The Other Side of Mom Ch. 02


Since writing this story I have been asked by many to continue the sage. This wasn’t part of my original plan however I found it kind of fun to revisit the characters. To the new reader my suggestion would be to read part one to become familiar with the who’s who in all of this.

Comments welcome. Enjoy………..

Over the next few weeks mom and I continued our intimate activities, usually in her bedroom. She would share stories and fantasies while all the time masturbating, much to the pleasure of us both. She loved seeing my hard-on and would always shout words of encouragement as I stroked my cock until my cum shot in powerful bursts onto her stomach. She would then scoop it into her mouth and tell me how good it tasted. “It’s because you eat a lot of fruit,” she told me. I don’t know what that had to do with anything, but I have since heard that pineapple enhances the flavor of semen so maybe she was right.

I got to thinking of mom and what she must have been like when she was younger.

She was always the aggressor in our little “get togethers”. I guess I was still too shy to initiate anything. Whenever I looked at porn on the computer, I would think to myself……”Gee, would mom do this or would mom do that?” For that matter, would Becky do it? I hated to think of my mom as a slut, but sometimes the way she acted and the things she told me, led me to believe she was pretty hot back in the day.

Around mid-July, I was returning home after spending the day at the beach with Becky and our friends, Jim and Allyson. Becky was wearing a new two piece and I spent the entire time fighting a hard-on.

Upon returning home, I came through the front door and was curious about all the banging and thumping coming from the hallway.

“Is that you, Michael?” mom shouted.

I went into the hall. “Yea, It’s me. What are you doing?”

There was mom, up on a stepladder. The access door to the attic was open and she was trying to get a box through the opening.

“Let me get that for you,” I insisted.

“No, I can get it. Just take it from me when I pass it down so it doesn’t fall on the floor.”

I positioned myself while holding the ladder and getting a nice view up mom’s robe. Between the two of us we managed to get the dusty, cobweb-covered box down. She took the box into the kitchen and started cleaning it off, while I put the ladder away.

“So, what’s in the box?” I questioned.

“It’s all my memories from high school….I hope. Sue Benton called this morning. She was one of my best friends in high school and wanted me to go to her last minute reunion this weekend. Well, it’s not really a high school reunion, just five or six of us from the cheerleading squad. Ah, there it is. My old cheerleader uniform,” Mom said, holding up a royal blue mini skirt.

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh, nothing,” I laughed. “I was just trying to picture you jumping up and down with pom-poms at a football game!” The more I thought about it, the harder I laughed. “Does that thing still fit you?”

“I hope so. I’m pretty much the same size I was in high school.”

Mom opened her robe, giving me another clear view of her pussy, and started to step into her skirt. “Hmm. It does seem a little tighter than I remember but……. it sorta fits.”

I sat down at the kitchen table to hide the bulge in my shorts. “You’re like one of those old soldiers who thinks they’re going to fit into their uniform after fifty years. Are there panties that go with that?”

“Ummmm,Yep! Here they are.”

She threw her robe over a chair and struggled to get the panties over her hips. When she finally got them on, I pointed out how her pussy hair seemed to protrude somewhat around the crotch area.

“I guess I could use a trim. Ahh, maybe I’ll just bring it as a reminder since I’m the only one who still hung on to her uniform. Now I need a shower after getting that box down. Look at this; I’ve got cobwebs in my hair!”

I went and sat on the living room couch. Between Becky’s new bathing suit and glimpses of mom’s pussy, I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. I should have talked mom into shaving her pussy, I thought. Like most of those models I look at on the computer. Boy, that would be something. I started stroking my already hard cock while thinking of Becky. She must have shaved her pussy or at least given it a good trimming to get into that bikini bottom. My thoughts were interrupted by hearing mom going back into the bathroom and starting the shower. Jeez, I had to get off and now.

I don’t know what came over me, but I just threw caution to the wind. I stripped off my clothes and headed for the bathroom. Pushing the door open, I could see the blurry form of my mom through the frosted glass slider. She was bent over with her hair covered with shampoo.

“Michael? Is that you?” she queried.

“Yeah, it’s only me mom.”

“What are you doing?”

“I thought you might need a little help.” I said, pushing open the glass slider.

“What are you doing?” she again gaziantep escort asked.

“You just relax, mom,” I said, stepping into the shower tub. “I’m just gonna wash your back.”

