the Night Whispers Index-7


the Night Whispers Index-7Before I went to my son’s room, full of butterflies and uncertainty, I did two things. First, I showered and trimmed my pussy. I left a small, short patch above my slit, and a thin ring around my labia, clearing away most of the hair from my Mons and around my anus.Second, after rinsing, drying, putting on a sexy bra and white cotton panties, and then wrapping a robe around my naked body, I went to Kira’s room a moment and retrieved a couple of condoms from the pack she’d gotten at the clinic. As much as I might want to feel my son without protection, I was still fertile as far as I knew, and I had no wish to take a chance of becoming pregnant. My pussy was already drooling from arousal. Just thinking about my son putting his penis in me had me shivering and feeling a bit nauseous. Jackie was there to give me courage as I sat a moment on Kira’s bed.Don’t worry, Penelope. He’s already hard and fantasizing about you. He looked for your panties even though he felt guilty about it. He still has the pair from before and he is inhaling your scent. I know I loved smelling you, Penelope. It always made me want to taste you.I whispered to my sister. “I’m scared, Jackie. I’m so nervous.”That’s okay, s*s. You’ll know what to do.”Why are you doing this, Jackie? Why are you encouraging me to become intimate with my c***dren.”Do you really have to ask? Don’t you remember what we shared? Don’t they deserve what we had?”But it’s i****t, Jackie. Yeah, we had something I loved … but to most people, it’s harmful and awful.”Only if it is abusive and there’s no consent. Your son and daughter are old enough to know what they want. Let them learn how to be adults in this. They are going to be together. Let their first time together be wonderful.”My first time wasn’t great…”Mine was worse.”You never really told me about it…”I’ll show you.I floated into a room that was decked out in sports posters and pictures of bikini-clad women hung on the wall. I heard giggling and saw that my sister was on her back with a boy named Ira sitting on the edge of the bed. Ira was Jackie’s first real boyfriend, at least the first she let touch her in intimate places. He wore a ratty t-shirt and hadn’t shaved in days, his blue jeans almost as ragged as his hair, a smirk on his face as he listened to my sister laughing at his joke.Jackie wore a loose white blouse and a tight red skirt down to her knees, white stockings rising up to her thighs.I remembered that skirt.Before my sister and I began to become intimate, I always wished I could wear something like that and as look hot as Jackie. Only much later would I have the confidence to do so, but at the time, my older sister was my idol in many ways, the way she looked so great in beautiful clothing but one small aspect of my early affection for her.She would have been fifteen. When it had really happened, I was thirteen, just a few months into puberty. While I was awash in confusion about my body and boys, my sister was an eager teen ready to take her relationship with Ira further.I watched as she stared at the back of his head for a while. The way her legs rocked on the bed showed her excitement, her eagerness, her nerves. How Ira could have ignored my beautiful sister in that moment, staring at a baseball game on his television, I couldn’t understand. I’d never known Ira well, Jackie usually sneaking around to be with him. Our parents forbid her to date anyone, and they would have been horrified to know their daughter, my sister, was about to give her cherry to this boy.”Come on, Ira … kiss me…””In a minute…” He cheered as the screen showed the home team scoring another run in a rout.I could see that Jackie was bored and disappointed that her offer of a kiss had been ignored.”Ira … You can put it in me … if you want.””Really?” He turned back finally. “I thought you wanted to wait.””I did. I waited,” Jackie said, a smile coming to her face, “I’m ready.””Finally … was starting to wonder if this was going anywhere…””What?” Jackie said, looking at him with narrowed eyes.”Just sayin’. I mean, my last girl, she put out on the second date.” He said the last two words with emphasis, as if he was proud of the fact. “We’ve hung out, what, a dozen times?”Jackie looked like she was trying to control the hurt his words had caused. “Yeah, well … you make it sound so damn romantic…””Aww, Babe,” Ira said, sliding next to Jackie and moving his hand down my sister’s stomach. “Don’t be like that. You’re ready when you’re ready. Great. Let’s do something…”Jackie didn’t react much when he started to unbutton her blouse, letting Ira fondle her small, perky boobs a minute before he lost interest and gave her a sneaky grin. “Ready for some fun?” he said with false sincerity.Jackie shrugged. I couldn’t believe he was ignoring her obvious signs of uncertainty. What an asshole. He pushed her skirt up over her waist, Jackie moving her hips just enough to let him uncover her panties, a pair of purple bikini-cut cotton