The Lost Panties Ch. 02

Big Tits

Alice, a teacher, has returned home from school in the evening, after having observed a young, male guidance counselor having intercourse with a woman. She had been unable to see who the woman was, as she was bent forward over a desk, and only her legs and derriere had been visible. Aroused, Alice, hidden from view, had removed her panties and masturbated while watching. When she reached her orgasm, her vocalizations were overheard by Charles, the guidance counselor, and Alice had fled the building, leaving her panties behind. The story continues:

Alice slept fitfully that night. Her dreams were filled with images of those tight white buttocks, and those strong thighs, thrusting into an anonymous woman. Each time she awoke, her pussy was wet and swollen. Yet she remained worried. Somehow, she felt the need to know whether she had been seen. She knew this anxiety made no sense. All she had been doing was watching. Well, okay, watching and masturbating and losing her panties. It certainly was not what one would expect from respectable Mrs. Wallace, to be watching people having sex and masturbating in school, but she wasn’t the one fucking in school, after all. Yet she was still anxious to know.

In the morning, she had a plan. After her husband had left for work, but before she went to school, she logged into her hotmail account, the one she used in her secret fantasy life. The account she used to send messages to her special friends, friends she had never met, but who knew a side of her that her real life friends had never seen. At home and at school, she was a subdued, conservatively dressed schoolteacher, approaching middle age. (Shit, maybe it was almost time to admit that she had reached middle age). On line, she was …. someone else. She sent an e-mail from her secret identity to Charles, at his school e-mail address: “I want my panties back.” Alice was convinced that, if Charles knew that she was the one who had watched him fucking, and that she was the one who lost her panties while watching, that he would reveal himself in response to that e-mail. If he did not know who the e-mail came from, then she would know that her secret was secure.

As the morning progressed, and she had heard nothing from Charles, she started to feel more secure. When her lunch break arrived, and she had a few minutes without students, she used her school computer to check her hotmail account. She had never logged on there from school before, but she just had to see if there was a response. And there was! Just three words from Charles. “Who are you?” She suddenly felt very confident, as well as pleased with herself at how well her plan had worked Kurtköy Escort out. She was contemplating how she would respond, and generally feeling very cocky as she walked toward the teacher’s room. As she passed the office, Molly, the secretary, signaled for her to come inside.

Molly was an incredibly efficient and organized person. She was younger than Alice, in her 30’s and quite large. In the language of the communities that Alice visited on line, Molly was a bbw, a big, beautiful woman. Everyone at the school, and just about everyone who dealt with Molly, loved her. She was always cheerful and outgoing, always ready with a laugh, at herself as well as others. Molly was also a remarkably vulgar person with people she knew.

For some reason, Molly was particularly fond of confiding in Alice. In spite of her size, Molly was quite successful at finding sexual partners, and she took pleasure in regaling Alice with remarkably personal details about her “dates.” Alice supposed that Molly thought she was shocking her and, to be honest, Alice did sometimes feel embarrassed at hearing some of Molly’s revelations. Alice was feeling remarkably well after the success of her little ploy, however, and she thought it would be fun to hear one of Molly’s stories.

Her mood changed dramatically, however, when she heard what Molly had to say. “You’ll never guess what I found when I came in this morning.” Molly was always the first one in the office in the morning. “I went into the Guidance Office to get a file, and I found a pair of panties peaking out from under the desk.” Alice felt like her body and her mind froze. She listened as if from a vast distance, as Molly bubbled on in her excitement at this evidence of someone’s peccadillo. Molly happily speculated that Charles had been involved. After all, half the women in the school had giggled about what a hunk he was. She had lots of ideas of whom the panties might belong to. Molly gleefully advised Alice that the panties bore unmistakable signs that their owner had been very aroused before they were removed.

“And,” Molly continued, “I’ve got a great idea for the Christmas party. The parties have been rather dull, lately.” Alice assumed that Molly felt this way because Ms. Breckinridge, the principal, had decreed the elimination of the practice of drawing names and giving anonymous gifts to another faculty or staff member. Ms. B, as she was called, had made that ruling because someone had gotten into the habit of making obscene gifts, and the gifts had been getting more and more obscene. The grab bag had been stopped after the year someone had given a ring toss game Pendik Escort as a gift. The target for the ring toss had been a large doll. The object of the game was to toss a ring over the doll’s truly enormous erection. Alice was pretty sure that Molly had been the source of those gifts.

