The time I watched someone fuck my girlfriend


The time I watched someone fuck my girlfriendBefore I start let me tell you about my girlfriend Holly. She’s 23, I’m 25 she’s tall (about 5ft9), slim, with long smooth legs, blonde hair and blue eyes. She has pale English rose type skin, large 34 DD boobs and a tight hairless cunt. It had been a great holiday up to that point, Majorca is a beautiful place lots of hot sun but not too expensive. We’d spent most of the holiday by the pool catching the sun and drinking cheap alcohol from the all inclusive bar. Holly’s pale skin had started to burn a little but she still looked just as fuckable as ever. On the final night we were in the bar as normal drinking, Holly has always been very horny and when she’s had a drink she becomes a real firecracker. I had gone off to play pool and returned to see her in the bar drinking with an older guy probably aged around 50. I knew that she had fantasised about older men because I had found porn on her internet history that had shown older guys using the cunts of young 20-somethings. I had started to get a semi at the thought of this older guys fucking my gorgeous girlfriends cunt in front of me. But that would never happen. Would it? As I walked over to the bar Holly barely even noticed me, it was clear that she had been knocking back the drinks. A large pile of those crappy plastic cups they serve your drinks in on holiday decorated the bar and the smell of rum and Coke lingered on her lips and she finally spotted me and gave me a kiss. The guy was married and had arrived earlier in the week, his wife had gotten tired and gone to bed a little early, leaving him free to have a few drinks and maybe find a nice young cunt to push his bartın rus escort cock in to. Or so I fantasised as I knocked back another JD and Coke and felt my cock grow in my shorts.The night continued this way and Holly was smashed. She was stumbling around like she often did after 1 or 6 too many. I suggested that it was perhaps time to leave. Holly responded that she agreed that me, her and the man whose name was Mark should go back to the hotel room. Mark looked at me awkwardly. Every bit of me knew that I should be getting angry and telling her to fuck off but my cock was throbbing now. I couldn’t get the image of Mark fucking her like a cheap little slut out of my head. The thought of the girl I love being used by this late middle aged wanker just turned me on so much.I decided to just go with it. We started walking towards the lift and Holly was stumbling so Mark suggested that she put her arms around our necks and we would support her to the hotel room. She agreed. As we got to the lift and walked in, the doors shut and I noticed that Mark was groping her amble tits. His hands working and kneading at their weight. It was then I noticed that her other hand was on her pert arse. She was drunk and I knew it but I was more than happy to see what might happen next.The lift doors opened and we got out, he continued to grope her all the was to our hotel room door. I let got of her as I got the card out to unlock the door. When I’d unlocked the door I turned round to see that Mark had his hand up her maxi dress and was playing with her tight wet cunt, she was very drunk but had her hand on his cock. It was at that point bartın rus escort bayan when he turned to me as he had his fingers in her cunt as said to me, ‘I’m going to fuck this little slags pussy tonight, and then when I’ve cum I’m going to leave’. My heart raced, I knew I should be appalled, I knew I should be angry, I knew full well that I shouldn’t want this to happen but all I could say in reply was ‘OK’. With that things really took off. We walked through the the door and Mark already had Holly out of her maxi dress, he started to kiss her and pushed his tongue deep in her mouth making sure his spit went deep in her mouth. Only pausing to run his still salivating tongue around her face. Her started to undo her bra and as her big tits bounced free of their bra he grabbed both hard and began to lick her pink hard nipples. I was throbbing. So hard I felt I could cum at any moment. She looked at me and smiled. She wanted this so bad and so did I. He then removed her black thong and pushed her onto the bed. He opened her legs and her pussy was there on display for him. Like a flower waiting for a honey bee to sample its nectar. I had expected him to start stripping and to slowly fuck her hole but he didn’t want to she me or Holly that kind of respect. He undid his shorts and hitched down his boxers revealing his fat cock. It was bigger than mine. In that moment he quickly climbed on top of her and pushed his fully clothed weight down in her. He was a full sized man and she was used to me, a skinny 20 something with a average cock. He had both hands on her tits as he began to work his cock into her. She moaned. He pushed rus escort bartın in hard until the full length was inside her.Once the full length was in he turned his head to look at me. I was wanking. He gave me a knowing smile. A smile that said ‘I’m about to fuck your slutty little Mrs and yours going to enjoy it!’. He then licked her face, grabbed a hand full of her hair and started to fuck her really hard. They were deep and forceful thrusts. She had never been fucked like that before. He was just using her, he didn’t care if she came or felt pleasure. I always worked hard to make sure she came but he wasn’t doing that, but she still moaned in ecstasy. The thrusts go harder and faster. His hands alternated between squeezing her tits, holding her hair tight or wrapping him fingers around her neck. The whole time his tongue exploring her face and mouth. He was using her and he wanted us both to know it. I carried on wanking as I watched his arse, still in boxers and fully clothed go up and down on top of her. His thrusts got faster and faster and she came loudly, he told her to shut up and help her mouth shut. Her pussy must have tightened around his length because his thrusts got quicker and shallower until all of a sudden he pushed in deep, pushing his full weight down on her as he came deep in her cunt. He was breathing heavily. He then very quickly called me over and said, lick it. With that I crouched down and started to lick my girlfriends cunt, started to lick the spunk of another man out of my girlfriends cunt. I carried on like this for as long as I could. Making her cum again. When I’d finished I looked round expecting to see him sat there, but he was gone.This night meant nothing to him. Fucking the girl I love and cumming inside her meant nothing to him. All I know is that I want someone to do it again. I want to watch her cum on another mans cock and I want to taste the salty cum drip out of it. If you liked this story please get in touch as I do write on request.

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