The Mythadventures of a Sex Bunny Part Two.The Minotaur in the Maze


Eventually, I decided that my little adventure, even though it had seemed real to me at the time, had to have been a dream since no one else on the yacht seemed to recall being forced to pleasure a Goddess or being turned into pigs.  I decided to attribute it to too much ouzo and an overactive imagination and focus on the important things such as enjoying the scenery and fucking.  In other words, I was back to being the perfect party girl for the crew of The Argonaut. As long as I went easy on the spirits, everything would be fine.  It was another beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky. Leaning on the rail I gazed out, enjoying my view of the sea, marveling at how impossible blue with water was.  I decided to convince Michael to find me an island so I could go swimming. Sans bikini, naturally. Afterwards, I could sun myself on the beach. Or even better, be ravished upon the clean white sands.My musings were interrupted by a hand fondling my ass. Jason’s hand.“Daydreaming?”“I don’t suppose there’s plans on dropping anchor anytime soon?”“We’re near the Kyklades.  Perhaps we can pause for lunch near an island.”I responded with a purr as he slipped his large hand between my thighs and cupped my pussy through my bikini briefs. It seems perfectly natural to rub myself against his fingers while gripping the rail with both hands.“Fuck me,” I breathed, anticipation soaking the thin material.Laughing, he withdrew his hand and trailed his fingers up my spine, causing me to shiver uncontrollably with lust.“Slut,” he said in a low voice as he undid my top, freeing my small tits and then surprising me with a sharp swat on my bottom.“I’ll put in a request with the Captain. I’m sure he’ll be happy to accommodate,” he said, kissing the back of my neck sensuously, his lips soft and warm and full of promises.  “Unless he wants a mutiny on his hands.”He left me like that, horny and topless and looking forward to a romp on some secluded island with whoever was interested. The more the merrier.~~~ It was several hours after lunch when we set anchor upon still waters alongside a wide swath of beach set against dark red cliffs.“Volcanic rock,” Marc commented. “And, if you look carefully, you can see ruins. Might be fun to explore.”“We should spend the night. Make an adventure of it,” Christos suggested. And so it was decided.~~~ The day was warm and it seemed pointless to bother with a swimsuit, even though the water was cooler than I would have wished. Not everyone had accompanied me. After all, someone had to stay behind and make sure The Argonaut didn’t drift off. There were six of us. Besides Marc and Christos, Jason, George, and Alexis had motored over along with an ice chest full of Mythos beer and an assortment of snacks and sandwiches to keep our strength up for exploring the island beyond the dark-coloured sand. Brushing myself off and got dressed, transforming into practical, yet still alluring, Bunny for climbing cliffs and exploring ruins. White denim shorts. A white cotton tee with ‘Anal Bead Tug-o-war Champion’ in gold across the front. A good pair of boots and a baseball cap completed the look.When I say climbed, it makes it sound much more dangerous than it really was. On one end of the beach, there was a breach that allowed us easy access to the top of the bluff with a minimum of scrapes and bruises. And a lot of swearing. What can I say, I know a lot of dirty words. It was worth it just for the banter alone.“It’s a city,” I decided, setting off a debate.“More like a large town,” From Marc.                                                   “Medium-sized,” Christo chimed in, grinning mischievously.“Was,” Jason again.“Was?”“Was. Now it’s just walls and rubble.  You need Ankara bayan escort people for a town.”Since it didn’t seem dangerous, we felt comfortable wandering off to explore. I found it exciting, picturing what the place might have looked like thousands of years ago and wondering if everyone had simply abandoned the place over time or if some cataclysmic event had forced them to flee. I felt like an explorer, especially when I came across several artifacts covered with grime and dust in one of the few buildings with its roof intact. A small round shield and a sword that was too small to be a proper sword yet too big to be a dagger. They were both made of bronze. At least I thought they were. Eager to show the others I pulled them both free of the dirt and shards of stone covering them and hurried outside. Or, at least, that was my intent. What actually happened was I took half a dozen steps before the ground gave way beneath my feet.Too surprised to scream, I simply fell into darkness and gave my head a good bang when I hit bottom. Hard enough to knock me senseless. For how long? I could only guess. When I came too, I felt a little sick.  