The Unicorn


“Unicorn: a common swinging term used in the community to refer to a single female interested in meeting other couples. Described as such due to the rarity of finding said females. By no means derogatory but quite the opposite, a rare treat.”The Urban Dictionary Well, rare in the amateur world maybe. Not so uncommon in the career of a professional courtesan. Being called up to join a couple was something that was presented to me fairly often, and, honestly, it was one of my very favorite assignments. Maxine, who owned and ran the Rites of Eros agency, put me forward for those jobs, knowing how I felt about being with a woman (almost always very positive), and knowing that I had gotten some really first-rate feedback, and, quite often, return engagements from the couples I’d previously serviced.The circumstances for first-timers were almost always these: the woman in the couple had had little to no experience of sex with another woman, but the idea of an ffm (read that as “two bisexual women and a straight man”) threesome had entered the couple’s fantasy life. The woman most probably would have been content to keep it in the fantasy realm, but the man had become obsessed with the possibilities of actually seeing his wife or girlfriend engage in sex with another woman and himself getting to fuck two women at once (or whatever). And so he had been pressuring his partner to give in and actually make the fantasy a reality.So here you had, on the appointed night, a guy who was way amped up and slathering with anticipation and excitement, and a woman who was nervous and very, very uncertain, filled with doubts and misgivings. This could be a very bad combination, actually. So I learned early on to insist on a conversation with the guy (or whichever had made the initial contact, but I can only think of two or three instances where that was the woman, and in those cases, no pre-conversation was needed), ideally in person, but, failing that, at least on the phone. I would always be pretty frank with the guy, and I’m pretty sure I came off as sort of bossy and alpha, or perhaps even as a dom. All but a few idiotic, insensitive louts heeded what I had to say.“Okay, buddy,” I used to start off, “this could be as wonderful as you imagine it could be and may lead to a whole new life for both of you, but this first time it’s really, really important that you do everything I tell you ankara escort to and follow my lead.“The first half-hour is critical, and it all has to be about your lady. The worst thing you can do is ignore her for even half a second, or put any attention at all on me. If you give her cause to have even a tinge of jealousy because you’re wanting to get your hands on me, the night will be ruined and your marriage might even be in trouble. Your job is to whisper in her ear how beautiful she is, and sexy, and how turned on you are by her, and just let me do what I do, which will be, at first, all directed at her. Don’t worry, you’ll get your shot at me, but in the beginning, your job is to absolutely help me worship your wife.”And I’d add a whole lot more details along those lines. The smart ones, as I say, paid close attention.Forest and Martina were an extremely attractive couple from San Jose, who were very successful in some capacity in Silicon Valley, about thirty years old. He was tall and lean with a magnificent mane of very long hair (which I like on a man). She had the kind of body I love, tall, thin-waisted, with a big breast and ass. I’m not sure how Forest had heard about Rites of Eros, which was based 400 miles south of where they lived, but they had, and I was glad of it.And gladder yet when I found they’d bought me a first-class ticket from LAX to San Francisco (kind of silly for a forty-minute plane ride, but a nice gesture anyway). And gladder still when I learned they had taken a suite at the famous Drake Hotel just off Union Square. I found an elegant black Town Car waiting for me at the airport, and a driver with my name on a card on it.I met Forest and Martina in the lovely bar. Happy Hour. Happy indeed, let us hope. But initially nervous hour for Martina. I was very happy to see her getting a dry martini on board. I didn’t want anybody drunk, but a little bit in the bag would be a great help. We chatted about many things, but dodging the topic of what we were all there for. I got Martina talking about all sorts of things, and I hung on every word. I could see that Forest was excited and eager, but he followed my instructions and listened intently to everything Martina had to say about organic groceries and electric cars as if those were the most scintillating topics he’d ever heard of. Eventually, Martina volunteered, rather out of the ankara escort bayan blue, that she had never had sex with a woman. The closest she’d come had been when she was