The Jehova Witness Ch. 02

Teen (18+)

Monday morning and I was thinking of last Saturday when a 41-year-old Filipina Jehovah Witness door to door missionary, Jenalynne, with some encouragement from me, had competed against my 36-year-old Vietnamese wife in a double dildo contest. Jenalynne had won the contest and the looser Phoung had to watch me fuck the victorious Filipina. And I must say it was an extremely good fuck too.

Something had alerted me to the fact that the slim Filipina may have some submissive tendencies, so I had used the carrot and stick technique. I had promised her 10 signatures from my employees at my workplace as she was behind in her required Jehovah Witness monthly quota as the carrot. The stick was 5 or so new thongs of Phoung that I had given her and ordered her to wear under the conservative, old-fashioned clothes the Jehovah Witness women wore. Noncompliance meaning no signatures.

But it was 10 o’clock, 1 hour after the time I had told her to be here, and it looked like it was a no show from the Filipina Jehovah Witness. Ah well, I thought, at least I had the satisfaction of watching a long sexfight and participating in the victory fuck last Saturday morning.

Buzz. Buzz. Another customer I thought. Good, keep the dollars rolling in. I looked up from my computer and saw Jenalynne complete with her wheeled suitcase of JW propaganda. She had made changes to her clothing. The shapeless black outfit had been replaced. But replaced with an even more unflattering brown almost neck to ankle-length dress, and she still wore her flat black lace-up shoes. Her mid-length hair was tied into a bun which made her look older and like a prim schoolmistress from a black and white movie. My heart sunk. My hopes were dashed. Sunday had been a one-off.

She took in my office and her eyes widened. All 10 of my Accounting employees were females aged between 21 and 26 and dressed as though it was Asia night at the Love Machine nightclub in Prahran. All were top honours graduates from Melbourne university, and all were competitors in the Tet new year Vietnamese best body contests where the finalists discarded their nightclub wear to parade in transparent lingerie or microkini before the judges and audience. 6 of the 10 had undergone tit jobs ranging from tasteful to extreme. They were a middle-aged Vietnamese businessman’s dream. From my viewpoint, I don’t get the older man young woman thing, but each to his own and it certainly drove my business income.

I paid well above going rates plus there was my incentive scheme. A large whiteboard listed the 10 female employees ranked in total $s for new clients, existing clients who had spent more than their target minus existing customers who had not reached their target or ended their services with us. The totals were updated weekly. Bonuses were paid on these rankings every 6 months but the lowest-ranked one employment ceased and she was replaced by anew face or should I say body. It certainly made them do anything to keep the client. At present, with 2 weeks left, Lien, Thuyet and Mai were working overtime to avoid that fate and like all my employees were more than willing to go the extra mile. I had no shortage of applicants and I supposed I should be making a shortlist soon. Mai, who had been with me 2 years was in real trouble being the 10th ranked.

I escorted Jenalynne to my office and closed the door. She started to open her suitcase to get her lecture materials out and organised. I stopped her saying, “No need for that. They will all sign. All you need is the form for them to receive further information.” Good luck to the JW trying to get my staff to dress conservatively I thought. “Now, more important than that is what I told you to do on Saturday. Have you done it?’

She looked bewildered for a moment before nodding her head in agreement. I stepped forward, reached down and started lifting her skirt towards her waist. As I did on Saturday I noticed how shapely and toned her legs were especially for a 40 plus Filipina, most of whom had progressed to thick bellies and flabby thighs by this age. She shuddered as my hands went higher to her thighs. I reached her waist and bunched the thick brown material and opened my eyes and feasted on a tiny red thong with her porn star style trimmed pussy hair stubble extending above it.

I nodded my approval and said, “That’s satisfactory. You listened and followed instructions. I did some thinking on Sunday and now we will have a serious talk while you suck me off from under the desk. You can strip now.”

I sat down behind my desk and watched the 41-year-old Filipina discard her Jehovah Witness unadventurous outfit, then her bra, and finally Phoung’s micro thong. Yes, I wasn’t imagining things 2 days ago; her nipples were massive. She got down on all fours and scrambled under my desk. I felt her hands undo my belt, then attack my fly and I lifted my hips so she could lower my trousers to the ankles. I heard her gasp as she realised I had no underwear as I had come to work hoping events would unravel.

“Just the cockhead for now. This is going to take a long time, but I want you to make my staff hear me when Escort I cum. You can stop sucking to answer my questions otherwise concentrate on that meat in front of your face. Have you got all that?”

