The Making of a Fuck Toy – 5


The Making of a Fuck Toy – 5Chapter Thirteen – Lunch at the OfficeIt’s been several weeks since the business meeting. Eric had made good on his promise to get Cass some piercings. She had decided to get her nipples and her clit hood done. While it limited rough play for at least a month, it did little to interfere with their D/s relationship. Cass still did her daily rituals. Eric was kept sated and happy with his arraignment. Time seemed to go by rather quickly though. The end of their contractual arraignment was growing near. Neither was sure what would happen then.During the past month, they had played many games. Eric always found ways to challenge his young submissive. They had gone out to dinners, where he teased her incessantly. He had her wear the BenWa balls out dancing one night. He worried that she would pass out before he scooped her up and brought her home to ravish over and over. She continued her anal training and he took her there almost every night. She’d grown fond of pleasing him with her tight hole. Her toned Kegels acted like a pulsing suction cup, milking him to the point where he could stand it no more and would release into her bowels over and over again.It was Friday morning and Eric was doing his final inspection before leaving for work. He stood at the foyer of his penthouse and marveled at how far his ‘fuck toy’ had progressed in her training. Every move was graceful and practiced. The few times he had people over, her adherence to protocols had been flawless. Eric had trained many submissives in his years as a Dom, but never one so perfect. He wasn’t sure how he would do without her here. That time was rapidly approaching, but as he stood there admiring her form, he was lost in her beauty. Her pierced nipples stood erect, begging for attention. When he’d placed her butt plug in, her clitty was exposed and swollen with need. He liked the way her piercings kept her ready to please him.“Sir, my birthday is Saturday. I wondered if this slave could make a special request?” Her eyes down, her voice a shy little whisper.“Absolutely my pet, anything you want. By the way, how old are you? I can’t believe I’ve never asked before now.”“I’ll be 24 Sir.”“My God, you’re nearly half my age.” He shook his head. “So what would you like to request?”“Silly Daddy, age is just a number.” She smiled. “Sir, Liz keeps telling me about a club that her and her Master go to. If it pleases you, I’d like to go there.”“You mean Rose Noire – Black Rose? I don’t know my pet. I haven’t been there in several months. I’m not sure you’re ready for that.” His voice edgy and terse.“Please Daddy? I’ve heard so much about it.” She nuzzled his thigh as she begged.Eric nervously tapped the side of his pant leg. He had distance himself from the club since she’d been with him because he was well known there. As much as he’d like to get her to a club setting and see how she would perform, he wasn’t sure if she could handle it. But he thought it over a few more minutes. “OK my pet, if you insist. We will celebrate your 24th birthday at the club. I will contact Stefan and let him know we’re coming.” He ran his fingers through her hair.“Who is Stefan Master?”“He’s the co-owner and Liz’s Master.”“Thank you Daddy. I look forward to it.”“Since I’m doing this for you. I want you to come bring me lunch today at the office. You will wear only thigh highs and heels. You may wear a coat to cover yourself until you’re inside the office. Be there promptly at noon. Am I understood?”“MMMmmm. Yes Master. Lunch in your office, at noon, wearing only heels and thigh high stockings.”“Very good. I will see you then.” With that he turned and left her there kneeling.§ § §At 11:45 Cass was pulling up to the front of his office building. Cass felt that everyone knew that she was naked under her coat. Three months ago that would have bothered her, but today, she didn’t give it a second thought. She proudly wore his stainless steel collar for everyone to see. If he wanted her to strut naked except for her heels and stockings, she would without hesitation. She was his Fuck Toy and proud of it. She’d made fried chicken to surprise him. He was always talking about his grandmother’s fried chicken and she’d found the recipe In some of his notes. She’d practiced several times until she felt like she had it just right. Today would be the test. As she approached the receptionist to his office, she blushed remembering the first time she’d come here and how she’d ended up restrained and throat fucked on his desk. Her little cunny was moist and ready for whatever he had planned for her today. She was so excited about going to the club that she would do anything to please him today.The receptionist got the door for her as her hands were full. “Thank Maggie.” She said graciously.