The Making of Kairi Fox Part 2


For the next few days, it was safe to say my anxiety was through the roof. Every notification, email and slight noise from my laptop sent me into a frenzy of confusion and a little bit of horniness. Someone had been recording my dress-up sessions through my webcam. I had taped over it now and made sure that nothing could be seen. Everything I did online was careful, and I began using a VPN just for extra security. Sarina. Mistress, apparently. She already knew, though. Fuck.My days were wrought with anxiety and fright, the knowledge of someone having videos of me doing that to myself scared me stiff. At night, however, I revelled in it. I began sleeping in panties, and my clit throbbed and ached at the mental images of someone knowing about my fuck sessions.I was being watched and I loved it. The thought of a mistress, my mistress now, enjoying me fucking myself and drinking cum. Quietly I had always fantasized about being owned, but I’d never sought it out.The first few nights I couldn’t sleep and I’d masturbate until I passed out. With my panties stained and sweat coating my body I’d drift off to images of a latex-clad bombshell forcing a strap on into me. I’d usually coat my lips with my cum, falling asleep with the taste lingering for the next day. I was a slut for someone who was blackmailing me. This cycle of worry and lust continued for a week or so – I don’t remember that well as it was such a blur. And then I received another email. Tentatively, ignoring the class I was late for, I opened it.Dear Kai,My little pet. I can’t believe you’ve covered your camera! You will be punished for that.I have decided kumköy escort bayan to put your mind at ease – I want to meet you, in the flesh.Attached is my address, as well as some instructions. See you Friday – 8 pm.Ta ta for now- Mistress SarinaMy heart stopped. Meet? In-person? I began sweating profusely, I couldn’t handle this. My whole body began shaking, and my little cock was rock hard. I’d dreamed of being owned – fucked and held as someone’s toy. Now it was a possibility.I opened the attachment and memorized the address. It was only a twenty-minute walk from my house. Pretty convenient. The instructions below sent me into a frenzy though.I expect you to be shaved, clean (inside and out) and come plugged. Failure to do so will result in the immediate release of your videos. Speaking of the videos, you will have a chance to take home the only copies of them. This will be explained when you arrive. My worries seemed to melt away at that point. I could get my videos and possibly have a new sexual experience? Although still slightly anxious – I didn’t know this person or trust them – this gave me a bit of solace. It was Wednesday now, so I had a day or so to prepare.  Thursday flew by, being busy with classes and a rush of thoughts about my predicament. When Friday hit, I skipped class and spent all day preparing. First, I ran a nice warm bath, with bubblegum body wash and fizzing bath salts to freshen up my skin. I then shaved, everything. My legs, arms, chest and ass, all completely hairless – even though they normally are, I took care to not miss a single spot. After kumköy escort relaxing in the bath I pulled the plug and got out. I spent a good hour or so cleaning my insides, making sure I was ready for whatever the hell was going to happen. After cleaning I inserted my small buttplug. As soon as it teased my hole, my little cock stood to attention, and a bead of precum began running from my tip. I scooped it up with a finger and sucked greedily.Plug in and shaved I sat down at my desk and applied some red lipstick and black mascara – simple makeup again. I brushed my long hair and sprayed some perfume to smell a bit girlier. I opened my drawer and chose a pair of clean cotton panties with a bow – cute but still sexy. I threw over some skinny black jeans and a t-shirt (which I tied into a crop-top) and I was ready. I checked the clock and it was 7:20 pm. I decided to set off. The walk to my destination wasn’t too bad. I didn’t encounter anyone and I’m certain no one recognized me in my slight makeup. My plug was noticeably teasing my prostate, and my clitty was leaking a little into my pants with every step. I ran through every scenario in my head, worrying, wondering, hoping until eventually, I found myself at the door of my destination.It was a fairly standard suburban home, nothing out of the ordinary. It had a security video doorbell at the front door. I checked the time: 19:58. I rang the doorbell and the voice of a woman buzzed through. “You’re early. Come inside and take off those clothes, Kai.”She clicked off. I stood there, harder than I’d ever been at hearing my own name. This escort kumköy was real.I pushed open the door and stepped inside, into a luxurious mahogany-panelled interior. A chandelier hung from the ceiling in the hallway and there were stairs directly in front of me. Closing the door, I snapped out of my daze and began undressing. I hadn’t even bothered looking up, I just had an urge to obey the orders given to me. I folded my clothing and placed them on a table to my left. It held only a vase. As I stood there, naked in a stranger’s house, butt plugged and hard, it dawned on me just how strange this scenario was. I began to doubt myself and made for my clothes, only to be stopped by her voice.”Leaving so soon? I guess you want to be exposed then.” My jaw dropped. Down the stairs walked who I assumed was Mistress Sarina. She was gorgeous. Her blonde hair curled and caressed her body as she moved, and she was wrapped in a tight black latex corset and thigh-high boots, with matching latex panties. She held a glass of wine in one hand and gestured to me with the other. “Stay. Good boy.”My clit leaked another drop of precum at that. “Follow me, Kai. I have a deal to strike with you.” She floated effortlessly into a room to my right, so I followed after her. “On your knees you idiot slave.” She called through as she heard my footsteps. Getting on my knees I crawled into the room, and thankfully it was carpeted. She sat on a red velvet chair and sipped at her wine as I entered, kneeling in front of her and waiting. Soon after, though, a large and very well-built man entered.He was naked, save for a leather pouch around his genitals and a latex mask covering his face. He walked in behind me and stood attentively at my rear. “Don’t mind Cale, he’s my number one. Always good to have protection.” She looked him up and down and giggled as she took another sip. “It’s just a bonus if they’re eye candy too.” 

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