I took the noises from under the desk to mean yes and I felt her tongue make contact with my cock head and start exploring its eye. I started. “I presume this Mr Robert Wilmot, your husband, is a sort of master and instructs you what to do sexually.”

The tongue licking my cock head stopped and a hesitant “Yes,” come from under the desk.

“And I take it you are a willing sub and enjoy this?”

A pause, then, “Yes and no.”


“Yes, I get turned on and cum hard, really turned on when he tells me what to do, but……,” she trailed off.

“But what?”

It came with a jumbled rush. “Well, he only orders me to do anal, perhaps because I can’t see his small 4 inch cock when he is behind me. That is why your monster was so good Saturday. And I am 41, he only fantasises on big tit, young Asians and you can know I am small titted yet you fucked me in front of your wife and she is same as me over 40.” A bit catty I thought as Phoung was a young-looking 36. She continued, “He has no discipline over me except money, Jehovah witnesses can’t even divorce, so he can’t send me back to Cebu, and he is old only wants it maybe once a couple of months; the rest of time he watches porn on the internet.”

I dissected and analysed what she had said. I smiled at the thought of my monster cock. Hell, I was average or below; certainly not one of those who strutted without a towel around the sport changing room. I took it all in and changed my plans. And Phoung would go berserk if she heard someone say she was over 40. She was 36 but prided herself on looking late 20’s.

I managed not to smile as I said, “Take that monster in your mouth and work on it and listen. “After Saturday I did some thinking and I was right, you need to be controlled sexually. Before I was thinking of having you as we did 2 days ago two or three times a month, but what you said changes things.’

Jenalynne redoubled her efforts managing to both suck my cock and use her tongue on it simultaneously. I groaned and said, “And what you are doing down there helps too. Now I am considering replacing Mr Robert Wilmot as your master, but it will be a big change for you, and I won’t take anything less than total acceptance from you. At the present you are only commanded to do one thing, anal, and that only every couple of months. You would be looking at 2 or 3 times a day in every imaginable and conceivable form of fucking with no limits and no option of refusal. That would be the daily regular meal.”

Her mouth was going up and down on my rod like a piston in the engine of a restored Mustang. “You can play with yourself but don’t stop giving me pleasure.” She took one hand away from my tool and almost immediately I could hear the squelching sounds coming from her wet slit.

“Then there are special meals for an occasion. Think exhibitionism and public nudity, bestiality, swinger nights, golden showers, BDSM, gang bangs: male, female and mixed. Whatever I feel is necessary I will order you to do.” I was leaking precum and she was syphoning it up like a man stranded in the desert who has found a waterhole.

“Finally, eating out. And I like to eat out regularly. You may have noticed how horny I became when you were sexfighting my wife Phoung. Despite the fact, you lacked experience and her technical tricks you beat her one on one. I expect to fuck you in front of her once a week after you beat her in your regular sexfights. She will be fighting for what she values most, $25,000, and I hate giving money away so losing on your part is not an option.”

She lifted her mouth off my stiff cock. “I want to catfight her too. Can I?”

I groaned which she took as a yes and went back to her work. I managed to continue without cumming, “You probably don’t know but there is The Melbourne Filipina Wives club. It has about 950 members, all with Filipina wives whom they share with other members, or compete in Club events and fights. I am an honorary member because I do all the overseas money transfers, prepare the financial contracts so no member will be burnt by divorce by his Filipina wife, and the paperwork with the immigration department.”

I had become involved in the first place because I did the accounts for “The Prez” who was about 60, a wealthy plastic surgeon and the unofficial president. He was old enough to remember the good old days before the Australian Government passed the law that you couldn’t marry a foreigner for 7 years after a divorce from a previous immigrant. In those good old days you could marry a little brown fucking machine, bring her to Australia, divorce her after a year or so and by the time the paperwork was ready in the Philippines you had your decree nisi (final divorce) here in Oz and brought out the next wife. He got around that by bringing them here as adult English students to the school run by a Chinese immigrant Wu Xian where you paid your school fees and they were Escort Bayan marked as present all year and given pass grades, or as sisters, cousins, aunts etc (Philippines Paperwork/bribery) of his wife and therefore entitled to immigrate. Being wealthy he had 7 Filipinas in his house: A house big enough to match his sex drive.

