The Old Artist Ch. 07


All characters are over eighteen.

Along with Covid, life can get in the way too. I am finally back to writing. I appreciate comments and feedback.

After an interesting evening with beautiful Sally and Gary giving her several of his magical orgasmic releases, Sally fell asleep.

He carried her to his bed. While it was fun, he was still horny. It had been a diversion from working so hard on his paintings. He was tired. He climbed in bed and fell asleep too. In the morning as Gary awoke, he sensed something was different. He was alone in bed. He found a note pined to the pillow beside him.

Dear Gary,

Thank you for the wonderful evening, see you soon.

Hugs, Sally

While this was not exactly what Gary expected, he understood Sally’s situation. He had hope to have a morning of playful repartee and interesting sex.

He thought back, over the past few months and how his sex life had dramatically changed. It was as if it was enfolding magically all on its own. Various partners of incredible beauty and intelligence. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Weeks go by as Gary works on his art night and day. Being an accomplished nude figure artist, he wondered why lately the art world seemed so silent. His emails seemed dead. He also noticed lighter than usual traffic on the roads. It was like the town was becoming a ghost town. He had important art show coming up soon and needed to finish several major paintings. That meant he needed to live like a cloistered monk in his art studio.

The weeks seemed to turn into several months with no tv or news and he had turned off his phone. He did not have any models scheduled. He was using reference photos he had taken of the models to finish his paintings.

His seclusion had been necessary to complete the number of paintings for his upcoming exhibition. He slept mostly on the couch in his art studio and microwaved food to keep himself sustained. Occasionally he would drive to his house for a shower only to return to his studio early in the morning.

His paintings were finally completed, and he drove home in the middle of the night. He was exhausted. It had been an ordeal finishing several of the major large pieces. He went to sleep in his own bed and slept for almost 10 hours. Waking up, he needed coffee and breakfast. He yelled to Google to turn on the tv and turn up the volume.

Technology is so cool, he thought.

He had been so busy with his new and improved wonderful sex life, and his crazy painting schedule, he had not followed the news for months. As he sat there drinking his coffee, frightening news of a Pandemic virus was on all the channels.

Holy shit what was this he thought?

He finished nuking a frozen breakfast and sat down at his laptop to further digest the news. He turned on his phone and it chirped. The text message read that his nude figure art exhibition at the major gallery had been cancelled.

Bloody hell, as the English would say, has the world gone mad?

People were to shelter in place, if possible, wear surgical type masks, and social distance by staying six feet apart from each other. Scientist said the Covid -19 virus could be spread just by talking and breathing! People were dying at an alarming rate. All types of large gatherings were cancelled including art exhibitions.

While his head was spinning, his phone rang, and it was Kate his primary poly-romantic interest.

“Hey Kate, I have been looking forward to hearing from you,” he took a deep breath and did not know where to start with her.

“Gary, are you ok? Sorry I have not called. You did not catch the virus, did you? I am very worried about you living all alone.”

“Kate, I just learned about the virus. From what I can tell, it is bad. I should have kept better informed as to what was happening in the world. No, I have not caught anything.”

“Good, as you know, I was visiting my parents when this whole thing hit. It seems like it is killing people like wildfire!” Kate had a tremble in her voice.

Kate started sobbing, “My father is in the hospital from a heart attack, and we can’t go and see him because the hospital is in lock-down! We are thankful he does not have the virus.”

“Kate, I don’t know what to say. How is your mother holding up?”

“I have to be the strong one here. She is a basket case. The nurses have told us his stents are holding well and hopefully, he can go home in a few days.”

Gary took in a deep breath, “Kate what can I do to help?”

“Gary, you know our age differences are too great to have a life together. I have fallen back in love with a boy I dated in high school. His support has been the only thing that has kept me going lately. I have got to run Gary, but I will keep in touch.”

“I’ll be right here for you Kate, bye.”

Damn, Gary was wondering how quickly things can change. Even at 70 he felt a hollow spot in his heart but understood that the age difference was too great.

He finished his breakfast all the while listening to the talking heads on TV. The news that really got Sarıyer escort his attention was the fact that this pandemic virus was attacking seniors and people of color at a higher rate than the rest of the population. That put him at major risk.

