The Party_(10)


I texted my boyfriend who was sitting nearly next to me. We were amongst others so I couldn’t just tell him what I wanted to do. I sent it off and I watched him reading it just a couple of seconds later, what I would love to do right now.
Take your cock into my mouth and suck it hard and good, jerk you off while doing it. Playing a bit with your balls and teasing your head read the text.
He shuffled a bit in his seat and looked up at me. I just looked back at him while he was typing a reply. He was tall, had dark curly hair, green eyes, a good body and a good sense of humour, which showed on his face. He was wearing a suite, his white collared shirt open on the top, a causal dress. I was hoping he would want to do something soon or even leave the party early, which would be a shame, but anything to still my lust.
We were at one of our mutual friends party to celebrate his recent promotion. We were all happy, which showed through our consumption of alcohol. I guess that was what slightly intensified my sudden lust. I just smiled to myself, knowing that everyone was unaware of my desires.
His reply was: I want to take each of your nipples into my mouth and suck on them until you are soaking wet. Then I would ram my dick into you.
Damn, that sure was a nice image, but I knew that he would not even need to do anything to get me wet since I was already starting. I had to think of something to write back to him, it should get his full attention and so he would be willing and ready to do something. I let my mind be filled with images of what we could do and where that would be accomplished, after these were our friends.
What would you say; lets sneak off and maybe do something. I am craving to have you fill me and come in me. I want you to fuck me hard and fast.
I got a text saying to meet him in the bathroom in about 3 minutes. I slowly got excited, I was so horny and I just needed to fuck so bad… My red Escort and black tiny thong was slowly getting wet from my juices. I was wearing a matching bra that only covered half of my tits, and skin coloured stockings underneath my short red tight dress, combined with black high heels. I got quite a lot of lusty looks from guys at the party; after all it was just a casual get together with some friends and their friends.
He was already waiting for me inside the bathroom and I said no word as I came in, I only looked at him. It was a nice bathroom, marble floor and cream coloured walls. A big shower for two and a huge tub also made of the same marble as the floor. He stepped behind me to lock the door and then he made a realization. The lock was broken.
“I don’t think this is a good idea, what is if someone comes in and sees us.” It was so cute that he thought that a broken lock would stop me.
I could only think about how much more exciting it made it, maybe being caught by someone. To answer his statement, I knelt down and undid his pants, took out his ever-growing hard cock. Then I did exactly what I told him in the message.
By the end of it, he was completely hard and ready for whatever I had planned. After sucking him I stood up and took my dress off and let it fall onto the floor. I also took my thong off, swaying my hips for him while doing it. I turned around and bent forwards so he could get a nice good look at my pussy and ass. I was completely waxed and I knew he loved it because that made my skin extra soft. I played a bit with my pussy to get it ready, nice and wet for him. I used my fingers to massage my slut and I pushed two of my fingers into my pussy.
“Do you like this?” I asked, but of course I already knew the answer. I was already wet and waiting to be filled, but it had to wait. I took some of the juices from my pussy up to my ass and used them to lube it up a bit, pushing it in and fucking Escort Bayan it a bit.
“God, how could I not like such a hot view?” He replied. While doing this I heard him push his pants down and walk up behind me. He slowly started to stroke my ass and pushed his thumb into my ass, replacing mine.
Suddenly his shoved his rock hard cock into my tight ass, I screamed with the sudden intrusion of his cock, I didn’t care if the others at the party heard. I just love the feeling of having my ass filled by his cock, to be honest, by any cock. He slowly pulled out of me until only his head was still inside, but he pushed right back in with a lot of force, making me rock back and forth for a second. He repeated this a couple of times and I could feel my ass tightening onto his cock, he started fucking me harder and I felt my orgasm building.
“Yes, more. Fuck me harder.” I panted at him.
I started masturbating my pussy and I pushed a finger into my pussy. Through the wall between my ass and pussy I could feel his cock, I somehow tried to massage it like that.
“Mmmhhh.” He moaned in response and fucked me faster.
He leaned forwards and took my tits into his hands to massage them, pinch and pull on my hard nipples. My orgasm was getting stronger and I clamped down onto his cock. I was moaning like crazy, we both were getting out of breath. I wanted more of his cock, but I had other plans for him.
“Stop now!” I ordered him. He did almost instantly. I could tell he wanted to continue and stopped only under strong strain, but I didn’t let him and pulled him off me. “Get on your knees.” This time he did it instantly, “Good.” I put my right leg over his shoulder, “Suck me good and hard.” I told him. I pushed his face to my pussy and forced it to stay there.
He started to slowly lick my clit, then his tongue travelled down to my pussy and he stuck his tongue in as far as he could. He pulled his tongue out again and Bayan Escort started to focus his attention on my clit. He looked up, begging me to let him fuck me again. I shock my head.
“Not before you have made me come.” That got his attention.
He put his fingers to work, two in my ass and one in my pussy. He was fucking me fiercely while his licking got faster and his sucking got stronger. I was moaning loudly as the orgasm built up rapidly. My hips moved on their own towards his face.
“Yes, more.” My pussy and ass were clenching his fingers.
My orgasm came down on me, my body shock with the force of it, it was tingling all over. But he still didn’t stop, he only continued lightly. When I finally came back to earth he just looked up at me again. Then he started kissing up to my tits and he took my left nipple into his how mouth. He sucked on it hard and strong, while the other nipple was being tormented by his fingers; they were pinching, twisting and rolling the nipple around.
“What would you like to fuck me now? My pussy or ass?” As I asked I moved backwards towards the wall.
“Your pussy, please.” He said in a desperate tone.
I put my left leg onto his hips for support and I guided his cock into my waiting pussy. I clenched down onto him barely being over my orgasm. He started fucking me hard and rough right away. My back started arching into his chest. One of his hands found its way to my right nipple and it pinched it hard. I could feel my orgasm building again. I could feel he was getting close, he was fucking me harder and stronger.
“Fill my pussy with your come, I want it.” That was all it took for him to reach his orgasm and pump his hot cum into my waiting pussy.
With this, I was coming again. After a couple of seconds of recovering from out shared orgasm I kissed him and walked to retrieve my clothes and put them on. Once I was in my thong I could feel his come slowly leaking onto them, I didn’t really care about that and put on the dress and walked out with only a short look back at him. He was once again dressed; I knew he would join us downstairs again.

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