“You welcome Toy.” She said with a knowing grin. “He’s been pacing all morning. Maybe you can set him at ease.”“Oh yes Ma’am. I plan to.” They both giggled.When she entered the room and the door was closed behind her. She set down the container of food and removed her coat, hanging it on the rack. He was on the phone but was watching her every move. She picked the container back up and sauntered over to his desk. She set the container with his food in front of him and knelt at his feet, head down, knees apart, arms folded behind her, and her back arched, presenting her body for him.She waited for his call to end. “Master your lunch.”Eric leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. “Thank you Baby Girl.” He opened the container and saw the freshly fried chicken, home fries, and a small container of cole slaw. “You’ve out done yourself. I’m very pleased.”Cass blushed at his admiration and her cunny flooded with the knowledge that he was pleased with her. She waited with baited breath for him to taste it. She dared to sneak a peek at his face. She saw him smile and heard his moan and knew that she had succeeded in making it to his grandmother’s standards. “MMMmmm. Baby Girl, you’ve absolutely amazed me. Not even my Mother could make Grandma Hellen’s fried chicken.” She squealed with delight.She waited patiently while he ate his meal. Every other bite, he would offer her a morsel, placing each bite on her lips. Every scrap he offered was like manna from heaven. It fed her belly, and fed her soul. The sounds coming from his throat with each bite only added to the fire in her core. When he finally finished, he offered his greasy fingers. Her lips parted automatically, as she licked and sucked them clean. Her cunny was so wet that she knew the lace from her stockings would be soaked with her juices. When his fingers had been licked clean, he sat back. Cass could see that her sucking his fingers had had a pleasant effect on him. His thick cock was straining against the front of his trousers. She licked her lips, as her mouth watered at the thought of having him there.“It looks like my Fuck Toy is still hungry?”“Yes Daddy. I’m always hungry for your cock.” She giggled.“Then you shall have it. Now suck your Daddy’s cock.” His voice deep and commanding.“Yes Master.” Her own voice, drenched in lust.Cass crawled over between his thighs and unbuckled his belt, removing it in case he wanted to whip her with it later. Then she unbuttoned his trousers and unzipped his fly. Her tiny hands reached into his boxers and grasped his thick cock. Her mouth was drooling with the anticipation of having him in her mouth. When she pulled his cock out it was throbbing. She could feel his pulse in the veins that pumped blood to his organ. This had been her singular focus for almost three months now. Pleasing her Master’s cock. Each day she saw that it was pleased like it was the last time she would see it. As each day counted down to the end of her contract, that thought became more real. Eric watched as she took his cock in both hands and squeezed. She licked the large drop of pre-cum that oozed from the slit of his bulbous head. Her eyes were half-lidded already. When she started three months ago, she had little experience with sucking cock, now she was the best he’d ever had. She wrapped her soft lips around the crown and sucked, hollowing her cheeks. Her hands still grasping his cock, twisted in opposite directions as her mouth went up and down on his dick. The multiple sensations that this caused had him right at the edge of coming. She sensed that her Master was fighting off his release and she eased up her stimulation. She placed her hands submissively behind her back as he had taught the first time. Now she took long slow strokes with just her mouth. Each time letting his cock escape her lips with a loud ‘pop’. She knew he liked that. When she felt like he had regained his composure, she pressed the cock further down her throat. When the head of his dick touched the back of her throat, she shuddered. Over the past three months, she been able to orgasm from giving him head. She loved the subservient feeling of giving herself over to him in this rawest of ways. As her Master’s cock slipped through the tight opening of the throat, her cunny hummed with pleasure.Eric felt his dick slipped down her throat, when her muscles quivered as she swallowed, he felt as though her throat was massaging his dick. His hand went to the back of her head and held her there. He let her come up for air but pushed her right back down on his cock. She eagerly complied. Her moans only muffled with his cock in the depths ardahan