The New Toy


He smiled to see her so excited. She was flitting around the room, first sitting, then standing, then leaning over him to kiss him where he sat, all before starting the process anew and returning to flit the room. She had heard about a new toy from a friend on the internet, and she wanted ever so badly to find one.

He listened carefully, very carefully, with a considerable measure of interest.

It was a butt toy, she said. But it has a ring around it at its base to slip down to the base of his cock. And it had something on the ring, some kind of surface that could rub her clit. Jennifer called the surface for her clit a beaver face. See, she told him, we slip this over your cock and you slide inside my pussy so the ribbed butt toy can ease inside my ass at the same time, both of them to fuck me with while the base of the ring around your cock rubs my clit.

She was almost beside herself wanting to find one and try it.

Jennifer says it’s sooooo good, she giggled. And her hubby took some pictures, too. Would you like to see her pictures, she asked, smiling with an unabashed evil look. And would you like to take some pictures of me, of us, to send to Jennifer?

He sipped his wine and let her stew. But she knew she had him, and she knew he wanted the new toy as much as she did. Maybe not to experience it himself. Maybe to see her experience it, to experience it with her.

“Okay,” he told her before she jumped into his lap and straddled him. She covered his mouth with hers and pushed her tongue nearly down his throat. She didn’t break the kiss as she hurriedly unbuckled his suit pants and almost ripped the zipper from its stitching. One of her hands held his head as her other lifted the short blue silk dress to her waist. Her pussy was bare and wet, soaked. Her hand gripped the shaft of his cock and pointed it with an experienced turn before she slid down on him quickly and completely.

She ground herself into him, fucking him, taking all of him before she broke the kiss and whispered to him.

“I’ve already ordered it,” she told him. “Fed Ex. It’ll be here tomorrow when you get home from work.”

His hands felt her ass and thighs clinch and work as she fucked him there on the couch.

“Tomorrow, then,” he whispered back.


The new toy was yellow.

Steve looked at it occasionally where it lay on the bedside table. But he looked Ankara escort only occasionally because his wife, Amie, was between his knees on the bed playing with his cock. Maybe she caught him glancing at the toy once or twice but she recovered his attention by sinking the head of his cock deep in her mouth. His gaze would return to her quickly then and she would smile to him with her eyes as he watched her cheeks hollow as she sucked him.

She was getting him ready and they both knew it. Amie had been a bundle of excitement since the Federal Express delivery that morning. She had called him late in the morning at work to tell him it had arrived. On the phone, he could hear her vibrator purring in the background as she told him how badly she wanted him and the new toy. He listened carefully, feeling his cock straining inside his loose fitting suit pants, knowing as he listened that she was on their bed with the phone tucked under her chin on her left side, knowing that the vibrator was in her right hand being stroked on its side around and over her clit. She came twice on the phone with him that morning. Lord only knows how many more times, he had told himself.

Steve didn’t move from his spot on the bed, lying there on his back, as Amie lifted her mouth from his cock and smiled. She began to move slowly, gracefully, turning herself until she was facing away from him on her knees. Her upper body came to rest on his legs, her knees spread wide straddling his lower abdomen, her ass high, cheeks spread, her pussy wet and slick and shiny, her puckered ass a serious temptation.

“Look,” she murmured, “Look and think about getting to feel and watch your cock inside me like this. Look and think about watching the toy stretch my ass. Look and think about me grinding down on your balls to rub my clit on the toy. Look, Baby, and anticipate.”

Steve loved to see her like this. Instinctively his hand found his cock to stroke it as she moved her ass over him. Teasing him, sure, but they both loved it. Amie moved downward before reaching back to take his cock and rub it over her pussy. The tip opened her easily and she settled down to take the head inside her.

“Oh, so good,” she purred.

Steve reached down with his hands and spread her ass. Her tight ring stretched and opened as he spread her. He licked a finger and let it slip inside her ass as she held herself still, holding his cock Ankara escort bayan inside her pussy. She didn’t let that go on for long before she moaned again and moved downward off his cock and finger. Amie turned and stepped off the bed to get the toy and some lubricant.

