The Meeting In DC – Part 2


It had been a rough week. I was away for two nights the first of the week, and when I got home Wednesday, I found out Sarah had a rare one-night trip to DC on Thursday. It was Friday midday, and I was finished for the day. I wanted to get home and see Sarah talk with her about her trip to DC. I was concerned about the whole trip and the mysterious talk with Nathan earlier.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My trip was successful when I procured a signed three-year contract with The Simmons Company. I worked for months on this deal and finally completed it; it was a relief. This was my second biggest account and is worth a lot of commission over the year. Everyone was happy when I went to work Thursday.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When I arrived home on Wednesday, Sarah sprung it on me; she had an overnight trip to DC the next day. That is a rare occurrence, but there was a Congressional Committee Hearing that her boss, company Vice President Elijah Travis, was to testify before, and as his attorney, Satah was required to be there. They flew out Thursday morning. The committee meeting was that day, with Elijah testifying after lunch. As the questions flew, Sarah would sit beside him to give him legal advice. She had done this a few other times but not in over a year, though she had been on several other short trips over the last six months. Sarah told me there was a dinner meeting with their lobbyist team after the hearing, so that they would be home this morning.I was sitting at work, caught up for the week, and my curiosity caused me to tune into CSPAN to see my wife in action. Not that there would be much to see. Sarah would just be sitting beside Elijah as he testified. I was late tuning in, and the hearing was already underway. Three people were testifying on a subject I could care less about. The camera focused on each of them as they talked. I saw their counsels sitting beside them, but the person sitting by Elijah was Thomas Reed, not Sarah. Thomas is the lead counsel at their company and Sarah’s real boss. That struck me as odd. Where was Sarah? Why would Sarah need to be there if Thomas were there counseling Elijah?I continued to watch, thinking Sarah could be sitting behind them, but she was not there either. What was going on?Sarah had told me this was an especially important trip for her. Today would be the first time she would be lead counsel before a committee so that it would be a feather in her cap. But where was she, and why was Thomas there in her place?I called her office, and Beth, her assistant, answered. “Hello, Sarah Wilson’s office. This is Beth. May I help you?”I started to speak, but Beth cut me off, “Oh Johnny, Hi, Sarah is not here; Ahh… but you know that, right?”Beth’s voice sounded strange, surprised that I had called. That was odd as well.”Beth, where is she?” I was a little curt.”Uhhh, Sarah is in DC with Elijah and Thomas. But you know that too.” Beth’s answer sounded more like a question than a statement. Odd again.”Well, Beth, I am not sure that is true. You see, I am watching the committee this very second, and Sarah is not there. Thomas is with Elijah, not Sarah. She told me she would be the lead counsel, and Thomas was not going on the trip. Beth, something is not right here. So, I ask again, where the hell is Sarah?”There was sudden silence; damn, I had been put on hold. I waited several minutes listening to some irritating music when a man’s voice came on the line.”John, this is Nathan Stills. May I help you?”What? Why was the CEO of Milatech, the company, on the phone with me when all I was trying to do was find my wife? Now that is VERY ODD!”Mr. Stills, why are you on the phone with me? Is something wrong with Sarah?””Oh, no, nothing like that, John. We have a bit of misinformation here, that is all. Sarah is in DC, but she is working on a fairly private matter that we could not explain to you, so we told her to tell you she would be with Elijah at the hearing. Now you know that is not true. Unfortunately, we cannot share with you the nature of her visit to DC. It is classified.””Wait, Mr. Stills, that makes no sense. What private matters and classified things are we talking about? I need some answers here. My wife lied to me about this trip, so I am feeling extremely uncomfortable now. What is the truth, and where is my wife?””Ok, John, Sarah is meeting with a new client we are courting for a big government contract. I can’t tell you more. She has been negotiating with them all day, and a private dinner tonight could swing the deal. No one knew we were talking with this person, so when we had to attend this hearing, we slipped Sarah on the plane with Elijah and Thomas. It is