The Story of Elaine Pt. 02 – Jenn

Big Tits

Jenn had that ‘girl next door’ vibe going on – not a knockout, but attractive enough to always get a second look. She was a co-worker of mine in that she worked for the same company, but at a different installation than where I normally worked.

I met Jenn when I spent a few weeks working at the other building, which was on the other side of the city, when they were short a forklift driver. Even though I wasn’t in a forklift job specifically, I had lots of experience operating them and was licensed by the company as well, making it an easy solution for them at the time. They seemed pretty happy when they asked me to cover the position and I quickly agreed. Nothing wrong with a little good will with an employer, I thought.

I started working at Jenn’s location a week after Elaine moved in to my house so I had a lot going on. Elaine was getting no days off in the bedroom as I was breaking her in thoroughly, and she seemed quite happy about that. Perhaps content might be a better term for it. At any rate, Jenn and I got to know each other during those few weeks as she was the one who showed me around the site, and I took breaks at the same time that she did as well.

The last night that I was to work at her facility, there was a storm and nobody, aside from Jenn and I, made it in. The storm caused a power outage so we hung together pretty closely that night and we really got comfortable around each other.

The owner called Jenn and after a short conversation with him, she told me that he instructed her to lock the facility, so we did that and walked around the offices and warehouse doing general security, checking doors and windows for damage and for water coming in. Aside from one area of the floor that was pretty wet, which I mopped frequently, it was fairly uneventful.

The wind roared and howled, I mopped up the water multiple times and we walked around in the dim emergency lights. Jenn answered a few calls from the owner, who was very appreciative of our presence and she handed the phone to me at one point so that he could speak to me personally. He knew me from my employment at the other location and I felt that he had a lot of trust in me. He certainly seemed relieved that I was on the scene that night.

Due to the severity of the storm, he asked if we could stay overnight in the facility. I had my car but since cabs and transit were shut down, and even going outside for a minute was not feasible, staying the night was not a hindrance at all and Jenn felt the same. It was, however, an odd situation as no employer had ever asked anything like that of me before. The liability risk alone was more than significant.

The hours dragged on but walking around with Jenn in the poorly lit building was exciting to me. It accentuated her attractiveness to me in some way and I definitely let my mind wander a few times. She had a flat midsection which made her small tits look big and her legs looked nice in her snug jeans. Whenever I got the chance to let her get ahead of me, I looked at her ass while I caught up.

Just casually joking around and being so relaxed after a couple of hours in this odd situation seemed to make it seem like we had known each other for years. We would make loops walking through the building to check everything, head back to the break lounge and relax on the couches, then after a while repeat the routine.

When you spend that much time with someone, the array of subject matter often covers a wide spectrum so she did talk about her family. She was 22 and had 2 small children. Her relationship wasn’t going smoothly but pressing for details didn’t seem to fit the current level of our friendship, so I kept my comments more along the lines of feeling compassion for her in a tough situation and let her talk as long as she wanted.

When she got away from the heavier topic of her home life, I just focused more on making her laugh and appreciating her personality and natural sex appeal. We only slept in short stretches at a time so that we could keep the ‘security rounds’ going. There were a couple of times when I felt pretty significant sexual tension between us, like while we were talking on the same couch, side by side.

She was slouched down on the seating area and I dropped down right beside her in an exaggerated slouch as well, our shoulders and arms touching. Jenn laughed. We were facing a large windowed section as the storm poured rain and blew wildly, and I was looking over her tempting body. It was so enticing and very difficult to resist but I held back from making a move even though I felt like she might be receptive. If I hadn’t been getting so much action at home during this time, I may not have been able to have as much restraint.

During one of our earlier rounds I had jokingly held her hand and skipped a few strides down the walkway, then later, when we reached the area that I had to mop each time we came to it, I quickly picked her up, carrying her over the wet area while Alanya Escort she laughed and held onto me. A shoulder and neck massage was something else that I worked in on Jenn at about 4 in the morning after completing a round. Watching her tits slowly rising and falling while she breathed, and trying to look down her top as I manipulated the garment a bit had me a bit tense, and seeing her nipples harden during the massage added more on top.