“Goddamn, it’s time,” was all she said.

The new toy was a pliable, almost clear, yellow plastic. The shaft of the butt piece was ribbed, Steve thought, maybe even knobby. Amie poured the lubricant over the toy liberally, covering all of it, including the inside of the ring which she planned to slip over Steve’s cock. She knelt beside him and took him in her hands. The tip of his cock peeked at them both from one side of the ring. Amie looked at Steve and smiled as she gently pushed the head through the slippery ring. She was being careful to not tug on him or pull the taut skin. Both her hands and the toy were slick and warm. Steve had wondered about the fit, but once the head was worked through the ring, the toy settled then at the base of his cock giving him the appearance of a gearshift attachment for his cock.

Amie must have thought the same about the gearshift, because she giggled and asked, “Wanna try first gear?”

Steve only smiled in response. Amie was quick. She took his cock in her mouth as she began to rub more lubricant up and down the butt plug. Her eyes held him as she sucked the head of his cock while she stroked both the shafts of his cock and the plug. She was double fisting the two things she planned to take inside her.

Steve closed his eyes for only an instant. When he opened them, Amie was already turning to straddle his thighs again, facing away as she had before. He watched in amazement, lusty amazement, as she positioned herself while holding him and the plug. First his cock, he was first inside her. She held him in her right hand while holding the plug backwards with her left. The head and the shaft disappeared inside her smoothly. Her pussy almost sucked him inside. She moaned as she released the plug and let her slippery finger rub the ring of her ass. Steve watched the tip of her finger disappear inside her ass to the first knuckle. But it was out quickly; her hand recovering the shaft of the plug and aiming the tip at her tight rosebud.

He had seen nothing like it. Her ass pressed back into the rounded end of the blunt plug until the first knob sank inside her.

“Oh, Escort Ankara my God,” she moaned quietly.

She leaned back more and took more of the plug. The plug bent in a slight curve as she took it and Steve’s cock deeper inside her.

“My God, my God, my God,” she said aloud with palpable excitement.

Steve watched it all as she took it all, all of him, all of the plug, all of them both until her ass was pressed down against him, only the hint of yellow plastic was left showing between the cheeks of her ass spread in front of him.

There was no guessing between them about what to do next. Amie began to fuck him, to fuck herself, to fuck the plug, to fuck the base of the plastic ring, to fuck everything completely and earnestly, without even the slightest hesitation. In another time, Steve would say that this willingness to abandon herself to her passion was one of the things he loved about Amie most dearly. She wanted to live it all, give it all, and leave nothing behind.

Amie shook and shuttered through any number of orgasms, all the while talking and moaning. Steve would later admit he concentrated on the 1976 World Series line-ups. It was the only way, he thought, to keep from cuming too soon. However they did it, they both moved hard and long until they both needed to cum one more time and rest.

Steve’s orgasm rose from deep inside him and made his balls feel as if they would burst beneath the yellow plastic and Amie’s weight on top of it. His balls didn’t burst but his cum did spurt from his cock in an effort to fill Amie’s pussy. She felt it before she heard his distinctive cuming noises, so she changed her pace and fucked him more gently as her pussy milked his more than willing cock.

He was catching his breath as she moved to place her feet flat on the bed beside his hips. His breath was still ragged and his cock softening as she rose off him. The plug was snug in her ass and moving upward with her, the ring slid along his now soft cock, leaving him for only an instant before the mingling of their juices feel from her onto him, wetting him in splatters of white, frothy puddles.

She rolled to her side and melted onto one of the pillows, reaching back as she relaxed, easing the plug out of her ass.

“Do you like it?” she asked smiling with her eyes closed.

“Do they come in different colors?” he chuckled.

They both laughed for a moment before she opened her eyes and looked at him.

“I’ll get you a towel,” was all she said as she rolled off the bed and headed into the bathroom.

…The Unplugged End.

* * * * *

copyright, 2000.

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