“Well, I don’t want to get soap in my eyes.”

I placed my left hand on her back and rubbed in a circular motion while stroking my hardening cock with my soapy free hand. “Mmmmm,” she murmured as I kept up her back wash.

“I’m glad you like it, mom. I think maybe you might like this too,” I said, and slid my hand between her legs to caress her cunt. I concentrated on every detail of her hair covered folds, before sliding the middle finger of my right hand into her moist hole.

“Ooooo Michael,” she gasped and braced herself with her hands against the shower wall. Her half rinsed hair hung over the front of her head and she tried to get the suds out with one hand while keeping the other on the wall for balance. I worked faster, pounding my finger into her. My cock was rock hard by this time, and I wanted more of this nasty action. I replaced one finger with two and continued fucking her juicy hole. Mom moaned and her knees buckled under the intense pleasure. I knew she was loving it. She backed up a step and lowered her hands, grasping the edge of the shower tub as I continued jackhammering her cunt, now with three fingers. Her tits swung freely with every thrust of my hand and this just added to the filthy lust that had taken over my body.

“Oh God, Michael. Don’t stop.”

“Oh, I won’t mom.”

With the shower beating down on both of us, I backed my fingers out of her pussy and then returned them, this time making sure my index finger went deep into her ass. I fucked both holes simultaneously, stroking faster and harder as my lust grew.

“Oh God”, she shouted. “Yes. Fuck my ass. Oh Michael, I want you there.”

Mom reached back with one hand and grabbed her butt, giving me better access to her now begging asshole. I continued this nasty activity for quite some time, until I felt my greedy cock needed to get off. I stepped back a bit, grabbed her hips, and taking my cock in hand, drove my rigid member into mom’s slippery hole. By this time, she was pounding the wall and begging for more. I had a perfect view of mom’s cunt as it took a pounding from my engorged fuck stick. I decided to add to this lewd scene by pushing my thumb as deep as I could into her ass.

“OH FUCK!” she yelled.

I could feel her hand under my cock as she frigged her clit. I knew she was close and I drove harder and faster into both her holes until I felt the rush of cum race through my cock shaft and coat her insides. Mom went still for a few seconds then started shaking violently. “OH FUCK!!” she yelled again. “FUCK……FUCK…..Oh fuck.”

I put my arms around her waist to prevent her from falling and lowered her to her knees. She kept shaking and mumbling incoherently as I lightly caressed her tits and nipples. We laid on the floor of the tub for several minutes while the shower spray rained upon us. Mom was breathing pretty heavy, but soon got her composure and gave me her hand. “Help me out of here,” she mumbled.

I got her out of the tub where she placed a towel on the toilet seat cover and sat down. She held her head and stared at the floor until she got some more of her strength back.

“Where did you learn that?” she said, still in a daze.

“Mom. I’m 18 and have a computer.” I smiled.

“I think I need to lie down.” she said, and walked to her room still dripping wet.

Within a half an hour I heard mom stirring. She was in her bra and panties, packing her bags for her weekend away. “I’ll be needing the car this weekend. I hope you and Becky didn’t have any big plans. I know it’s short notice, but I really need to get away.”

I hadn’t made any plans with Becky yet, but I figured maybe we could double with Jim and Allyson if it wasn’t too late.

I called Jim, but he wasn’t going to be around this weekend, so I called Becky and told her I wouldn’t be having the car and that any plans she might have had for the weekend were off. She was a little disappointed, but understood and said that we’ll just have to talk on the phone.

After dinner, I retired to my room to practice a few riffs on the guitar. It was around nine o’clock when mom knocked on my door.

“Did you call Jim? Maybe you and Becky could double with him.”

“Yea, I called him. He can’t get the car tomorrow night and Saturday he and his dad are going to the ball game. I told Becky and she’s okay with everything,” I responded.

Mom sat next to me on the bed. “You know, you really took me by surprise earlier in the shower. Were you that horny or just getting back at me for taking the car this weekend?” she smiled.

“Naw, I was thinking about Becky. She got a new bathing suit and looks great in it.”

On Friday afternoon I helped mom get the groceries out of the car. She bought enough to feed the neighborhood, and before she left I had to listen to the list of gaziantep escort bayan instructions: no parties, make sure the stove is turned off, close the windows if it rains….

