The Lonely Widow Ch. 02


This chapter concludes the events in Chapter 1. If you wish for the story to be continued, please leave your thoughts in the comments.


I felt Arjan’s hot breath against my wet and engorged lips. My legs wrapped tighter around his head pulling him into me. My body was on fire in anticipation of what was to come.

He sucked on my pussy lips as I purred in response. I ran my hands through his hair as I felt him begin to use his fingers to spread my lips. I then felt his tongue circle around my sensitive clit and I felt a release of endorphins I only ever dreamed of.

“Oh Arjan. What are you doing to me?” I moaned out loud.

Any response from Arjan would have been muffled by my pussy and thighs tightly wrapped around his head. Arjan continued to circle his tongue around my clit and each rotation was completed by a hard suck on my clit.

He was a master at work and was strumming me like a sitar. My back was arched and my head thrown back. I had my eyes closed as I pulled on his hair.

Arjan inserted a finger inside of me while he continued the pressure on my clit.

There was a slow and tender tempo to his finger fucking as he focused on sucking my clit.

I began to buck against his face as I felt my arousal building to a breaking point.

“Make this slut cum. Please Arjan make this slut cum for you,” I begged as a need deep within me began to build.

All of a sudden I felt him insert two further fingers inside of me and the finger fucking took on a rapid tempo.

“Oh Arjan. Yes. Oh, I am cumming! This slut is cumming!” I screamed out loudly as my body thrashed and contorted as a powerful orgasm tore through my body.

I collapsed back on the bed as my body went limp. Arjan finally came up for bed and it had not occurred to me that I could have killed this old man but he Escort Şişli seemed to have a different type of energy when it came to sex.

He came up for air and his face was covered with a deluge of fluids. He wiped it with his hand before sucking my fluids off a finger.

“You taste wonderful, my slut,” he tells me before moving his juice covered hand to his cock and coating it with my juices. I can see his cock glisten with my juices and I feel my body burn with a need for that cock deep inside of me.

“Arjan, I need something now,” I say, unsure of how to ask him to fuck me. To bury his cock deep inside of me. To cream my insides. I know my body craves his cum deep inside of me. It is the only thing that can quench my thirst.

“I know what my slut needs. But a slut should not be in this position.” Arjan says before he aggressively flips me over to my stomach.

I feel him man handle me as he spreads my legs and gets between them.

“A slut like you Lakshmi, needs my hard cock in your wet inviting cunt and the only way to give it to you is to treat you like the bitch in heat you are.” His tone had changed to a more controlling and demanding tone. He was an old man but he was displaying a strength and stamina I had never expected but I so desperately needed. He positioned me in the doggy position like I was rag doll.

I should have been afraid by this sudden change in him but in reality I had never been so turned on in my life.

I felt him rub his hard cock up and down my slit and I moaned in anticipation.

“Oh Arjan. Stop teasing me. Please just do what a man must do.” I begged in desperation, my need for that cock inside me was at desperate levels.

He slaps his hard cock against my slit and elicits a moan from me. The squelching sound of his cock against my wet pussy fills the room.

“What Sultangazi escort must a man do to a slut?” Arjan asked calmly as he reveled in my desperation.

“Please Arjan. I am begging you. Just give it to me like a man gives his slut.” I begged him without shame.

I had my head down resting on my folded hands as I began to rock back trying to get his cock inside of me.

Arjan had a firm hold of my hips and gently allowed the tip of his cock to enter my wet sopping pussy.

My mouth went into the shape of an ‘O’ as I mouthed “Oh”. The sudden entry took me by surprise. I tried to rock back and take more of it but he had a firm hold of my hips and spanked my ass as a warning.

“Is that what you want? Tell me what my slut wants in her wet horny cunt.” Arjan had a stern tone and he kept on entering the tip of his cock just past my lips before moving it back out. He repeated this a few times as he kept on edging me.

“I want your cock! Your fat hard cock in my wet horny cunt! Just fucking give your slut what she needs!” My desperation and need rising to fever pitch levels.

There was no more teasing as Arjan thrust hard into me. In one thrust he was completely inside of me. He began thrust hard and rapidly in and out of me as he gave me the fucking I so desperately craved.

He spanked my ass hard with every thrust and I could feel ass bounce against him with every thrust.

The sound of my ass slapping against him filled the room. My pussy was practically dripping and I could imagine how wet I was getting.

His slaps on my ass became harder but the pain was an afterthought and it seemed to increase my pleasure as I began to push back harder.

He pulled me by the back of my hair pulling me up so that I was on all fours. There was an aggressive and rough nature to Taksim escort bayan him as he pummeled my body from behind.

“Is this what you wanted?” Arjan asked as he yanked on my hair.

“Yes! Fuck, yes! Harder! Be a man! Fuck me harder!” I screamed out loud.

Arjan began fucking me even harder as he found a new energy. I moaned out loud as I was receiving what I desperately craved. With every thrust I grinded back into his cock, desperate to get him as deep as possible.

He pulled me up by my hair so that our bodies were together.

He began to kiss and bite my neck as he used one hand to pull my head back by my hair. The sensuality of the kissing and biting on my neck was a new sensation and I enjoyed it amongst the roughness.

His other hand began to slap my breasts.

I yelped at this sudden pain but it seemed to only add to my arousal and I pushed back against his cock even harder.

“Are you on the pill?” Arjan asked and I had a wry smile.

“I am too old to worry about getting pregnant. Cum inside of me. I need you to cum deep inside of me.” I begged.

“Are you sure? I am too old to be a father.” Arjan asked.

“No more teasing. I want your cum inside of me. I need you inside of me.” I said making it clear what I wanted.

Arjan flipped me around and he came on top of me in the missionary position.

“Yes. Cum for me. Please cum for me. I need it deep inside of me.” I begged.

“I am cumming. I am cumming.” Moaned Arjan as he thrust deep inside of me.

I then felt his sperm shooting deep inside of me which brought my own orgasm as I wrapped my legs tight around him.

“Oh Arjan. I am cumming again!”

That night I felt my fire finally quenched. It became our night time ritual. My legs around Arjan as he came deep inside of me.

It was a month later that I went to the doctor for my check up. My doctor called later that week to schedule another appointment. I was slightly worried as cancer ran in my family and I was at the same age as when my mother caught cancer.

The doctor told me he had double checked my blood work and it was confirmed.

I was pregnant.

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