The Meter Reader


I’m basically a ‘city boy’ but one summer decided to rent an old two story farmhouse in the country. It had its good and bad points. The bad was that it was quite a way from town. I was working nights at a bakery and had to drive the twenty or so miles to work in the dark every night. The good part was that it was secluded. I could walk around the house in just my bra and panties, a short skirt and heels, or sexy lingerie if I wanted to. One of my favorite things was to go outside and wash my car or work in the garden wearing a little string bikini bathing suit. One warm afternoon, I was out in the yard washing my car and listening to the radio. I was wearing a powder blue bikini with string ties at the sides, the matching top and a short white t-shirt. I had the shirt on because as much as I like the tan lines on my ass, I’m not crazy about them on my back and chest. ( it would be hard to explain to my ‘straight’ friends who might see me with my shirt off! ) I didn’t see, or hear the truck coming up my long driveway until it was too late. It had a little yellow flashing light on top and the sign on the door read, ‘RPC’ with smaller letters underneath spelling out ‘Rural Power Beşevler escort Company.’ I thought about dropping the water hose and running in the house, but instead went around to the side of my car where the driver couldn’t directly see me and bent down, continuing to wash the bottom part of my car. The truck pulled up to within just a few feet of me and the driver got out. “Hi,” he said with a smile. “Power Company, just here to read your meter.” He was an older man. In fact, he looked old enough to be retired but was still very trim and toned with a full head of hair. “Oh, sure, okay,” I stammered. “I think it’s right around the corner of the house there,” I pointed. “Thanks, I’ll find it,” he said as he started off across the lawn. He was so casual about the whole thing. I mean, he didn’t even say anything about the fact that he had caught me out washing my car wearing next to nothing and I found myself feeling a little disappointed. Usually, all the guys I’ve let see me wearing feminine things have come on to me like gang busters. So, I decided to flirt with him a little and see if I could get a reaction. I made it a point to be on my Çankaya escort bayan tip toes, stretching way out while I washed the roof of my car when he came back from around the side of the house. I knew my tanned little ass cheeks were hanging out the sides of my skimpy bikini I and I wanted to give him a good look at them. As I worked my way down to washing the hood, I was delighted to see his reflection in my windshield. He was rubbing his crotch as he watched me from the corner of the house. The front of my shirt was wet from leaning against the car and my nipples were rock hard, clearly showing through the thin fabric of my bikini top. My cock was also getting hard and the bottom of my bikini barely containing it. He finally walked up and stood next to me. “Well, I read the meter, but I think there might be a problem with the wire connections at the peak of the house,” he said.” I’ll need to get a closer look. Would you happen to have a ladder?” “Yeah, I think there’s an extension ladder out in the barn,” I replied. “Let’s go see.” I bent over and dropped my sponge in the bucket and we started for the barn. He stayed a little behind Escort Cebeci me and I put a wiggle in my walk knowing he was looking at my ass. I was starting to get hard and there was no way to conceal it in my bikini. We were about half way to the barn when he piped up. “By the way, my name is Tom and I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but you look very nice in your bikini. You fill it out great …both in the back and front.” I turned and smiled at him over my shoulder. “Thanks, Tom. I’m Ronnie. I wasn’t expecting any company and you kind of caught me by surprise.” Just then, I stepped on a pebble and stopped short, raising my foot. “Are you okay?” he asked. He came along side me and put his arm around my waist. “Yeah,I think so. I just stepped on something sharp.” I put my hand on his shoulder to steady myself as I looked at my foot. Then, his hand slipped from my waist and firmly cupped the right cheek of my ass. “Well, you better be careful, we don’t want you falling down and hurting this cute little butt. Let’s get inside and let me take a look at that foot.”We walked side by side the rest of the way to the barn with his hand resting on my ass and I swished my hips a little, letting him feel it wiggle and loving his touch. By the time we got in the barn, my bikini bottom was barely containing my growing hard on. He sat me down on a bale of hay and took my foot in his hand, stretching my leg out while he examined it. “It looks okay, I don’t see any bleeding,” he said.

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