underwear which made my imaginary body grow aroused to see.He chuckled. “You’ve only let me see it once, you know … always keeping me out of there … finally…””Hmph,” Jackie grunted, staring at the ceiling. I wanted to scream out for her to stop him, to not let this prick have her wonderful gift. But I could only watch. Jackie wanted me to see this, so I swallowed my hatred, my disgust, and my sadness for what was occurring as best I could.Ira pulled my sister’s panties down and off her legs. Since Mom hadn’t allowed us to use razors, her bush was full. Ira looked at it a moment, then laughed. “Nice fro.””Goddammit, Ira,” Jackie said, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed and reaching for where Ira had tossed her underwear onto the floor.”Babe, Babe,” Ira said in a soft voice which made me gag, putting his arm over Jackie’s shoulder and holding her while he patted her like a dog, “don’t be like that, Babe. I’m sorry, just … forgot about that. I like it, you know I want you … come on, you wanted to a minute ago … come on.””I dunno, Ira…””Please … just this once. Just let me put it in for a minute.”Jackie was quiet a moment, then growled, “fine.”He pushed her back again and was between her spread legs quickly. On his knees, he pushed down his jeans to his thighs and leaned over rus escort ara Jackie’s body. “You’re gonna love this part…” he stated through a grin.”Uh-huh,” Jackie replied, “go easy … I’ve never done it before.””I know. You’ll love it. Promise.”Jackie’s screech made my stomach lurch. There was pain there, hurt, surprise. Ira had pushed into her body just a second after nestling the tip of his broad, short penis in her vagina. He tore through her hymen with no concern for her discomfort. Ira grunted as he held his weight over her. “You’re gonna love it,” he repeated, as if my sister hadn’t squeezed her eyes shut tight and her hands weren’t pushing against him trying to make him slow down.His hips pulled back and slammed forward. She screamed. “Easy, Babe … Mom’s downstairs.””You go easy!” she said, starting to cry.”Oh, I’ll go easy … just hold still, almost there…” He’d only been inside of her ten seconds and his movements said he was about to cum.Jackie bit her lip and stifled her painful cries as Ira thrust three, four, five times. He grunted again and held still against her. Seconds later, he scooted back and tucked his already soft cock back into his pants. Jackie lay there a moment, legs spread, blood and semen leaking from her vagina. She was crying softly, covering her eyes with her arm. Slowly she closed her legs, but she didn’t get up.”Aww, Babe. It hurts the first time. You’ll do better next time. Promise. Come on, let’s go get some food.”He stood and left the room without another look back at Jackie. I watched, heartbroken, as she cried softly and then calmed herself. Slowly she sat up and collected her underwear. Jackie used them to wipe away the red mess leaking from her pussy then wadded them up and put them in her purse. I saw her pull a pad and a fresh pair of panties from within, attaching the pad to the crotch, then pulling them up to her waist, still sobbing softly.Jackie breathed heavily and wiped her eyes, then put on lipstick and eyeliner after she stopped her tears. I watched as she stared at herself in a small mirror beside Ira’s bed. I wondered what she was thinking as she saw her reflection.I hated myself, Penelope. I hated myself.”Oh, Jackie,” I cried, tears on my cheek, “oh, Jackie … I’m so sorry…”Don’t be. It was awful, but it kinda got better.”Why’d you stay with him? Why’d you let him treat you like that?”I thought I loved him. I was young, Penelope. He was my first real boyfriend. I thought that was normal, I guess. I didn’t think I deserved better.”But you were always so confident! How could you think that?”I was good at fooling people. Even you. I thought I deserved to be treated that way. Maybe because I’d let him feel my boobs a few times, and once I’d let him touch my pussy. I liked his attention, when he gave it, and even after that first time … I wanted to be with him. I thought I needed him.”Jackie … I never knew.”It’s why you meant so much to me, Penelope. It’s part of why I needed you. You loved me without condition, and I adored you. After Ira, being with you made me feel good again, and compared to being a sad slut for him, you made me a goddess. You were so innocent, at first, and I loved teaching you some things. I wanted your first time to be better than mine. I’m sorry it didn’t work out that way…”It’s ok, Jackie. Mine wasn’t nearly so bad. Not great, but nothing like that asshole.”I heard my sister’s laughter for the first time in forever. It made me feel light and warm. Thanks, Penelope. You always knew how to make me feel good, you know. I love you so much, s*s.I took a couple of deep breaths.I think the time is right for going to Dexter. If you wait much longer, he’s going to cum without you there.”Jackie … after seeing that…”Now is the moment, Penelope. I showed you that to prove