rus escort of her throat. Her saliva dribbled down onto her breasts each time she came up for air. The last time she swallowed him, she looked up with his cock completely down her throat. Her eyes begging for his cum. His balls tightened and he sent thick ropes of his release into her waiting belly. He leaned back in his chair as she suckled him, milking the last precious drips of his cum. Even though his cock was sensitive after his orgasm, he loved how she nuzzled his dick. Before they left the office that afternoon, they had fucked in every way possible. He had to steady her as they walked out of the building, his cum oozing from her pussy. Chapter f******n – Rose NoireThe day started like every other one since Cass had submitted to Eric in their contractual arrangement. She woke in her own bed, showered and prepared her body for her Master. She woke him with her morning worshiping of her Master’s cock. Then she went to make him breakfast. It was Saturday, her birthday and the last weekend of their contract. After this weekend, it would end and she would be set for life with the million dollars he had promised her for finishing the service contract.Cass didn’t want the contract to end, but he’d never said anything about extending it or anything else for that matter. So while the day was a happy one, there was also the finality of it looming. She finished his omelet just when he came down to eat. He was dressed in faded jeans, unbuttoned and teasing her with the trail of hair that led from his broad chest to his thick cock. She never felt like she could get enough of him.Eric had found her like most morning, dancing while flitting around the kitchen. She always took his breath away every time he saw her voluptuous body. Her curves seemed to be made for him alone. He knew the contract was drawing to a close. While he’d love to continue as if nothing would end, he knew he couldn’t be committed to someone full time. His business required too much of his time. He’d been spending much too much time with his fuck toy and it was time for him to get back to work.“Your breakfast is ready Master. Is there anything else you require?” She said with a smile on her face.“No, I thought we’d relax and enjoy the day watching a movie. Tonight, you’re gonna need all the rest you can get.” His smile scared her and excited her.They did spend the day lounging around. When late afternoon arrived, Cass went to prepare herself for their trip to Rose Noire, the BDSM club that Liz had been talking about for a month. This was going to be a celebration of her 24th birthday. She had been so pleased that her Master had agreed to go, even though he seemed reluctant. Liz had been raving on and on about all the things that happen there. It left Cass wet every time.Once she had taken another shower, she prepped her body in case her Master wanted to use all of her holes tonight. When she stepped out of the bathroom she found a couple of boxes laying on her bed. She opened the first one to find a beautiful golden satin dress. It had spaghetti straps that crossed in the back but went to the apex of her bottom. The deep V in front went down between her breasts and stopped below the navel. The length came to mid-thigh with slits up each side. When she put it on she felt so sexy. It was like wearing nothing at all. Her piercings were clearly visible through the thin fabric. It teased her body with its delicate touch. Any quick move and she would flash her body to the world. The thought of that excited her, sending a shudder to her core. The note attached to the box read: This is for another night Baby Girl, when I take you out for dinner and dancing for your birthday.Daddy*Her body shuddered with the thought of dancing with her Master in that dress. Cass took the dress off before she ruined it with her juices and hung it up in her closet. The next box was smaller. When she opened it, the box contained a small black band of latex, matching latex garter set and a pair of expensive silk stockings. The note attached to it read:This is what I want to see you in tonight for the club. I hope that you’re ready for this step. Happy 24th Birthday Baby Girl.Daddy*Cass finally figured out the band went around her chest, barely covering her nipples. Surprisingly, it held her breasts together for some nice cleavage. Her nipples abraded on the latex and sent a nice tingle of electricity to her clit. The stockings felt wonderful and were topped off with a bright red pair of 5” heels. The rest of her body would be bare. When she went downstairs she found her Master standing at the fireplace wearing a pair of black Levi button-fly jeans, a button down black shirt, and a pair of black Tony Lama cowboy boots. Cass stopped in