The Making of His Slave Part II


As Tyson hurried to put on some clothes, he yelled to Todd, “Hey Buddy, can you see who’s at the door?”“Sure,” Todd agreed and went to see who it was.Tyson was angered that the doorman hadn’t checked with him first before giving this unknown guest access to his home. What good was having a doorman if your door wasn’t being watched!But then he had a thought, “I bet it’s Manny!” Manny was the building’s maintenance supervisor. He’s the only person Tyson could think of that would be calling on him and not need the doorman to ring him up. And he would be perfect where bursa escort Giselle was concerned.He heard Todd open the door and let the visitor in. As Tyson rounded the corner, he couldn’t help but smile as he saw his prediction was accurate. “Manny, come on in,” Tyson said. He made sure he stood out of the way of the man’s view of Giselle out on the terrace.Manny did see Giselle, and his gaze lingered. He was used to this sort of thing from Tyson by now. After all, Tyson did have him working on a project specifically for these escapades.“May I?” he asked, nodding bursa escort bayan in her direction. “By all means!” Tyson replied proudly.Manny walked out onto the terrace and knelt down in front of Giselle. Yes, he was used to this behavior, but he sensed something different about this woman. He could tell she was no bubble-brained bimbo.“What are you doing, Mami Chula?” he asked as he looked at her intently, still in her restraints. “Why?”She had no words. How could she explain to this stranger, this man, what drove her? He would never understand how this escort bursa degradation, this abuse, turned her on. Hell, she didn’t understand it herself.As they looked at one another, he knew she would give no explanation. In that way she was the same as the others. He did not break eye contact, but he moved closer and began kneading and pinching one of her nipples. With Tyson smiling behind him, Manny used two fingers to enter her. As he fucked her wet slit with his fingers, he began sucking and licking her nipples. Just as her body was starting to match his rhythm, he pulled his fingers out of her and stood up. She thought he was done with her, but he was just getting started.He called to Tyson over his shoulder, “If you please, Sir?”“Of course, Manny. Whatever you like.”

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