what you already believed. Your son and daughter deserve to do better than either of us. They deserve a first time together free from the pain and the awkwardness and full of love. Help them, Penelope. Go to your son. He is willing and wants to learn. Be his first woman, so that he can be a good first man for Kira…”Ok,” I said softly, my head clearing as I felt my sister’s light touch on my shoulder. “I love you, Jackie. Don’t leave me again. Please. I need you.”I’m not going anywhere, Penelope, but you have always had a strength you didn’t realize, a strength to do more than cling to my skirt like you did when you were little. I could see it then, I can see it now. Stop doubting yourself. I love you.I listened at my son’s door a moment. I heard nothing from inside, but I trusted that Jackie knew what she was telling me was true. I decided to call out, “Dex?” I paused just a second. “Can we talk a moment?”I knew I was interrupting his masturbation. I waited patiently. “Give me a second…” called my son from his room. I heard his bed squeak and the sound of a zipper being raised. He opened the door a moment later, his hair disheveled, and I could smell the hand lotion he’d been using. He hadn’t thought to put on a shirt. His jean-shorts showed that his penis was still hard.I smiled at him, nervous but resolved. I didn’t think about what I was doing or what to say. It was too strange and crazy to do anything but go forward and make it up as I went. “Can we sit?” I said, sweeping my hand towards his bed.”Uh,” Dexter said, looking nervously back into his room, “my … room’s messy … uh…””That’s okay. Come, please.” I moved past him and sat quickly on the edge of the bed. It was still warm from where he’d been laying there, masturbating, just seconds earlier.I patted the bed and smiled again. “Sit.”Dex settled silently, looking at the floor, scratching where his short, scruffy beard had been growing for a few days without being shaved. It made him look rugged at fifteen, older, and I had to admit I found him very attractive.It was an odd moment, sitting on my son’s bed while sexual thoughts of him rushed though my head. I wasn’t sure where to start.Start by asking him about Donnie.”What?” I said without thinking.”Huh?” Dexter replied.He can’t hear me, Penelope. Ask him about Donnie.”Nothing. So … how’s Donnie?”Dexter nearly choked trying to answer. “Uh, Donnie … he’s … he’s good. Yeah, good.””Do anything fun while you were there?””Uh … not really rus escort bayan ara … not really.””I know how boys can be, Dex … come on, do any talking about girls? Or … boys?””What? No! Uh … no, we didn’t talk about … that.”I felt ridiculous. The conversation was silly and for once, I believed Jackie had sent me in the wrong direction. I started to stand and apologize. My son’s eyes were pulled to where my robe had opened and my bra had showed clearly. Instead of standing, I pivoted and turned towards him, not returning the robe to cover my breasts.”About what I found in your room a couple of weeks ago…” I took a different direction, and I swore I heard Jackie’s purr of approval. “If you want to take my panties, you really should ask me first. Like you do your sister…””I … Mom! I never … I mean…””Easy, Dexter. I know. It’s okay. I know about the games you two play and I’m okay with it. Really. And … if you ask next time … I’d love for you to use mine as well, but promise me something.”He stuttered his reply, blushing furiously, “wu-wu-what?””You’ll give them back to me the same way you give them to Kira…””You mean … uh…””Yes.”He stared at me a moment, and I was enjoying the way he looked both confused and turned on. “Mom … like … you know and you’re okay with it?””Not at first, I wasn’t … but … I’ve thought about it a lot, talked to your sister, talked to someone I trust … and … Look … I want you to be honest with me, Dex … it turns you on, smelling me, doesn’t it?””Uh … uh … I mean…””Let me see it … Let me see you sniff them…” Even though I’d only worn them since my shower, I knew I’d already drooled cream into the crotch of my panties. I rose from the bed and faced my son. I kept a calm face as I spread my robe, let him see me in my underwear a moment. His shorts were tented before I started to slide my panties down and off my legs. I stood still in front of him, his eyes drawn to my trimmed bush. I brought the panties to my nose and sniffed them, purring at my own scent, then held them in front of his face.My son inhaled against the damp underwear as if he had no choice, as if he couldn’t resist. His eyes stayed locked on my body while he sniffed my odors. I slipped off my bra and let him look at my nakedness, smiling at his flushed expression, then sat closer to him on the bed, drawing my hand along his thigh.”Be honest with me, Dex … have you been with a girl yet?””N-no…””But … maybe with another boy?””I … how’d you know?”I shrugged, unwilling to reveal my source. “A mother can tell sometimes … was it Donnie?””Yeah … we didn’t, you know … do it or anything…” My son was blushing