I just stared at her. “Mom…I think I can handle it.”

“Well, I’m just making sure. I’ll see you Sunday,” and with that she got in the car and drove away.

Within ten minutes, I was bored silly. I opened my pants and thought of Becky while lightly jerking my cock. We could have been parking tonight. I got on my computer and looked for pictures of naked girls, hoping to find one that looked like her, but there never was. A few looked sort of similar, so I stared at them and wondered if Becky had nipples like that…. Hmmmm, maybe…….. Of course most of these models have shaved pussies and I was sure Becky’s wasn’t. Her parents were too strict…. Not that they’d ever know anyway. I pictured in my head what her pussy might look like and checked out those that I thought were the best match. God, I was so hard, but I couldn’t cum now. I had the whole night ahead of me. I fixed myself some dinner and it wasn’t until around 7:30 that I wandered into my room and decided to call Becky.

“Hello?” came her mother’s voice.

“Hi Mrs. Hewett. Is Becky home?”

“Oh, hi Mike. She’s about somewhere. Let me get her.”

A few seconds later Becky was on the line. “Oooooo. I was hoping you’d call.”

“Why? What’s up?” I asked.

“Well……. nothing really. I was kinda bummed that we couldn’t go out tonight ’cause I really wanted to talk to you.”

“We can talk on the phone.”

“Not really. It’s not something I can talk about over the phone.”

My heart sank. “Is everything okay with us?”

She must have sensed the panic in my voice. “Oh, it’s nothing like that. I got a few family things to get off my chest and you’re the only one I can talk to,” she whispered.

“Oh, whew!……. Well, I was just thinking about you and wondered how your day was.”

“My mom and I went to the mall and……………”

I was hoping to get her talking. I opened my pants and started stroking as I listened to her sweet voice. Something about a blue sweater…. I don’t know what she was talking about. I just wanted to hear her talk. I ran my fingers slowly from the base of my shaft up to the head and then back down again before squeezing the base of my shaft as hard as I could and watching the veins protrude as my cock was at its hardest state. Then, pulling upward, I forced several drops of pre-cum to the tip and watched it glisten as it ran over the head. Becky continued to make small talk and every so often I surmised there was a question to which I answered with a “yep!” When she laughed, I’d laughed along with her, but her words weren’t as important as her voice. I jacked harder, saying all sorts of nasty things in my head. Telling her how much I want to fuck her, how I wanted her to watch me cum. My balls tightened and my cock swelled slightly as I had reached my peak. Rope after rope of hot cum splashed onto my chest and stomach. At that moment, I realized I had nothing to clean up with and I could only watch as the fresh sperm ran toward my waist and into my pubic hair.

“What happened? Mike, are you there?” Becky questioned.

“Huh? Oh yeah, ahhh, the wheel on my chair got stuck and I almost tipped over.”

“Did it break?”

“Nah! Just got stuck is all.”

“Well, I better get off now,” She sighed. “Will you call me tomorrow?”

“You know I will,” I told her.

“Okay..lov…… ahh, talk to you then.”

We said our goodbyes and I fell back in my chair. Between Becky on the phone, and a little jerk off session, I was still dizzy and had to take a few minutes to gain my composure. I finally cleaned up and made my way into the living room to watch some show about UFOs, until I fell asleep on the couch.

I was up around 8:00 but waited ’til 9:30 before starting the lawnmower. It was going to be hot and I thought it would be a good idea to get the mowing done before the sun got too high. I was putting the mower away and getting out the hedge clippers when a strange car pulled into the driveway. Another lost soul wants directions I thought as the car door opened. I was surprised to see it was Becky getting out of the car.

“Hey! Where did you get the car?”

“It’s my mother’s. She always keeps it in the garage so you’ve probably never seen it. I told her I wanted to pick up a few more things at the mall and that you wanted to come with me. She said it was okay, so here I am. We got a few hours, that’s if you want me around.

“Are you kidding? All I think about is having you around.”

She put her arms around my neck and kissed me. “Me too,” she said.

I closed the garage door and we headed up the stairs to the living room. “You want something to drink?” I asked.

“No. I’m okay for now.”

“Well let me get in the shower. My mom would kill me if I sat anywhere and got this dirt around the house. I’ll be escort gaziantep right out. Make yourself at home.”

