The Sisters Ch. 04


When Corinthia got done work that day she dialed Chris’ number and left a message for her telling her if the girls were up to it she would like to stop and visit for a bit.

Chris called back as Corinthia was getting her jacket on and they agreed for Corinthia to stop. Getting to her car Corinthia couldn’t help but get aroused thinking about fucking another of Chris’ sisters.

Thinking back Corinthia wouldn’t change anything about meeting Chris and her family. Corinthia found out at their last visit that they weren’t all sisters and such. Chris and her mother were family but all the rest of the girls were adopted when they were younger just to help them get off the streets. Most of them were street walkers, Janet and her late husband had wanted more children but couldn’t have any. They found the girls homeless and took them in.

As Corinthia got to the house she became a little nervous. Coming here and not knowing what was going to happen put her on edge sometimes. Don’t get her wrong she loved coming here and hanging with the girls, she just didn’t know what would happen. The sex drives were so overwhelming at times, she didn’t know if she could control herself.

Knocking on the door, being hugged by Chris and being invited in was all it took to knock off the weariness of it all. Going into the kitchen and enjoying a cup of coffee with the girls was the best part of her day so far besides fucking Joseph that is. Just having some time to unwind and chat was great.

Drinking the coffee down Corinthia asked the girls if any of them felt like playing today. She proceeded to tell them about her day at the office with Joseph and that she was still so horny, something had to be done. Fancy and Emily told her that they would be willing to help her out.

Laughing the three women went to Fancy’s room and brought out some toys. Laying on the bed naked, Corinthia didn’t know what to expect when Fancy brought over a burning candle and Emily had left to retrieve something from her room. Looking around the room Corinthia noticed how dark and different Fancy’s taste in things was to her sisters and mothers. Fancy came over to the bed with the candle and asked Corinthia if she had ever played with wax and Corinthia said no. Fancy asked her if she would be interested and of course Corinthia said “Yes, as long as there’s not too much Pain! “

Fancy had her lay back on the bed and started to lick around Corinthia’s nipples, biting, taunting her nipples to stand to attention. Dripping candle wax on them while this was going on Betturkey made Corinthia shiver with desire. She had never sensed anything like this and couldn’t imagine her husbands reaction if she even mentioned it. Loving what Fancy was doing Corinthia was unaware that Emily had returned with some chocolate sauce, ice cubes and beads.

Setting her things down on the bedside table Emily went to the end of the bed and started to lick Corinthia’s’ thighs. She ran her tongue up the inside of Corinthia’s’ legs and back down making Corinthia wiggle her ass. Emily returned to the table and grabbed the chocolate sauce. She returned to the bed, pulling a towel from underneath and putting it under Corinthia’s’ ass. She then poured the hot chocolate sauce over Corinthia’s thighs and pussy. At this sensation and the dripping wax Corinthia let out a moan and grabbed Fancy’s tits. She pulled Fancy closer to her, while Fancy put down the candle.

Fancy had big tits like Chris and her mother. Corinthia loves big tits she thought and began to suck on Fancy’s. Running her tongue around the nipples and pinching them was so turning Corinthia on. Especially with Emily between her legs licking up that delicious chocolate sauce. Emily was working her way around Corinthia’s’ clit which at this point was hard as a rock. Fancy reached over and grabbed some ice putting it in her mouth and leaning down started to suck on Corinthia’s right nipple. Corinthia gave a shutter, she didn’t know that sex could be like this. So open, uninhibited and very hot.

She could feel and hear Emily between her legs sucking, licking and slurping. Emily asked Corinthia if she liked it and all Corinthia could do was shake her head and moan. Emily and Fancy decided to trade place so that Fancy could taste Corinthia’s’ pussy too. Emily grabbed an ice cube and continued to torture Corinthias’ tits with her ice cold tongue. Fancy was now between Corinthia’s legs sucking her clit covered in chocolate when Corinthia felt Fancy put a finger in her ass. Fancy was finger fucking her there now and Corinthia’s ass was bouncing up and down making Fancy’s’ finger go even deeper. Fancy asked her if she was liking it and Corinthia told her yes that it was what she had been waiting for.

Emily took the beads off the table and threw them to Fancy telling her to try them. Fancy took the beads and one by one put them in Corinthia’s asshole. Corinthia couldn’t get over the waves of pleasure she was getting from these two women. She told Emily that she wanted her to fuck Betturkey Giriş her mouth so Emily smiled sweetly and positioned herself over Corinthia’s face. Reaching out her tongue Corinthia found Emily’s secret spot and started to lick. Back and forth over and over that little hard clit Corinthia ran her tongue, bringing Emily close to climaxing. Corinthia asked her if she wanted her to stop and Emily said no, she was enjoying it too much and that soon she was going to be coming. Corinthia told her the sooner the better so she could taste her sweet juices.

