The Trip I Will Never Forget

Big Dicks

After an extremely long drive we finally make it to Ill., to The Gathering. We crawl into bed for a much needed rest. We know we will not get much, if any, over the next three days. After sleeping in for a little bit, we wake up refreshed and get dressed for the show. I am wearing shorts and a tank top that just covers my breasts but if I move and someone is standing in the right spot they can see the entire side of my breast. You are wearing black short and a t-shirt. You look really good (and so do I).

We drive over to the convention center where it is being held. Waiting in line to enter, three very good-looking girls walk up behind us. There is one blond, one brunette and one red head. They are around my height and all are very well endowed and all are wearing tight mini tanks. We both look at each other and smile.

As we wait in line to get in we start chatting with them. They are very open and explain that they are all lesbians, and they all play with each other. None are in a serious relationship but are looking. We explain that we like to play around and that I am bi. We ask where they are from and they say Columbus, Ohio. We joke around a little bit, letting them know that we are from Newark, and we would love riding them home. Oops, giving them a ride home. They are very appreciative since they hitchhiked here and have no way home.

We are just starting to enter the center and start walking around seeing everything we can. The girls are kind of following us around but it looks like they are trying to be discreet about it. We can tell though, that they are purposely staying close. I look over at them on occasion and give them a smile. I notice that they are whispering to each other and giggling. They wave on occasion. We go to the concerts and they are right behind us during all of them. At the last concert of the evening, they are all around me, jumping around and rubbing all over me. As the concert progresses, I start feeling hands on my ass and reaching around feeling my tits. I look over at you and you have a big grin on your face, you can see what xslot they are doing to me. And you know it is driving me crazy.

The concert wraps up and it is time to leave for the night. There are several parties going on everywhere. We start to walk out and the girls follow us. As we reach the van, I turn to see the girls coming behind us; we just stand beside the van as they approach. The blonde walks right up to me and gives me a deep passionate kiss. I open my mouth so that our tongues can explore each other’s mouths. She starts grabbing my tits and squeezing my nipples. We get a few stares as people walk by.

You say that we should take this someplace more private and we all hop in the van and head to our hotel room. As we walk up to the door all three girls are reaching in my shirt playing with my tits and reaching between my legs to rub my pussy. I am on fire and can hardly wait to get into the room. You finally get the door open and we all fall into the room.

I stand there not knowing what is going to happen next. You go over and sit in the chair and watch everything that is happening.

The three girls walk over to me and start removing my shirt, then start kissing and licking all over my chest, neck and back. Teasing my breasts and nipples. I don’t know what to do so I just stand there enjoying myself. I look over at you as the three girls go to their knees and slowly remove my shorts, kissing down my legs as they do. You are rubbing your cock and watch the show. I am standing there completely naked as the girls stand up.

They push me back onto the bed. And all three do a slow strip tease for both of us. Playing with their breasts and pussies for our amusement. When they are all naked, they crawl on the bed next to me, and start kissing and nibbling all over my body, the red head is kissing me, the blonde is nibbling my nipples and the brunette is licking and kissing up my legs to my pussy.

I am in heaven, I am trying to reach around to play with a pussy but it is just out of my reach. With all the attention that I have been xslot Giriş given over the last couple hours it doesn’t take long to push me over the edge. I start to cum on the brunette as she is fucking me with her tongue.

Just as I am recovering the girls get up and move me out of the center of the bed. The red head lays down in the middle of the bed while the blonde and brunette direct me to get into a 69 position over her. I lower my cunt to her face and she immediately sucks my clit into her mouth. I lean down and start licking at her pussy. The girls make sure that you have a good view of what is going on as the brunette leans down and helps the red head lick my pussy then she slowly moves to licking my ass. I moan against the red heads pussy and she moans in return.

The blonde comes around to where I am licking and sucking on the red heads clit and starts to help me before she moves to her ass. You are sitting over there enjoying the show immensely. You stand up and walk around us looking at everything that is going on but you don’t touch anyone but yourself. You sit on the bed to get a closer view of me munching on the cunt in front of me. I can see you staring at my tongue moving over the clit of the red head. This puts me over the edge and I start to cum again. As the red head feels me climax it pushes her over the edge and starts cumming too. To my surprise she is squirting all over the place. The blonde and I try to get as much as we can.

As we slowly come down from our high of orgasm the girls shift again. The blonde and brunette haven’t gotten a chance to cum yet and I have cum twice already. They move me and the blonde out of the middle of the bed and take our places in the 69 positions. The blonde on bottom and the brunette on top. The blonde’s pussy is right by you so I move to her pussy and help the brunette to lick her pussy. To return the favor, I start licking down to her ass, she loves it. The red head does the same on the other end of the bed.

You start to stroke your cock as you watch me lick the blonde’s ass and xslot Güncel Giriş pussy. You can tell that I am enjoying myself because of the cum dripping down my legs. We don’t let up for a second and they soon start cumming. We are all breathing heavy with excitement as we all sit up trying to recover. You are still sitting there stroking your cock as you look at all four of us sitting there naked and kissing each other. We look over at you and all of us pull you down to the bed and take turns deep throating you and sucking on your balls. You are in heaven now. It doesn’t take long after watching the four of us licking and sucking on each other. You start to cum and all of us are fighting for your cum. We eventually finish cleaning you off and you get up to go to the bathroom.

When you come out you see the bathroom you see the four of us in the bed and wonder where you are going to sleep. It is a king size bed and we move to the edge so that you can crawl in the middle, with me and the red head on one side and the blonde and brunette on the other. We fall asleep in each other’s arms.

You slowly come awake in the morning to a hand on your cock and another on your balls playing. As you wake up and your eyes adjust you can see that the red head is rubbing my pussy as the brunette rubs the blonds pussy.

You slowly get up to excuse yourself to the bathroom. When you come out you see the four of us in a daisy chain. I am licking the brunette’s cunt, she is licking the red head, the red head is licking the blonde and the blonde is licking me. It is truly a sight to see.

You sit down on the edge of the bed to watch the new show. You see fingers buried in pussies and asses and tongues caressing clits. This goes on for sometime and you start rubbing your cock again. The four of us can hardly control ourselves. I quickly bring the brunette off with my mouth and fingers. This excites me so much that I cum on the blonde’s mouth and her in turn on the red head and her cumming on the brunette’s mouth. We collapse on the bed next to each other. You stand above our heads as they are on the end of the bed and stroke your cock until you cum all over our faces and we take turns licking each other clean.

Spent for now, we get up and get ready for the next day of the concert. All of us in anticipation for tonight.

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