As he drove to his studio in his pick-up truck, things seem strange. Hardly any traffic was on the roads. It was like the city had shut down. Just as he parked his truck, an attractive masked lady ran up to it. For a second, he thought he was going to get robbed. It was the beautiful Sally!

He was wondering how she was holding up after her live-in boyfriend left her and moved to Canada. Several months ago, she had spent the night with him for a round of sympathy sex.

“Hey Sally, what’s up?”

“Gary, grab your mask, get in your truck, and drive me to my apartment. Please I need your help now! Please help me!”

“But I don’t have a mask, and what is the rush.”

“I have an extra one and I will explain on the way.”

Gary noticed a different smell coming from Sally. Had his exposure to Dr. Susan Carter’s scientific manufactured pheromones made him more sensitive and aware of pheromones people shed? Yet, he felt she was shedding fear!

Interesting, he thought.

Many women would consider Sally to be a freak of nature because she is so beautiful. Flashing back to her nude posing, Gary loved her face and gorgeous figure.

Sally broke his thinking; she started to cry with deep sobs.

“Sally, please tell me what is wrong,” Just as they pulled up to her apartment.

“They have kicked me out of my apartment. My stupid boyfriend did not pay the rent before moving to Canada. Modeling jobs have dried up and all my stuff is on the grass.”

“Let’s get your stuff loaded into my pick-up truck and to my garage before someone steals something.”

“Thank you, Gary, you are a lifesaver.”

She must have lived a minimalist lifestyle, not much furniture but a lot of clothes and shoes. Both were hot and sweaty after putting everything in Gary’s garage.

They went into the house and Gary pulled two cold beers from the fridge.

“Thanks for allowing me to store my stuff in your garage.” She gave Gary a big hug and he could tell she was emotionally drained.

“Sally, from what I understand is happening with the economy, it is up-side-down! I live in this old house alone with several bedrooms. Pick one and make it yours’s until you can get on your feet. I expect nothing in return. No more crying. We will make this work for the time being.”

Sally hugged Gary tightly again and started crying. He could feel her hard nipples poke into his chest. There was a stiffness growing in his penis and she rubbed her body against him as she kissed him. Finally, Sally broke loose.

“You saved me from being homeless in my car,” Sally wiped her eyes.

As she walked up the stairs with some of her clothes, Gary could not help but notice her lovely legs and butt. He took a deep breath.

Gary thought, how wonderful it was to be living with this exciting young woman.

He had spent two special encounters this past year demonstrating his erotic love making techniques. He liked how her body responded to his touch. Her breasts and nipples were unusually sensitive. It was nice to make love such an expressive and witty lady. Being a mentor of sorts, he had sent her into a high state of ecstasy with his Asian love making techniques. She had been impressed.

He heard Sally coming back down the stairs. Sally’s presence was as beautiful as ever. Her form and legs stopped Gary in his place.

Food, he thought. He needed to go to the grocery store. With Sally being in her late 20s, he had no idea what food items to purchase. Time to make a list.

After Gary had made a list and Sally added her items, he watched the news. He could tell life was going to become difficult. Thankfully, he had royalties still coming in from his book sales and commissions saved from selling his paintings.

Sally approached Gary with another big hug, “We have some unfinished business from a few months ago.”

“Later sweet one. We need to get provisions, food and paper products, also wipes. Please go do the shopping for us. Get what you need. We will get your car later.” He handed Sally his keys, and grocery list, and his credit card.

He hugged her and she was off.

When she returned with the groceries, they wiped everything off and put it all away. She announced her plan.

“If it is ok with you Gary, my plan is to sleep with you in your bed occasionally, but not all the time. I will keep my stuff in your other bedroom. That way neither one of us will feel left out,” giggled Sally. “We would be at each other’s beckoned call so to say, but not every night.”

“Lady, you may be asking more of me than I can give. At my age, I will need some recuperation time. Perhaps extra vitamins!”

“I assumed that” Sally said “and I figured that out. Some days or nights we would just enjoy each other’s company and perhaps just watch tv. All the other Escort Silivri stuff will work out over time.”