her tracks. He literally took her breath away. She’d seen him dressed up before, but never in full ‘Dom’ mode. Her cunny contracted when she took in the full view of him. She wanted to fall to her knees right there.When Eric saw Cass come down the stairs wearing the skimpy latex outfit he’d picked out for her to wear, his cock twitched. She has no idea how beautiful she is. He thought, as he watched as her breasts wobbled but held by the thin strap of latex across her nipples. The matching garter framed her voluptuous hips and shapely legs. He could see her lips glistening already. He hoped this night turned out the way she wanted it to. He had some reservations still, but it was her day, and he would accommodate her tonight.“Cass, you look absolutely stunning.” He cupped her face in his strong hands and kissed her on the lips. His tongue slipped in without any resistance. Her breath hitched, then he released her. “Tonight is your night. Whatever you want to happen, it will be up to you. I will just be there to protect you.”“Thank you Daddy.” She said giggling. “You look very handsome Master. I’m going to have to beat the other submissives off with a stick.” That prophetic statement only hinted at what would happen tonight.Eric wrapped her coat around her and escorted her to the waiting car. They were taking a limo tonight. He held her hand and felt her shivering. He asked her if she was cold, but she told him that it was only her nerves. He held her tight in his arms. They each had a few glasses of champagne on the way over to the club. He had told her since they might end up playing, she could only have a few. He reminded her that she would responsible to not get too intoxicated. She promised and snuggled into the crook of his neck for the rest of the way.They arrived about 10pm at the club. The red heart surrounding a black rose was on the front of the building but no other signs or symbols gave an idea of what was inside the dark building. The valet helped her out of the car and she took her Master’s arm as he escorted her inside. The foyer was brightly lit. Music could be heard down the hall but was muffled by the doors that led inside the club. After signing in she found out that he had paid her membership already. She was given a black band to wear on her wrist. He told her that it signified that she was a claimed submissive and no one would bother her. She found comfort in that. When they approached the double doors to the club, they were met by a very imposing black man, his arms folded across his thick chest.“Good to see you, Boss. It’s been a while.” The black man shook Eric’s hand.“Good to see you too Marcus. How’s the family? That girl of yours still keeping a tight leash on you?” He laughed.“You know it Sir.”“This is Toy. Toy this is Marcus a trusted friend.” Cass shook his offered hand. His huge hand swallowed hers.“If you need anything tonight pretty lady, you let Marcus know.” His smile was warm and real.Cass squeezed Eric’s arm as they walked through the doorway. The music was much louder inside. He led them over towards the bar area. But before they could get there, a young women approached them. She was blonde and was wearing only a simple black collar and belly chain.“Master Eric! It’s so good to see you. I’ve missed you. Are you going to play tonight? I could use my ass whipped.” The bubbly blonde girl exclaimed. She had come right up to Eric and was brushing her body against him.Eric politely pushed her away. “Eva, you look lovely, as usual. I’ve been busy training Toy. Toy, this is Eva.” Eric gestured towards Cass. The girl acted as if she’d not even noticed her before.“Oh, Hi. Toy is it? How cute.” Eva turned back to Eric. “So are you going to whip my ass Master?” Her hand was on the center of his chest.Cass was getting mad. Doesn’t she see that we’re together? I am wearing his collar. She thought as she pulled Eric’s arm a little so they would move on.“Excuse me Eva, I have other plans. It was nice to see you again.”With that Eric and Cass were headed to the bar. When they arrived, Liz was already there. Cass wanted to run ahead but held her excitement back. Liz was wearing a white corset with matching stockings. She had a frilly c**** skirt that did little to hide her body. Her heels were red and very high. When they finally reached the bar, Eric let her free to hug Liz. The girls kissed, then they all sat down at a table.“Where’s Stefan?”“He’s coming. I texted him you two were here. He’s curious to see what’s been keeping you away from the club.” She said with a wry smile.