The Reconstruction Of Lauire Ch. 3


When Laurie Sinclair walked into her home to wash her hands and face before dinner, she could smell that Cecelia had indeed been cooking. The aroma of collard greens and cornbread filled her nostrils and made her mouth water and her stomach rumble. Apparently, the young girl had bought more than just the pig for dinner.After she washed her face and hands, Laurie helped Cecelia set the dining room table for dinner. It had been a long time since the room was used for meals and Laurie thought it would be nice. As the women set the table and laid out the other food, Moses carved up the meat.Laurie sat at the head of the table, Cecelia at the other end and Moses on the side. As they ate, Laurie looked at the cheerful girl as she chatted away about how things were going at her home, how her sisters and brother were, and how her grandmother was doing.Like Laurie’s home, the Trelawney home was not burned by the Yankees but was looted, and the outbuildings and fields burned. People speculated that the reason the Trelawney home was spared was that the Union officers who occupied the home were utterly enchanted by Agnes Trelawney’s four granddaughters.The Campbells, Laurie’s family, and the Trelawneys have always been close friends. Laurie’s grandfather and Agnes Trelawney’s father, along with James Pettis’s father, had been the first to settle in the area. Campbell, Trelawney, and Pettis had come to the area together and fought against the Muscogee Creek Indians and later against the British in the colonies’ War for Independence from England.Henri La Ramée, Cecelia’s grandfather, claimed to be of Irish descent, but he was not. The man was of French descent. He came to Savannah with his young French bride where he changed his name to Henry Trelawney and claimed he was Irish.Savannah was a British Colony founded as a military colony to protect the city of Charlestown, later renamed Charleston, in South Carolina from the Spanish in Florida. Due to the French-Indian Wars still fresh in the minds of the English, it would not do well for a Frenchman to settle in Savannah.In Savannah, Trelawney stuck up a friendship with Campbell and Pettis and when Governor Oglethorpe opened up the western part of the colony to settlers, the three joined together to find a land of their own to settle and raise a family.Besides growing cotton and other crops, the Trelawneys bred horses and had the best horses in four counties. It was a joke that Agnes Trelawney loved her horses more than she loved her only son and five grandchildren. The strong-willed, no-nonsense, strict woman knew her horse flesh and so did her son and grandchildren. She had given up some of her horses for the Cause but refused to give them all.When word that the Yankees were coming, the old woman was smart and hid her horses in the deep woods and a pasture far away from Yankee eyes. Laurie had mentally kicked herself and wished she had been smart enough to do the same with what few horses and livestock she had.At eighteen, Cecelia was the youngest of the five Trelawney siblings. Their father had died in a hunting accident before she was born and her mother had died giving birth to her. The girl and her siblings were raised by their grandmother.Like all the Trelawney children, Cecelia showed her French ancestry. The girl had long, slightly curly raven black hair. Unlike her brother and older sisters, however, who all had black eyes, Cecelia had inherited her mother’s blue eyes. So blue they were like looking into the ocean. Just like her sisters, the girl was blessed with alabaster skin the sun never could seem to burn or tan.While most men in the county thought her older sister Savanah was the prettiest of the Trelawney girls, Laurie thought Cecelia was. While her sisters and brother were tall, Cecelia was petite and only stood about five feet two inches in height. Most men and boys thought she was too skinny and would have difficulty bearing children.The girl was skinny, but not in an unhealthy manner. She had narrow hips and small breasts and very little curves to her body except for her small buttocks that protruded out from behind her in an attractive shape.Laurie thought the young girl had a face of an angel. Her heart-shaped face had an innocent look and her red lips had a natural pout to them. Cecelia was not only beautiful but was utterly charming as well. With her angelic innocent face and her charm, the young girl could talk her way out of any trouble she got into. And she got into quite a bit of trouble when she was younger.Cecelia was daring, reckless, full of life, and wild. Laurie liked that about her. Laurie liked the young girl for her vivaciousness and precociousness. Cecelia was very independent and unlike her friends her age, she spoke he mind and gave her opinion on matters regardless if they were well received or not. Laurie felt in that way the girl reminded her of herself.She was a kindhearted young girl who was always cheerful and in good spirits that nothing ever seemed to dampen. Laurie envied her for that. She envied the girl, who unlike her, never seemed to become cynical or jaded due to the hardships of the War and Reconstruction. Cecelia’s innocence was a blessing for the young girl.At dinner, Moses again asked about Laurie’s eye and the woman lied and told him what she had planned on telling anyone who asked. When she was trying to get the wagon out of the ditch, she hit her face on the wagon. Laurie didn’t think Moses or Cecelia believed her but they did not question her about her bruised face again.