There was a bump, covered with something tacky – blood, probably – on the crown of my head. A concussion, most likely. Great. At least I hadn’t broken rule number one of the girl guides. Or what should probably be rule number one. Never go wandering off without your cell. Hopefully, I’d get service down here. If nothing else, I’d have light…I looked around. I was in a hallway. No. A corridor made of brick. I could see the hole I’d fallen through above me. Too far to climb so I tried calling Jason. I guess Ancient Grecian isles weren’t big on service. Typical.“You could wait here and hope they find you, Bunny.” Yes, I’d already begun talking to myself, a sure sign that I’d sustained brain damage. Actually, I did that a lot normally.“Yes, but that could take forever and be incredibly boring and who knows what kind of interesting things you’ll come across buried down beneath the city. Town. Ruins.”So it was decided. We’d explore. Bonnie and Bunny. I giggled a little at that, deciding that I definitely had a concussion and should probably not wander off on my own and wait to be rescued. Or Bonnie decided. Thankfully, Bunny ignored her advice. After all, we had a sword and a shield and a flashlight and we had, not too long ago, outwitted a goddess and rescued an entire crew of hapless men who’d been turned into swine.“I am Wonder Woman. Queen of the Amazons,” I declared. Moments later a dizzy spell took me.“Wonder Woman?” Bonnie scoffed.“Wonder Bunny!” I said, doing my best to imitate the fanfare of trumpets. It sounded more like a sick elephant. Close enough to steady my feet and head down the corridor and into the unknown, easier said than done when you have two hands and are trying to manage three different things. Thinking myself clever, I used a bootlace to bind my cellphone to my sword.“You are brilliant,” I told myself.“I know, right?”  Soon, I came to a blank wall. Thankfully, there it continued both to the left and to the right. Scrawled upon the bricks was a single… word. I assumed it was a word, at least, although it was written in some sort of archaic language. Probably Greek. Shrugging, I looked down in both directions. It was then that I noticed a length of twine on the floor. Turning, slowly, I realized it went down both paths. From right to left. Or maybe it was left to right. I felt dizzy again and it made perfect sense to stop for a moment and dig into my pockets for a candy bar. Girl guide rule number two. Always keep a Milkyway in your pocket in case of emergency.Advance Escort bayan Ankara girl guide rule number two, of course, was to keep two of them. Shoving the wrappers back in my pocket (girl guide rule number three – Pack it in. Pack it out!) I mentally flipped a coin. Heads. I went left and followed the ancient string which lead me to another fork. And then another. At least I didn’t have to guess which way was back and which was forward now. Unless I was already going in the wrong direction. If there was even a wrong direction.“You’ve gotten us lost, Bunny,” Bonnie scolded.“We were already lost. I’ve just got us loster,” I replied. I should mention that we’d come across more cryptic writing on the walls as we went. Unfortunately, if any of them said ‘Exit’ I couldn’t read it. I should also mention that I needed to pee. So I did, careful not to get any on my boots.  One other thing that bears mentioning. My battery was down to 23%.I am not sure how long it had been since I’d fallen into what I eventually realized was a maze. A mixture of boredom and growing fear washed through me as I stumbled along, growing weary from endless walking as well as the blow to my head that I’d taken until I’d stopped paying attention to where I was going, randomly choosing either left or right when I came to a fork. If I hadn’t been completely lost before, I was now. Thus it was that it came as a surprise when bumped into a door blocking the corridor I was trodding. A pair of doors, actually. They were made of metal. Bronze, just like my sword and shield. Decorated with images of men armed with spears and wearing helmets around the edges while in the middle was a fearsome-looking figure. A muscular man with the head of a bull. It even had horns and a nose ring, which made it look kind of punk. Unlike the men, it was naked giving me a good look at a very impressive cock dangling between thick thighs. I couldn’t help but giggle a little, imagining what it would look like when it was hard.“A cock like that would tear my asshole apart,” one of us mumbled, licking our lips. Bunny. Bonnie. Both, perhaps. I was too worn out to figure it out right now. Maybe it was time for a nap.~~~ I woke in total darkness. The battery on my cell had obviously given up the ghost. I was still hungry. Thirsty too. I needed coffee, and to find a way out. Or be rescued. It wasn’t hard to find the door again. It was the only thing that didn’t feel like bricks. I didn’t expect an espresso machine on the other side, but it did seem like the best chance to get back to my friends. It was heavy. Almost too heavy to push open, but with the help of every curse word I could remember I managed.  