The Maid Pt. 01


Anissa was up early for work, the morning was dark and Anissa felt a bit tired. Her work took her out of state. A lot. It started to wear on her. She never seemed to get caught up on her sleep. Not only that, but she worried it was affecting her marriage. Anissa and John, her husband of 10 years, had not had sex in over a month. But, between his long work days, and her being away so much, the couple was often too tired for sex.

Thinking about her flight plans, her itinerary, Anissa suddenly realized that she was not going to be home the following night. Friday. Friday’s her husband and his friends had a rotating poker game and she usually acted as hostess when it was John’s turn. “Damn, we both totally forgot about it.” She said out loud. Just then Elena, their housekeeper came into the room. She worked 3-4 days a week, and was such a sweet young girl. Anissa loved her like the daughter she had never had. Anissa was not unaware of her beauty and often found herself looking at the young woman. She is in the word beautiful.

Her and John had planned on kids in the beginning, they realized later that it was just not practical. They both had very good jobs, and neither wanted to give them up.

Suddenly an idea came to her. “Elena, would you like to earn a little extra money this week?”

Elena glanced her way with a quizzical look upon her face. Mrs. Davis had always been kind to her and paid very well. Elena replied, “How Mrs. D?” Her English heavily accented as she was originally from Honduras.

“Well, I have to go out of town and I will not be back until Monday. In fact, I have to leave pretty quick to catch my flight. If you don’t mind, I will double your pay this week if you could be there for my husbands poker group tomorrow night.” She had hesitated for a moment because the guys could be a bit rowdy. A bit crass. Elena was only eighteen, and such a sweet girl, she was not sure she could handle them. “Wait, perhaps not, they are a bit rowdy. I am afraid they might…, I don’t know. Be too much for you to handle. “

“Mrs. D,” Anissa could tell Elena was struggling with the correct words. Elena was still learning the language, and she was overly careful about what she said. “I can handle. No problem. If you want, of course. “

For a moment she had a flash of jealousy. Elena is a beautiful young woman, and her husband alone with Elena had always worried her. But, there would be at least four or maybe five guys present at the party. So she decided to let her hostess the party if she wanted to. “Okay, I will pay you double next Thursday. Mr. D will tell you what he needs, and how to set up. Talk to him today, I will text him that you are covering. He might want you to go to the store for some stuff. If he needs beer, I already put two cases in the garage Frig… “

“Yes ma’am,” She replied a big grin on her face. Anissa replied with a sound of frustration, but she just could not get Elena to call her by her name. Mr. and Mrs. D had been their compromise.

John left work a little early. He looked forward to his Friday poker game, and if he was honest, he loved the thought of Elena covering for his wife at poker game. Oh she had not much to do, but she was lovely and the guys would enjoy her company. Did he worry they might go too far? If he was honest with himself, in the back of his mind, he sort of hoped they would. Since the day he met Elena. he had thought of her in that way. All of the time.

Getting home early, he immediately went to the living room. She entered just as he turned on the TV and his jaw almost dropped as she entered from the kitchen. He had just turned it on the television to hear the closing numbers of the markets, and Elena walked around ‘futzing’ as Anissa would say. She had on a mini-skirt, short heals, and a tight blouse that showed off her ample cleavage. Elena was tiny, five feet one inches tall. She was voluptuous for her height, perhaps 125 lbs, but not an ounce of it looked like fat. He guessed her breasts were D’s, maybe slightly smaller. She had a trim waist, but a beautiful ass and legs. Especially on such a small frame. Elena is simply very sexy. Her skin is very light, so between that and her green eyes, he guessed that she was mixed race. She had dressed up, he guessed for the poker party. Her long black tresses were pulled back, tucked behind one ear. But, as she moved, it fell to the front. Each time he felt his cock get hard with the sway of her hips in the smallish living room. She was cleaning, just last minute touches, and he had to head upstairs to hide his obvious erection in the soft pants he wore.

His mind wandered as he undressed. He thought of her tight ass. Her incredible ass, and found himself stroking his cock as he took of his underwear. Realizing this could not do, he went and took a quick cold shower. This only marginally helped him to bring down his bad boy.

