The Smothering of Sasha


The Smothering of SashaA few weeks ago, I happened to read up on a series of very interesting stories by a guy named mike_55534, all about a world in which fatal facesitting is allowed, and even encouraged for women. His stories can be found at:http://www.thevalkyrie.com/stories/1misc11/sabrina.txthttp://www.thevalkyrie.com/stories/1misc11/stats2.txthttp://www.thevalkyrie.com/stories/1misc11/yena.txthttp://www.thevalkyrie.com/stories/1misc11/torres1.txthttp://www.thevalkyrie.com/stories/1misc29/ward4d.txthttp://www.thevalkyrie.com/stories/1misc29/smotherhigh.txtWith that in mind, I have decided to write a story based on his themes. Like his stories, terms such as young boy or girl do not denote a certain age.The Smothering of SashaLittle Sasha sat at the back of the Blue Velvet Victims transport bus, along with a few other boys and girls. Throughout much of the ride, the van would periodically stop and unload a few k**s to be smothered by awaiting mothers or young daughters. Despite their current predicament, none of the k**s in the van were particularly afraid, as the act of smothering was an everyday way of life here and in fact many of Sasha’s short lived friends within Blue Velvet dreamed of being taken for the smother by a beautiful women and even looked forward to this very moment. As much as she did not want to admit it though, Sasha was downright terrified of what was to come. With her long flowing hair, lovely blue eyes, petite stature and a cute fawn-like face, Sasha was one of a few adorable looking girls that were chosen by Blue Velvet for the occasional customer who either preferred girls or liked to mix things up a bit after going through one boy after another. As the bus proceeded onwards around town, Sasha was left sitting next to another lad who had a bright outward-some might even say happy- appearance, despite their fateful journey. As she sat next to the window, contemplating all that she has done within her soon to be short life, she gave a heavy hearted sigh, and could not help but shed a few tears, fearing what was to come. The boy sitting next to her, upon seeing this, held her hands softly in order to comfort her, and Sasha rested her head on his shoulder, accepting the loving gesture of this boy whose bravery gave Sasha some much needed comfort. After what seemed like an eternity though, the bus once again stopped at another location, and Sasha was sad to see that the boy sitting next to her was called off, as he was selected by a Ms. Debbie Anderson to be her next smother. Seeing the sadness in her eyes, the boy reached over and gave her a comforting hug and kisses, then happily got off the bus with the deliveryman. Before going into the residence, the boy took one last look at the bus, and blew one final kiss at Sasha before the door slammed shut and he would be yet another victim in the art of smothering. Young Sasha gave a sigh as she watched the boy go into the house, and wondered when it would be her turn…Three torturous hours and türbanlı trabzon escort many deliveries by the bus later, it was finally Sasha’s turn. Her heart almost skipped a beat when the driver mentioned her name, but nonetheless she obediently got off the bus with the deliveryman and walked towards a rather large two storey mansion in the edge of the city. The owner of the house opened the door and Sasha went wide eyed over who she would be smothered by. It was Mistress Alexandra, one of the city’s most voracious women when it came to the smother, yet also one of the more sophisticated, having accomplished an astonishing 800,000 kills in about fifteen years. In addition, the long list of kills in such a short period meant that she was one of the most beloved professors at Smother University, being able to retire at the young age of 40 after many years of teaching. The mistress was a fine looking woman, standing almost six feet tall, her long blond hair, sexy face and well toned body would make any man turn their heads in astonishment. Sasha couldn’t help notice the very well shaped thighs of hers, and loudly gulped knowing the Mistress would soon be wrapping her legs around her little head while pressing down hard on her cute face.Sasha gave one last look to the outside world, and then obediently followed the Mistress. After being ushered into the mansion, Sasha was expecting the usual cold, calculating treatment that would befit a victim of a Mistress, yet she was surprised when the Mistress smiled down upon her and gave her a gentle, caring hug in order to calm her nerves. Surprisingly, this would be her first female smother, and it was explained that in almost all of her previous victims, they would take their smothering with a bright, happy smile, almost to the point of being brainwashed by her beauty and not caring at all about their impending deaths; the Mistress was glad to see that for once, a victim showed genuine concern for their fate, and she would be more than happy to show Sasha that she had nothing to fear, as she would start off going very gently and with much loving care while being smothered. She explained that despite how things may look for the victim, the smothering and grinding usually puts them in a state of absolute relaxation and euphoria, and the victims usually passed out peacefully or literally fall asleep before expiring; many a young victim had gone out with a pleasant smile on their face and the Mistress was hoping Sasha would too, whenever that might be, as she wanted her to be a rather long term victim “Only because you are just so darn cute”, she said with a comforting smile. Hearing this, Sasha was much more at ease with herself, and they proceeded arm and arm to the upper floor of the Mistress’ room, to start the smother.Mistress and victim strode arm and arm within the giant mansion. To any outsider, it looked as though mother and daughter were simply walking around the house, türbanlı trabzon escort bayan though the truth of the matter is, only one of them would be walking out alive After climbing a long spiralling staircase, Sasha was lead into