was ready for Doug’s surprise.

They say that two cocks are better than one. I have no idea about this as I have never been so wanton as to have two men at the same time. If you were to ask any woman what her most intimate fantasy would be and I am sure that ninety percent of them would say to be fucked by two cocks at the same time. I love my husband and there is no way that I would entertain this idea of another man inside of me when making love to my husband. He is the only man I have been intimate with since we got married and it would make me feel like a slut if there was something else. I had another idea and that was what was coming next for Doug.

“Are you ready for your surprise now?” I asked him letting the rabbit slip out of my sopping wet cunt.

“More surprises? Oh God I am! I want to fuck to now, Liz, I want to be inside of you.”

“You will be in a minute,” I said as I got off Doug’s thighs and reached for the other thing I took from the drawer.

The look on his face was total amazement as I unscrewed the cap of the small tube of KY that I had bought for this moment and squirted some of the lubricant onto the finger tips of my right hand. I spread it over the head of his cock and down the shaft so it was well covered and I reached between my thighs to put some around my anus.

I put the top back on and looked at Doug who was still registering amazement at what his wife was doing to him and herself. It was all I could do not to start giggling!

“I want you to fuck my ass, Doug. I want to feel your cock in my ass. I want you to fuck me and come in my ass!”

I got on my knees and my chemise rode up to expose the curves of my ass cheeks and the naked tops of my thighs where the stockings ended. My knees were apart and I wanted my husband to put his cock in my ass.

Doug got to his knees behind me and positioned the head of his cock against my lubricated hole. I could feel the heat from the head of his cock against my anus and I pushed back a little against it to encourage him to enter me.

This is not the first time I have let Doug fuck me in the ass. Before the kids were born we used to do it just a few times a year as I wasn’t wanting to lose muscle tone or have a leaky asshole but we had not done it for a long time and the horniness that had built up in me over the last month had reached boiling point and I wanted to experience him coming in my ass again.

“Are you sure, Liz?” Doug asked in a slightly concerned voice.

“I wouldn’t be on my knees if I was not sure, Doug. Just take it slowly until you are all inside of me.”

Doug held his cock against me and I braced myself for the feeling I was going to experience from his cock. I could feel my anus start to stretch open as Doug gently pushed the head of his cock into my hole.

“Wait a minute, Doug. Let me get used to it again.” I gasped as it sat just inside of me. I had nearly forgotten what it felt like to have my ass hole filled with his cock and it was stretching me a bit painfully. Doug obliged by letting the head of his cock rest just inside of me as I felt the tightness of my hole ease a bit and I could push back against him to get more of his cock inside of me. Once the head of his cock had gotten past my sphincter muscle it was not as bad and I let Doug push a little more of his hard cock into me.

“Oh fuck, Liz! You feel incredible on my cock! I want to fuck your ass now!”

I could feel his cock push deeper into me and it got easier as more of his shaft slid into me.

“Take it slow, my love, you are so tight in me just now.”

Doug took his hand away from the shaft of his cock and I felt the last of it slide easier into me until his balls touched my drooling pussy. The edge of orgasm that I felt earlier had faded and now replaced with a totally new sensation.

I felt Doug’s hands cup my breast through the silk and he pinched my nipples gently as he held them. He was moving slowly inside my ass now and now the feeling became pleasurable.

“Oh God, Liz! You are incredible! You tell me on the phone that you made yourself come eleven times when I was away and now you are like some sex starved angel with my cock in your ass. I love you!”

“Will you shut up and just fuck my ass, stud of mine! I want to feel you coming in me there.”

I felt his cock pull out to the edge of my hole and then slide back inside me. It was so different from when he was in my cunt as I could feel myself stay open inside. The intensity I was feeling was getting stronger and I pushed my ass back against Doug’s gentle thrusts to feel more. I felt him quicken the thrusts of his cock in me and I could feel another orgasm start to build in me. There was something else I was going to do to make this a night to remember.

I took the rabbit in my hand and turned it on with everything going apart from the high speed and then I pressed its head against my open pussy lips and slowly pushed it into me.

Doug gasped in surprise as the vibrations went through my cunt and into his cock in my ass. I found it harder to get it inside of me due to Doug’s cock filling my ass and pressing me internally but it slipped into my dripping pussy when he drew back to thrust into me again. When the rabbit was inside of me, the pressure from Doug’s cock as he pushed it into my ass, pushed it against my g spot and the ears away from my clitoris. When he pulled back it came away from my g spot and then the ears went to work on my clitoris. I still had Doug’s hands teasing my breasts and nipples and the sensations from them all coursed through my body like high voltage. I was having a ball!
“Liz! I’m coming!!!” Doug’s voice registered in my mind as I felt my orgasm come to the surface.

His cock was almost pounding my ass hole now and it was all I could do to stay on my knees. I let go of the vibrator as my cunt started to spasm. I could feel my ass hole trying to close on Doug’s cock at the same time. The rabbit was still wriggling away inside of me and then Doug grabbed my hips and shoved his cock so hard into me that the rabbit fell out and everything inside of me exploded at once!

I felt Doug’s soaking wet balls slap against my pussy lips as his cock exploded inside of me. I was gone! I had blown my fuse and I could feel my come flood my aching pussy and drip from me. I knocked the rabbit away from under my heaving body and literally fell off of Doug’s spurting cock. I felt the last of his come hit my ass cheeks and some land on the silk on my back.

The spasms I felt in my pussy eased off and I could feel the cool air of the room inside my ass! It was still open and Doug’s slippery load oozed out of me to join my come seeping out of my pussy.

Doug collapsed partly on top of me and he hugged me to him. I lay there totally shattered, seeing dancing spots in front of my eyes. I was totally fucked and could not move.

Doug eased me off my front and held me in his arms facing him. He looked at my perspiring face and kissed me hard. I could barely respond to him but I managed to get an arm around his neck and pull his head onto my silk covered breasts which were still heaving as I gasped air.

“I think that I need to stay away more often. Liz if this is the homecoming I get. You were incredible! No wonder I love you so much!”

I opened my eyes and looked at him. “Don’t even think about staying away for that length of time and don’t think that this is going to be a regular thing. This was a special night and they are not special if you do it all the time.”

I snuggled closer to Doug and kissed his mouth.

If you are lucky we can do this again on your birthday!” I sniggered, “but in the meantime, go wash your cock, I want to suck it!”

Author Notes.

All the descriptions mentioned in the story are true and correct and for those who want to be anal about it, you can work out a lot about us and appreciate that good wholesome (hee hee!) erotic sex is for all!

I want to point out that I am not a whore or slut. I am a mother, wife and lover in that order and that what I have written here and in previous submissions is the intimacy that I enjoy with my husband that I would share with no other man.

By the way, the chemise in this true story does exist but the packaging description is the author’s fancy! If you are a woman reading this then you will know what I mean about opening such a package like this, but if you are a man, learn what excites a woman more. It is not that god awful trashy crap that passes for lingerie that you seem to think that we want to wear but lingerie that is designed to make a woman feel more sensual.

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