It was still an hour before the guys started arriving so Kadıköy Escort he watched some TV, a pillow on his lap to hide his problem. But Elena still paid too much attention to him which did not help. He finally was able to get her to set up the table in the dining room. Finally this gave his raging hard-on a respite from her attentions.

At the appointed hour, the guys started to arrive, and with his thoughts elsewhere, his ruttishness at least reduced to a space at the back of his mind. The guys were their usual rowdy self, a couple even commenting in not such a low tone of voice, about the ‘hot maid’, that would be hostessing the poker party.

Elena blushed more then a couple of times at their comments, as they settled around the table, the six of them taking their usual positions. As she walked by Thomas, a hulk of a man that often bragged about his sexual prowess, and his huge cock, reached out and grasped her. White, sort of a country boy swagger, Tom as they called him pulled Elena towards him, his arms wrapped around her waist. “Give us a kiss.” He said. She giggled, obviously used to this kind of behavior from men so she just pushed him away and said in her heavy accent, “You weesh.” But at this point, John noticed her pointed nipples through her blouse. Had they been like that before, he thought to himself?

Leaving the room to get some munchies for the crowd, one of the others, Larry said, “Oh my God, she is soooo hot. You have got to tell her to fuck us. I mean, we both know she is illegal. ‘Cmon, quit being such a pussy and make her do us.”

He could not believe that in less than five minutes after sitting down, before they had even shuffled the cards, the group had already started pressuring him about his beautiful maid. Many times they had tried to get him to pressure Annisa to, well, do what ever. They joked about it, but he was sure only one of the guys, Tom, held any attraction for her. Not that he would mind watching his wife get gang banged.

“Guys, guys. Enough. I don’t want to lose her. She is a great girl, and she deserves more then being blackmailed into sex with a bunch of horny guys.”

Elena was around the corner when the conversation started. She heard the blond guy, Larry she thought was his name. Elena then heard Mr. D’s response. She smiled, but at the same time she was frightened, and if she was honest, a bit aroused at their comments. She also knew if she had to return to her home country, that the gangs in Honduras would just whore her out. If that happened she would be dead in a few years. This scared her even more. She had sex with just one guy in her life. He was also illegal, and they planned on getting married. But she knew, if this group of men threatened to tell immigration, she would do what ever they wanted. She had seen the way Mr. D. looked at her, and she knew he wanted her. She had caught him watching porn a couple of times, so being curios she searched what he head been watching. She watched, admitting that some of what she watched turned her on. Still, what she watched scared her and she hoped she would never have to do that stuff. But, maybe out of curiosity, perhaps just in case, she learned as much as she could by watching. If nothing else her, some day, her fiance might enjoy some of those things.

The next time she came into the room, Steve, the youngest of the crowd, and the one he worried about the most, made things hard on John. He was unable to be understanding, all he thought about was fucking. At 27, one would have thought he had grown up some. But later, John had to admit that he was very happy that Steve had been such…, an ass.

He began, “Hey babe…, Elena, right?” She nodded yes to him. “Well, why don’t you come sit in my lap.” John started to interrupt, but Larry put his hand up and continued, “Got a Green Card, babe?”

Mike and Paul both suppressed a laugh as she blushed and did not respond. She looked at John, but knew there was nothing he could really say. If they turned her in, it might cause him some discomfort, but he could always claim ignorance. For her he knew it could be life or death. She might run, move, but still, there was nothing Mr. D could do. Another a thought crossed his mind. Did he really care; did he just hope to fuck her? Like any other guy.

The room fell silent for a moment. Mr. D. having said nothing, had made her decision for her. She walked over to him, Steve, and sat in his lap. Immediately she felt his hardness, she knew what he wanted. To keep this good job, to stay and be safe, she knew she would do what ever he, or they, wanted. Steve smiled and said as she sat on his lap, “Hmmm, this one is hot. I can feel her warm pussy. Get the crap off the table. Since I started this, I get to fuck her first.” She was always warm there, and she knew it had nothing to do with the situation, or this group of men. She also knew it would do no good to say anything. And, anyway, she Kadıköy Escort Bayan also knew her body was reacting, her juices flowing, for she knew she was going to be used by these men. At the very least.

