The Magician Ch. 02


The next day things were about back to normal, we had cases coming out our ears. I interviewed a new client. He was a very large older man. He stood tall and straight, well over six feet tall with very strong broad shoulders. I guessed he was 55 or 60. His name was listed as Doyle Donaldson on the information form he had completed. He lived in a rural area about fifty miles from the city. His address was not far from where my grandparents had lived and this man looked familiar but I couldn’t place him. I asked him if he knew me.

He grinned a lopsided grin. “Yeah! We met thirty years ago. I was fresh out of college and was a deputy sheriff, you were a little kid. Your grandpa was the sheriff. You rode with me many a day, off and on for years.”

I jumped up and grabbed his hand, “Deputy Doyle! Deputy Dog! Yes I remember you. You are the Sheriff out there now, aren’t you?”

“That’s right Davie. I need your help real bad, son. Real bad.”

“Sit down and tell me about it. I will do what ever I can.”

“Well, we have had a problem in my county and three of the four adjoining counties. There have been seven young women who have disappeared in the last eight months. Most have never been heard from again. They were all very young, 18 to 20 years old. All were very pretty, beautiful even. Two have turned up here in the city, dead. They had obviously been whoring and were drug addicts. They were both dead of drug over doses. One was my daughter.”

“Damned, I’m really sorry to hear that. What can I do?”

“Well, we think, from witnesses and tips, that a gang of black pimps have been recruiting out there. There have been reports of two of the girls being seen in trucks or SUVs with black guys about the time they disappeared. Most have disappeared within a mile or two of home. We law enforcement types have worn our vehicles out prowling around that area and have seen nothing. I am desperate. I want those scum bags real bad.”

“Doyle, I will do all I can to help. What is in that big folder, something to help, I hope.”

“Yeah! Pictures of the girls, newspaper reports, really, everything we know.”

“Listen, let me look at this for a couple of days. Do you have other kids?”

“Yes, I have two boys, grown and gone.”

“Didn’t you have a brother and a sister?”

“That’s right. My brother lives here in the city, sis is in California.”

“Does your sister have any daughters, do they ever visit?”

“I haven’t see my nieces since they were ten and eleven, about ten or twelve years ago.”

“There is a possibility they may come to visit. I have two female gents who are very, very good. Sort of casually mention around you are excited your nieces are coming to visit. They can nose around with out attracting attention.”

“Hell, you are going to use them as bait, ain’t ya?”

“It just might work, either of the little girls can probably whip your toughest deputy.” One of them is here. See the girl at the desk over there. She is my wife and partner. She can look ten years younger if she needs to. I want you to meet her anyway. Doris please come over here, I want you to meet an old friend. Dori, this is an old friend, Sheriff Doyle Donaldson, Doyle this is Doris Larson, my wife and far better half.”

“Son, this child doesn’t look a day over twenty now. She should easily look a bit younger.”

We briefed Dori on the case and she looked at me. “You are going to send Molly and I to snoop around?”

“Yes, if you think the two of you can look young and pretty enough to do the job.”

“David, if this Molly is anyway near as pretty as your wife, they will draw a crowd of drooling guys anywhere.”

“Why, thank you, Sheriff,” said Doris, “wait until you see little Molly.”

“Are you gonna be around too, son. These are some bad heartless dudes.”

“I’ll be completely out of sight, we may have two more people around too, I don’t like to put my wife at risk.”

“I reckon the girls will have to stay with me. I live by myself since my wife passed. Before you go too far I need to ask how much this is going to cost us, All four counties want to join in on it. I have to know the cost before I can give you the go ahead.”

“Doyle this will be complimentary, our civic duty. We do these many times a year. Thugs like these need to be off the streets at the very least, if you deputize the girls they may do more than that.”

“I haven’t seen this Molly, but I can’t believe this lovely wife of yours could hurt a fly.”

“Are you in good shape old man?”

“You bet I am, I can handle any of my deputies. I insist on lots of martial arts training and hand to hand stuff.”

I opened my desk drawer, I rummaged around for a bit and came out with a rubber knife and pistol. “Doyle here are a knife and a pistol. Try the knife first and hold Dori captive. You don’t have to be gentle, but I would advise you not to make her mad.”

“I don’t like man handling women, but we do train that way.” He moved behind Doris. Pulled her arm up behind her back and put the knife to her throat.

Dori winked at me. I asked each of them if they were ready. They both said they were ready. Dori winced as Tuzla Escort Doyle increased the pressure on her arm. I said, “GO!”