Anyway, that’s how our friendship was forged and we would call each other once in a while to stay in touch or catch up. We both got really nice bonus pay for the night of the ‘security detail’ from the company owner.

She called me one day and after a little catching up, she filled me in on some of her home life, so I knew that it was getting worse. Jenn had been with the same guy for quite some time and their split had been long and drawn-out. “A long time coming” is how she put it. They did well to keep the nastiness from their two kids but they were only 1 and 2 years old, and when the children weren’t around, things got pretty bad verbally. That can just be stressful.

A week or so later Jenn called again and, after some small talk, was telling me about the apartment that she had just put her deposit down on. It was just about 10 minutes to drive from my place, which was way closer than the place where she had been living. The plumbing in the apartment had problems, with the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink both leaking, and she didn’t know what she was going to do because the landlord said that he wouldn’t be able to have anyone look at it for a few weeks.

Jenn had told the landlord that she would take the place ‘as is’ just to get away from her ex and the guy had agreed to let her have it, even tnough he said that it wasn’t ready. She said that she even had to convince him to show it to her since it had some issues. I said that I would have a look and tell her if I thought that it was serious, and she seemed happy that I might be able to help.

Elaine had just moved in 2 weeks prior and I was still navigating her presence, only in enjoyable ways so far but I was pretty busy. I had gathered all of my plumbing tools and supplies and went to meet Jenn at the apartment. “Don’t mind the mess.” she said, as she was already there when I showed up. It wasn’t in too bad of a state really, it just looked neglected. A coat of paint would have done wonders. There were boxes and furniture in the place but in a bit of disarray. I checked out her ass, staring at it as she led me in.

“Is this your stuff or the people who moved out?” I asked.

“It’s mine.” she replied, “We moved some right away when I gave my deposit.”

“That’s good.” I nodded, “Where are your kids?”

“They’re still at my mother in law’s place. I can get more done when they aren’t here.” she laughed, “At least the big things like arranging and cleaning.”

“Oh yeah.” I said, “I get it. Well, I’ll have a look here.” and focused on the kitchen sink. When I opened the cabinet doors beneath it, the entire pipe array from the sink drain to the plumbing was disassembled and laying in pieces on the bottom of the cabinet. “Oh great.” I groaned, “It looks like a bomb went off.”

“Yeah that looked bad to me.” Jenn agreed.

“I’ll try to get it together here.” I said, getting situated.

Jenn replied “I really appreciate you taking a look. I am going to do some stuff while you’re at it, ok?”

“Sure thing.” I responded with a laugh.

“It’s a nightmare!” she groaned and we both laughed. I took my time getting the pieces assembled and when they were together, I didn’t snug them up like they should have been, I just turned the water on for a few seconds. Water ran out of multiple places as Jenn stopped to look on. “Well, that one’s not in good shape.” I stated and threw an old towel down to soak up the water. “Good thing that I brought my old towels. I’ll have a look at the other one.” and Jenn followed me to the bathroom and stood leaning in the doorway while I started inspecting.

This one wasn’t all in pieces but when I ran the water, a leak was immediately evident. I guessed to myself that it just needed some new putty around the drain.

Jenn said “How bad is it?”

I played it up a bit as I dried the water with another old towel from my gear. “It’s not great.”

“I don’t have the money for this.” she said, “I put everything and more into getting the place and I convinced the guy to let me have it without it being fixed.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, “this would be four or five hundred dollars easily, to get done by a plumber. Maybe more.” I was on my back now looking up under the sink, periodically looking at her in the doorway with her snug jeans and a little tank top on as she talked about her situation. The tank was thin enough to see her bra through and her arms were crossed in front of her under her breasts.

“Do you think that you could fix this so I wouldn’t Alanya Escort Bayan have to wait until I could afford a plumber?” she asked.

“Uhhh…” I stalled before committing.

“Maybe there’s something that we could work out.” she said in a way that I read as being suggestive. Well, it sounded suggestive but I wasn’t sure what she was proposing, so I got out from under the cabinet and stood in front of her. I figured that it was just teflon tape and tightening on the one in the kitchen, and plumber’s putty in the bathroom. Not too difficult really.