The Club has bought an old hotel just outside Melbourne and the many bedrooms and large open area downstairs bar were perfect for the club’s activities. About 10 to 15 % of the brides were Angeles City or other area bargirls, who know what they are getting into, but the remainder were Filipinas looking for “God-fearing, honest family men and marriage”, and they quickly learnt there was no such thing as a free lunch.

“I will be competing you against them,” I finished.

Jenalynne was in a frenzy beneath the desk working on my tool and frigging her clit and I was getting close to flooding her tonsils, but I kept going. “Then there are the Filipinas married to Filipinos living here. You are going to start a sex club with them as well.”

She stopped sucking and managed to speak. “But if here is like Canada those stuck up Filipinas have nothing to do with the mail order brides.”

“Same here,” I replied. “But you will not be a mail-order bride. You will be a successful financial advisor working here and specializing in tax work and arranging house loans and conveyancing for the Philippine community. You will be respected not looked down on and attract them like flies to honey. Enslave and sexually destroy the more uppity ones who oppose you. Oh, about when you are working here. You probably noticed the way my employees dress. You will make them look like they are dressed for a funeral or going to church. Understood?”

This time she came so hard she reared back and her head hit the desk.

“Finally, we have the discarded mail order brides living on the dole and in Government housing. You are going to organize them into 24 7 webcam girls packed 10 to an apartment where they can earn a little tax-free cash and still get their government pensions. These women will be your guinea pigs to use for training or experimenting in say BDSM. Of course, all profits from our ventures are yours for looking after your family back home or spending on yourself.”

How I managed to finish my speech I don’t know, but I did, before blowing a long cum into her mouth and then pulling out to finish it over her face. She scrambled out from under the desk naked, her face covered with jizz with long strands trailing onto her tits. Somehow, under the desk, she had also managed to strip naked.

“What about my husband, Robert? How do we handle him and get you to replace him?”

“He’s a Jehovah Witness and respected elder. What he is doing, the anal sex and internet porn is prohibited. If that became public he would be stripped of his office which he probably values more than you.”

“But it is my word against his. They won’t believe a Filipina.”

I opened a cupboard and took out the latest in miniature spy cameras. It’s wonderful how small the Chinese can make them. “Here will be the proof. Now shut your eyes and bend over and place your hands on the desk.”

As she did I pressed the buzzer on my desk. Seconds later Jenalynne’s body stiffened and she howled as her pussy took the 10-inch strap-on Mai had rammed into Jenalynne who was bent doggy style at the desk. Mai had one hand grabbing Jenalynne hair pulling her head up and back and arching her back. Her other hand was pressed firmly into Jenalynne’s back forcing her down on to the desk and stabilizing her for the strap-on fucking she was receiving.

As Jenalynne shrieked and her eyes widened I said, “I believe Mai is issuing you a sexfight challenge because if she defeats you she will gain immunity from dismissal due to finishing last in the 6-month review of my employees. I am telling you I would be extremely displeased if you lost and would have to terminate the arrangements we have been discussing.”

I switched my eyes back to the action. Mai, a very attractive 23-year-old Vietnamese 5ft 4in, 34 24 35 had a great firm body, smooth skin, long straight shining black hair, round face, full lips and real slut eyes. She was dressed in her normal business style: a red halter neck top, and a micro-short black mini skirt. Her outfit was rather compromised by the black rubber dong attached to a strap on that she was driving into the 41-year-old naked cum splattered Filipina. Despite being an honours student and graduating 3rd overall in business and Finance at the prestigious Melbourne University, she was a regular place winner in the Melbourne Vietnamese Best Body competition where Vietnamese women competed fiercely in their lingerie to proudly parade their bodies. But facts were facts. She was the lowest-ranked of my 10 female employees who were all judged by their client income for 6 months with the lowest being, in the words of Donald Trump, fired. What I had offered gave her a chance for immunity.

Jenalynne, the Filipina, was 18 years older and was 32B 24 32 and 95 pounds, fine-boned with Bayan Escort a small featured face with a medium feathered hairstyle. At present, my cum dripped from her face as she lay bent doggie style on the desk, her cunt being frantically drilled by Mai’s strap on. Her demure clothing, as she was a Jehovah Witness because her husband, Robert, had coerced her into that faith, lay in a bundle on the floor. It had been discarded before she knelt under my desk giving me a blow job.

As Jenalynne shrieked and her eyes widened I said, “Are you accepting Mai’s challenge that gives her immunity from dismissal and which if you lose would terminate the arrangements we have been discussing.”

