The Jackson Family Ch. 6


“So it never occurred to you?”

Mary was on her knees behind her daughter fixing the hem of Jenny’s tunic.

“No, of course not. I thought it was just a fantasy. Some idealised ‘school girl’, not you darling. Not his own daughter!”

Jenny admired the little navy blue tunic in her mother’s full-length mirror. Mary was taking it up expertly to just a few inches below her daughter’s crotch.

“Golly, mother, the lust of fathers for their daughters was one the first things we learned in Psych.,” intoned Jenny, rather pompously. She experimented with undoing a few buttons on her crisp white shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra. “And, of course, the lust of beautiful mothers for their handsome sons,” she added, giggling.

Mary slapped her daughter’s bottom playfully and laughed, “Oh you are terrible, Jenny Jackson. You’re being very cruel to your Mommy.”

Jenny smiled broadly, and fiddled with the top of her sheer black stockings. The contrast between their darkness and the whiteness of her thighs was very sexy, she thought.

“Keep still dear,” said Mary.

“When did you start playing student-and-teacher for Daddy?”

“Oh, only about six years ago,” said Mary.

“About the time I started high school. Oh Mommy you really are such a dolt.”

Mary sighed, “I suppose I am. I just didn’t think. It’s not the thing you expect from your husband. I am not even sure he knew, not really.”

“So when did you know you were going to fuck Tommy?”

Mary was about to admonish her daughter for bad language, then she realised the absurdity of it. After all, only a couple of hours ago, obscenities were spilling from her own mouth as she was being assfucked by her son, and, god help her, cumming as she was being spanked by her own children.

“It was so sudden darling,” she said thoughtfully, “I hadn’t planned anything at all. I am sure I didn’t think of Tommy, you know, ‘sexually’, until the incident in the bath. I know there were times last summer around the pool when I admired his developing body, but it was just admiration, that’s all.”

She leant forward and bit off the strand of black cotton she was using. A whiff of her daughter’s sex floated into her nostrils.

“Hmmm,” said Jenny doubtfully, “I am sure there must have been something subliminal going on.” She was being pompous again.

“Right, finished. Am I all set for your surprise?” asked Mary, standing back to admire her handiwork.

“Gosh no, not for ages yet. You have to give Daddy his dinner and fill him up with some nice wine first,” smiled Jenny knowingly.

Greg Jackson lay back on the sofa cushions, stretched the elastic of his track suit pants and belched loudly.

“Gregory, please. Manners!” said Mary in mock horror.

Her husband chuckled and wiggled his toes, enjoying the warmth of the open fire. He took another sip of his rich red wine.

“What more can a man ask for? Excellent food, an open fire, a really pleasant wine…hmmm….” and sighed, “A wonderful family to share my life.” He closed his eyes sleepily.

It had been a strange sort of evening. Jenny was unusually attentive, listening in fascination to his talk of golf. Sympathising effusively when he told her about losing a ball on the 17th. Giving his shoulders a lovely massage when he complained of some stiffness. He was sure it was only his imagination that her breasts were being deliberately rubbed against his naked neck. He had cursed himself yet again for not wearing jeans when she’d done that, but Mary had laid out comfortable clothing for him after his bath. She didn’t usually do that. He felt kind of vulnerable without underclothing.

Mary and Tommy seemed a little strange tonight too. Hugging each other and touching each other. Not the kind of thing fifteen year old boys often did. Hope he’s not turning into some kind of mommy’s boy, thought Greg vaguely.

And they insisted he have the sofa. Mary had turned off the TV and put on some good cool jazz, softly. What a pleasant evening it had been. Everything was just perfect.

An image of his embarrassment with Jenny’s panties escort resimleri confused his warm feelings, but memory of the ecstasy of the car park returned them. All too puzzling for a simple man, he thought. He closed his eyes.

“Where’s Jenny?” he asked lazily.

“She’s in her room changing into something more comfortable dear.”

Greg opened his eyes a little. That’s strange too, he thought. Tommy had turned an arm chair around so it faced the sofa. It always faced the TV he remembered, and frowned to himself. Tommy was sitting in the chair and his mother was curled up at his feet. He was gently fondling Mary’s luxuriant hair, watching him.

“Hello Daddy,” whispered Jenny. He didn’t bother opening his eyes.

“Hello darling”. He could feel her breath. Then a shock as he felt her tongue wash his ear. His eyes snapped opened. “Wha…..”

Standing before him was The Vision. The fantasy which had haunted him for the last five or six years. Jenny was dressed in the little blue tunic and the starched white shirt over which she had thrown her old school blazer. The white school emblem stood out clearly in the half light against the black fabric. His eyes wandered to her legs. Incongruously, but perfectly, she was wearing shiny black high heels. Her black stockings disappeared beneath her skimpy skirt but he could see she was wearing sexy black suspenders. She sat down next to his hips, trapping him between her and the back of the sofa. Her breasts swayed sensuously beneath her shirt. The buttons were undone to the waist and her delicious globes almost spilled out. Her nipples were already hard. Her face took his breath away. She had bright red lipstick and heavy mascara. She had pig tails. The vision. His schoolgirl-whore. It was his daughter.