“I can try.” I told her, “I mean, I don’t know what you have in mind but I think that I might be able to get this straightened out for you.” Jenn was looking right in my eyes and I noticed her nipples stuck out in little bumps.

“I don’t know if you’re interested in what I have to offer but…” she said as she stood still leaning on the door frame. Jenn looked up at my eyes then quickly away, in a rather shy manner.

“What is it that you are offering Jenn?” I played a bit dumb because I wanted her to spell it out.

“We could work something out…” she said, again seemingly dropping a hint.

I wanted to think that she was offering sex but there wasn’t anything definitive so I, once again asked “What do you want to work out? What are you offering?”

She paused a few seconds looking everywhere but at me and then said really quietly, “Me.” she paused, “I am offering myself.” almost in a whisper. She seemed frustrated. “Is that so unrealistic? Is that not a good enough offer? I’ve never been in this situation before…I don’t know…” She seemed like she had no confidence at all.

“Jenn it’s ok.” I interrupted “It’s a fantastic offer. Seriously, I just wanted to be sure that was what you were getting at.”

“Ok…well, it’s not an easy thing to bring up.” she went on, looking a little embarrassed.

“I am 100% interested in that offer.” I assured her, “I mean, I am no plumber but I can do it, and if another problem comes up later I can check my work.”

“That would be great.” she said, sounding relieved.

“Uh…could we get into some of that now while we have the opportunity, or is it not a good time for you?” I asked, treading carefully.

“Now is good.” she replied with a bit of a laugh and still a shy demeanor. “I prepared to have a few hours in case the plumbing was complex.” I moved toward her and put my arms around her. She looked up into my eyes and smiled but quickly looked away. Pulling her into me gently, I reached up to her hair and stroked it from her forehead and back slowly, softly. As she looked up at me I kissed her super softly and then again. She kissed me back but it wasn’t until I had kissed her about ten times that I pressed my mouth to hers harder.

Jenn had reached ner arms up around my neck, tilting her head to one side while looking into my eyes. She quickly looked down as I pulled at her body harder. “I think that I am really lucky to have been the one to get the offer, Jenn.” I whispered in her ear and squeezed her a little tighter.

My dick moved noticeably as I held her and her body seemed to surrender when I said that and as her face turned up toward me I covered her mouth with mine again softly. After kissing her more aggressively for 20 seconds or so, and groping her firm ass, I asked “What exactly are you allowing me to do Jenn?”

“Everything.” she gasped in a whisper, mostly in my mouth as I continued to try to cover her lips with mine. I pulled her tighter to me, kissing her a little more firmly and I let my hand stray around to the front of her jeans as my cock lengthened to fully erect without pause. Her exhales were long from her deep breaths as I rubbed her mound and I led her to the hall and into the nearest bedroom.

“No.” she panted and pulled at my arm, “This way.” and led me to a room with a full size bed in it. I rubbed her tits with both of my hands as I continued kissing her and my cock throbbed.

Jenn looked away from me and I turned her face toward me and kissed her again. My left hand was behind her, between her denim covered ass cheeks and my right hand shot down to rub her mound again, with my fingers sneaking in between her legs and stroking as my dick flexed and strained. My kissing transformed into sucking at her panting mouth as I fondled and stroked her body. I alternately rubbed at her pussy through her jeans and worked my hand up under her tank top and inside her bra to feel her bare tits and firm nipples.

“Kevin!” she gasped as I pulled her jeans open and began tugging them off of her a few inches at a time. Her underwear came down with her jeans and as they got just above her knees, she reached for her panties, pulling them up to mid thigh. It seemed like a reaction of her shyness, not of being unwilling but I just continued with my advances.

Grabbing her wrist, I pushed her back on the bed, moving with her as she came to rest on her Escort Alanya back. She still had a hold of her underwear and I still had her wrist as I lifted her legs with my other hand giving me a nice view of her slit, her flesh all around it beautifully shaved. I wondered momentarily if she had prepared to make this offer to me.

“You won’t need those.” I told her as I pulled at her small underwear and pressed my lips against her clit. “AHHH!” she gasped loudly as my tongue immediately licked at her damp furrow, followed by wet sucking kisses on her clit.