“Oh is he ardahan rus escort bayan now?” Eric’s smile was equally sardonic. A waitress dressed in a haltered fishnet dress approached them. Cass eyed her suspiciously. She sat down in Eric’s lap. “Can I get you anything, and I mean anything?”Eric, somewhat embarrassed by this open display of affection, helped her to stand. “We’ll have a bottle of your best Champagne.” He waited for her to leave but she still stood there. “That will be all for now.” The waitress gave a ‘pfft’ and walked off. She returned several minutes later with a bucket of iced Champagne and three glasses. They shared the bottle, having a few glasses each. “Did you come here a lot Master?” Cass asks shyly.“Yes, I did before I met you.” He answered directly. “I’m actually part owner with Stefan.”“Sir, you never told me that. And those girls, they were submissives from before?”“Yes, I’ve played with several of the submissives here, but I am here with you tonight.” His hand took hers.Before she could ask another question, a tall imposing man entered their space. He had long dark brown hair that was pulled up into a man bun. He wore a strip of branded leather around his thick neck. He was shirtless and his smooth muscular chest tapered down to his narrow waist. He had an impressive six-pack and his Adonis muscle disappeared into his tight leather pants, which brought Cass’s focus to the large bulge that was clearly defined by his tight pants. The sight of it took her breath away.He took her hand in his. “You must be Toy. I’m Stefan. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I see why Eric has been keeping you hidden.” He leaned in and kissed her hand. Cass had never been one to garner much attention. This was over the top. She could barely take a breath and she was sure that he could hear her heart bounding in her chest. Her mouth was too dry to respond, so she just smiled.Stefan looked over to Eric. “Does she talk. Or do you have her muted for tonight?”“No she talks.” He looked at her. “You should respond to someone if they are speaking to you directly.”“I’m s…sorry Sir. This is all a bit overwhelming.” Her eyes went down. “That’s alright Sugar, I can understand how this must all appear to someone that’s not familiar with the lifestyle. How are things going with this big lug?” Stefan gestured towards Eric.“Our contract ends after this weekend, but it’s been quite a learning experience Sir.”“Well I hope that you enjoy your night tonight and Happy Birthday Toy.” He kissed her hand again. She hadn’t realized he was still holding it.“Stefan, could you have Becky wait our table tonight?” Eric asked.Stefan looked back to Cass. “Absolutely, I’ll send her over. I’ve got to go check on the front door. I’ll be back in a bit.”Cass watched as Stefan walked away. He has a gorgeous ass too. She thought to herself. She looked back to Liz. “Girlfriend, you have one hunk of a man there.” They both giggled.“He knows it too.” Liz replied.Eric wasn’t too pleased by her comments but didn’t say anything. She was only his for another few days. She could do or say anything she wanted.Liz saw Eric’s reaction to their comments, so she changed the subject. “Why don’t you show Toy around the club? I’ll hold our table.“Sure, would you like that?” He said looking at Cass.“Oh absolutely. Maybe you’ll find a reason to whip my ass.” She said sarcastically, repeating what Eva had said earlier. Cass wasn’t sure why she was jealous of the women he’d been with before. He already said that he was with her tonight, but it hurt her just the same.Eric stood and took her hand. They made their way through the crowds of people that were mingling. They were stopped occasionally by members that wanted to say hi. Each time he introduced Cass as his ‘Toy’. He watched as she kept her back arched and her posture perfect for him. He was proud to have her by his side.Cass was astounded at the sheer size of the place, not to mention all the people and their dress. She saw so many naked people, it almost became normal to her. They were heading to a doorway towards the back when she looked and saw a man bent over a table. He was being fucked by his Mistress with a huge black strap-on. At first she wasn’t sure he was enjoying it until she saw his erect cock swinging like a pendulum with her every stroke. Cass’s cunny clinched at the sight of it.Eric held the door for her and they entered a long hallway. There were doors on either side along the way. Each one had a window. He’d told her that this was for the protection of the members. That monitors were assigned throughout the club to make sure that all activity was safe, sane, and consensual. Once they got to a door towards the end of the hall. Eric gestured for her to enter. Inside there were chairs like a gallery. There were several people sitting and watching through a glass partition. Inside another room, she could see a large woman with her arms secured above her. Her Dom was flogging her while another man with a black hood on, was licking her pussy. Cass recognized her screams. The woman’s large breasts heaved as she took her the pain of her Master’s flogger and the pleasure of the other man’s tongue.As they sat watching the show, Eric slipped his hand along her inner thigh. When it reached her pussy, Cass let out a moan. She was soaking wet. This place was oozing eroticism. She shuddered with his touch. She needed her Master’s cock inside her. Before she could ask to cum, his hand moved to her nipple. He flicked his finger across her engorged nub.