again.”So … you touched each other…””Uh-huh…””And maybe … sucked each other…””Mom … jeez … yeah…””It’s okay … were you … were you maybe wishing someone else was there…”My son was always a bit slow to pick up the obvious sometimes, but once he caught on, he was attentive to the moment. “You … I was imagining you…””Mmm … so … what did you think I might do with you?”He shrugged, “I dunno … just … instead of Donnie, maybe you would … do it … with me … you know, suck me and … maybe more later…””Mmm,” I purred, running my fingers across my son’s crotch, his erect penis obvious and pulsing. “Would you like me to suck you now?””Mom…” He said nothing else but he leaned back as my hand fed under his waistline and brushed past his dense pubes. I pulled down his shorts and found my son’s hard penis standing out from his body. Even though I’d seen it recently, with Jackie’s assistance, it was so amazing to see up close. It throbbed with each heartbeat, and I could see that it leaked precum in a thin stream down the shaft. I slid to my knees and seconds later, I slipped my lips around his cock.Dexter moaned as I began to suck his penis. He tasted meaty, salty. A small aftertaste from the lotion was there, but mostly, my son’s penis coated my tongue with his wonderful flavor. I took him deep into my throat, nearly all the way, before the head of his cock hit my limit and I pulled back slowly. I sank down again, and back, and down again. Slowly, so slowly, I blew my son, tasting his salty precum slipping onto my tongue. I swallowed the little drops which spurted randomly each time I sucked harder.He moaned loudly, his hips rising against my mouth. “Oh … Oh … Uh … Uh … Uh … oh … yes…” He was getting closer, his penis swelling and pulsing. I swirled my tongue around his length, my son’s dick so wonderful inside my mouth. I loved sucking Dexter’s cock, absolutely loved it. I watched his face as he gave into the pleasure I brought him. I felt him strain and try to push his dick deeper, deeper. I sucked harder, used my fingers to work up and down the base of his shaft.Warm salty semen flooded my mouth as my son cried out and orgasmed. I nearly overflowed with his pungent load, the cum thick and hot. I let it pool in my throat, each spurt adding to the volume gathering there. My son came in my mouth for long seconds as I held his penis with my lips and tongue, letting him finish fully before I swallowed his load, sending his potent seed into my stomach.I continued to hold him with my lips, letting him soften a bit, letting him relax, but I didn’t let him slide out. I was careful not to use too much pressure on his sensitive flesh and force him to withdraw. Some cum still remained in my mouth, and I used it to massage his half-hard cock gently, keeping enough suction to make him pulse to life a moment later. Soon, Dexter’s penis was hardening again, and I started to blow my son faster this time.I rose from his cock and saw him watch me. “Do you want to put it in me, Dex? Do you want to make love to me?”He nodded, eyes wide.”Okay … I want that too. I’ll be your first, Dexter … but I won’t be your last.” I reached into my robe and pulled out the condoms, tossing one onto the bed. I ripped into the wrapper of the other and rolled the protection down my son’s penis.I made him scoot back and put a pillow under his head. My stomach was flipping over, and I was incredibly nervous. My last penis had been many, many years earlier, and now my son stared up at me as I pulled off my robe, his condom-covered dick throbbing escort rus ara between my legs. I smiled at him and sank down, the taste of his salty semen still in my mouth.I felt the tip of Dex’s cock along my thigh, then took it in my hand. “Ready?” I said, already panting.”Oh, yes…””We go slow, okay? I want you to understand how to do it right…”I sank down, my labia parting, my vagina opening to let my son’s length slide inside. I sucked in my breath as I came to rest on Dex’s groin, his cock fully inside my pussy. He filled me perfectly, his hot penis throbbing inside my body. I could see on his face the unexpected pleasure he was experiencing. “Feel good?”My son nodded, “so good … oh … Mom … so good…”I raised up slowly, letting my lips trailed down and tease his shaft, then squatted again, using my hips to pivot a little as I moved up and down his length. I took his hands in mine and brought them to my breasts, showing him how to caress them, then leaned down so that Dex could suck on my nipples as I rode his penis. He started to strain below me, becoming over-aroused. I didn’t want him to cum just yet, so I thought I’d teach him another lesson first.I rose off his cock and looked down at where it slapped against his groin. I could see my cream streaking the condom. I smiled and pulled it off, using my tongue to tease his length before sucking him gently again. “I want you to taste me…” I said to him.I made him move off the bed while I lay with my thighs on the edge, my feet on the floor. I parted my legs and took my son’s