There was a blur, a whap! Whap! And a loud thud as Doyle hit the floor. He sat shaking his head. He looked up at me, “What happened?”

Doris reached down and effortlessly helped Doyle to his feet.

“Are you OK?” she asked.

“Damn, I still don’t know what you did. But I do know you took it easy on me didn’t you girl?”

Dori walked to him and hugged him and kissed his cheek, “I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“Doyle, I want Dori to show you some thing else. Get in a defensive stance. Ok Dori, when he says he is ready, touch him if you can.”

Doyle said, “Ready.” Dori feinted at his chest and he countered. There was a rapid tap, tap, tap, tap. Doris stood smiling in her little sundress and high heeled slides. Not a hair out of place. Doyle dropped his arms. He grinned, “Amazing. I saw the feint but never saw any of the others coming and had no way to stop them. Is Molly that good?”

Doris grinned wider, “Way better. And lots meaner.”


Doris added, “She is also the sweetest girl I have ever known. David and I love her very much. She is part of our family. I have also seen her whip a Karate, Sensei Master, black belt, tenth Dan, in about ten seconds flat. He never knew what hit him. If she had been wearing her usual little spike high heels she would have killed him.”

“Damn sounds like my kinda gal.”

“Uncle Doyle, you are going to love her.”

“Then I’ll love both of you, you already have a special place in my heart, Dori.”

She gently kissed his cheek again.

Two days later Doris and I pulled up in the drive of Uncle Doyle’ house driving a little yellow Mustang convertible with California tags. He ran out the door to meet us. Doris said, “I am glad to see you again, I don’t think you recognize Molly, she was just a kid last time you saw her”

Doyle took my hands, “Look at you, you have grown into a beautiful little lady.” He hugged and kissed each of us. We got our bags and he carried a couple too. He showed us to our rooms. We sat in the living room after we were settled in. We discussed the situation. He said Stan and Fred were in town and Stan had already been arrested for being drunk and disorderly. Fred was obviously being watched by the deputies. This was according to plan. He told us there were only about five night spots the younger crowd frequented in all four counties combined. The most popular was The Dirty Shame Saloon in Bradford, about five miles from where we sat. We said we would try that first. He gave us directions to two other places that were fairly nearby. The three of us went to dinner at a local eatery and had a good country meal. Chicken and dumplings. Super! After dinner Dori and I got in the Mustang and went to The Dirty Shame. There was a country band playing and we were each asked to dance before we were even able to sit down. The guy that asked me was a giant. He was a least 6’3″ and two eighty. He had dark brown hair and a sweet smile. He was very cute. He asked where we were from. I told him we were from California and were visiting our Uncle Doyle.

“The only Doyle I know around here is the Sheriff.”

I smiled sweetly up at him. “That’s our dear uncle.”

Doris wore a black keyhole silver sequin blouse with Rhinestone trimmed black low-rise jeans. She wore a black straw hat and black lizard boots. I had on a fringed suede jacket over a snug fitting Buffalo Bill top with rhinestones, my side seam cut out, brown jeans with rivets, and a concho belt. I had on a hot pink cow girl hat and matching boots. A line dance started and my partner asked if I wanted to try it. It was one of our favorites, a Tush Push. After that came an Electric Slide. They did some of the moves a little different than we were used to but we adapted easily. I looked at Dori and we went to powder our noses. I could tell she was enjoying herself. I whispered in her ear. “Simmer down girl, we are working.” She smiled back, “I know, keep an eye on the bartender. He is really eyeing us.”

“I noticed that. Fred is on him I think.”

We went back out and made it to the bar and ordered a couple of beers. We drew a crowd of guys pretty quick. We sat with our backs to the bar and talked with a bunch of guys. The usual pick up lines and bullshit. We each danced partner dances, we did a West Texas Waltz and the next dance we did was a Jambalaya Me & My-O and then told everyone we were tired from driving all day and slipped out the door.

As we pulled away I saw a black Lincoln Navigator pull out behind us. I told Dori and she told our backup car about it on the cell phone. The black SUV came up behind us rapidly then at the first straight in the road pulled out to pass us. As it came beside us I tapped the brakes and it went on by.

The Navigator had dark tinted windows and we could see nothing inside. His tail lights disappeared around the next turn. Doris was on the cell phone keeping everyone aware of what was coming down. I heard her say she expected a road block around one of the next turns. We went around the Gebze Escort next turn and saw no tail lights ahead of us.

