The Ladies Golf Team


Sylvia Linighan, aged sixty-eight, was the captain of the senior ladies section of her local golf club and they had a very important match coming up. It was the final match of the league season for senior ladies teams and a win or a draw would give the league title to the club, a title that they had not won for more than a decade.The opposition was the only team that could wrest the title from them and a win for them would see them take the title for the third consecutive year.The team that Sylvia captained was particularly strong and very experienced this year and they were confident of getting enough points from the eight singles matches to win them the league although the opposition did have a couple of very good players.The day before the match, Hillary Middleton-Smyth a committee member of similar age to Sylvia requested to see Sylvia at Hillary’s home.Hillary was very much a lesbian and she had several female lovers on the go including some ladies from the golf club but she had never bedded Sylvia, although she would rather like to have done.Sylvia arrived at Hillary’s house and they exchanged pleasantries. Sylvia was a bit wary of the reasons for her being there because although she was no stranger to lesbian sex herself, Hillary did not appeal to her.”You do understand the significance of this match tomorrow, don’t you Sylvia?” said Hillary.”Yes of course; we have not won the league for years and we have a good chance of winning it now,” replied Sylvia.”I am telling you that you must win it,” continued Hillary.”Well, we will do our best and I am confident that we will,” said Sylvia.”I said you must win it and I will hold you personally responsible if you do not,” Hillary went on.”Well there are eight in each team and we will all be doing our best but I think it is a bit unfair to make me responsible for the performances of the other seven ladies,” protested Sylvia.”Not only make you responsible but I am telling you now that if the trophy is not ours by tomorrow evening I will cane your bottom,” said Hillary.”You are joking aren’t you?” said a disbelieving Sylvia.”No I am certainly not joking; If your team loses the match tomorrow you will report here, bare your bottom and take a dozen strokes of the cane,” said Hillary.”Don’t be ridiculous,” responded Sylvia.”I am not being ridiculous and if you lose the match then that is exactly what will happen,” said a very serious-looking Ankara bayan escort Hillary.Ms Middleton-Smyth was also a local magistrate and she often wished that she could cane some of the females that appeared before her. She did use the cane on some of her lovers and even occasionally had it applied to her own large bottom.”This is stupid; You can’t; I won’t let you,” Sylvia continued her protests.”Then you had better make sure that the team wins the match,” answered Hillary.”I can’t guarantee it,” replied Sylvia.”Then you must hope that your teammates perform otherwise you will get a very sore bottom; Good day,” said Hillary, apparently ending the discussion.”But, but…” a now nervous Sylvia stammered.”I will see you tomorrow, before the match,” said Hillary, almost pushing Sylvia out of the door.Sylvia drove home thinking that it could not possibly happen. Hillary had no right to cane her and she was a grown woman and there is no way that she would bend over for a caning. Despite those thoughts, she was desperate for the match to be won the next day and not just because it would mean winning the league.The day of the match arrived and Sylvia gave her pep talk to her team in the changing rooms.The team was very experienced both in age and golf played with the ‘junior’ member being fifty-year-old Susan Kemp.Sylvia gave her talk but could not get the nagging thought out of her head about losing and then bending over for a caning. She had continually tried to dismiss the possibility of getting caned on the basis that she would not submit to it but still, she kept imagining a cane slashing across her buttocks.”Are you alright Sylvie, you seem distracted?” asked Helen Sims, a teammate, and long-time friend.”Yeah, yeah, just a bit nervous about the match,” replied Sylvia.”Don’t be nervous, it will be a thrashing,” said Jane Freeman another team member, confidently but Sylvia cringed at her choice of words.As they left the changing rooms, Hillary Middleton-Smyth was there. “I trust that you are going to win today, ladies,” said Hillary generally, but with her eyes fixed on Sylvia.”Yes, yes of course,” echoed a couple of the women but Sylvia just smiled weakly.Despite having the stronger all-round team, things did not start well and after all eight had played at least one hole only Sylvia and Helen were leading in their games with two other games even and Sylvia’s team behind Escort bayan Ankara in four games.Sylvia was aware of the current state of play and although playing just well