“You must thank your grandmother for the food and your brother for the pig,” Laurie told Cecelia after the meal was finished.“Well, Miss Laurie…hmm… there… well I… there is a favor I need to ask and don’t know how to,” the young girl was stammering and seemed embarrassed.“Well, don’t beat around the bush. Spit it out,” Laurie told her.The younger girl took a deep breath. “I…they come with a price. See things are getting too crowded at home with Savannah expecting a baby soon and you heard Billy is getting married to that dimwitted Sally McIntosh and well…see I was talking to grandmother and I was hoping that I could move in here with you. Grandmother approves and said there would be no better place for me.” Cecelia smiled suddenly. “Grandmother even said if there was one person in the county that could finally teach me to behave like a lady, it would be you.”Laurie sighed and ignored the obvious attempt at flattery. “I don’t know. We barely have enough for just me and Moses to take Ankara bayan escort in another mouth to feed.” Laurie hated to tell the girl no.“Well I come with gifts, a dowry you could say,” the young girl grinned. “The mule and the horse and Grandmother said she would be more than pleased to help out with food. I’ll work hard, Miss Laurie. I promise you that. I ain’t…I’m not…one to turn away from hard work,” Cecelia said to make her case.Laurie thought for a moment and Cecelia started to fidget and play with her food as she nervously waited for the older woman’s answer.Laurie thought they could use the mule and the horse. Ole Tom was getting so old. Maybe even have Moses sharpen the old plow and they could start plowing a larger portion of the fields; maybe even plant some cotton for next year. Cotton was still in high demand. They would not get rich but the extra money would help.Having another person around to help with chores would be nice as well. She knew Cecelia and knew the girl would work. Laurie also liked the idea of having female company around, especially a girl as young as Cecelia. She had always wanted a daughter. She did like the pretty, young girl and her infectious cheerful view of life.“What do you think, Moses?” She asked.Cecelia looked at the large black man and smiled and eagerly waited for his opinion. Moses looked at the young girl and grinned and then at Laurie.“Now, Misses Sinclair, you knows that’s your decision and ain’t up to me,” he answered.“Don’t give me that excuse, Moses,” Laurie snapped at the man and she heard Cecelia giggle. “You live here as well and I want to hear your opinion.”“Well, ma’am, I think it would be good. We sure can use the help and that mule and horse sure will help us out also,” he told the woman. “Plus do you some good to have another woman around, beggin’ your pardon, ma’am.”“Okay, you can stay, Cecelia,” Laurie told the girl. “But I won’t have any of your antics, you hear me? We work hard and you will do your share.”Cecelia grinned, “Yes, Miss Laurie, I’ll work hard, you’ll see. You won’t get no trouble from me, I promise.” The young girl reached over and touched Moses’s arm. “Thank you, Moses,” she told the black man.Laurie noticed that Cecelia seemed to run her hand in a caressing manner up the black man’s arm before she removed it. It must have been her imagination, she thought.Later that night Laurie went over Moses’s reading and writing lessons on the front porch as Cecelia looked on. The black man enjoyed a smoke of the good tobacco in his pipe as he stretches his feet in his new Brogans to help break them in.Moses complained about Laurie spending much-needed money on him and the woman told him he was right and she regretted it but there was nothing she could do about it now. The black man just smiled at her and said, yes ma’am, as Cecelia giggled. The three then retired to bed.Laurie had given Cecelia the upstairs room that had once been her youngest son’s room. There was a bed and a chest of drawers but not much else. She left Cecelia to unpack her belongings and smiled when she noticed the girl had already come packed and ready to move in as if she knew Laurie would not say no to her moving in.After Laurie had washed in the basin she sat down to brush her hair before bed while sitting in front of her cracked mirror.“I can do that for you,” Laurie heard Cecelia tell her.She looked over and saw the young girl standing in the doorway to the bedroom. Laurie had gotten out of the habit of closing her door before she went to bed. There was no need for it even with Moses in the house now. She knew the black man would never come upstairs.Like her, Cecelia was dressed for bed, but unlike her the young girl’s chemise was short. Laurie’s chemise she slept in came down past her knees, but the young girl had cut the hem of hers so it came about four or maybe five inched above her knees. The girl’s chemise top was untied and Laurie could see her small breasts showing and the girl’s dark nipples through the thin, white cotton material. Laurie thought it was inappropriate for a lady to be seen in such a manner by anyone besides her husband, but she did not say anything.Before the older woman could answer, Cecelia stepped into the room, walked behind her, took a handful of her red hair in one hand, and grabbed the brush from Laurie with her other. She then started brushing the older woman’s hair. It felt nice to have someone brushing her hair out.