Sally plopped herself in his lap and said it was time to give back. She proceeded to kiss Gary with passion he had never felt from her before. Her tongue seemed to explore every crevice of his mouth, and her hand held tightly the back of his neck as if she did not want him to escape or take the lead. He was being consumed by her passion. She was in charge of this love making session and he was along for an interesting ride.

“You think you have an edge with your magnificent Asian mega female orgasms? Well, my blow jobs are the experiences that men never forget.”

As she undressed Gary, and softly touched his penis, it began to get stiff. She knew in the early stage it is ultra-sensitive and she lightly kissed the tip and lubricated it with her saliva. She was not going to take it in with reckless abandon but was going to go ever so slowly and lightly. Gary groaned.

She knew men were visual and since Gary was an artist, he would be more so. She stood up and undressed in a sultry manner knowing Gary would watch every move. She slid down to her knees.

Looking up at him she said, “Please just relax.” and pushed him back on the couch. “This edging is going to take a while” and she lightly scraped her middle finger down the shaft, between his balls to his anus and back up again. The next time as she slowly traced down his shaft and between his balls, she lingered and fingered the outside of his anus. All of Gary’s nerve endings were on full alert and his penis began to twitch with each tracing. Again, and again, she repeated her light touch.

Sally was making a weird humming sound that caused her lips to vibrate on the corona head of his penis. Gary was feeling something more than normal hormones releasing. As Sally traced from his penis to anus all the while humming in this strange way, Gary felt himself going into some sort of meditative state except his temperature was increasing. He was coming to the point of orgasm when Sally went lighter and slowed the blow job down further.

Gary’s balls were tight. She kept him on this edge forever it seemed. Then she picked up the pace. His penis was wet with her saliva. It ran down the crack of his ass. She continued tracing from his penis, to between his balls, to lightly penetrating his anus, and again repeated the procedure.

Gary felt the edge was crumbling and his penis tightened for the first ejaculation but then Sally’s finger was all the way in his ass and massaged his prostate. This was a surprise! She began to suck hard on the tip of his penis while making the unique humming sound. Her fingers were flicking over and over on his prostate. The spasms seemed to come from his whole body as his prostate ejaculated time and time again until there was nothing more to release.

The tip became overly sensitive, and Gary could not take any more, but Sally was on a mission. Gary felt like he was having an out of body experience. Then surprisingly Gary’s penis began to get hard again. Sally pushed him down on the couch and hopped up on him and was riding him to a second orgasm cowgirl style.

The warmth of her vagina reinforced his hard-on. Then she slipped his penis out and began to slide the lips of her vagina up and down his penis. As she felt her first orgasm building, she slipped his penis back into her vagina and road it out, but she was not done. Again, she slipped out his penis and was sliding up and down it with her vulva, occasionally pressing her clit down on his shaft to trigger another one of her orgasms.

Gary was her sex toy right now and she needed this wild release to free the tension of the pandemic and isolation she felt. She was exhausted but, she kept on.

Gary felt it building and pushed up. Sally knew what to do next. She inserted his penis back into her vagina and began wobbling her hips. It was the hula dance she had recently learned. She was using it here. Gary reached up to touch her breasts and likewise push up with each circular stroke. When he came, so did she, jerking in a state of passion. They both froze breathing heavily until the quakes subsided.

Sally laid down on his chest and fell asleep. Gary wondered what life held for him next and slowly fell asleep too.

His phone started ringing.

He grabbed his phone, and he could see it was Dr. Susan Carter. He slipped away from the couch. Susan was another interesting lady who he was sexually attracted. She and he spent an interesting afternoon exploring pheromone sex and Gary was forever changed.

“Hi Susan, what’s up.” As Gary walked toward the kitchen and took a deep breath.

Dr. Susan Carter was an organic chemist, who had founded the Center for Human Senses. She and her team have been researching supramolecular nano-pheromone technology in humans. Basically, she studied the pheromones that send sexual signals to humans. Her research was groundbreaking.

This something 40s lady had scratched an itch deep within Gary’s sexual Topkapı escort bayan libido several months ago.

“Gary, my life has been turned up-side-down with this pandemic. We have converted our laboratories to searching for a vaccine and treatments for the virus. I am not ignoring you; I have just put in exceptionally long days, and I am tired. I will be in touch soon. Keep thinking of me.”