Jeez. Becky and I alone in the house. I was getting a hard-on thinking about it, but I knew that was as far as it would go. I couldn’t complain, however. She was kind, thoughtful, great sense of humor, honor roll student, and she liked me. The sex will come in time, I thought.

After a good scrubbing down, I turned off the shower and slightly opened the sliding shower door to get my towel.

“You looking for this?” I heard Becky laugh.

I peered around the slider and she was standing in the doorway holding my towel.

“Hey, give me that!” I smiled back.

“You’ll have to come and get it,” she said in a teasing way.

In about half a second, I formulated what was happening here. Either I could spend the next five minutes begging for my towel or I could just turn the table. I opened the shower door, stepped out and walked straight toward her. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she threw the towel at me and ran down the hall. I left the door open and started drying off. I could see her shadow on the wall in the hallway as she tiptoed back toward the door.

“You don’t have to peek. You already saw me,” I said, putting the towel around my waist and stepping into the hall. Her eyes were still wide and she was red with embarrassment as she laughed through her hand covered mouth. “I didn’t know you were going to do that!”

I’m sure you didn’t,” I said putting my hand around her shoulder. Okay, let me give you the tour. That’s the bathroom. You already saw that. My mom’s bedroom just beyond on the left. This is the living room and the kitchen to the back and down this end is my bedroom and a small storage room on the right.”

We walked to my bedroom and opened the door. “So, this is Mike’s private den.” she giggled. I got a pair of underwear from out of the drawer. “Briefs, I wear briefs.” I said holding them up. Becky looked away as I dropped my towel. “I thought you’d like to know since you now know everything else about me.” I laughed.

“I’m sorry. I was just trying to be….”

“Hey! Don’t be sorry,” I interrupted. “I thought it was kind of funny.”

I finished dressing and we went to the living room. “You want that drink now?”

“That sounds good,” she answered.

We sat on the couch sipping our sodas. “So, what’s this story you wanted to tell me?”

Becky got serious and thought for a minute. “Aww…it can wait.”

“If you don’t tell me now, you’ll never get it out,” I said.

She stared at her soda on the coffee table then looked at me. I thought she was going to cry, but she held back, “My mom and dad are getting a divorce.”

“Jeez, I thought they seemed happy what few times I’ve seen them,” I said.

“Yeah well, it’s all a front. My father gets to drinking and then takes out his anger on my mother and me.”

“Has he hit you?” I said with concern.

“No, but I think he’s hit my mom a few times. I don’t know. I haven’t got the full story from her yet. My father thinks that boys ask me out just so they can get into my pants and last week when you got me home ten minutes late because of the traffic, he went off on me, ranting about how you must have gotten the screwing you were after. I told him it wasn’t true and that I didn’t have to listen to any of this. I went to bed crying, but my mom stayed up and defended me, telling him he shouldn’t talk to me like that. I think he hit her, but I’m not sure. I cried myself to sleep while they were still arguing. The next morning I got up and heard the front door slam. I assumed he was going to work so I went to the bathroom then went down to the cellar to get some of my clothes out on the drier. I was in the laundry room when I heard the front door slam again and my father came down over the cellar stairs. I turned out the light in the laundry room and peeked through the door. He was over by his work bench where he dropped his pants and started masturbating using my panties that I wore the night before. I got scared thinking if he knew I was here watching he’d have my head. He kept masturbating until he came in the wastebasket. Then he wiped his penis with my panties and went back upstairs. I heard the front door slam again and ran upstairs in time to see him drive away.”

“I went in to check on my mom and I told her what just happened. She took my hand and sat me on the bed, telling me she knew and that several times she had found a pair of my panties under his pillow. She told me that whenever I had a date he would get up in the night and check my panties to see if they were stained. I didn’t say anything, but I knew what she was telling me was true. That’s why when we go parking I could never get too heavy with you, knowing he’d kill me if he thought we were having sex.”

I sat there dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe this was the home I brought Becky to after our dates. “Wow!” I said. “Becky, I’m so sorry.”

“Well, I hope it’s over now. He was served papers yesterday and has to stay away from the house. Mom and I went to the mall yesterday while he cleared out his stuff and he was gone when we got home.”

I could see it was hard for her to tell me all of this and she even looked a little frightened. I took her in my arms. “My God, Becky. I don’t want anything to happen to you and I don’t ever want to lose you.”

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