“You have such beautiful hair, Miss Laurie,” Cecelia told her.Laurie smiled and looked at the girl’s reflection in the mirror. “Thank you, but not as nice as yours. You and your sisters have the prettiest hair in the county. So thick and dark and lustrous.“Cecelia rolled her eyes. “That’s why I like yours so much and wish I had hair as you do. Would set me apart from my sisters. I always hated being compared to them.”Laurie chuckled. “Cecelia, everyone knows you are not like your sisters. Your behavior and unruliness set you apart from them.” Laurie saw Cecelia blush in the girl’s reflection but she didn’t say anything in her defense. “And please, it’s just Laurie. If I have to hear a miss or misses from someone else in this house I think I will scream.”Cecelia giggled and reached over Laurie’s body and laid the brush down on the vanity and picked up some ribbons. The girl gathered Laurie’s hair in her hand and started to bind it with a ribbon. When she was finished, Laurie’s hair was pulled back from her head and tied into a ponytail in the back.Cecelia reached out and ran the back of her fingers in a caressing manner over the older woman’s cheek. “You are so beautiful, Laurie. I have always admired you,” she told the older woman as her hand caressed Laurie’s cheek. “I admire your beauty, how you carry yourself, and your determination.”As the young girl caressed her cheek, Laurie had an improper thought; the young girl caressed her as a lover would. She drove the thought out of her mind. She knew it was just a sign of affection, after all, girls showed affection to one another and there was nothing improper about it. Women just do not touch each other the way men and women did.Regardless of the fact she knew Cecelia’s touch was innocent, the older woman felt her nipples tighten at the girl’s touch. She looked at Cecelia’s reflection in the mirror, blushed, and lowered her head. The younger girl’s nipples were also erect. Laurie could see the dark nipples poking into the thin material of her chemise. Maybe there Escort bayan Ankara was a chill in the room she had not noticed, Laurie thought.“I…I think we should go to bed now, Cecelia, we have to be up early in the morning. We have a lot of chores to do,” Laurie told the pretty girl.“Yes, ma’am,” Cecelia said, smiled, and kissed the older woman on the cheek. “Thank you for letting me live here. You won’t regret it and I promise I’ll work hard. You ain’t gonna…you won’t regret it.”Laurie smiled, “I know you will, dear.”Cecelia gave the older woman a tight hug and left the room and Laurie retired to bed.Laurie had another nightmare that night, but not about Moses. She dreamed of the Yankee soldiers and what they could have done to her they did do to her in her nightmare. She woke up frightened and her body trembling.As the next weeks passed, Laurie was beginning to think things may be looking up. Moses had sharpened the old plow blade and used the younger mule to clear weeds and plow a portion of the neglected fields for the next planting season. Laurie decided to plant cotton again.Moses’s wounds had healed nicely and he never did get an infection and it was not long before he was able to do his share, more than his share actually, of the work.Cecelia not only proved herself a hard worker but Laurie enjoyed her company as well. The young girl was so full of life and cheerful and her optimism seemed infectious. Each night she would come into Laurie’s room and brush the woman’s hair and even a couple of times she helped her bathe as they talked.Laurie enjoyed the girl’s company and so did Moses. The young, beautiful girl was very charming and would entertain the two with stories of her antics when she attended the Milledgeville Female Academy, antics that would have gotten her expelled if not for the respect her grandmother held in the community.Going to town became an enjoyment for Laurie as well instead of a chore. Having both Moses and Cecelia accompany her was fun.The young girl received two gentleman callers who asked Laurie permission to call upon Cecelia. One of the men was a year older than Cecelia and the other was at least ten years older than the girl. Laurie knew both men and they came from respectful families and she gave her permission. Cecelia however had little interest in them and made it clear to them both that she was not interested. The girl was very polite in her rejection of the men and did so in such a charming way that did not make them feel scorned. However, the men never came back.Once a Yankee patrol came by to question Laurie and Cecelia about some recent trouble with the Klan, of which both women had no information and if they did they would not have told anyway. The young Yankee officer was enchanted by Cecelia’s charm and looks. He asked permission to visit