The Sexy Girl-Next-Door: Part One


As a sweet sixteen-year-old boy, I started my life of having transvestite proclivities. Being sexy for men and making their cocks hard for me became my favorite thing to do for pleasure. I already had a boyfriend, the blonde college boy lifeguard at my community swimming pool. He had seen me wearing some sexy little hot pants and come on to me, one day. The fact that he was handsome and all the girls wanted his cock made me proud to be the girl who was getting to suck him, daily. Every day, I would wear some sexy panties under my shorts to show to Brett in the pool house during his break time. Seeing my sexy little panties would get his dick big and hard for me, quickly. I would give him a good blow job and I enjoyed every minute of it. His big nine inch cock was so much bigger than my little five incher. And sucking it for him every day while I masturbated had been my favorite thing to do, that summer. Although I was wearing my sexy little hot pants and panties to the pool for Brett, another man was interested in me that summer, too. Big Ben was a hairy bear of a man who lived next-door to me in my neighborhood. He was six-foot-seven-inches tall and was a handsome bearded man. He had a cute little wife he came to the pool with on weekends. But on weekdays, he came by himself.  Ben and I enjoyed talking to one another, every day, at the pool. One thing led to another and one day he asked me if I could come to his house and help him move his desk. Ben was a computer tech who worked out of his house. He had an office there and he was rearranging it. I drove with him in his car to his house from the pool. Although he was paying me to help him move his desk and a filing cabinet, I was happy just to be with Big Ben. It didn’t take us long to get his office re-arranged, but we did work up a sweat doing it. Ben suggested we sit on the couch and rest with a cold drink when we were done. And I noticed, right away, that it seemed like he was putting his arm around me like a girl while we sat on the couch together resting. “You know you have nice legs, don’t you, Courtney?” he asked. From the way he was staring down at my legs sticking out of my sexy little blue jean hot pants, I could tell Ben was interested in what was between them. He started rubbing my inner thigh with his hand, gently stroking it for me. “I didn’t notice that you noticed my legs before.” “I’ve noticed a lot of things about you this summer, Courtney.” he replied. “Like I noticed you wear sexy girl’s panties under your short-shorts. And I’ve noticed that you flirt with the lifeguard, Brett, like the girls do. And I’ve noticed that you spend a lot of time alone with him in the pool house, every day. I’ve been wondering what you do with him in there. He always comes out smiling.” I didn’t know that anyone knew that I was seeing Brett, every day, so I was a little shocked at first when Ben threw this at me. Brett and I didn’t want anyone to know we were having sex in the pool house. “Does Brett suck on your sweet little cock for you?” “No,” I said. “Does he fuck that tight little ass of yours with his big hard cock?” “No,” I said again. “Oh, that’s shame,” said Ben. “I figured you are the kind of boy who likes getting his sweet dick sucked and his tight little ass fucked. Aren’t you?” “Well, I did, I mean, I would like to get my dick sucked by a man and my ass fucked. I use a ten inch dildo on my ass to keep it ready for a man’s cock. But with Brett, I just jerk off while I suck his cock for him in the pool house.” “That’s too bad,” said Ben. “You deserve a boyfriend who sucks you and fucks you, too.” “Well, I’m kind of afraid it might hurt when he does it to me and he won’t want to do it since he’s hurting me.” “I know you have a nice tight little ass on you, Courtney. And that’s what a man likes.” “Really?” “Really,” he replied. “And a lot of girls like getting fucked in their asses, so they’re glad to let a man fuck them there. The big head of a man’s cock feels good in a girl’s ass and would feel good in yours, too, since you like to show it off like a girl to the boys, too.” I was being sexy every day wearing my little hot pants around with my ass cheeks hanging out. It had landed me my first boyfriend, Brett. And now, Beşevler escort Bayan I had a thirty-two-year-old married man wanting to take them off and fuck me in my ass. I suddenly felt like I was being a naughty girl showing off my ass cheeks for the horny men at the pool, that summer. It had caught me Brett and now I had Ben wanting me, too. “I’m kind of afraid the first time, Ben,” I said. “Oh, don’t worry. Girls love getting fucked in their asses by men with big cocks. They make them feel the best. Haven’t you ever seen the video of the former Ms. Universe getting fucked hard in her ass and then the guy pulls it out and she sucks it for him good. She loved the way that his cock made her feel when it was in her ass.” “No. I didn’t see that,” I replied. “Here, I’ll show you,” said Ben. His laptop was on the coffee table and he pulled up the video of the former Ms. Universe getting a big cock deep in her ass and then sucking it. And it turned me on something fierce. I suddenly wanted to be fucked like the former Ms. Universe by Ben and then suck his dick. Down in my little red lace panties under my blue jean hot pants, my clitty dick was stirring for a good fuck from my horny neighbor man. It puzzled me why a thirty-two-year-old married man with a cute, well-built wife would want to fuck a sixteen-year-old cross-dressing boy. The fact that Big Ben was bisexual and wanted to have threesomes with me and his hot wife, Jennifer, hadn’t been revealed to me, yet. I