“Wow Susan, you do sound tired. Get some rest and call me anytime.”

“Thank you,” Susan said in a very sexy way and hung up.

Interesting Gary thought. Her tone had innuendos in it. An implication of something in the future.

Sally had awakened and grabbed Gary by the hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom.

“Time to snuggle. I need to be held.” Sally slipped into bed nude and held her arms out for Gary to join her. She nuzzled his neck and shoulder and was off into dream land. Gary noticed her post coitus pheromones were making him sleepy too. How lucky was he to be holding such a beautiful young woman?

Gary woke up and noticed the clock. He had been sleeping several hours and he was alone in bed. Was this a Sally thing? For him to wake up and she was gone? There was no note on the pillow, so perhaps she was still there.

After cleaning up and putting on some clean clothes, Gary was very hungry. Sally was nowhere to be found, but then he heard some splashing out in his pool. Swimming nude, Sally was enjoying a late evening swim.

“Hey Gary, come on in and join me.”

“Sally, I am starving and plan to cook hamburgers on the grill.”

As Sally came out of the pool, the light glistened on her beautiful body. Gary’s artist eyes could not help capturing her perfect form. He noticed she had a thin landing strip of hair flowing up from the fold of her vagina. Her pale pink nipples sparkled in the evening sunlight.

Gary shook his head; her beauty and the way she walked was mesmerizing.

As Gary set up the food station on the grill and turned on the gas, it was clear Sally had other things in mind other than food. Still nude from the pool she wrapped her arms around Gary and pressed her wet breasts into his back. She began kissing him on the neck and Gary melted, turned around, and proceeded to give her a long erotic kiss.

The kiss caused her to feel moisture between her legs and a slight quiver on the insides of her thighs. As she came up for air she said, “Gary let’s go somewhere where we can get comfortable.”

They adjourned to the upstairs bedroom with Sally leading the way. Gary thought how wonderful it was to have Sally as a friend with such strong sexual benefits. To be led to bed with one of the most beautiful women he has ever known as a figure model. It was fantastic. Her form walking up the stairs, the way her butt jiggled stepping on the stairs, yet the lighter than air steps she took, and the way she held his hand as they ascended. Gary became very turned on.

The orange yellows of the setting sun warmed the light in the room in such wonderful color. Sally stripped Gary’s cloths off and dragged him into bed with her. Gary could tell her intension was to have what he considered a vanilla love making session. As she pulled him into a nude belly to belly hug and her tongue slipped into his mouth in a demanding French kiss.

As they came up for air, she wrapped her hand around Gary’s penis and lightly stroked it. He felt the heels of her feet dig into his butt cheeks as if to urge him on. The young woman knew what she was doing as she inserted his penis and arched up.

While Gary was somewhat tuckered out from the earlier lovemaking, his penis began to twitch with each light stroke. He could smell her heat and feel it against his balls. He readjusted and slid down. Face to face with an amazing looking vagina. With the sunlight dancing off the folds, it was stunning. He moved his hand to her labia lips knowing the root nerve endings of the clit were also on each side of the vagina within the vulva. Lightly stroking both lips created heavy breathing from Sally.

Plain, vanilla sex was never Gary’s forte. He slid his lips over her opening and French kissed the tender tissue and the outer lips with tiny nibbles. Understanding the female sexual response to his acupressure points, he pressed on points around her thighs that made her hot.

She felt her temperature rise and skin around her pelvis heat up.

This man knows his stuff, she thought, how lucky am I to have the pleasure and comfort he could deliver.

He slowly slipped his left middle finger well into her vagina, well past her “G” spot to spots he was taught in Asia by old acupressure masters. She was entering a state of extreme passion. She was in a state of dripping female heat.

These old acupressure masters had passed down to him knowledge of how to produce intense female sexual pleasure. Science is still figuring out the variations of brain chemistry, pheromones, and acupressure points in sexual response.

Sally’s deep breathing along with the rise in her temperature indicated to Gary she is on the edge. It is now a balance of coming close to an orgasm but yet holding off. While the term today is called ‘edging’ the old masters called it ‘riding the dragon’. But riding the dragon along with Gary’s secret acupressure points were sending Sally almost into a state of pleasurable oblivion.

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