her socially. Cecelia spat on the ground at his feet. After the soldiers left, Cecelia apologized to Laurie for her unladylike behavior. The older woman smiled and told her there was nothing to apologize for and told the girl she was proud of her.Laurie tried to encourage the young girl to accept the suitable gentleman callers. She felt and even told the girl she was at an age where she should be married and starting a family. Cecelia just laughed and told the woman she looked up to that she had no interest in such things as marriage and a family. She told Laurie she was young and enjoying life too much to settle down as her peers and sisters had.Besides being beautiful and charming, there was something about Cecelia that Laurie saw and others did as well. The girl had a way about her where she used her beauty and charm to manipulate others. That was not abnormal for a Southern girl, but there was something more to it in Cecelia.When Laurie was younger she had also used her beauty and charm to manipulate people, but Cecelia seemed different. It was like the young girl could cast a spell on both women and men to get them to do things she wanted. Laurie, who always thought she was above being manipulated, even found herself doing what the younger girl asked of her. She would later ask herself why she ended up doing things Cecelia so charmingly asked of her, promised herself she would not be manipulated again, and then later realize she had been.The only person who seemed immune to Cecelia’s sorcery was Moses and oddly Cecelia never used her spells on the large black man and the girl seemed more obedient to him than even to Laurie.Laurie looked forward to the nights when Cecelia would come into her room and brush her hair and the times she helped her bathe. A part of her also made her feel odd as well. Cecelia would innocently caress her face or arms or when she washed Laurie’s back but made it seem seductive as well.Laurie knew the girl did not mean anything by it and the caresses were chaste, but they still made Laurie feel odd. The older woman would get flustered and nervous and ashamed as her nipples became erect and she even felt the wetness between her legs. Laurie knew that Cecelia, in her innocence of such matters, did not realize the unnatural effect she was having on the older woman.Laurie still had her dreams of Moses on occasion. She discovered the nights when she was more physically exhausted those deviant dreams did not come to her, so she tried to work much harder during the day to tire herself out. One night, however, after Cecelia had helped her bathe; the woman had a different dream that did not involve Moses.Laurie dreamed that instead of Moses or even her husband having their head between her legs and using their mouth on her pleasure nub and fingers in her sex to sexually please her, it was Cecelia! In her dream, Laurie begged the beautiful, young girl to continue and bring her to climax.Cecelia looked up at the older woman, her mouth glistening with Laurie’s sex fluid, and gave the woman her charming smile. The younger girl then lowered her head again and continued to give Laurie pleasure.Laurie woke up, feeling ashamed of herself for having such an unnatural and perverted dream. She did not know which was more of a perversion; her dream of Cecelia or her dreams of Moses. The woman was breathing heavily and her heart was racing and she was perspiring and her body was hot as if with a fever.Laurie got out of bed and walked to her window to open it. It was a hot and humid night, but there was a breeze that she hoped would cool her off.“Hell’s fire!” the woman said aloud.Out of the corner of her eye, she Bayan escort Ankara could see Moses’s shack and there was a light shining through the window. Laurie thought someone was trying to steal from them.Why they would break into Moses’s old shack was odd since he did not have anything to steal, but Laurie was worried they would make their way to the hen house and steal her chickens and then maybe the barn and steal her mules, horse, and the one cow she had.She slipped on her Brogans and did not bother to tie the laces and ran downstairs. She did not wake Cecelia. The young girl was too innocent to witness what may happen when Laurie surprised the thieves. She grabbed her shotgun off the mantle, checked to make sure it was loaded, and then went to wake Moses.Moses was not in his room. Fear gripped the woman. What if that Yankee soldier did find out where she lived and he and some of his men had come to her and was going to finish what he began on the road? What if Moses heard them and went outside and they took the black man and were going to kill him first before they came into the house? What if they also discovered Cecelia in her room?Laurie knew she would be able to survive such an ordeal of being taken against her will, but the innocent young girl would not.When Laurie got closer to the small, one-room cabin she slowed to a walk and then crept up to the window and peaked inside. She saw Moses on the bed and no one else in the room. She breathed a sigh of relief and then gasped when she noticed something else.Moses was sitting on his bed with his back turned from the window and he was naked. Laurie could see the man’s