“Shall we continue the tour?” His voice gravely with lust.“Y….yes Master.” She whimpered.Chapter Fifteen – Happy 24th?He led her back out into the hallway. They found an elevator and went up the top floor. When the doors opened they stepped out and into what looked like giant living room. They was a large crowd of people, most of them dressed, but there were several girls in stockings and heels. They all wore red collars and were servicing several of the members. There were single men and women, as well as couples there. “This is what’s called the Sanctuary. It’s for the elite of the club. All types of debauchery happen here, and what happens up here, stays up here. The slaves with the red collars, they are employees and work this floor. They are highly trained in the arts of pleasing both men and women.” There was a slave crawling around the room, being led on a leash by her Master. Cass watched as she went from person to person, offering her service. Her Master kept cropping her ass as she crawled around the room. Cass wondered why no one seemed to use her, she was very beautiful. Just when she was about to ask her Master, they were approached by another slave.“Master Eric, would you or sub like any refreshments?” Her voice soft and demure.“No thank you slave Anna. We’ve about had our limit for tonight.”“May I be of service to you in anyway, Sir?” Her eyes down, and in perfect posture. Cass again felt a tinge of jealousy with her offer. She knew that her Master had every right to partake of any person here. She was just his fuck toy, not his girlfriend or wife. These thoughts only brought anger. She was mad at herself for allowing her feelings to cloud her devotion to her Master. This silent battle went unnoticed by Eric. They spent a few more minutes watching the various scenes in the great room, before deciding to make their way back to the bar. Just as they were at the door to the elevator someone called out.“Master Eric! It’s good to see you back at the club.” A loud bellowing voice called out.Eric and Cass turned to the sound of the voice. It was the Master and his slave, who was still crawling behind him. “Hello there, Master Drake. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you here as well.” Eric said, trying to hide is displeasure with the man.“You must remember Jasmine, wasn’t she your slave a few months back?” Master Drake said looking straight at Cass.Eric didn’t answer right away, hesitating to pick the precise words to say. “Of course I remember Jasmine.” He nodded her way. “This is my current submissive, Toy. We are here celebrating her 24th birthday.” He gestured to Cass.Master Drake took her hand and kissed it. His eyes trailed down her body. “Happy Birthday Toy. She’s quite lovely. You know how to pick them.” He didn’t let go of her hand. “Is she as insatiable as Jasmine?”Eric didn’t feel that his question merited a response. “We must be getting back to our party, if you will excuse us.” Eric took Cass in his arms and turned for the elevator.“Let me offer your Toy with a Birthday present. I’d like you to have my slave for the evening. She will be at your service.” He handed the slave’s leash to Eric, who accepted it reluctantly before handed it over to Cass. As the elevator door was closing, he offered a response. “Thank you Master Drake. Good evening.” His voice terse.The three of them were silent as the elevator descended. Once they were in the main room, Cass led her slave by the leash back to the bar. When they arrived, Liz did not appear pleased. She obviously knew of Jasmine. The four of them sat back down. Cass talked about all the things she had seen during the tour. Eric sat there wondering how this night had gone wrong. He knew this was a difficult situation with one of his ex-slaves here with his current one.Cass had just finished telling Liz all about the tour rus escort ardahan when the slave interrupted her. “Ma’am, may I service you?” She asked pleadingly. Cass wasn’t sure what to say. She wasn’t happy that her Master’s last slave was at their table. “No, not right now.” She turned back to Liz to say something, then she heard the slave start moaning. When she turned back to see why, she saw that the young woman was openly fingering herself, she was looking right at Eric.