was just flattered that he wanted to fuck me good in the ass like he showed me the former Ms. Universe liked getting fucked in her ass. “She looks like she likes it best when it’s deep inside her,” I said. “She sure does,” said Ben. “You’ll be just like her. You’ll want the biggest cocks you can get inside you just like she does. There’s other videos of her getting fucked in the ass besides that one where she sucks his dick, afterwards. Look at this one.” Ben showed me another video of the beautiful brunette former Ms. Universe taking a big cock up her tight little ass and loving it. In this video, her lover laid back on the bed and let her ride his cock with her ass. Her face looked like she loved having that big cock in her tight little ass, especially when it went deep inside her. It made me want Ben’s big cock inside of me. Down in my little panties, my clitty dick was getting rock hard for my big hairy friend with benefits. “Wow,” I said. “I didn’t know that beautiful women like cocks in their asses so much.” “Sure, they do,” replied Ben. “They like cocks in their asses just as much as they like them in their pussies. But since they think it’s dirty, they pretend they don’t like it. It took me a long time to get Jennifer to let me fuck her anally. But now, she loves it and wants it all the time. She loves it when I’m fucking her in the ass and I reach around and play with her clit, at the same time.” Ben’s pretty, twenty-seven-year-old wife was about the same size as me and if she could take a big man like Ben inside her ass, then I was confident that I could take him inside of me, too. But I was wondering why Ben wanted to fuck me in the ass if his cute brunette wife let him fuck her in her ass. “How come you want a boy then?” I asked. Ben looked down at my sexy little hot pants and smiled. “Oh, so you like sucking dick, too?” “I absolutely love it. And I especially like sucking dicks for cute boys who dress like girls and take cock in their hot little asses.” It all felt so wonderful to me. I had only been dressing in panties every day for three months, so far. And I already had a boyfriend I got to suck, every day. And now, I was getting an offer to have a married man suck my dick and fuck me in my ass. “So, you want to get into my panties?” “I’d love to get into your panties, Courtney. I think about your panties all the time when you’re at the swimming pool wearing them under your shorts. When you are sitting down, from certain angles I can see them under your shorts. I think about sucking your sweet cock and fucking your tight little ass. I told Jen how much I want you and she suggested we have a threesome together. But first I wanted to have you to myself.” My clitty Çankaya escort dick was rock hard and ready to be sucked down in my little red panties. And Big Ben was a handsome hairy bear of a man with a sweet little mouth on him. I was sure that I would enjoy being sucked by him and fucked by him, too. I reached down and unbuttoned the top button on my sexy little hot pants and smiled up at my new lover. He smiled, too. “May I?” he said. “Please do.” I replied. Ben reached down and unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on my hot pants and pulled them off for me. My clitty dick enjoyed the coolness of just being in a little pair of silk and lace panties, immediately. “Oh, aren’t you the sexy one?” said Ben. “Wearing little red panties today to turn on Brett with to make his cock big and hard so you can suck it for him. That’s a sweet boy to do that for your boyfriend, Courtney. Did anyone ever tell you what a sweet boy you are?” “No” I replied. “These little red panties tell me you’re a sweet boy who wants to be fucked like a girl. That’s what you are, isn’t it, Courtney? You’re just a sweet boy who wants to be fucked like a girl.” Big Ben put his arm around me and leaned toward me to kiss me. His beard tickled me when he kissed me, but he was so big and virile I didn’t want him to stop. “Wouldn’t you like to have me fucking your ass and Jen sucking your little cock, at the same time?” “I sure would,” I said smiling. “Well, it’s all been arranged. Jen even said that you can wear her panties and bras and other sexy things if you want. She said she’ll help you put on makeup and things like that and polish your nails. You can be like two girlfriends together.” He kissed me again while I reached out and started rubbing his big cock down in his khaki pants. It was so much bigger than my clitty dick and it made me remember that Ben was an older married man. “We’ll be like two girlfriends who both like having this big cock in our asses, won’t we?” I said. “That’s right,” said Ben. “I’ll take turns fucking you both, all night. And while I’m fucking her, you can lick her pussy. And when I fuck you, she can lick your dickie.” “It all sounds wonderful to me,” I said smiling. “And it’s all because you saw my little panties under my shorts at the swimming pool?” “And your cute little ass cheeks hanging out of your shorts all the time, too. You really are a sexy little girly boy, Courtney,” he said. “Jennifer was a stripper at the Pink Pussycat when I met her and she still has her stripper outfits. She said you can wear her outfits for me and she’ll teach you how to be a stripper, too.” The thought of dressing up in Jennifer’s sexy stripper clothes and dancing sexy for her husband sounded wonderful to this little sixteen-year-old girly-boy-in-training. And to learn from a professional stripper how to strip for men was all I could stand. I was so horny for Ben and Jennifer, his cute and sexy wife, I would have agreed to anything Ben wanted me to do. And the first thing he wanted to do was to take