sixteen, and she and her girlfriend had practiced making out with each other. Pretty innocent stuff really.As we were finishing our second drinks, I decided the time had come. I leaned in close to Martina and whispered in her ear (so that Forest couldn’t hear, establishing some secret comradery between her and me) that I found her incredibly attractive and that I would be so honored if she would allow me to give her a back rub. And then I kissed her lightly on the lips.Their suite was magnificent. They’d laid in some champagne and I was glad to see that Forest had followed my instruction to get a dozen long-stemmed red roses placed beside the bed. Martina’s nervousness was showing big time as was Forest’s excitement. “Do we all undress?” asked Martina.“Not yet,” I said. “I just need your dress off. Please allow me.” I pulled her dress off over her head. She was wearing beautiful sexy lacy underwear, as I’d known she would. I led her to the gigantic bed and laid her down on her tummy. As I’d told him to do, Forest, still clothed, stretched out beside her. She turned her head to face him. He gazed faithfully into her eyes, smiling gently as I straddled Martina’s magnificent bottom, and began slowly kneading the muscles of her shoulders and upper back. She gave a small sigh as I unhooked her bra. I didn’t take that as a bad sign at all.As I continued to massage Martina’s back, Forest leaned in close to her and began to kiss her, just as I’d instructed him. She kissed him back eagerly, and they lay there, making out passionately. I could see the hard-on raging in his pants and I could feel her arousal starting to overcome her nervousness. I had slid down to straddle her legs as my hands worked down to her lower back and that beautiful, round bottom of hers. (I should say that I have never minded having small breasts, and few of my customers have minded either, but I have always been jealous of women with voluptuous asses, my own being kind of small and boyish and not at all the kind that turns me on.)By now, my massaging had gone to something more like tickling and light stroking with the tips of my fingers and my fingernails. Martina was squirming slightly as she continued to escort ankara make out with Forest. My wicked scheme was working beautifully. I wasn’t surprised when Martina obligingly lifted her hips to allow me to slide her panties down her ass and all the way off. I gently opened her legs. I could tell even from behind that she was entirely waxed and smooth. And wet.I began a technique on her that I learned from my Chinese masseuse friend, Fang Xia. She gives excellent massages, real ones, but she also offers handjob “happy endings” for her male customers. It’s this soft-touch tickling around the ass crack, the inside of the thighs, teasing but not quite touching the anus or the genitals. But I got close enough to Martina’s that I could tell she was indeed very wet. That was my cue to climb off her and strip off my own clothes. I saw Forest pull his attention away from his wife for a moment to look at my body. But that was okay, we were moving to the next phase I had instructed him about. Now it was his turn to sit back and watch…Watch as I rolled Martina over onto her back. She drew in her shoulders so I could pull her bra away. Her breasts were two perfect round globes. She had erect, taut, dark nipples. I again straddled her hips and bent down to kiss her. She latched onto me passionately with her lips, our tongues playing with each other’s, feasting hungrily. I loved that I was her first female lover, and I could feel my own excitement growing, knowing that this was an event in her life she would always remember. I was confident I could make it a really good one.Forest, dutifully was keeping his distance. He had taken off his clothes and had pulled a chair up close to the bed. He watched hungrily as I seduced his wife right in front of him, stroking his very erect cock. At times, he had to take his hand off it, and I could see he was struggling not to cum.Still kissing Martina, I took her hand and placed it on one of my breasts. She gave a small moan, and I knew I had her. Touching another woman’s body is very different from touching one’s own, and, again, I knew she was experiencing new sensations, and she was responding to them very, very well. I stopped kissing her then and lifted myself up to put one of my nipples to her lips. She latched on like a hungry baby and sucked. At the same time, I slipped my leg between hers. I felt her clamp onto that and grind against it with her now very wet pussy. She moaned out loud, now completely caught up and drunk with lust. (Forest, I noticed, had to stop touching himself altogether, and was now just watching in wonder the thing his wife was becoming right before his eyes.)

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