a little cloak and dagger, Çankaya Escort Bayan but it must be done secretly.””Sarah is great at this style of negotiating work. She is a huge asset to the company. Her skills are like no others. She has helped us close several other large clients over the past few years and three in the past six months. She will close this deal tonight; I am sure of it.””John, this is all I can say about DC. But I will tell you something Sarah doesn’t know yet. When she closes this deal, she will receive a large bonus and a promotion to the second position in the legal department, right behind Thomas. No one but you, Elijah, Thomas, and I know this, so John, be proud of Sarah and keep this under your hat until we get the contract back signed and the deal is complete. Then we will have an internal celebration, and I will tell Sarah the good news.”I was shocked at what I had just heard. I had no idea what Sarah did for the company’s legal department or even if that was really where she worked. Listening to Nathan, it sounded like she was good at her job, and they really liked her. I felt a little more at ease about things.”Wow, I had no idea. Can we meet sometime, Mr. Stills? I have never had the opportunity before?””Sure, John, but please call me Nathan. We will make that happen after this deal is sealed; maybe a dinner at my house can be arranged.”  “That would be nice; I could meet your wife then.””Oh, John, I am not married; I am a confirmed bachelor. I am married to my business, and there are way too many beautiful women out there to be tied down to just one.”What, Nathan is single? I thought about it briefly and remembered that Thomas, Elijah, and William Freed, the Vice President/COO, were also single. I also remembered that Sarah had told me that most all the other staff and upper management were women. When Sarah started working there five years ago, she had mentioned that, and we both thought it was strange. “Oh, I see your point. I was a lucky man to find Sarah. She is both beautiful and smart.””Yes, John, Sarah is special; the many talents she uses in her job are extraordinary, as I am sure you are aware. It takes great discipline and control to do the work she does for us, and she is greatly appreciated, as you have just heard about the forthcoming rewards she has earned.””Look, John. I must go; I have a meeting to attend. Good talking to you, and I hope I have cleared up any concerns you may have. Have a good day, goodbye.”Before I could say goodbye, Nathan hung up on me.I sat back, thinking about what I had heard. Instead of answering my questions, many more questions were created. In the eight years since we were married and the five years Sarah had worked for Milatech, Inc, we had never really talked about her company or job. I knew Milatech, Inc was a government defense contractor doing what I did not know. Sarah was a lawyer specializing in corporate law and worked on projects, but that was the extent of my understanding.Sarah was paid very well, into the mid-six figures. But like all the other spouses, none of us had ever been invited to a company outing or party, and they seemed to have one of them every quarter celebrating something. I had also never had any communication with Sarah’s superiors before today. It was all quite secretive, as is expected as a defense contractor. I parked all the information Nathan had provided, as cryptic as it was, in my very logical brain and went on about my business, finishing up all the paper and computer work for my big deal and taking the rest of the day off.I stopped at the gym for a good workout. My trainer was there, so he put me through a routine, then I had a sauna and a great massage from Jillian, my favorite masseuse.  I was a limp rag when she finished and horny as hell. I have always wondered what a ‘happy ending’ from Jillian would be like. She was an incredible beauty, and her hands were magic. She always wore tight white Lycra yoga shorts and tops with nothing underneath. I knew her pussy was smooth because the shorts looked like they were painted on her body. The seam in the shorts fit deep between her puffy pussy lips showing a beautiful cameltoe. Her breasts were firm but compressed by her top. I was sure she was a 36DD with large nipples that poked out like rifle bullets. The only thing that kept me from cumming when she massaged me was that she was a lesbian. That turned me off a little keeping my cock from getting its hopes up. Boy, what a waste of some sweet pussy. Normally I would go home, and Sarah would happily take care of me. We would spend an incredible hour before dinner sucking and fucking. Çankaya Escort We have no children yet, so that we can have a sexy, ‘free for all’ anytime. That is usually every night. Sarah is