“Jenny, what on earth are you doing….”, his voice cracked.

“I’m making sure my darling daddy is feeling nice,” said Jenny in a little girl’s voice. Her hand rested on his groin. He was quite flaccid, but her fingers could easily find the mammoth cock.

Greg forced a crooked grin, “Heh heh, is this some kind of joke?” But he knew it wasn’t, Jenny’s hand was sensuously massaging his penis.

“Daddy liked his little Jenny doing this in the car park, didn’t Daddy?” She kept up her little girl’s voice.

“Jenny!” cried Greg, and glanced urgently at his wife. Tommy and Mary were just sitting there, watching. He tried to sit up, but Jenny leant on his chest with her arm and pushed him down. She was surprisingly strong.

“Daddy spurted all his lovely white stuff into Jenny’s panties didn’t he? Jenny liked that.”

Greg glared at his daughter and hissed, “Is this some kind of punishment?”

In reply, Jenny took her father’s hand and guided to her breast. His fingers closed around its perfect form. She leant forward and breathed on his lips, then her tongue snaked out and licked them, making little slurping noises. Then she kissed him gently and deeply, her tongue chasing his around his mouth. She felt his huge cock spring to life and begin the throb, her fingers actually spread as blood engorged his huge member.

“Oh yes, Daddy, I am going to torture you.”

Her hand was no longer subtle and gentle on his cock, it moved forcefully and roughly, indecently and obviously masturbating her father. His shaft was now stretched out along his belly. She unhooked the elastic over his cock, exposing it. The sudden rush of warm air made him panic. His head snapped to Mary.

His eyes bulged.

Their positions had not changed. Tommy was still sitting comfortably in the armchair, and Mary was sitting serenely at his feet. But Tommy had stripped naked. The fire’s shadows played across his chest and lit up his handsome cock which was standing high and erect in his lap. He looked like some pagan god. Both hands had slipped into Mary’s dress and were fondling her beautiful breasts. He made no effort to disguise what he was doing. His son was brazenly violating his wife right before his eyes.

Mary smiled sweetly and reassuringly at Greg.

It gaziantep escort resimleri was surreal. Greg looked at his daughter. She was lovely. Her bright red lips caught the light.

“You’re going to fuck me, daddikins. You’re going to fuck your little girl.”

She took his hand and guided it to her milky thigh. He groped clumsily. Then Jenny stood up, and lifted her skirt by the hem. She wasn’t wearing panties, instead her stocking and suspenders framed her crotch. She had shaved. Completely. Her cunt was completely bald, its puffy lips perfectly emphasising the deep slit. Greg gasped, he had never seen anything so beautiful, so enticing.

He looked at his wife again. She was idly masturbating her son, both were watching him. Greg began to think he was drugged. He didn’t care any more. His massive cock was quivering with excitement.

He arms looped behind Jenny’s buttocks and brought her closer to him and he gently kissed her cunt, and tongued her.

“Oooh, that feels nice, daddikins,” said Jenny, returning to her little girl’s voice.

Greg was breathing raggedly. His donkey-like schlong waved obscenely. Greg eased Jenny down onto the floor, never taking his sloppy lips and probing tongue from her cunt. He spread her legs to better bury his face in his daughter’s nest. Jenny’s hips started to writhe, and her breathing became heavier, her magnificent breasts pointed proud and firm, her nipples hard in the warm air. Greg looked at his wife again. She was kneeling in front of her son, sucking his cock, one hand wrapped tightly around the shaft, her head plunging up and down. She was mirroring him. Greg knelt between his daughter’s legs, he took his club in his hand. He heard a shuffling of positions, and knew his son was about to fuck his mother.

Jenny opened her legs wider and bent her knees. He could see her cunt shine in the firelight, whether it was his saliva or her juices, he didn’t really care. A droplet of pre-cum dribbled from his dick like a strand of honey and fell on her belly.

“Do me Daddy. Do whatever you want. Whatever you need to do.”

Greg heard a soft moan coming from his wife. He lowered himself down, his great purple head positioned just outside his daughter’s tiny pussy. He nuzzled it cock softly into her cunt lips. Jenny’s hips rose to meet him.

“Oh don’t tease me, Daddy.”

Greg pressed his body down on his little girl, slowly easing himself into her, a few inches at a time. Jenny’s back arched and gasped loudly. Holding her breath.

“Are you okay, honey?”

“Ye…yes, Daddy”, came the strangled reply.

She pushed her own hips forward, meeting her invader. Greg had six inches deep within her cunt now. Jenny clung to his shoulders, fingernails cutting into him. He eased the remaining three inches into her. She mewled and bit his chest. Slowly he withdrew a few inches and re-entered her. “Aaaaaah,” sighed Jenny. And again he withdrew slightly and penetrated.