“You know how kids and parents are always leaving odd things in school. I’m going to announce a giveaway of things that have been left in the office. After a couple of, I don’t know, gameboys left by parents, or whatever, I’ll hold up the panties and say that these were left in the office just this week. Lots of people will turn red, but I bet the person who turns reddest will be their owner. Won’t it be fun to try to figure out who they belong to?”

Alice blushed. Molly wouldn’t think much about that. She would expect Alice to be embarrassed. That was part of the reason she enjoyed sharing with Alice, to make her blush. She would never imagine that, the real reason, Alice was so embarrassed, was because those were her panties. “Molly,” Alice cleared her throat. “Where are those panties now?”

“I’ll never tell,” Alice responded. “You might try to stop me if you knew where I’m hiding them. No one gets to see them until tomorrow night, at the party.” Molly laughed gleefully. Alice excused herself. Her mind was racing with thoughts. Had it been Molly in the office with Charles? No, that wasn’t possible. She had seen the leg and part of the ass of the woman with him. That woman had long, slender, athletic legs, and a small ass. Definitely not Molly.

She knew that no one would suspect that those were her panties, no matter how she blushed. Everyone would just expect her to be embarrassed. But there was one problem. Her husband would be at the party. For years, she had tried to talk him into going to the party, and he had finally agreed. She couldn’t tell him not to come. But would he recognize her pink cotton panties, with the kittens on them. You never knew what men would recognize. But if he did, he would think…..

Again that night, she slept fitfully, awakening from dreams of thrusting male buttocks. But this time, in her dream, Charles was thrusting into her, filling her as she had never been filled before. She was bent over the desk, ass in the air, while Charles pounded into her from behind. And everyone from school was there, watching from where she had been watching, laughing and cheering them on.

She awoke from her dream, desperately horny. She heard her husband snoring next to her. She reached under the covers, and caressed his penis, trying to get him aroused, but he rolled over in his sleep, turning away Mutlukent Escort from her. That stopped the snoring, but did nothing to relieve her need. She thought of something she had done when they were newlyweds. In the early days of their marriage, if she awoke feeling aroused, she would take his cock in her mouth, so that he would awake with a hardon and a mouth on it. She had not done that in years.

With difficulty, she pulled the pajama bottoms down to his thighs. He was not cooperating. Then she went around to the other side of the bed, slid her head under the covers, and took his flaccid cock into her mouth. It quickly responded to her sucking, to the twirling of her tongue around the mushroom. She felt it growing, filing her mouth. She didn’t do this too often anymore, but it still felt familiar, soft and hard at the time against her cheeks, lips and tongue. The tip of her tongue played at the hole. She began to move her head slowly up and down, tickling his testicles as she did so, until she could tell from him movements that he was awake.

She released his cock from her mouth, and emerged from the covers. Putting her lips next to his ear, she whispered, “I need you to fuck me, and fuck me hard, right now.” Then she lifted her nightgown, and bent forward across the bed, with her ass in the air. The same position as the woman in the Guidance Office, the woman in her dream. Her husband mumbled something in surprise, but he got the message. He moved behind her and put the head of his erection against her pussy. He quickly but gently pushed in. He slid in easily. “Come on” she shouted. “Fuck me hard.” He began thrusting in and out of her. She reached around and pulled on his ass, urging him “faster,” pushing back to meet him. She felt him inside her. A random thought passing through her mind: “It feels good, but not like Charles.” Alice felt her tension building, ready for her climax. She gently squeezed his balls, to make him finish. She felt the pulsing of his penis insider her, as her vagina tightened around him, and her entire body contracted. The waves of her orgasm passed over her. She collapsed on the bed. He slid out of her, and lay beside her, a satisfied grin on his face.

She looked over at him, and thought, “This is the time to explain it to him. I’ll tell him what I saw, how turned on I was, and how I was getting off watching. That way, if he recognizes my panties, he’ll know what they were doing there, and he won’t think….”

He interrupted her thoughts. “That was amazing,” he said. “I feel great. It’s such a good feeling to know that you can still get so turned on by the idea of making love to me.”

“Oh shit,” she thought. “How can I tell him now? What am I going to say? ‘Oh no dear, I wasn’t turned on thinking about you. I was thinking about watching Charles fuck some other woman.’ I can’t tell him now, he’s feeling so good about himself and about us.”

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