It was obvious that her arousal was high as I continued to suck on her cunt and lick at it. Her gasps and moans filled my ears and she pushed on my head with her hands. I continued this until I thought that she was on the verge of coming and I got up again, quickly removing her little shoes then pulling her jeans and underwear off. Holding her legs up, I briefly let one leg go to point my erect bone at her wet hole and I plunged it into her a few inches, then put my hand behind her knee again.

“Oh God!” she moaned as I entered her and her moaning continued as I sawed back and forth in her wet cunt, pushing deeper each thrust. With her legs lifted high, I watched my cock appear and disappear into her box and I began fucking her recklessly. My dick popped out of her all shiny and wet and immediately she gasped, “OH!”

Momentarily, I let go of one of her legs again, so that I could push down on my rod as I moved my hips forward. Watching with a measure of disbelief, my swollen cock sunk about a third of the way into her ass as I returned my hand to behind her knee again. Jenn just moaned a low “Uhnn…” and I slowly moved back and forth in her ass, shocked at the vision of my hard rod sliding in and out of her ass hole.

“Oh Jenn!” I whispered. She just responded with gasps and moans no different than when I had been stroking in her cunt. I mean, eventually I was hoping to try to fuck her ass but this was a short cut that I hadn’t planned on, a welcomed accidental penetration. Pushing further into her ass with each thrust and only soft moans coming from Jenn who had her eyes closed and her head turned to one side, I kept fucking. The hot snug sheath around my erect member felt amazing as I bucked against her. “Oh Jenn!” I said again, “Do you like that?”

“Uhnn…” was all that I heard in reply so I continued fucking her ass hole and reached for her tank top, peeling it up and leaving it around her neck. Removing her bra took a couple more seconds and soon I was palming her tits while I ass fucked my shy, reserved acquaintance. Moving my hands back to her legs, I pushed until her legs were on either side of her head. She was flexible as her legs were now where they could cover her ears and I loved the way that it raised her ass up a little.

My hips slapped against her ass as I thrust my pole into her hot hole. Removing my cock from her ass and leaning back, I saw how her ass hole was open a little and I pushed the fat head of my cock to the small void again, hesitating before pushing it back into her ass. With my right hand, I rubbed her clit while I long stroked my cock back and forth through the tight grip of her ass hole. Then I took her hand and moved it on her clit before letting go and watching as she stroked her pussy slit and rubbed her button.

It was amazing how peaceful she looked, her legs behind her with her shoulders forward, between her legs. Low moans escaped her mouth and her arms pushed her tits together as she now had both hands manipulating her pussy. It was a fantastic vision and it fueled me to push my hard cock into her hot tight hole, frequently leaning down to lick at her panting mouth.

“OH! OH! OH!” she moaned frantically and her hand moved quickly and steadily on her pussy. While I plunged my tingling cock into and dragged it out of her ass hole, her tight ring clung to my thick shaft.

“Are you ok Jenn?” I asked as I packed my flexing erection into her. She seemed oblivious and just kept gasping and moaning as she flicked and rubbed at her clit. I felt her ass contract on my dick once quickly before it flexed hard on me, then continued spasming at a fast steady interval. After a few steady contractions on my tingling erection, my stroke became eratic as I was on the edge of coming for about ten seconds but my load just didn’t shoot.

“Oh yes!” Jenn whispered in gasps as I was stabbing at her quickly and moving to the side, I varied my attack any way that I could to try to achieve release and I was extremely tense as my sperm began squirting into her hot depths. I pushed against her hard, again and again during the next minute as my orgasm was so intense that I saw all white and I thought that I might pass out.

It took a few minutes to clear the fog from my mind and collect myself while Jenn held my head in her hands, still whispering “Yes…yes…” long after her orgasm was finished. My cock was still hard but also very sensitive. In Jenn’s hot ass, with its snug tension, it felt very good so I held still and massaged her tits, kissing her mouth again. Her breathing was still elevated and I captured her lips anyway, partially smothering her inhalations. “Oh Kevin!” she gasped.

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