It was hurting Jenny but the stimulation of his fat long cock was nothing like she had ever felt. She wrapped her legs around her father, locking her legs on his buttocks. Greg started a steady rhythm as he felt his daughter’s juices start to flow.

“Oh Daddy…”

Greg heard his son grunting rapidly and wet noises were coming from his wife’s cunt. She was whispering to him words of praise and encouragement. Little gasps followed Tommy’s grunts.

Jenny scratched her father’s back with her long fingernails, and hunched into him. Her tits were mashed against her father’s wide strong chest. Her cunt clenched tightly around Greg’s cock.

He raised himself up on his arms to take the weight off his little girl and looked at her. Sweat had matted her hair across her forehead, her mascara had run from silent tears, her eyes were ablaze. He had never seen anything so lewd in his life. His cock was wrapped by his daughter’s cunt! The very thought made him grow tighter and larger within her. He lowered himself down and kissed her gently, his tongue probing her mouth. He could taste her gaziantep escort bayan resimleri lipstick. Her tongue played with his. In the background he could hear his son’s debauchery, and the urgent whispered cries of his wife. Greg couldn’t prevent his cock begin to ram home into his daughter, his hips began bucking of their own accord, the pistoning picked up speed.

“Oh yesssss, Daddy,” spat Jenny, “Oooh, you’re really doing it, you’re fucking me! Mommy, he’s fucking me, Daddy’s fucking his little girl!”

Greg’s cock was well lubricated by his daughter’s cunt juices now and his movements became hard and violent. Her jugs bounced and rocked. She flung her arms out wide, submitting to her defilement. Her jaw was slack, her tongue lolled, drool leaked from her mouth. Greg bore down on her harder, pulling out almost to the engorged tip, and then plunged his nine inches back into his daughter.

Jenny’s body started to tremble and shiver, her legs kicked, her eyes were wide open. Her body was racked with pleasure. She took great gulps of air.

“Ah! Ah! Mommy help me! Mommy I can’t stop.” Her little body writhed and contorted and twisted under her father, “Can’t stop …. cumming …. Daddy … CUMMING …. too much…”

Greg felt a movement by his side. It was Mary. She was on her knees, her hands rested on Greg’s back. For a terrible moment, he thought she would intervene, but Mary wiped away the sweaty hair from her daughter’s face and smiled.

“You’re doing fine darling. Let it come. Let Daddy make you cum. It’s okay.”

She slid her hand from Greg’s back to his ass and spread her fingers across his muscular, thrusting cheeks and pushed him in rhythm with his thrusting. She ran a naughty finger along his ass crack, and tickled his anus, dipping a knuckle-length into him. Greg recoiled and fucked Jenny even more violently.

Mary’s face went down next to Jenny’s. She gently stroked her chest, smoothing the sweat away, then her hands played with her daughter’s breasts, toying with her hard nipples, pinching them slightly. Jenny’s eyes were wide with fear and lust and excitement, her tits rolled as she twisted and groaned under her father.

“Mommy…it won’t stop…Daddy’s making me cum too much.”

“It’s okay darling,” cooed her mother. She lowered her head and let her lips play with her daughter’s. Jenny raised herself to meet her mother’s mouth. Their lips met, Mary pushed her tongue into her daughter’s wet, welcoming mouth. Their tongues danced. Their lips mashed against each other’s.

It was too much for Greg. The sight was overwhelming. His cock exploded. His cum poured into his daughter. It roped out of him and filled her cunt and flooded her womb. Pulse followed powerful throb as his mighty balls emptied into his daughter.

“OOOOH! JENNY!” was all he could cry before collapsing heavily onto her body.

The four of them ate their breakfast silently. Each lost in their own fearful thoughts. Each of them remembering the extraordinary couplings which continued on after Greg had regained his strength and Jenny’s cunt had stopped spasming. Tommy of course was always ready. Mary’s mothering instincts had been discarded and for the first time in her life, she had licked a woman’s pussy. And it was her daughters. Tommy had fucked his mother in the ass again while she rode her husband’s mighty cock. And so it went till they staggered to sleep.

There was just the clink of cutlery and embarrassed coughs at the table. Greg shifted uncomfortably in his chair. He stood up, adjusted himself, and sat down again. He looked grumpy.

“Geez, Jenny,” he began, “you nearly bit my cock off last night!”

The absurdity of it struck Tommy first and he snorted his cereal out his nose his shoulders heaving, trying not to laugh. Jenny giggled. Mary started to chuckle, then they were all roaring with laughter, tears rolling down their cheeks.

“What a family!” Someone said.

About a week later, Mary wandered into the lounge where Jenny was reading.

“I’ve been thinking about what you said.”

“What was that Mommy?” asked Jenny.

“When you asked when I first knew I was going to fuck Tommy.”


“You said there was probably something subliminal. Something I was thinking about all the time, without realising it.”

“Yes, probably.”

Mary picked up her cell phone, and smiled.

“I think I’ll call your grandfather to see if he’s busy this weekend.”


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