a lusty lady, and I doubt she can be completely satisfied. She is insatiable, always wanting more sex of any kind. I do my best to make it happen, but sometimes she just wears me out. I am not complaining, and I don’t want her to either.On my way home, I saw I had a couple of texts from Sarah. I stopped at the convenience store and read them.Sarah’s text: “Hey babe, it has been a very busy day. I have a break for a while. I am getting a bite to eat. Call me if you get this soon. Love You!”Sarah’s second text: “Hey, I spoke to Beth. She said you were looking for me and talked to Nathan. I told you where I was; why did you call the office and disturb Nathan?”Wow, that message was a little snarky. I must have hit a nerve with her, but why?I called her, but it had been an hour, so the call went to voice mail. So, I sent her a snarky text in response.My text: “Sarah, I called because I was worried when I tuned in to CSPAN to see you on TV, and you weren’t there. Thomas was by Elijah, not you. You told me Thomas was not going, and you were the lead counsel. That was a lie, it turns out. Have you lied to me before? What the hell is going on? I am concerned and not happy after talking to Nathan.”I bought a twelve-pack of Modelo, ordered a Dominos Supreme pizza on their app for takeout, and headed home. Since Sarah was away, I could eat pizza, drink beer, watch a hockey game, and be a sloppy man tonight.I made a quick stop at Domino Pizza around the corner from home. As I was waiting for the pizza, my phone buzzed. It was a text message from Sarah.Sarah’s text: “I am sorry I lied to you. I don’t know what Nathan told you, but I cannot tell you anything. Sorry if that upsets you. I will be home in the morning, and we can talk about it then. Now I need to go; I have a dinner date I have to go on. Please don’t call me. I cannot talk to you until late tonight, so save it till tomorrow. I love you night.”Wow, what an attitude! I read her text again. Sarah was really talking down to me, and I didn’t like the tone. And what the fuck was this ‘Dinner Date’ bullshit?I was fired up, so I sent a stinger of a text.My text: “Well, little miss Priss, you are surely full of yourself. I don’t like your fucking attitude. You lied to me, and I caught you in something, and I am not sure exactly what. And now you are off on a dinner date! That is a little shocking to me. I thought when we got married, you stopped dating, but maybe not! I hope you have fun because you won’t have any with me when you get home. You are coming home, aren’t you?”I pressed send, with no I Love You. Well Fuck, Sarah. She and Nathan pissed me off. I tossed my phone in the other seat, picked up the pizza, and drove home.As I turned into my driveway, my phone rang. I ignored it and pulled into the garage.I hung my computer bag over my shoulder, picked up the twelve-pack and pizza, leaving my phone on the seat. I didn’t want to hear any of Sarah’s bullshit.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This text was bad; Johnny was upset.The texts were pretty pointed, and it worried me that he might suspect something. John is a smart man, but if he starts to dig into things, he might find some things he will not like. His last text was harsh and disturbed me. I don’t know what Nathan told him, but with that and my lie about the trip, it was enough to wind Johnny up. I need to talk to Johnny now to cool him down.I called, but he ignored me. That worried me a lot. I needed to talk to Johnny. He could never know what I do for Milatech; he would divorce me in a second, and I could never let that happen. I love Johnny with my whole being. I would die without him in my life. He is the stabilizing force that allows my brain to compartmentalize what I do for work from our loving relationship. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I was on one of my special trips, providing my special services for Milatech to close a particularly important and lucrative deal with a secret client. I negotiate the final contract’s legal aspects and have the ‘power of the pen’ for the company. I always have my boundaries, but I make the deal happen within those. Once the agreement is completed, there is an overnight celebration. That I orchestrate like a symphony, the clients are treated to a once-in-a-lifetime experience they will never forget, nor will we ever allow them to forget. Every minute of the evening is recorded in 5K quality video and sound for safekeeping and future persuasion if required.   Johnny knows nothing about Escort Çankaya these trips. I have taken several of them over the past three years, usually when Johnny travels. The trip typically only lasts one night, and once my services are performed, we complete a deal and receive a new contract.That is my job; I am the CLOSER!