As we rounded the following turn we saw the SUV blocking the road ahead. Three black men waved us down. They ran up on each side of the car and pulled the doors open. We squealed and screamed as if we were terrified. I flipped the hidden ignition disable switch on the Mustang. We were pulled from the car. Two of the men pulled us toward the Lincoln while the third jumped in the Mustang. As we were being pushed in I said, “OK.” to Dori. The driver got out and yelled at the other guy. I heard the third guy scream that the car wouldn’t start. The driver started back and I caught him in the balls with a side kick meant to incapacitate him, He dropped like a rock. I glanced at Doris, her man was on the ground. She had her knee on his neck. He was out like a light, as they say. The Mustang man was looking back the way we had come. He had a pistol in his right hand. He never saw me hit him. I picked up the gun as cars roared up on us from both directions. I trotted back to the driver. Snapped two wire ties from my hat band around his wrists. I went back and secured the Mustang man the same way. Doris came to me and held my hand.

Doyle and his deputies rushed up and asked if we were alright. We assured them we were. One of the deputies was looking all over the scene. “Where are the other guys?”

I said, “What other guys?”

“The guys that took these three down.”

“Oh! Them, they left.”

Doyle laughed, “There wasn’t any other guys, just the two little girls.”

The deputy said, “I don’t believe it. There had to be other guys.”

Doyle said, “Dori, please put this asshole down.”

Whap, thud.

The deputy pushed himself off the ground. He looked at Dori who smiled sweetly at him.

Doyle laughed, “Maybe he will listen to me now. By the way, we got the bartender too! He called these guys and told them about you. Your guy Fred has him in custody. If these guys will talk hopefully we can clear this shit up.”

“Sheriff, can we talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure Molly, what is it.”

“Have your boys put all three of them in the Lincoln for us. Have them blindfolded and their hands wire tied to the seat legs. OK. Pick them up at your old barn in the morning or we’ll bring them in tonight.”

“Anything you say, I am a true believer now!”

The deputies did as we requested. We drove the two vehicles to Doyle’s old barn. We got the thugs out of the Navigator. I spotted a chicken nesting in the hay.

I tied the bad guys’ feet together with rope and used the hayloft winch to help hang them upside down in the barn. I pulled Doris aside and handed her a white mask and robe. I put mine on too. I walked over and pulled the blind off the driver. He blinked a few times. Doris took the blindfolds off the others. They all watched as I took a small spool of surgical wire and fashioned a noose from it. I made three more nooses. I pulled a knife from my boot. I cut the crotch from the pants of the driver. I took a wire noose and placed it around his genitals, I did the same with the other two thugs. I led the three wires over a beam and to the bed of a old wagon. I carried eight bags of feed to the wagon. I balanced four bags on top of four bags near the edge of the wagon bed. I fastened the wires to the top feed bags. I picked up the old hen, there were no eggs in her nest. I put the last wire around her neck. She sat and didn’t move.

I walked to the driver. “You have been delivered to the tender mercies of the Daughters of The Klu Klucks Klan. We have reason to believe you are criminals of the worst type. You prey on young women. We would like to be able to turn you over to the proper authorities in the morning. We only seek justice. If we turn you over to the Sheriff you will be charged at the very least with kidnapping. The proof of that is in the two young girls you abducted tonight.

If you give us all the information about all your confederates and the people you sell the girls to you may survive until morning in good condition. We would like all the information on the whereabouts or fates of your ten other victims in this area. Do all of you understand?

“No answer, great just what we wanted. Dear girl, which one do we castrate first?”

“Oh, I don’t know, this is such fun, let me see, oh! Look at the long cock on this one. Won’t it be fun to see it go?” You push the feed bag a little and zip it’s gone. Cock, balls and all. ZIP! He he he he!”

“No dear the man wont be a HE any more, he will be an IT. HA ha ha! Which one will it be.” We looked them over carefully. The one who was to drive the mustang was sweating and trembling.

“I don’t think they believe us, did we tell them you lost a beloved little sister, who was found dead last month. I lost a daughter. I will feel so much better when their sex is gone. Shall we just do it. They are so strong they will never talk and save their manhood. What will they be in the men’s prison, they will be girlies for all the guys, right? They will find out how a whore feels. Oh! This is such fun. Please Aydınlı Escort be strong, tough men, yes please! What do you think, about ten minutes and we do that one.”

“Which one?”

“You KNOW! The brave one. He is least likely to talk. When the others see his cock gone they will talk.”