shoulders, bringing his head down towards my genitals. “Lick me, Dex … lick my pussy…”His tongue was inexperienced. I supposed sucking cock, which he had done before, and eating pussy were not quite the same techniques, and while he’d obviously known how to made Donnie cum, he was unsure, at first, what to do. He kinda moved up and down stiffly. I slowed him and made him look at me.”Like this, Dex,” I said, showing him the flat of my tongue, my head rising, my tongue trailing behind as my head came down, “and on my clit, here,” I showed him, using my fingers to open my labia and direct him to where my nub stood erect and throbbing, “circle it like this, but not too much … let my body tell you how fast … pay attention to the way I move, to the sounds I make … you’ll start to know how to move and lick and touch…”I let him settle in again, and this time, the flat of his tongue passed over my vagina and solidly stroked by my clit. I tingled and giggled quietly, immersed in the sensation of my son tasting me directly. “Put it inside me … like that … yes … that’s it … oh, so good, Dex … so good…”My son probed my vagina, and I knew he licked up the creamy juices drooling from my opening. I moaned my pleasure, almost reaching down to touch myself and seek a release.But I wanted Dex to be the one to get me there. I was willing to be patient. I was getting close, and I knew it wouldn’t take much to put me over the top. “Put a finger in me while you lick my clit … oh … ohh … yes … ohhh, Dex … ohhh…” His finger slid inside me gently, and I knew I was going to cum soon when his tongue passed in slow circles around my nub.I started to writhe, his eyes closed as my son concentrated on following my instructions. I could see my wetness on his cheeks, and I was flushed and full of tension when I felt his finger brush by my G-spot as his tongue slithered up and down my clit. “Oh … Dex! Oh! OHHH … OHHH … oooohhh…”I shuddered into orgasm, riding my son’s face and finger, grinding against him, wanting to flood his tongue with my juices. Before I’d even stopped orgasming, I said, “put it … in me … here,” I grabbed the last condom from beside me, “please … hurry…”I had to touch my pussy while he put the condom on, still on fire, my cunt swollen and raw. I felt so dirty, so wonderful, my son’s dick hovering just outside my entrance. He seemed to understand the position immediately, and he mounted my body, pushing his condom-covered penis into my slippery vagina. “Ohhhhhhh … Dex … Ohhhhhhhh…” I used my hips to rise to his short thrusts, my legs wrapping around to pull him into a rhythm I wanted him to use.He filled me so wonderfully, and felt so amazing inside my body. My hands rose to his shoulders, and I pulled him over me, bringing his lips to mine. I opened my mouth to his, and my son fucked me steadily while we moaned together. I felt him start to swell inside me as I grew slicker, my vagina humming, close to another orgasm.This is so hot, Penelope … Oh, God … I’m cumming, too. Oh…Jackie’s thoughts burned into my brain and made me soar with pleasure, my pussy filled with my son’s cock, exploding in orgasm as he kissed me again. I felt his body stiffen and tense. As I washed with pleasure, I pulled back from our kiss and said, “cum for me, Dex … cum for me…” I wanted in that moment to rip the condom off before he ejaculated, wanting to feel my son’s semen flooding my cunt.But he started to moan and held tight against me, small jerks of his hips signaling his orgasm. I wrapped my arms around him as Dex filled the condom, my son’s cock jumping inside my body. I felt so full, so naughty, so wonderful. I never wanted him to pull out of my vagina.After a while, after more kissing and hands touching his body, he softened and slipped from my slick, raw pussy. I felt his loss immediately, but I held him, kissing him, moaning softly into his mouth.Dex fell off of me and to the side, breathing heavily. The condom hung limp from his cock, another large load of his semen trapped inside. I pulled it from his softening dick and turned the condom up, over my mouth, letting his sperm run out and down my throat. It tasted strongly of latex, but it was also salty and pungent from my son’s load. I purred as it warmed my stomach.I curled up beside him and pressed my head onto his chest. His arms felt stronger than I expected as he wrapped on around my body, the other resting on my shoulder. “I love you, Dexter…””I love you, Mom.”We lay like that for some time before he asked quietly, “why, Mom?””Why?””All this … I … I can’t believe we did that … why did you?”I shrugged, “it’s a very long story … I’ll tell you another time … not tonight … tonight, let’s enjoy this moment. You were wonderful, Dex … I loved sucking you … I loved taking you inside me…””You’ll let me … put it in you again?””Mmm … let you? Yes. I’ll let you. In fact, once I rest a bit, I think maybe I’ll let you put it in me again tonight. I’ll need to fetch another condom, though…”

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