No one argued with him. The table cleared he picked the small girl up by her waist and placed her on the heavy wooden oak table, her legs hanging off of one end. He reached under her skirt and pulled her underwear down and off, leaving her shoes on. She wore sexy short heels that she had obviously warn just for the party. They all could immediately smell that she was ready. Six cocks got very hard, very quickly as he pulled her to his face between his legs and he began to lick her pussy. After just a few licks up and down her slit, he raised his head, “Jesus, she is already soaking. Hey, I am going to start fucking her and she has a mouth, guys. “

Before anyone could respond, the others watched as Steve quickly undressed. Naked to the waist, his pants around his ankles. The other five men watched Steve push her back slightly, lifting her legs into the air. He then slid his cock into her, his hands grasping her waist. As Steve began fucking Elena the others at least partially undressed. She was forced to turn her head as Larry grabbed her by her hair and roughly began to push his seven inch cock into her mouth. She had never sucked a cock before, but she watched the videos. As for the cock in her pussy, against her will she felt herself begin to respond to his cock. His cock was bigger then that of her boyfriend, and she found herself moaning as he fucked her. Nervous, a bit scared, but at the same time she felt herself becoming very excited.

She vaguely knew them all. She had met them all at previous poker parties. They were all quickly at least partially naked around her. Except Mr. D., the host of the party. Tom the the handsome stud with a black wife she had meant once. Mike the oldest of the crowd with a slight belly, and Paul, the second youngest with a plain face, but a nice body that she had always appreciated. She was learning, Larry said, “Watch the teeth, y-yes…, like that. God you are g-getting it. F-fuck yes.”

That is when she decided she would be good. A good fuck, or sex toy, what ever they wanted. Not stupid she realized she had leverage, at least with Mr. D. Also, his cock, this Steve’s cock felt really good. She did not know the exact size, 7.5 inches, but his cock was hitting her spots.

He kept fucking her. Her pussy got warmer, hotter, enjoying his cock stabbing in and out of her. Oh he was a cabista, a creep, but his cock did feel good. With one hand she cupped the balls of Larry, he began to choke her, his cock going into her throat now. She had seen this before. Though she choked, she did not fight him, letting him fuck her mouth, her face. Spit began to form around his cock, leaking out and dripping onto the table. She settled for concentrating on the cock going in and out of her pussy, for that felt very good. She was moaning around the cock in her mouth when suddenly she was surprised as he grabbed her head and shot stream after stream of cum into her mouth.

It was sticky, and warm. Not very appetizing, but she knew she would have to get used to it. It was sort of bland tasting, first salty and then sweet. But she had no time to think about it, as Paul moved around and stuck his cock in her mouth. At the same time, her body now clenching on Steve’s cock as she began her own orgasm. “F-fuck.., yes fuck. Gonna get my l-load…” Then he grunted and she could feel his warm cum squirt into her. His cock pumping and pumping, fucking her very hard. But she can’t enjoy it as much as she would like, for she now needed to concentrate on the dick in her mouth.

“Damn,” Tom says. “God she is hot. She should hostess all of are parties from now on.” Heads nodded affirmative in response. John for his part went into the kitchen. He grabbed a beer from the fridge, but his real intent was to hide. I can’t fuck her, he thought to himself. I just can’t.

As he stood there, hearing the noises coming from the other room, Steve entered. “What the fuck are you doing?” John stood there sheepishly, uncertain how to answer, looking away from Steve. “Come on dude. She is your maid. And if you ask me, she does not seem to be minding what is being done to her. Shit, you said yourself you would love to watch us bang your wife!”

Still he could not answer, he kept his back to Steve and leaned on the sink. Finally he said, “Can you imagine how awkward it will be around here if I fuck her!?”

“You are full of shit. You are going to fuck her, you just want to pretend you are better then us. Shit, you are going to fuck her too. If I have to drag you in there and cram your cock in her pussy myself…, or better yet, her ass. You are going to fuck her.”

He turned and looked at him. He knew what Steve said was true. That he would fuck her. Shit, that is Escort Kadıköy exactly what he wanted to do. But, God, though he would have something on her. He thought to himself that she could end my marriage. Either way, he was screwed. So, he might as well screw.

“Okay, fine, I will fuck her, but I figure I am going to live to regret this.”