“I bet they don’t think it will work. Let’s show them the sweet cute little hen. Isn’t she a dear.” I cut a small slit in the bottom bag of the chicken’s wire. Corn dribbled slowly out and the top bag tilted more and more towards the edge. Then the top bag fell. Zip! The chicken’s head was gone. It ran round in circles spraying everything with blood as Doris and I laughed and cackled. Six eyes bugged out at the chicken head lying on the floor.

“Oh! What fun. Are you ready Dear, whisper which one in my ear. Oh! I know! Help me bring that piece of plywood over with that sawhorse. Good, put in front of their faces so they can’t see which bag I slice, they can just hear the corn dropping on the floor. Until Zip! The cock fairy visits! Oh! What fun?”

“Are you ready to talk now. Oh! Goodie, no answer, are you ready dear? Yes I am , Just do it!” I walked over to the wagon bed, “Here we go!” Corn dropped on the floor. Tap, Tip, Tap, Tap, Tip, the grain fell one by two by three by one on the floor. “look it is tipping It’s ready to go!”

“NO!, Stop I’ll talk.” I pushed the sacks of corm into a stable arrangement. It was the one who I figured would break first. Doris cut him down. He followed her to a small central lounge and spilled his guts. He answered every question we asked. I walked back to them. “Well we don’t really need you guys any more. The both screamed for us to stop, that they would talk. Doris and I recorded every word of their confessions. We put the blindfolds back on them and led them to the SUV. Doris followed me in the Mustang to the Sheriff’s office. I parked and turned to the prisoners, “If you change your stories we will get you again and we WILL carry out our plan, no discussion, no talk, just ZIP!”

Dori and I sat in the mustang outside the Sheriff’s office. I looked at her. She smiled back. “How about it? Dirty Shame Saloon?”

“Hell yes, It is only eleven o’clock.”

I grinned at her, “I want to find that huge hunk I was with earlier, he was cute. Is that OK by you?”

“No, you sleep with me tonight. You can play with him for a while if you want, but you are mine tonight, Darling,” my sweet wife said to me. I was happy with that.

We stayed at Uncle Doyle’s house most of the next two days. The confessions of the three thugs enabled several arrests in the four counties, dozens in the city, and best of all the rescue of four of the girls. We had a line on the other one who had been sold to someone in New York.

We got home late the following evening. Doris ordered a large Supreme pizza, delivered. We had showered and changed to night gowns by the time the pizza arrived. I answered the door in my sheer little baby doll gown. I thought the delivery guy was going to drop it as he stared at me. Then Dori walked in and I could see his jeans bulge way out as I got his money from my purse. I thanked him and kissed him on the cheek. He did drop the money. I helped him pick it up. He held the insulated carrying case in front of him as he walked back to the car. Doris and I giggled and hugged.

We ate the pizza, sipped a couple of beers, and watched a part of Monday Night Football. We looked at each other and Dori got up and reached for my hands. She pulled me to her body and pressed her lips to mine. She smiled and whispered, “Molly, I want to take you to bed and ravish you.”

She undressed me and pushed me down on the edge of the bed. She stood in front of me and slowly did an impromptu strip tease. It was strong on the tease part because she wasn’t wearing much to start with. She really knew how to get me hot. I relaxed my control and just went with the flow. I was sporting a fine erection in only a few seconds. She jumped on the bed and pushed me on my back, her lips found mine. She was hot, really hot. Our tongues played as if we had never done that before. She moved to my breasts and caressed them gently. She knew exactly how to caress and kiss every part of my body to build me to a state of total ecstasy. She suckled at my pointy sensitive nipples. My breasts, as Molly are a nice shaped B cup. I can never find a bra that really fits well so I rarely wear them.

I wanted to throw her on her back and fuck the living daylights out of her, but I knew she loved doing this to me. Her hands gently massaged my breasts as she kissed her way to my navel. She loved to kiss and tug softly with her lips at the diamond pendant she had bought for Molly to wear in her belly button. It was the only body piercing I had. I am not a fan of them and I do not like tattoos. I never saw one yet that I thought improved on mother nature’s work. Dori had wanted some. I told her how I felt about them and she never mentioned it again until she gave Molly the diamond. I had the piercing done because I love her and wanted to please her. I kind of like it now, but I have to remember to take it out as David. Doris worked her way down to Molly’s clit. She loved it differently as Molly’s clit than she did as David’s cock. I love how gentle and tender she is with my clit. Her touch is feather light and she never uses her whole hand on it, just her finger tips. Simply delightful.

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