enough to be on top in her game her mind kept drifting back to Hillary Middleton-Smyth and her cane.Play continued and despite what was going on in her head, Sylvia increased her lead in her match. The bad news was that Alison Hewitt, who had been halving her game, was now losing so at this stage Sylvia’s team was 5.5 to 2.5 points behind and a caning looking more and more likely.Sylvia was playing in the lead match and she won it to put her team’s first point on the board but generally, things were now even worse because Helen, who had been leading, was now drawing.Before Sylvia went back out onto the course to encourage her teammates, she saw Hillary near the clubhouse. “Not going well is it? Looks like I will be seeing you later,” Hillary said with a scowl but Sylvia did not answer. She felt her buttocks clench as she went to watch some of the other golf, surely it was not really going to happen she thought to herself.A second match was soon completed with sixty-one-year-old Christine Lewis losing her game which was a surprise because she was one of the better players.Christine congratulated Sylvia on winning her match and apologised for losing hers. “I could not get going at all today; Let’s hope that the others can pick up some points,” said Christine, not knowing that her loss might be contributing to her captain getting a caning.Helen’s match finished level and almost immediately, fifty-nine-year-old Jennifer Murphy lost her game so now Sylvia’s team was 2.5 to 1.5 points behind on completed games but currently level in one and losing the other three that were still in progress.Helen stood with Sylvia as the other games got towards their conclusions. “Bad day at the office, isn’t it?” said Helen, trying to remain cheerful.”It is a fucking disaster,” snapped Sylvia, which was out of character.”Yeah, well, we have not played well,” said Helen, not knowing that her friend’s arse had a caning coming up.Alison Hewitt won the last hole to halve her match but that was of little consolation in the grand scheme of things. especially as Cheryl Potter, who had been drawing, now lost her match. That made the score on completed matches 4-2 in the opposition’s favour, so unless Susan Kemp and Jane Freeman, who Bayan escort Ankara were both losing, both won their matches then the overall match and the league were lost.Susan Kemp lost her match and very soon thereafter, so did Jane Freeman so a match that Sylvia’s team had been confident of winning and had really been expected to win, had been lost 6-2.The team members were crestfallen but none of them as much as Sylvia, who now had to try to talk her way out of a caning from Hillary Middleton-Smyth.After offering their congratulations to the jubilant winners, Sylvia and her team made their way back towards the clubhouse and changing rooms. Hillary Middleton-Smyth was standing there, her face red with fury. “You inept bunch of losers, that trophy was ours for the taking,” raged Hillary.A few of the women tried to mumble excuses and apologies but Hillary turned her attention to Sylvia. “You and I have some business to conclude, I expect you at my house this evening,” spluttered Hillary.”But that is not necessary,” said Sylvia, softly.”It is necessary; You were warned; Be there,” shouted Hillary, before storming off.”What the hell was that about?” asked a mystified Helen.”N-n-n-nothing, nothing,” stammered Sylvia.”What was she going on about?” asked an equally confused Christine.”Oh, um, I might tell you later,” replied Sylvia, now thinking that her caning was inevitable.They went back to the changing rooms and all were subdued but Sylvia even more so. She started thinking of the injustice of it all if she was to have her arse caned because the other seven team members underperformed. She was the only one that won her game for fucks sake!She started thinking that if she was to be caned then so should the other seven women be.The women showered and Sylvia glanced at some of the mature buttocks on display and imagined them with cane marks on them.”Are you going to tell us what Middleton-Smyth was talking about?” sixty-year-old Jane Freeman asked Sylvia.Sylvia had decided to not only tell the other women but to make a proposal. “Actually, I will. She called me to her house last night and said that if we lost the match she would hold me responsible and she would cane me,” said Sylvia.”What? You are joking right?” said fifty-seven-year-old Cheryl Potter.”No, I am not joking, and nor was she,” answered Sylvia.”Shit! You are not going to let her do it, are you?” asked Alison Hewitt, aged sixty-four.”Actually, I have been thinking that if I am to be caned then you seven should be too,” said Sylvia.”Yeah, right,” said Susan Kemp, with a nervous laugh.”I am serious; I won my fucking game; It is not my fault that we lost six-two,” said Sylvia.

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