off my little red panties and suck my dick for me good. His tight little mouth between his mustache and beard looked like a good place to put my dick, as well. While I rubbed his big cock through his pants, Ben reached down and touched my little clitty dick down in my little panties. His big hand felt wonderful on my genitals. And when he started kissing me on the neck at the same time he rubbed me down there, I felt like a sweet girl-next-door having sex with the married neighbor man. The fact that he told me it was okay with his wife and she wanted to have sex with me, too, made me feel so desired. I mean, they both wanted me for sex? How could I refuse? Ben reached inside of my panties and started rubbing my dickie like it was a clitty and, suddenly, I wanted him to lick it for me good. With my boyfriend Brett, the lifeguard, I only licked his dick. With Brett, I just kneeled down and sucked him like a good girlfriend would and I played with myself while I sucked him. But Ben wanted to suck my dick, too, and he wanted to do it for me, first. I thought, Ben most definitely wants to be one of my favorite men since I was glad to suck a man with no reciprocation. Cebeci Escort I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper. I wanted what he had in his pants and he wanted what I had in my panties. His cock was already rock hard for me and I couldn’t wait to have it in my mouth like a horny little slut-next-door. He started jerking my dick for me and then he looked at me with asking eyes. “May I?” said Ben looking down at my five inch clitty dick in his big hand. “You sure may,” I said like a girl about to be pleased by her lover. My big hairy boyfriend pulled off his pants and shirt and was wearing just his boxer shorts. He leaned down and put his soft lips on the head of my cock, tasting my sweet pre-cum on his tongue while he did. “Oh. baby,” I said. “Your mouth feels divine. I’m so glad you invited me over. Suck it good for me, baby, and I’ll fill your mouth with some creamy love juice.” I laid back on the couch and he was able to lay on his chest and put his head in my lap while he licked and sucked on my dick good for me. “Oh, if you lick Jennifer like this, thank her for me. I want to be licked like this by you, every day, Ben baby. Your mouth feels magical on my dickie. And you’re so good at sucking, you make me want to lick your dick, too, you handsome boy.” He was taking my whole cock in his mouth and wrapping his entire tongue around it and blowing me great. I just wanted to be his sweet little girly boy and dress up for him and let him blow me, all the time. He said he liked sucking the dicks of boys dressed as girls the best. And I liked dressing as a girl better than anything. I couldn’t wait to see Jennifer’s sexy stripper outfits and try them on for Ben and make him want me like a horny man wants a stripper in a club.  We would have our own private Pink Pussycat revue with Jennifer and I both dressing up and stripping for Ben before having sex with him all night like two horny girls wanting his dick. Making his dick hard so we could suck it and fuck it for him would be both of ours favorite thing to do. Only making Brett’s cock hard for him and sucking it would make me feel better and that was because he was my first boyfriend. But with Ben, I was getting the reciprocation that my clitty dick craved while I was sucking Brett’s nine inch cock. “Oh, yeah, suck it for me, baby,” I said encouraging him. “You’re a man after my own heart, Ben baby.” Just then, Ben reached under my little balls and put two of his big fingers inside of my ass and started fingering me while he bobbed up and down on my dick with his mouth wrapped around it, making me feel weak in the knees. He was licking my dick like it was a girl’s clitty and I was in ecstasy. At that point, I couldn’t wait for Ben to put his cock in my ass and give me my first fuck ever. But first he wanted a mouthful of my cum like a big horny cocksucker, himself. “If every man sucked cock as good as you do, I don’t think there would be any straight men left. Your lips feel wonderful on a man’s dick. You know that, don’t you, Ben?” He stopped sucking me for a moment. “I’ve been told that through some glory holes before. I used to like to suck cocks in adult bookstores before I met Jennifer at the Pink Pussycat and we started dating. With her, I was able to go to sex clubs and suck men’s cocks together with her.” The thought of having Big Ben and Jennifer both sucking my cock, at the same time, was a tremendous turn on for me and I was ready to blow the first load of my hot cum in his mouth when he put his lips back on my dickie and started sucking it again like a horny older cocksucker enjoying some fresh young meat. Besides his lips on my dick, his fingers felt superb in my tight little ass, as well. I wanted him to fuck me there really good with his big cock and I was glad he was getting me ready for it. “I’m ready to cum in your mouth and then I want you to fuck me in my ass the way I saw Ms. Universe getting it in the second video. Do it where you lay back and hold me in your arms and I ride your cock like I’m sitting down on it.” “I’ll be glad to do it that way,” said Ben. “Now, cum in my mouth like a good little girl-next-door in red panties would.” “Anytime,” I said smiling. Big Ben put his hairy face back in my crotch and his hot lips started sucking me like he really wanted lots of cum in his mouth. That’s the most tremendous feeling a girl can get from a guy. Knowing a man wants his mouth full of her sweet cum is a great aphrodisiac for a girl and I was loving it as much as they do.

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