The Tenant In 3B – Part Three


The next few nights were spent with Jessica at his place or hers. She indeed was a glorious thing. Her sense of humor was through the roof; she was ready with conversation always, and not to mention her compliments of him were nonstop. He had no idea why she was still available. He was thinking hard about taking her off that market, asking her to be his girlfriend officially. He liked her that much.The only thing holding him back was he wanted to see where this dinner date with Ms. Evans would end up. And that was tonight.He had told Jessica he was busy with friends and wouldn’t be available for anything more than a text. She had understood, at least he thought she did. He didn’t want to dwell on it; he just needed to see where this drug called Ms. Evans would go.To get ready, he trimmed all, and that means all, of his body hair, took a long shower to clean every crevice conceivable, cut his nails, put on his best boxer briefs, and ironed his going out clothes. When he was finished and all put together, hair perfectly coiffed, even he had to say he looked rather hot. He finished the outfit by packing three condoms; no better make that five instead. He had no idea if protection was needed with Ms. Evans, so better to be safe than sorry.He intended to pound every last bit of sexiness right out of that cute ass of hers. With one last check in the mirror, he went out his door to knock at the next.It swung open quietly with the touch of his knuckles. It was almost eerie; the house was silent, seemed empty save for the delicious smell coming from the kitchen. Should he just enter? He sent a text from outside still, “I am at your door. It swung open. Do I come in?”Three dots appeared, and shortly after her reply, “Yes, come in, close and lock the door behind you. I will be out in a moment.”Stepping into her apartment, he noted the walls throughout the rooms and hallway, and he could see that the painting was done entirely. Her lines of cutting in different colors were precise, zero drips, and not a single mistake was visible.As he looked at the kitchen walls, a door opened behind him; he turned to look and lost his breath. There stood Ms. Evans. Her grey hair pulled back into the neatest bun, sleek and tight. A pair of black tortoiseshell glasses, framing the green of her eyes, perched on her cute little nose, makeup on, yet muted. Below her chin, a circle of pearls choking her slender neck, a black dress hugging her form below that, a small amount of cleavage showed from between her pert breasts. But his eyes didn’t stop there; they flowed down her form, with the lines, the dress coming just below her knee, there Ankara escort met by black hosiery that glided down her calves and into those black high heels he had seen, the ones with the red soles.She was a sight to behold, the librarian fantasy complete. With his eyes finding the floor, he slowly brought them back up every inch of this sexy older woman. Seeing a bemused smile, he couldn’t hold eye contact with her and had to break it off after just moments.”Hello, Kyle, you look handsome all dressed up,” the words curling out of her with a sensuousness that made his balls begin to tingle.”Um, yeah, ha-ha, thank you, I feel underdressed now that I see you. Aren’t you just the epitome of a sexy librarian tonight?” He fumbled with every word, trying to make eye contact and hold her gaze yet failing again and again as the power and strength she was exuding were just too much for him to handle.”I would like you to change. The robe lying on the chair there is for you,” as she said this, her hand directed his gaze to his right; there laid a grey silk robe.He bent to pick it up and made to head to the restroom to change, but she stopped him with the command, “No, change right here, where you are. Hand me your things as you take them off.”Looking up at her sideways, he wondered if he should argue the point, and if he did, what the consequences would be? Decision made, he began untying his trainers, his butt resting on the arm of the chair.He handed those and his socks to Ms. Evans and watched as she neatly folded his socks and tucked them in his shoes, setting them all on the floor near the door.He removed his belt, watched that get looped, and added to the pile, then his chinos, which were deftly folded and lined up perfectly. They looked like something in a shop window. His shirt, unbuttoned, followed and was similarly handled. He picked up the robe to slip it on, leaving only his boxers, but somehow, he knew this was wrong. Looking up, he saw the disappointment in her eye.Dropping the robe back on the chair, he slid his boxer briefs slowly down his legs, his cock, already semi-stiff due to the look and attention of Ms. Evans, sprang out, causing him mild embarrassment. Yet as he held the boxer briefs out to her, he noted her green eyes focused on that semi, and the faintest of smiles graced her dark red lips.Standing fully nude before her now, he brought his hands in to cover himself, but with just a tiny shake of her head, she indicated that would be the wrong move.After placing his now folded boxers on the top of the stack of clothes, she turned and stepped up to him. Her lips Ankara escort bayan angled up toward his, yet didn’t touch, just a fraction of width away from his, and there she stopped. Her