Steve slapped him on the back as they went back into the dinning room. At this point they had her top off. She was on her belly, her ample tits pressed against the table. Paul was now fucking her pussy from behind, going very fast, sweat pouring off of his body. Two other guys held her by her ankles, her legs up in the air. “Oh…, y-yes…” She said in her heavy accent. “You f-fuck me. Y-yes, senor, fuck mi coño. Please, f-fuck mi pussy.” Her words, her body splayed across the table made John so very wanting of her. He could not help himself, they could not help themselves. They all watched as Paul pounded her. He held her by her waist as he fucked her harder and harder. And it was obvious she was enjoying it, her screams, her words. This hot Honduran excited everyone in the room. Paul Suddenly ran around to her mouth and began pumping his cock with his hand, about to shoot his cum at her. Meanwhile Tom took his chance, and naked from the waist down, he stepped between her legs. He quickly turned her over onto her back again. There was no way she was ready for his huge cock. He pushed it into the small girl and she screeched but said nothing as he grabbed her sexy thighs and began to drive, his nine inch cock, into her. Meanwhile, Paul grabbed her hair and forced his cock into her mouth, and grunted. “F-fuck yes. Take that cum you whore. F-fuck yes, God y-your m-mouth is so warm. Yes b-baby.” John watched as Elena made pain noises as Paul’s forced his cock into her mouth. Tom for his part finally got most of his cock into her pussy and said, “J-Jesus. John…, her pussy is s-so fucking hot, so tight. You gotta f-feel this pussy John. B-best fuck ever! “He groaned as he began to speed up, his cock almost all the way into her. John, groaned. His own cock was rigid, against his underwear and pants.

At this point Mike said, “Some one hurry up… Damn, I am so hard I am gonna break.” John understood the feeling. His cock was so hard, and he so needed to cum. Paul was pounding her face, and Tom had a death grip on her waist. She was still in pain, they could see her grimace every time Tom pumped his huge cock into her. He must be used to it. Maybe, John thought to himself, maybe this was why he always complained about his wife not fucking him enough. He fucked her so hard, his grip on her waist like a vice, that the entire table shook as he pounded her pussy. The others stood around most wanking their cocks, and they all knew the night had just begun. Finally, as if synchronized, the two began to shoot their loads into Elena, screaming and grunting, both Elena’s face and her pussy being pounded. She moaned and screamed between, excepting Paul’s load of cum in her mouth. She was exhausted, but was a trooper, never complaining, just doing her best to please this group of men. Tom’s cum filled her pussy much leaking out making a mess on the table.

“Your turn John, right here.” Steve said as he turned her over once again onto her stomach. There was smear of mixed juices on the table, and John could see Toms cum leaking out of her. Looking at John, Steve ran his hand up and down her slit, grabbing mixed mess, their cum, her cum and juices, he began to smear it on her back opening. Grabbing more, he stuck one then two fingers into her asshole making sure she was well lubed. “I told you John, and I bet her ass is virginal.”

“No, no, not that. Please, not that.” These were her first words in a long while, and they were words of protestation. For what ever reason, that Just made John want her more. She could not protest much more, for Mike stuck his cock in her mouth to shut her up.

Looking down at her beautiful ass, John was so turned on. It was perfect, round and sexy. He was glad he could not see her eyes. He placed his cock against her back opening and pushed right into her tight little hole. She screamed once again, but Mike held her head, his cock all the way in, his smaller member, not choking her, but quieting her protestations. John then pushed, hard, into her incredible ass. She moaned, and he thought he saw tears hit the table, running from her eyes to splatter across it’s surface. But it did not stop him, he pushed his seven inch cock into her. He thought to himself, this is like extortion, or lets be honest, rape. But it did not stop him, he began to fuck her ass even harder, pinning her to the table with a hand in the middle of her back, crushing her breasts against it’s surface. “G-God, y-yes. S-so fucking t-tight. Oh my God.., l-lets take her into my bedroom after this… “

Larry laughed and said, “thought you did not want to fuck in her bed.” Meaning his wife. He thought of a couple of responses like, ‘This is not sex, this is rape.’ But he did not say it, and it did not stop him. Harder and harder he pounded her tight asshole, but it was Mike who shot his cum into her mouth, her third load to swallow of the night.

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