Fancy started to pull the beads out of Corinthia’s ass one by one and Corinthia began to moan and groan uncontrollably. Her ass was twitching all over the bed and she began to fuck Emily’s pussy with her tongue. Emily, sitting on Corinthia’s face by this point, was getting ready to cum. She could feel her body tightening up and told Corinthia she was doing a great job.

Corinthia could feel herself reaching that pinnacle of no return and told the girls she was getting ready to cum. Fancy told her to go right ahead she couldn’t wait to taste her juices. Just as Fancy finished saying this Emily began to cum and Corinthia loved the taste of her. Emily was fucking Corinthia’s face so fast and hard Corinthia couldn’t breath. Licking and sucking like there was no tomorrow Corinthia finished off Emily’s cum when Emily flipped off her telling Fancy that she just had to try this.

As Corinthia started to cum Fancy told Emily to get her ass down there if she wanted a taste and both women started to fuck Corinthia’s pussy and ass with their tongues. They didn’t slow down either, seemed they went a little faster too, when Corinthia started to cum full force. It was one of the best cum jobs Corinthia had ever had and she couldn’t move a muscle she was so tensed up from the hot sex of these two women. Fancy got onto the bed and positioned her pussy over Corinthia’s face, leaning down and fingering Corinthia’s pussy good with three fingers, licking and nipping her clit.

Corinthia knew that Fancy hadn’t cum yet and began to fuck her pussy with her tongue, pinching the large clit telling her in between what a bad girl she was. Emily got onto the bed also and laying beside them she grabbed Fancy’s huge tits and started pinching the nipples telling her sister that she couldn’t wait to fuck her with her huge 10″ cock.

Corinthia didn’t know what Emily was talking about and couldn’t wait to find out. She knew from experience that this family was good at Betturkey Güncel Giriş cock. As Fancy started to cum in her mouth, Corinthia let out a moan. Damn, this girl tasted so good, she couldn’t believe it. Fancy squirmed her pussy all over Corinthia’s face, gyrating her hips like she was fucking a mans cock. As the girls began to finish up Emily reached under the side of the bed and pulled out her toy.

Strapping on the cock Emily placed herself over Corinthia’s face and placed the head into Fancy’s ass. Corinthia couldn’t do anything but lay there and watch as one sister fucked the other. Being underneath them she could see the cock going in and out of Fancy’s ass and couldn’t believe how turned on she was getting again. She reached up and put two fingers in Fancy’s pussy. Back and forth she moved her fingers and Fancy was moaning and groaning something that Corinthia was sure wasn’t English.

After awhile getting her ass and pussy fucked Fancy told the girls she was coming again. Removing her fingers from Fancy’s pussy Corinthia could see the cum dripping down Fancy’s pussy lips. Reaching up with her tongue Corinthia tasted Fancy again and stuck her tongue as far as she could into Fancy’s pussy. Fancy was still getting her ass fucked by her sister and moved her hips so Corinthia had full access to lick her pussy clean. Coming down Fancy asked Emily if she could give it a try and of course Emily agreed.

So the girls placed themselves over Corinthia the same way except vise versa. Fancy shoved the cock into Emily’s ass so hard you could hear the noise throughout the whole room. Emily gave a screech and then after she calmed down told Fancy to go faster and harder. Corinthia in the mean time reached over to the table grabbing some ice and rubbed it onto Emily’s pussy giving Emily a rush like never before.

Rubbing the ice over Emily’s clit was making it hard as a rock and Emily told Corinthia to use the beads. Grabbing the beads Corinthia started putting them into Emily’s dripping pussy with Emily groaning so loud the girls downstairs could undoubtedly hear her. Corinthia thought about this for a moment and realized that she still had three other sisters that she hadn’t had time with. She figured this would happen in time and wanted to just enjoy these two beautiful women for now.

As the girls started to finish up their fuck session they all agreed that it was one of the best. Corinthia told the girls that she really enjoyed their time and hoped that they could do it again. Emily reached over, kissed her full on the lips and told her anytime, with Fancy bouncing her head up and down. Leaving the two girls on the bed, Corinthia started to walk out of the room, turning around to say goodbye she realized the girls weren’t done with each other yet. Giving a little laugh she quietly closed the door and left.

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