“That’s right, Filipina bitch. You are my ticket to safety in the current employment market. Fuck, you are old enough to be my grandmother, though she is sexier. Now let’s get down to it and I’ll use the strap-on on you again when I win.”

“Fuck you, you Vietnamese slut. Of course, I’ll do it, and in front of Greg.”

The 8 inches of rubber distended Jenalynne’s cunt as it was pulled out, finally exiting with a long plopping sound. The harsh fluorescent lighting of my office starkly showed Mai’s slut eyes and also illuminated the faint triangle of tattooed dots on Jenalynne’s cheekbone which I had not noticed previously. I knew from my contact with the Melbourne Filipina Wives Club that they signalled that she had been a gang member back home in the Philippines. My thoughts were interrupted by Mai who pulled Jenalynne off the desk, slapped her and cried, “This job will be mine. I’ll fuck you till you crawl out of this room defeated.”

Mai stripped quickly, and I noted for future purposes went commando at work. She attacked immediately and used her youthful strength acquired from her daily Zumba classes to sit at my desk and drape the still stunned Jenalynne’s face up on her lap. Moving the chair, she trapped the Filipina’s ankles under the L extension of the desk and pulled out the keyboard tray pinning Jenalynne’s waist between her thighs and the extended tray. Jenalynne was immobilized.

Mai started. Her finger slowly moved over one of Jenalynne’s huge nipples, teasing it. It soon went to three-quarters of an inch and wasn’t finished. A squeeze and a pull resulted in the nipple hardening to an inch. Jenalynne panted heavily and irregularly, her eyes watching Mai play with her tits. Her nipple was stretched further and poked out past the finger and thumb rolling it back and forth slowly. Her breathing deepened and her lips were open. Her eyes closed as the sensations washed over her. Mai’s hand moved up slowly and touched the tip of the still extending nipple. Now at full length, it extended to over an inch and Jenalynne shivered and moaned again. Her finger went lower and Jenalynne shuddered and closed her eyes. At the touch of the first exquisitely painted fingernail, she groaned and the finger tightened around the nipple and she felt an almost electric spark between her legs. Mai’s fingers were rolling the nipple back and forth and pulling on it.

Mai bent and took a long nipple into her mouth and ran her tongue over it. It extended right out into the top of her mouth and she felt a wave of heat in her mouth. Her nipples reacted and like the Filipinas were now hard and erect.

“I’m going to do you long and slow while Greg watches. You might even get me a bonus.”

Jenalynne was now panting heavily. “I’m going to come. Oh, God, That’s good. Oh, Oh, Ungh, Unch,Unnnnnnnnnnnn.” She started to shake and came hard. Mai pulled her head away and watched. Her own body was shaking with power and the thoughts of what she was going to do to the Filipina. She put her head down and said, “Let’s do you now and finish you, looser,” growled Mai and starting sucking on Jenalynne’s tit. Jenalynne groaned and groaned in response.

“Shit. Crap. Oh, shit. Suck it. Oh, suck it.”

She was on fire. Mai pushed her on her back on to the desk and kept sucking, moving from one tit to the other. Jenalynne began tossing her hips and moving her head from side to side. Mai slipped a finger down Jenalynne’s belly and began to stroke her stubble shaven, porn triangle-shaped pubic hair. The smell of hot cunt filled the room and Jenalynne began to cry out. A finger slipped inside the inner fold and found her clit. As soon as it brushed by, Jenalynne arched up off the desk and came, groaning loudly and grunting as the waves of pleasure gripped her stomach and interrupted her breathing. Mai slipped a finger inside her own cunt and came as well.

Mai leaned further forward and slowly took Jenalynne’s cunt into her mouth and buried her nose inside her cunt. She ran her tongue over the length of her clit and began to suck. Jenalynne shuddered and climaxed. Her hips were thrusting as she leaned back and grunted, over and over. Jenalynne was grunting. “Ungh. Ungh. Ungh.” It was a low, continuous, rhythmical grunting. Sweat was beading on her forehead and upper lip. Mai was stroking and pulling on Jenalynne’s small breasts, as she licked up the cunt juice issuing from Jenalynne, trickling over her asshole, before stopping to push and probe her slit again with her tongue. Jenalynne’s clit grew firmer and was jerking of its own accord. Jenalynne yelled out as she climaxed again. A flood of cunt juice poured out of Jenalynne and down Mai’s throat.

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