nude back, the healing whip marks beginning to scar, and his naked buttocks pressed into the mattress of the bed. The well-defined muscles of his back glistened with sweat. Laurie then noticed that Moses’s right arm was moving in a rapid up-and-down motion. She dropped her shotgun in shock at what she was witnessing.Moses had apparently come to the shack to be alone to pleasure himself. Laurie raised two sons and she knew men did such a disgusting and unspeakable act to themselves. She even knew her husband did it on occasion, but being a proper lady she never broached the subject with him.The woman knew she should turn away and go back into the house, but she didn’t. Her body refused to listen to what her mind was telling her. Instead, she watched the black man through the window. Her mind unwillingly went to a dark and perverted place.She wanted to watch him and she wanted to see his black manhood! Her nipples became painfully taunt and poked into the chemise she was wearing and her sex became wet. She desperately wanted to touch herself as she watched. She wanted to pinch her nipples and massage them with her fingers and she wanted to touch between her legs. Laurie felt the desire to have her sex filled by a man; a desire much stronger than she felt when she dreamed of Moses.Her left hand went unbidden to her nipple and she gasped in pleasure as her fingers closed over it. Laurie spread her legs apart more and she lowered her right hand to touch between her thighs. She stopped suddenly when she heard Moses speak.“You like that, don’t you,” the man said. It was not a question. “You like sucking a black cock, don’t you, you nasty white whore.”Laurie was appalled at the vulgar word. A word she had only heard once in her life and only repeated once when she asked Della what it meant. After she learned what the word and others she had heard meant they embarrassed her and she never repeated them.She had just turned sixteen and it was before she met the man that was to be her husband. Laurie was with her mother and father at the Trelawney’s yearly spring barbeque and she overheard two boys around her age telling another boy of a sporting house they had visited while in Savannah. The two boys who were doing the talking had been courting Laurie for a few months once her father had permitted them now that she was of age.They used that word and many other crude words in their description of the vulgar acts they did with the whores in the brothel. The acts they described shocked Laurie, she never knew men and women did such things and some sounded too repulsive to even think about. Some of the words they used she did not understand, such as cock and pussy, but made her curious. She could not ask her mother so later that evening she asked Della what the boys meant by such vulgar words.Della at first told her that a proper lady had no cause to know what such words meant and threatened to wash Laurie’s mouth out with lye soap for using such language. Laurie persisted and the woman told her. Laurie was shocked and decided she would not allow such boys like that to call on her anymore, even if they were considered gentlemen. Real gentlemen did not visit brothels or use such language.Laurie could not believe such a word came from Moses’s mouth. There was also the tone of his voice. The man’s tone was commanding and dominant. A tone she had never heard from Moses before.Laurie watched as the man moved his arm faster and she once more slid her hand down her stomach to touch herself. She even thought that the handsome large black man was thinking of her as he said vulgar things. While she would never do such a revolting act as to give a man pleasure with her mouth; it excited her to think he was fantasizing about her.Just as her hand was about to touch her wet sex, Moses stood up and Laurie got a full view of Moses, large muscular backside. His skin was so dark and glistening and she felt a rush of exhilaration when she saw him. She lifted her chemise to give herself access to her private area and again stopped when Moses turned to his side. What she saw was even more shocking. A sight that did not arouse her, but made her stomach tighten, and she felt suddenly ill.Kneeling on her knees before the large black man was Cecelia! The girl was just as naked as Moses except the young girl was wearing a black leather slave collar around her neck.A slave collar left over from the time before the War and used to identify the slaves on the plantation who were unruly and belligerent. It was to remind them that they were not free and used to humiliate them into submission. Attached to the collar was a length of a leather strap. Laurie noticed that Cecelia had her hands tied behind her back. Her long, luscious, black hair was tied behind her head in a single ponytail.Laurie gasped when she saw the small girl’s exposed breasts. They were small, almost unnoticeable, and tipped with dark nipples that were almost as dark as Moses’s skin. Laurie found the contrast of the girl’s small alabaster breasts and dark nipples erotic. Cecelia had small areolas but her dark nipples were erect and long. What made Laurie gasp however was that on the girl’s nipples were clamps.

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