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I need to explain. I am a bar-certified attorney hired by Milatech, Inc. five years ago, as a legal associate working on major defense contracts for the company. I worked with Thomas Reed, the legal department head, for the first two years of my employment. We worked on many contracts and all the legal work the company needed to be completed. During my time with the company, we have had events, parties, and outings a few times a year, but no spouses were ever invited. It was explained that we needed to be a dedicated team, and each event would help build the team if it made sense, so no one questioned the policy. Johnny always thought it was a strange policy, but they were paying me a lot, so he accepted it.In early January of my third year, I was invited to a private party at the stately home of the CEO, Nathan Stills. It was in the evening, and the invitation stated the dress code for women was elegant, with short evening dresses and evening attire for men. Johnny saw the invitation lying on the kitchen counter and read it. He looked at me with an odd look, “Sounds very formal; how many people are going to be there?””Johnny, I have no idea. Most of these events are for everyone. The company has almost two hundred people, but this is not for two hundred people. I don’t know, and I was surprised to be invited. I am sorry you cannot come with me. I would feel so much better.””Are you worried something will happen?””Oh no, I just want you with me. I am going to be with the company’s leaders, and you know I get nervous.””I wish I could go too, but you will be fine. Just go enjoy yourself and see Nathan’s big ass house.”That night as I dressed, Johnny watched me, making me self-conscious. I had showered and shaved my pussy, so when I got home, I would treat Johnny to a hot night loving my sweet pussy.I put on my new black lace shelf bra and thong set. I rolled on my black thigh-high silk stockings and slipped on my five-inch stilettos. I stood looking at myself in my full-length mirror when Johnny stepped up behind me. He was much taller, six feet two and broad, two hundred pounds. Johnny smiled and reached around, cupping my firm 36C breasts wrapped in thin lace. He lightly caressed them and rubbed his thumbs over my exposed nipples in the bra slots.”Oh, Johnny!” I moaned as his hand squeezed and his thumbs teased.Then Johnny’s fingers slipped down my tight body across my ripped abs, to the waist string of my thong. My skin rippled under Johnny’s fingers as they danced across my belly, tracing along the string, then dipped inside, cupping my hot quivering pussy. His fingers spread wider, opening my lips, letting his long middle finger slip into my hot center.I gasped as Johnny’s finger pushed up, touching my spot, rubbing it, driving me crazy. My knees buckled, and my pussy settled in his palm as his long finger slipped deeper inside me. Suddenly, out of nowhere, my pussy came hard, wetting Johnny’s hand. He kissed my neck just behind the ear, making me shiver and cum even harder.Johnny whispered as he nipped my earlobe, “Remember this while you are partying tonight. I am waiting with my hard nine inches ready to fill your hot fucking pussy with a ball sack of cum.””Oh God, Johnny, you are evil.”I turned and kissed him hard, pushing my tongue in his mouth as I gripped his cock hard in his shorts. I squeezed him, and he moaned. “I could turn you around, push you over the bed, and fuck you right now, filling your pussy with a full load of cum that you can take with you to the party so you will squish all night long.”My body shook as I heard his words. God, I wanted Johnny to fuck me right then, but I knew I could not go to this party full of his cum. I pushed him away, “No baby, we can’t; I need to finish dressing; the car will pick me up in fifteen minutes.”What, they are sending a car for you? What the hell?” “I don’t know, but they did, so I am taking it?” “Ok, Sarah, remember what I said. I will await you, so don’t be too late.””Ok, baby, let me finish.” I kissed him, and he left me to doll up.The town car arrived. I came down, draping a lacy wrap over my shoulders. Johnny had a pained look on his face when he saw me looking like a movie star. I kissed him, but we said nothing as I walked out. I looked back and saw Johnny turn away as the driver closed the door, and we drove off. I was sad that Johnny was staying home. The car arrived at Nathan’s home. Well, it was an estate. The gates opened, and we drove up a long driveway to the incredible mansion. Many town cars are parked with the drivers all standing around, talking with each other.

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