Eventually. At least my headache seemed to be gone and I wasn’t talking to myself anymore. As an added bonus, once I got the doors pushed open I could see the soft glow of light at the end of yet another of the endless corridors which gave me hope.Using the soft orange glow as a beacon, I hurried forward, careful not to trip over the uneven, and sometimes broken, paving stones which brought me to an arched entrance at the top of a stairway descending into a large circular room that reminded me of an arena, only there were no seats. Just a dirt floor. I could tell it was dirt because there were lit torches affixed to the walls.“Weird,” I said softly, pausing to wonder who’d taken the trouble of lighting a bunch of torches in an otherwise empty room and how long they’d been burning. With no answer forthcoming and realizing that my choices were limited to going back the way I’d come, standing here and staring dumbly across the room to the other door, or continuing on, I started down the stairs.When Bayan escort Ankara I say started, I mean exactly that. I started. And then stopped, my heart skipping several beats as I clapped my hands over my ears to block out the sound of the loudest gong I had ever heard. The sound echoed, bouncing off the walls of the arena for what seemed like minutes, eventually fading, only to be replaced by an unpleasant grinding as the door opposite me slowly opened. To one side of it was a huge anvil. To the other, a giant hammer“Fuck me.” I managed as a huge shadowy figure appeared, framed by a fiery glow that faded as the door closed once more. Maybe staring dumbly would have been a much better choice after all. That thought was reinforced when the shadow figure stepped into the room and became much less shadowy.It looked a lot like the figure on the door come to life. Bull’s head. Horns. Nose ring. Muscles. One of the thickest cocks I’d ever seen. Or imagined. Its eyes were filled with dancing flames and smoke rose from its nostrils like twin volcanoes. It was covered with course dark hair and instead of feet it had hooves. Like a bull. Or maybe a demon.“Fuck,” I whispered, rooted to the spot by fear as it bellowed angrily, pausing to look me over, a cruel smile slowly forming.“What have the gods sent me this time? Hardly a warrior worthy of my skills.” It, or rather, he laughed. It was more of a snort than a laugh, actually. Its gaze settled on the shield I’d forgotten I was hanging onto. And then the sword.“Such a little prick.” He cupped his cock with one massive hand, fondling it playfully until it began to swell, growing in stature until it was fully erect. It was enormous.  “Now that’s a prick.  Think you can handle it?”And then he posed. You know the one. Legs slightly akimbo, arms curled to show off biceps. Chest thrust out while his cock bounced lewdly, the bulbous head pointing directly at my face. It was dark as the rest of him. Like chocolate. He grinned, showing off thick white teeth, the fire in his eyes calming slightly as he eyed me curiously.“You’re the first maiden, you know. The rest of my adversaries have been musclebound idiots. The gods aren’t very good at finding heroes with brains. Brave but dull. I hope you’re not dull, little beauty.”I glanced at the sword, then at him. He towered over me. Shrugging, I tossed it aside. I kept the shield though, figuring I could hide behind it.“I don’t really want to fight you. I just want to get out of here.”He shook his head, his eyes igniting once more.  “Then you’ll have to fight me. That’s how it works.  I don’t make the rules.”“Couldn’t you just make an exception? Like a riddle game or something? A battle of wits.”He sauntered down the stairs until he was standing in front of me. Squatting so that his eyes were level with mine, he regarded me with a frown. “The fates weave the threads that pull the strings.”“What does that even mean?”He snorted, smoke, or steam, rising from his nostrils again.“I can’t change the rules. If you want to get past me, you’ll have to defeat me.”“Yeah, right. That’s never going to happen,” I answered truthfully. “Not even if I cheat.”“No, probably not,” he chortled.  “It’s a shame, really.  You’re a comely little thing.”He didn’t bother trying to disguise the look of animalistic lust glinting in his eyes. Nor did he try to cover up his cock and it slowly began to rise to attention as he regarded me.  Sudden inspiration struck. I began to dance, swaying sensuously to a song in my head. Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood. Not the sexiest thing to do a striptease to, but I was the only one who could hear it.“What do the rules say about having a little fun first?” I asked, smiling seductively as I worked my top up, baring my tummy.“Not a thing,” he grinned, standing once more and eyeing me intensely as I flashed a bit of under-boob before turning my back on him and shaking my ass enticingly, my gaze lingering between his legs. This was going to hurt. Good thing I was into that kind of thing.

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