“Master, you still like to hear your slaves to be vocal don’t you?” Her fingers were moving over her erect clit.Eric hesitated in responding. “It’s very erotic to hear a woman be pleasured.”Cass became even more angered at the blatant behavior of the slave. She turned to Eric. “Master, when the waitress comes back, would you order another bottle of Champagne?”“Why wouldn’t you be able to do that yourself?” He replied.“Because my mouth will be filled with your cock.”With that she fell to her knees before her Master. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. Cass reach in and pulled out his erect cock. She licked her lips as she looked into his eyes. “You can watch the slave, but know that it is my mouth that is giving you pleasure Master.” She could feel her body tingle with need. Having her Master’s cock in sight made her want to jump on his lap and ride him to her own orgasm. She fought that thought back. She took his length in one move. She fought her gag reflex as the head of his shaft pressed against the back of her throat. She bobbed her head along its length, taking the head and swirling her tongue around the crown. He groaned with her laving on his cock. While she was servicing her Master she heard the slave say. “Would you like to see my pussy up close Master?” Then Cass saw the girl climbing up onto the table. Each of her legs dangled on either side of where her head bobbed on her Master’s dick. She felt his cock twitch in her mouth. She doubled her efforts to please him. Instead of leaning back and enjoying her efforts, he was leaning forward. The slave moaned loudly. He was licking her pussy while she sucked his cock. His cock was throbbing and she could tell that he was nearing his release. She opened her throat and took his length all the way down. She used the swallowing motion to milk his shaft with her throat muscles. He grunted and spilled his jism down her throat. She kept him buried inside her mouth until all of cum was emptied, even though she was seeing stars. Cass made sure that every drip of his cum was cleaned from his cock before putting it back in his pants. She was craving for some cock to fill her completely. Then she stood and turned to the slave. “Go back to your chair.” Her voice commanding. Eric took note of her domineering manner, marveling in seeing this side of her.Eric watched as the slave, not having reach orgasm, moved obediently back to her seat. The waitress arrived with the fresh bottle and poured three glasses. Cass gulped hers down and poured herself another. The next several minutes went by with no one speaking a word.The slave having not orgasmed, started to finger herself again. Her legs were splayed and she had three fingers were inside her red and swollen labia. Cass saw that her Master’s cock was regaining status. She looked to the slave. “Did I tell you that you could pleasure yourself?” Again, her voice was domineering. “No Mistress, b….but”“I want you to slap that fucking cunt until I tell you to stop!” Cass said in anger.“Y….yes Mistress.“ With that the slave began slapping her pussy. Her wetness splashed over her inner thighs and belly, but she didn’t stop.That was when Master Stefan came back around to the table, hearing the commotion. “I see that the table is having some action. Is there anything I can get for you?”Cass turned around to see Stefan behind her. “Yes, you can fuck me with that huge dick of yours.” She stood and bent herself over the table, offering her pussy to Stefan.He looked to Eric, who gave his silent consent. Eric knew that he had told her that she could do whatever she felt comfortable with doing tonight. He hadn’t expected this, but he was in no real position to stop it. At least it was with someone he trusted in Stefan.With Eric’s nod, he unzipped the fly of his leather pants and pulled his cock out. It was impressive by anyone’s standards at more than 11” long, and thick. It was covered in veins and pulsed with every beat of his heart, ingorging it even more. He fisted it and rubbed it through Cass’s splayed folds. Her marveled at how wet and willing she was.Cass shuddered when his thick crown furrowed through her sloppy slit. She pushed back against the intrusion. He didn’t wait for her to do that again. He buried his throbbing cock inside her with one massive thrust. Cass let out a loud moan that reverberated through her body, just like the ripples of her impending orgasm. Her pussy felt like it was being spit in two. She’d never had anything that large inside her. If it had not been for the copious amounts of her juices, she probably would have.Eric gave her