a large room with a gigantic Victorian style bed. She was surprised to see another boy lying there, breathing quite heavily and covered in sweat, with only a short time to live. Sasha was told to sit next to the k** and was handed a bottle of oil to apply to the boy’s nose while the Mistress changed into a skin tight latex suit, highlighting her sexy hourglass body, lusciously thick thighs and large, soft pillowy breasts. She was surprised to notice how calm and collective the boy was despite his soon to be short life as she applied the oil to his nose. Their eyes briefly met, and Sasha could detect a very faint trace of fear in the boy’s eyes, despite his relatively calm outward appearance. Nonetheless, she applied the oil to his little nose, then leaned down and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips. The boy managed to mutter a very quiet “thank you”, and then closed his eyes for the impending smother.Sasha was then directed to lie next to him while the Mistress remounted the boy. She explained that he was to be a small “snack” for her, while she waited for Sasha to be delivered, and now that she has arrived, the boy’s usefulness had come to an end. Before the Mistress planted herself on the boy, Sasha looked next to him and saw that despite his current condition, he gave a wide grin and a quick wink to Sasha before his face disappeared between her legs.As the Mistress was busy grinding on the poor boy, Sasha was left staring at the ceiling for quite a while. Despite the boy’s exhaustion, it ended up taking quite a long time until he expired. During that time, Sasha occasionally turned her head to get an up close look at the action. The Mistress mounted the boy in the traditional straddle smother, with his nose and mouth stimulating her intimate areas. The boy was allowed to place his hands on her ass, and would give both cheeks a playful squeeze once in a while, which was met with soft giggles. The smothering would go on and on, and the only sound Sasha heard was the occasional sigh and soft moan from the Mistress, along with a rhythmic “mmph mmph mmph” coming from within the victim, and of course the ever present sounds of her very wet vagina rubbing against the boy’s face.While grinding down on him, the Mistress would occasionally press down very hard, and three times she would utter a loud moan, most likely the result of massive orgasms. The first two times were rather quiet, however, her third orgasm proved to be the boy’s breaking point, and also the Mistress’ loudest, as she pressed down heavily on his face while grinding down. Seeing that the boy was about to expire, and being so close to the action, Sasha instinctively reached over and grabbed his hand, which was türbanlı escort trabzon trembling quite a lot. A few minutes later the boy managed to arch his back, then his hand went completely limp, and in addition to the Mistress’ loud, satisfied panting, Sasha also heard a quiet sigh from the boy, who now served his purpose and was no longer needed.The Mistress then hopped off the boy and nonchalantly picked him up as though he was a small bundle and placed him in the body disposal chute, which was then quickly whisked away into parts unknown, to perhaps serve as fertilizer for someone’s garden. Despite the rather violent and rough looking smother that the boy was given, Sasha could not help but notice that beneath all that sweat and oil on his face, he at least had a very peaceful look, and even a slight hint of a smile. At least she was there for him in these final moments; once the mistress started on her; there is no telling how long the inevitable would happen, and whether anyone else would be there for her when she slowly finds herself slipping away.All of these thoughts made Sasha quite scared, and try as she might, she couldn’t’ help herself and started to quietly sob, and hoped that it would not be met with derision from the Mistress, as it was a well known rule that any victims had to accept their fate no matter what, and no amount of begging (which rarely-if ever happens) by the victims would change that. Sasha was again surprised by the gentle nature of the Mistress, as she lovingly embraced her as a mother would with her daughter.“It is ok if you are scared little one”, she said in her gentlest voice. “I promise I will not go rough on you at the beginning, and that it will not be painful at all. When it happens, you will just drift off to sleep”. Her gentle voice had a calming effect on Sasha, and she quickly smiled at her and stopped her tears. Sasha would be a lucky girl today, as the Mistress wanted to saver her for a full all day smother, and since it was getting late, Sasha would not be sat upon for the night. As a long term victim, she was entitled to sleep in either her own room that was provided for her victims, or was given the privilege to personally cuddle up with the Mistress. Not surprisingly, Sasha chose the more intimate option. Victim and Mistress then laid together, with Sasha laying her head on the Mistress’ soft, doughy breasts, while the Mistress gently caressed Sasha to sleep, and within moments, she was fast asleep within her arms. The Mistress almost melted over how sweet and angelic Sasha looked, and she would give her some sweet kisses on her brow once in a while throughout the night. A long term victim required a lot of energy, and the mistress made sure that Sasha would get enough sleep in order to start her first day out of many as her first female victim.The next morning, both victim and mistress woke up. Because Sasha was to be a long term victim, the Mistress provided her with many basic amenities, so after washing up and eating breakfast; the two of them got back into the room, and Sasha prepared herself for the first of many smothers. As she lay on the soft bed, the mistress once again assured her that it was going to be all right, and right before being mounted, Sasha took a deep breath and closed her eyes as her nose and mouth were enveloped by the mistress’ soft moist vagina…

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