The Perfect Breakfast for One


It was a beautiful autumn morning. The sun was creeping in through the curtain, bathing her naked body in shimmering golden light. She stretched languorously, revelling in the crisp white Egyptian cotton sheets. The cool air was whispering through the window hardening her bare rosy pink nipples into hard little nubs.

She trailed her finger slowly across the voluptuous curves of her breasts. Her touch made her skin light up as every nerve ending responded to the sensation of her hardening nipples and the deep tingling that was beginning in her pussy. The light chill in the morning air contrasted exquisitely with her warm, luscious body and she revelled in the beauty of her body and the pleasures it could give her.

Throwing the sheet back she stood up and turned to the window stretching her arms up above her head and smiling down at her firm ripe breasts. She felt naughty today. She had been left to her own devices and was planning to enjoy herself in her favourite way — by enjoying her sexy and luscious body and pleasuring herself outside in the crisp September air.

But breakfast first and a little treat to take the edge off her horny, pulsing desires. Tickling and tweaking her nipples as she walked naked down the open plan stairs she felt her juices building deep inside her cunt and enjoyed the sensation as the moist velvety wetness began to tickle the full, pink lips of her labia. Opening the refrigerator door she let the icy air tease her hard rosy nipples and threw her head back as the little waves of pre-euphoria raced up and down her body.

Gathering milk and a passion fruit she began to prepare her breakfast. The passion fruit was ripe and luscious, mirroring the delicate pinkness and unique patterns insider her sensitive pussy. She lapped at the fruit feeling the hard ridges with her Ankara escort tongue and the dripping juices as they ran down her chin. Her mind conjuring up powerful sexy images of that dark hair clamped down between her legs slurping and relishing her juices as he tongue-fucked her cunt with abandon driving her wild with desire until she was screaming his name as she came with wave after wave of pulsing pleasure.

But this morning she was on her own and pleasuring herself was the immediate priority for the day. Her moist pussy was yearning for release and just needed to be filled with something hard and wide which would penetrate her to the core and relieve her from this burning heat of passion. She walked to the table pushing back the fruit bowl as she lay back on the table and spread her legs wide. The cold, hard wood of the table shocked her and she gasped a little, enjoying the contrast between the hardness and the soft hot wetness of her cunt. She rammed her fingers inside herself brutally and powerfully trying to mimic the feeling of a hard, manly cock thrusting deep inside her. She powered her hand in and out, over and over again as her fingers became coated in her thick luscious juices. In and out her fingers went, two, three, now four slamming in, crushing against her spongy g-spot with juices flowing freely down her hand as the waves of orgasm built. Her left hand was mercilessly pulling and twisting her nipples and she could feel the connections from her ripe tits right down to her deep, juicy cunt. Electricity was firing up and down her body. A morning orgasm was building powerfully and slowly, different to other times of the day as her body was still waking up. She was striving for release, feeling hotter and hotter and sexier and hearing the rich squishing of her own juices as her hand flew in and out of Ankara escort bayan her pussy harder and faster and wetter and wider, driving her wild and then Oohhhhhhhhyesssssssss light-headed release — shuddering waves of joy powering up and down her as she writhed spread-eagled on the table, her pussy juice pooling beneath her as the pulses of pleasure shot up and down her body. She yelled with joy at the intensity of her own orgasm.

Sated she relaxed and smiling to herself she stretched out along the length of the table loving the naughty, sexy feeling of being naked on the same table where guests would be sitting later as they enjoyed her incredible cooking and the couple’s reknowned hospitality.

As she began to think of her dinner guests she smiled again. She knew he would be home in plenty of time giving them hours of fun before the guests arrived. She felt horny again, longing for his hard, rich body and wishing he was here to fill her up and ram her with his beautiful cock until she was screaming for mercy. She stretched her hand up and felt the cold porcelain ridge of the fruit bowl at the end of the table. Her fingers found the firm hard flesh of the unripe bananas bought at the market stall yesterday from that sexy trader — rough as a diamond with eyes glinting with mischief.

She broke off one of the long, curved fruits and opening her pink mouth wide she gently licked the tip imagining first her beautiful man’s long hard cock and then the naughty market stall owner’s — short and fat and wide. Fantasising to herself she opened her mouth wider and wider and forced the head deep inside opening her throat to the invading shaft and feeling her reflex try to push it out but enjoying the filling, stretching feeling as the fruit penetrated her soft, wet mouth.

With the fruit nicely wet Escort Ankara and shiny she caressed it with her hands, her mind racing in sexual overdrive. Stretching her legs open as wide as they could go she positioned the head of the shaft at the opening of her wet pussy lips. Not yet touching, just the sensation of knowing it was there sending deep pulses down inside her as she anticipated the penetration to come. Hand grasping the firm length she breathed in deeply and then pushed the head into her warm, waiting cunt. She gasped as the cool skin pushed against her velvety wet hole. She opened wider and with a powerful thrust rammed the length up inside herself stretching and opening her up wider and wider. Taking the full length she paused and then began fucking her self slowly with smooth, rhythmic strokes. With practised skill she pushed the meaty fruit against her sensitive g-spot stimulating the spongy little organ and filling it with luscious juices building and building until they would gush from her body in a wave of passion and pleasure.

As she became accustomed to the width she began to speed up, ramming herself harder and faster as the sensations began to build. Opening up wider she took the fruit in as deep as it could go and gasped as her pulsing pussy began to build up tension preparing itself to explode. Powering in and out the hard shaft was a blur filling her up and building up orgasmic waves until she tipped over the edge — like a gushing waterfall her juices exploded out of her body shooting sweet delicious juice across the table and splashing on the hard wood and against her soft thighs. She moaned and yelled with the pleasure — the sheer joy of orgasming with such intensity. Knees bucking and her smooth body tensing as the final ripples of the orgasmic wave swept up and down her body. Then, with a sigh and final relaxing of her tensed muscles she stretched luxuriously along the length of the table — sated and smiling — the perfect breakfast. Time for a long cleansing shower and then let the dinner preparations begin…

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