right hand glided across the skin on his back, delicate yet determined. He felt her left hand on his growing erection and a slight pull toward her. Her fingers slid down the length of his shaft and dropped down to cup his balls. Her body was now pressed against his chest, her lips still not connecting with his.Then she turned, releasing him so suddenly he fell forward a bit, though steadied himself quickly. Looking up, she was now holding out the robe to him.”Put this on, and then it is time for dinner,” she commanded. Her voice grew in strength each time she spoke to him. Taking his hand, she led him toward the dining table and, pulling out a chair, held it for him to sit. After he was seated, she pushed him into the table.The way she had it set matched everything he had experienced thus far. It looked like a five-star restaurant, not that he had ever been to one, yet if he had, this was what it would look like, he imagined.She brought the food in courses, and like everything else that night, it was perfect. The wine, a Zinfandel, added to every flavor. They talked a bit, but he couldn’t seem to make conversation, yet she did respond when he complimented the food or an aspect of her that he appreciated.”Are you ready for dessert,” she asked at the end of the meal.Strangely he was. Typically, he would be too full for dessert, yet as he thought back over the meal, each course had been a small portion, and although he wasn’t hungry any longer, he also wasn’t full. Nodding his head, he said, “Yes, please!”He didn’t get the dessert he had been thinking though. As he watched, she pushed back from the table and pulled up at the hem of her dress. His eyes followed her fingers and noted with a certain amount of delight that she had on a red garter belt clipped into the black hose. Rising off the chair slightly, just so she could pull her dress higher, he saw the garter belt. There were no panties, so her slit, with a trail of hair, was exposed just below the throng of red lace.She pointed at the floor before her and said, “Come here and take off my shoes.”He didn’t even think of saying no but quickly took the spot she designated and removed each shoe, in turn setting them aside.Next, touching her thighs, she said, “Now these clasps, undo the front and back.”As he undid the front, she lifted her leg to his shoulder so he could reach the back. His hands were shaking at the sight of her exposed Escort Ankara nether this close to his face. He wanted to duck in and taste her slit yet knew he should wait for her permission. Clearly, she was in control of the night, and he wanted to let it unfold the way she planned it, a new experience for him. He had always been in control in all his relationships through the years, yet somehow tonight, he wanted to be following her orders. The confidence she was showing turned him on immensely, and even just helping her out of her stockings was making him hard once again.The other clasp followed the same show; the only difference, he felt her toes through the stockings rubbing against his skull just behind his ear. Her next command broke his reverie, “Now the stockings.”Gingerly he began pulling at the one he had just unclasped, “Careful, you don’t want to be punished for ruining them now, do you?” She hissed as he was bringing them down over her knee.”No, Ms. Evans,” he replied, “I don’t want to be punished.””You may have no choice in that,” she answered with a small laugh. It wasn’t a friendly one, he noted, more mirthful and dangerous.Her stockings removed, folded as neatly as he could manage, and set on her shoes, she slid her ass forward and placed a foot on either of his shoulders.She said, “Dessert course one, you may lick my calves and suck on my toes, but do not go beyond my knees.”Her skin tasted of vanilla and coconut, no doubt the scent of the lotion she had applied to her slick, smooth, freshly shaved legs.As he moved down across her ankle and toward her toes, she moved the big toe to his lips and pressed it in. Of course, he let it in and sucked lightly on it. Looking up toward her, he noted her eyes were closed, and her hand slowly slid down her taut body to find her now moistening slit and draw her fingers up, bringing the juices to her clit. A small sigh escaped her mouth, and she pressed her hand in farther.He wanted to join the fun, so, letting go of the toe, he headed back up her leg, but as he crossed her knee, her eyes flew open, and she brought her hand firmly to the top of his head and pushed down. “I didn’t give you permission to go past the knee, yet did I,” her voice strong, her tone insistent.”No, Ms. Evans, sorry,” he gulped and headed back down the curve of her calf toward her foot and waiting toes.Soon she had both her feet on his shoulders, her one hand buried in her slit the other rubbing at her breasts through her dress. He tried kissing past her knee again, and this time she grabbed him with both hands on either side of the head and quickly pulled him toward her waiting pussy. She brought his mouth against her and pulled him tighter as he started licking.This time it was allowed, and so he ate as if his life depended on it. His hair being pulled, and his nose and mouth buried in her wet snatch, her flavor mixing quickly with the vanilla coconut already on his palate.

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