no chance to adjust to his girth. She wanted to be fucked and he was going to fuck her like never before. He could feel her pussy try to clinch around his shaft, but he just kept pounding her relentlessly. He could feel her moving towards her orgasm. He grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled back. She broke over the edge. He fought back his own release, not wanting this to end just yet. He did let her catch her breath, but he was surprised when she when she spoke.Cass had just had one of the best orgasms of her life, but she was not satisfied yet. Not with her Master’s previous slave at the table. She looked her way. “Get over there and ride my Master’s cock with that cunt of yours.” She was still pushing back against Stefan’s throbbing dick. She motioned for Liz to get up on the table. When she did, Cass started to lick her friend’s pussy as she continued to take her Master’s massive cock. Her body quivering with each stroke.Liz didn’t take long before she was in the throes of her own resounding orgasm. She gushed across Cass’s face. The area smelled of sex and sweat. Cass licked the spilled juices of the pussy before her. Her second orgasm was fast approaching.Eric sensed the sub’s cunt milking him again, her pussy closing in on another orgasm. He slowed before pulling out. His hands on her behind, holding her cheeks spread, looking down at her gaping hole. He plunged back in, his thick cock pulling on her outer labia as he entered her again. She moaned into Liz’s pussy. He kept this up for several strokes. He could tell that it was frustrating her. Her legs were shaking and her body trembled. She was right on the edge and he wanted to keep her there.Cass was about to explode. Her body was a bundle of nerves and each time Stefan pulled out and reentered her, she felt it to her core, the pain and pleasure of it. “Please.” She begged, but he was relentless. She had never been used like this by her Master. She felt like a true fuck toy, her hole being used for his pleasure now. “Please Sir.” His thrusts hitting the bottom of her cunt, taking her breath with each thrust. “PLEASE SIRRRRRR.” Begging for her release.Her pleas were almost matched by the slut riding Eric’s cock. But she didn’t care at this point, she only wanted to feel Stefan’s cum erupting inside her. She was like a rag doll as he fucked every inch of her cunt. Every nerve of her pussy was abrading on the thick cock inside her. When she felt it swell even larger, she knew his release was coming. When she felt the thick ropes of his warm cum splash against her cervix, she broke into a million pieces around him. Stars shot across her eyes as they rolled to the back of her head. If it hadn’t been for his hands on her ass, she would have collapsed to the floor. He held her down against the table until her breathing slowed. When Cass was finally able to stand, her latex strap had slipped down and left her nipples bare. Her piercings tingled as another small shudder raced through her. She was truly sated, but those feelings were interrupted by the slave’s loud orgasm. It was like a dagger through her heart. Even though she had been the one to instigate their coupling, it didn’t take the sting out of seeing them fuck.Without saying a word, she gathered her belongs and headed for the door. Stefan and Liz were the only ones to see her leave, Eric and the slave were still in the throes of their orgasms.Cass made it to the double doors leading to the exit. She saw Big Marcus. Her tears were streaming down her cheeks. “C…could you get me a cab Marcus?” He helped her get her coat on. Then walked her out to where the cabs were waiting. “Are you sure you’re alright. Why don’t you wait for Master Eric? You shouldn’t be alone like this.”“I need to be alone Marcus. I’ve got to get away from here. Please understand.” She sniffled as she replied. Her hand on his massive chest.The cab took her back to Eric’s penthouse. She handed him a hundred-dollar bill and asked him to wait while she went up and got some of her things. She got the doorman to let her into the condo. She grabbed her old clothes, throwing them into a bag. The one thing she did take that he ‘d bought her was the golden satin dress. She wasn’t sure why, maybe it was the way it made her feel when she tried it on. When she returned to the cab, she gave cabbie her old address and he pulled away.When Eric found out that Cass had left, he quickly followed behind her. When he reached the front door, her cab was pulling away. He sat down on the curb with his head in his hands. The only woman he had truly loved was gone. How could he ever explain to her how much he loved her, cherished her, needed her.

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